Rebooking The WWF: Week 22, 1995

WWF RAW 5/29/1995
1. The Kamikaze Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated Scott Taylor & PJ Walker in 4:10 when Jannetty pinned Walker after the Rocker Dropper. During the match, WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega and Tatanka shared a pre-tape promo saying that the Movement has never been stronger and they will not fall to a speed bump that Kid and Jannetty are in their eyes.
2. Hakushi defeated Ricky Santana in 3:44 following a top rope moonsault.
3. Kings Court w/ Hunter Hearst Helmsley: Jerry Lawler talks about the attack that Hunter Hearst Helmsley did to Randy Savage recently and how it would appear that Savage may be out for a long time as a result. Lawler eventually brings out Helmsley for an interview. Helmsley tells Lawler that there’s always the old guard in professional wrestling and he’s tired of waiting around for his time to come. Helmsley doesn’t regret attacking Savage in front a child because that child needed to see what real life is all about. “When you get old, if you stay in the way of youth, you’re going to get ran over. I took out the Macho Man because he wouldn’t get out of my way.” Helmsley suggests that Savage never make an appearance in the WWF again because the beatings will just get more and more severe. Lawler turns his attention to the KOTR tournament and how Helmsley has a match next week to quality against WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner. Helmsley as a sly smile and says that next week is the true beginning of his rise. Sure, the match is a non-title bout, but Helmsley is going to defeat Steiner and show that he’s the real champion in WWF. Then, he’ll go on to win the tournament and at SummerSlam his reign will begin as the next WWF World Champion.
4. Kama Vignette: A video promoting the debut of an ultimate fighter named Kama is shown. Kama was seen destroying punching bags and knocking out his sparring partner.
5. Ron Simmons defeated John Bradshaw to qualify for the 1995 King of the Ring in 7:28 following the Dominator
6. Adam Bomb Interview: Backstage, Jim Ross interviewed Adam Bomb, who is determined to collect revenge on IRS. Bomb is fired up and tells IRS better load up his briefcase, because Bomb is coming for the tax man full steam ahead.
7. Men on a Mission defeated Mike Freedom & Bill Johnson in 2:33 when Mabel pinned Freedom after a splash.
8. Shawn Michaels Promo: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Shawn Michaels regarding the mystery voice we’ve been hearing for a while now. Michaels tells Ross that he’s had many admirers throughout his career, but he has no idea what is going on now and he’s not going to talk about it moving forward. “Whomever is obsessed with would be better off showing who they are. This mystery isn’t going to get them anywhere. I’m focusing on wrestling and I’m focusing on being the WWF World Champion and that’s all there is to it.”
9. Bret Hart defeated Vito LoGrasso in 2:55 with the Sharpshooter.
10. Diesel Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with the WWF World Champion Diesel regarding the challenge made by the Corporation for a tag match against Psycho Sid and Lex Luger. However, Diesel doesn’t have a partner for the match, yet. Diesel credits DiBiase for having the money to acquire the muscle in Sid and Luger, but the champ isn’t going to back down from a challenge from anyone. Diesel heard the challenge last week and has been taking calls from many guys who want to step foot in the ring with him to take on Sid and Luger. Diesel had a good idea as to who he’d choose when a fellow champion called him up to fight next to him. That’s right, WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner called Diesel to be his partner and Diesel accepted the offer. Scott Steiner makes his way out and shakes hands with Diesel. Steiner isn’t a man to let a friend down and someone he respects. That’s why he’s stepping in and helping Diesel take on the Corporation. Steiner thinks the playing field is even now and that the main event at King of the Ring is going to be one that can’t be missed. Steiner and Diesel pose for the fans to close the segment.
11 Pretty Models defeated Chris Kanyon & Barry Horowitz in 3:44 after Roma pinned Horowitz following a splash off the top rope.
12. King of the Ring Hype Video: Todd Pettengill promotes the King of the Ring pay per view and how the winner of the tournament will get a WWF World Championship match.
13. The Undertaker defeated Yokozuna by count-out in 6:14 to qualify for the 1995 King of the Ring.

WWF Superstars 6/3/1995
1. Fatu defeated Frankie Lancaster in 3:05 following a top rope splash
2. IRS defeated Scotty Anton in 2:44 following a lariat
3. Bret Hart defeated Rick Martel by disqualification in 5:06 when Paul Roma got involved.

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