WCW Worldwide 8/25/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Worldwide
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Rock ’n’ Roll Express defeated Southern Posse
2.) Max Muscle defeated Todd Morton
3.) Jim Powers defeated Manny Fernandez
4.) High Voltage defeated Prince Iaukea & Leroy Howard
5.) Nasty Boys defeated Faces of Fear

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Butch Long and Bill Payne are the Southern Posse, which is something I don’t think I ever realized. Rock ’n’ Roll Express have just recently returned to WCW after mostly working for SMW from 1992 to 1995.

2.) Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Big Bubba Rogers and Jimmy Hart. Hart says things are getting crazy in the Dungeon. Gene makes a joke about Hugh Morrus doing more than just laughing. Rogers says as long as they stay a unit then there won’t be any issues. Rogers says that the NWO are just users and knows that Hogan is the mastermind behind it all. Rogers is confident that the Dungeon will take care of business.

3.) Backstage, Mean Gene interviews Hugh Morrus. Gene puts over Morrus as being an impressive wrestler. Morrus says there is not a rebuilding of the Dungeon, but maybe a remodeling. Morrus doesn’t know what’s going on and just laughs off and on to confuse Gene. Morrus doesn’t get along with Kevin Sullivan, but he doesn’t need to. Morrus just follows directions from Sullivan and tells Gene that’s not funny.

4.) Meng and Knobbs kickoff the main event by trading several strikes with Meng getting the advantage. Meng runs into a boot in the corner and Sags tags into the match to double team Meng, but Meng fires back with strikes only to be overwhelmed in the corner. Sags takes Meng down to the mat and delivers a headbutt to the lower midsection. Knobbs tags into the match and Meng is knocked down by a double shoulder block. Barbarian is also knocked down with a double shoulder block. Meng elbows Knobbs on the shoulder before tagging in Barbarian. Barbarian scoop slams Knobbs to the mat. Sags sneaks a tag and the Nasty Boys hit a clothesline/chop block combo on Barbarian. Sags elbow drops Barbarian on the knee a few times. Knobbs tags back into the match and splashes Barbarian on the knee followed by an elbow drop. Sags enters and double teams Barbarian briefly. The Leprechaun randomly runs out to the ringside area and then runs backstage. Sags rams Meng into the corner face first, but Meng decks Sags with a clothesline after a knee strike by Barbarian from the apron. Meng kicks Sags from the apron and delivers a few strikes. Knobbs goes to the floor to brawl with Meng. Barbarian returns to the ring and beats on Sags with strikes before driving Sags face-first down to the mat. Meng tags back into the match and Sags is worked over by kicks to the chest.

Meng stomps Sags on the face and spikes Sags with a piledriver, but Knobbs gets involved to make the save on the cover attempt. Barbarian clotheslines Sags coming off the ropes. Sags is stomped on by Barbarian and Meng for a few moments. Barbarian delivers an elbow drop, but Sags powers out at two. Meng shoulder rams Sags in the corner before delivering a scoop slam, but misses an elbow drop. Knobbs tags in and hammers away on Meng followed by a clothesline. Knobbs scoop slams Barbarian to the mat and hits a leaping shoulder block. Sags dumps Barbarian to the floor. Meng is sent into the corner and splashed by Knobbs followed by a clothesline by Sags. Barbarian and Sags brawl to the floor as Jimmy Hart causes a distraction on the apron. Meng tosses Knobbs over the top to the floor causing a disqualification to end the match. After the match, Meng atomic drops Sags and Barbarian nails Sags with a big boot. Meng goes to the top rope as Barbarian climbs the opposite side. Faces of Fear hit stereo diving headbutts on Sags. Knobbs slides back into the ring with a chair to run them off. (*1/2. Another main event on Worldwide that got plenty of time, but it wasn’t all that interesting or entertaining. They had some decent brawling, but I just didn’t find myself caring about the Nasty Boys in a non-stipulation match. I’m wondering if the feud with Public Enemy really hurt them because if they can’t use weapons it sure feels like their offense is severely lacking.)

Final Thoughts:
There’s not much going on here this week as the feature match was a little disappointing. I tend to enjoy the Rock ’n’ Roll Express and I’d be down to see them in some feature matches on Worldwide.

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