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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 3/23/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

1.) The Mountie defeated Bret Hart by count-out
2.) Repo Man defeated Virgil

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This weeks episode of WWF Prime Time Wrestling is only one hour long. Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Gorilla Monsoon, and Hillbilly Jim are on the panel.

2.) Bobby Heenan jokes that he thought Slick grew a beard and got a hold of Michael Jackson’s bleach. McMahon notes that Hulk Hogan is taking a break after WrestleMania to film a movie and spend time with his family. Perfect says it is up to Sid Justice whether or not Hogan returns.

3.) Mean Gene hosts WWF Update. Gene promotes the double main event taking place at WrestleMania VIII. Gene’s interview with Flair on his yacht is re-aired.

4.) WWF Magazine publisher Tom Emanuel issues a statement about Flair’s photos being published in the magazine. He tried to get ahold of the Savage’s, but they were on vacation. The press deadline was approaching, and they had to go to press. However, if they have proof that the photos are not genuine, they will give them free form in the WWF Magazine.

5.) Mr. Perfect says they presented their evidence and suggests Savage shut up.

6.) Vince McMahon promoted the March to WrestleMania on March 29th, 1992. They will show Hogan vs. Andre and Hogan vs. Warrior matches in full. Elizabeth will have a statement on the show, too.

7.) Footage of Tatanka’s match on Superstars is shown. Tatanka confronted Rick Martel during his entrance leading to Tatanka attacking Martel until officials came out to keep them apart.

8.) The panel talk about Hogan possibly having his last match. Jim would be upset about it, but knows that Hogan will let them down. Heenan believes that Sid has already decided that it will be Hogan’s final match.

9.) Mean Gene recently conducted a podium interview with Hulk Hogan. Hogan feels like two weeks is forever before he gets his hands on Sid. Hogan notes that he sees cold in Sid’s eyes. Hogan believes that Sid’s look in his eyes is comparable to Dahmer and Manson. Hogan thinks that Sid is demented and brings up what happened to Virgil recently. Hogan speculates what would have happened if Sid got his hands on Beefcake. Hogan wonders what will happen with Sid being unhinged between now and their match. Hogan says he rules in the ring and Sid will feel the power of Hulkamania. Hogan is going to put his own brand of justice on Sid at WrestleMania VIII.

10.) Hart backs Mountie against the ropes and delivers several strikes to the midsection followed by a side Russian leg sweep, sending Mountie to the floor to regroup. Mountie and Jimmy Hart tease going backstage, but Mountie returns to the match. Hart atomic drops Mountie followed by a clothesline. Hart stomps on Mountie’s lower midsection. Hart avoids a leapfrog and forearm drops Mountie. Hart rams Mountie face first several times in the corner. Mountie sends Hart into the corner back first to gain control of the contest. Mountie continues with a leaping elbow strike. Mountie sends Hart to the floor. Mountie puts Hart in a tree of woe in the corner and stomps on Hart several times. Mountie pulls Hart’s hair from the floor as we see Shawn Michaels and Sherri Martel walking down to the ringside area. Mountie chokes Hart over the top rope and taunts the fans. Hart atomic drops Mountie followed by a backbreaker. Hart jabs Mountie in the midsection and Mountie goes to the floor. Hart follows with strikes as Michaels walks over towards Hart, but doesn’t touch Hart. Mountie bails to the floor again and Hart delivers an axe handle off the apron. Michaels distracts Hart allowing Mountie to win the match by count-out. (**. A fine match with a cheap finish. It’s interesting that they’d make it very clear that Michaels and Hart will be feuding after WrestleMania. It almost feels like they are spoiling a Hart title win and Michaels being setup as the challenger.)

11.) The panel discusses the match between Tito Santana and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania VIII. Tito will be a tough opponent says Gorilla.

12.) Mean Gene hosts the WrestleMania VIII Report. Sid cuts a promo asking Virgil how it felt not being able to breathe with a broken nose. Sid says he got in the way and suffered the consequences. Sid promises the death of Hulkamania at WrestleMania VIII because he is the ruler of the world.

13.) Bret Hart cuts a promo on WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper saying they aren’t hiding behind reputations and friendships. Hart was told by his father that Piper is a good fighter, but a good wrestler can beat a good fighter every time. Hart is confident he will regain the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

14.) WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper cuts a promo on Bret Hart. Piper would still like to be Hart’s friend, but if Hart insists on saying the lies then it won’t happen. Piper feeds his family this way. Piper will see just how much heart Hart has at WrestleMania VIII.

15.) WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. and Jimmy Hart cut a promo. DiBiase says that the Natural Disasters are stupid and would still be champions if they were a little smart. IRS says they will have to pay their taxes.

16.) The Natural Disasters cut a promo saying the tag champs will feel the full wrath of the Disasters. Typhoon promises to step on Jimmy Hart, too.

17.) The panel discusses the Undertaker vs. Jake Roberts match at WrestleMania. Perfect thinks everyone believes Undertaker is unbeatable, but Roberts is a snake and he’ll finish the job and bury the Undertaker. Heenan reminds us of Roberts history with a snake and Elizabeth. Heenan thinks Roberts has something up his sleeve to get the job done. Monsoon believes we’ll have new tag team champions and Hillbilly Jim agrees.

18.) The Virgil/Repo Man match is joined in progress. Virgil avoids a punch after a failed sunset flip and dropkicks Repo to the floor. Virgil backslides Repo for a two count. Virgil drop toe holds Repo to the mat and keeps arm control. Repo cheap shots Virgil in the corner with a boot to the midsection. Repo misses a clothesline and Virgil hits a clothesline. Virgil misses a running knee attempt in the corner and falls over the top to the floor. Repo sends Virgil into the corner and taunts the fans. Repo decks Virgil with a right hand for a near fall. Repo puts a neck vice on Virgil, but Virgil elbows free, and shoulder blocks Repo. Repo stops Virgil with a knee lift to the midsection. Virgil gets a two count with a rollup, but Repo maintains control. Virgil clotheslines Repo and both men are down. Virgil delivers a few body shots and a couple of dropkicks. Virgil hits a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Repo elbows Virgil in the corner and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. (NR. Since it was joined in progress, I can’t give an actual rating. The match wasn’t all that good, though.)

Final Thoughts:
With next weeks episode being a special March To WrestleMania, I think they put a lot of focus into this episode to provide last minute hype for the event. The show was only an hour, but they effectively promoted all the key matches in an interesting way. WrestleMania’s hype has been quite enjoyable.

By the way, the March to WrestleMania show has already been reviewed. The next PrimeTime episode will be 4/6.

Thanks for reading.

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