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WCW Main Event 9/7/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event:
From: Orlando, FL

1.) Public Enemy defeated High Voltage
2.) Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Mr. JL

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Voltage attack before the bell sending Grunge to the floor and double team Rock. Grunge leaps off the top to hit a clothesline on both men. Voltage hit a double bulldog on Grunge, but Rock moonsaults both men. Kaos avoids a springboard moonsault by Rock and Rage delivers an elbow drop. Kaos returns to the match and strikes Rock allowing Rage to connect with a double under hook slam for a near fall. Kaos drives Rock down to the mat with a backbreaker. Rage holds Rock on the apron to double team Rock for a few moments. Kaos collides with Rage and Rock slowly makes his way to the corner to tag in Grunge. Grunge cleans house with strikes and atomic drops Kaos. Grunge atomic drops Rage into Kaos. Grunge slams Rage to the mat, and Rock hits the Drive By to win the match. (*1/2. It’s a quick match, but I enjoyed it for what it was.)

2.) Mean Gene conducts an in-studio interview with Randy Savage. Gene talks about what happened on Nitro where Savage was brutally attacked and spray painted by Hogan with yellow. Savage wants Gene to tell him what the yellow paint means. Gene tells Savage that it means Savage is a coward. Savage tells Gene that Hogan is in the danger zone. Savage declares that Hogan is making a big mistake and hopes that Hogan is happy with himself. Savage is determined to get Hogan out of the NWO and WCW. Savage is wrestling VK Wallstreet on Saturday Night and then John Tenta on Nitro. Savage can handle the pressure and doesn’t care about being fined. Gene brings up the match with Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc in October but then discusses the match with The Giant at Fall Brawl. Savage is guilty of wishing that Havoc was right now to wrestle Hogan. Savage is going to tune up against Giant at Fall Brawl. Savage asks Gene if he wants to bet against him, and Gene wonders if he should. Savage tells Gene he’d double his money betting on him. Savage doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him when it comes to him being crazy or not.

3.) It looks like Mysterio vs. JL was joined in progress. JL backs Mysterio into a corner and delivers a knee lift. Mysterio is sat on the top turnbuckle, where JL slaps Mysterio. Mysterio hip tosses and spin kicks JL to the floor. JL rams Mysterio back first into the ring post before rolling Mysterio back into the ring. JL delivers a backbreaker and pushes down on Mysterio, but doesn’t get a submission. JL plants Mysterio with a sit down powerbobm for a two count. JL spikes Mysterio with an elevated DDT out of the corner for a near fall. JL tries for a powerbomb, but Mysterio counters with a hurricanrana to win the match. (NR. I’m unsure how much was missed, but I assume not much. This was a fun match for a three-minute showing, and JL was given a chance to look competitive.)

Final Thoughts:
A fine show this week that included a solid segment with Randy Savage. The exclusive matches weren’t long, but they were enjoyable regardless of that.

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