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Rebooking The WWF: Week 24, 1995

WWF RAW 6/12/1995
1. Scott Norton defeated Ben Jordan in 2:44 following a shoulder breaker
2. John Bradshaw defeated Fred Jackson in 2:07 following a lariat.
3. Kings Court w/ Bret Hart: Jerry Lawler hosts the segment with Bret Hart talking about the King of the Ring. Bret tells Lawler that 1995 hasn’t necessarily gone the way he has wanted it to go thus far. However, there’s plenty of time to turn it around and Bret is going to do that at the KOTR. His goal has been to regain the WWF World Championship and he’s not going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers. Lawler mentions that Bret would wrestle the winner of the main event at KOTR. Bret respects both Owen and Bulldog and they have had their battles through the years. Bret hopes that Owen has gotten his head on his shoulders since Benoit is out of the picture now. Bret tells Lawler that no matter who wins that the match at KOTR will be a pure wrestling match to prove who the better man is. Bret finishes off by saying that he’ll win the tournament and the WWF World Championship will be back around his waist at SummerSlam.
4. Kama Vignette: A video promoting the debut of Kama is shown. Kama is punching some bags that have various babyfaces pictures on them making his intentions clear. Kama will be debuting on the RAW after KOTR.
5. WWF Tag Team Champions Tatanka & Carlos Vega defeated PJ Walker & Barry Horowitz in 3:45 when Tatanka pinned Walker after a Samoan Drop. During the match, The Kid and Marty Jannetty cut a promo saying that at the KOTR it is their time to be the WWF Tag Team Champions and you should never underestimate underdogs!
6. Hunter Hearst Helmsley Interview: Jim Ross interviewed Hunter Hearst Helmsley regarding the KOTR and Randy Savage. Helmsley tells Ross that he has no regrets over taking Savage out in front of a Make A Wish fan. Helmsley tells Ross that he essentially granted Savage’s request to having his career end instead of dragging out his career longer than it needed to be. Helmsley is confident that we’ve seen the last of Macho Man in the WWF. Helmsley will be wrestling the Undertaker in a first round match at KOTR and tells Ross that he’s not afraid of the dark and he’s not going to run from the Undertaker. Helmsley has stayed off to the side for too long and at KOTR he’s going to do to the Undertaker what he did to Randy Savage.
7. WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner defeated Hughie The Clown in 7:08 following the frankensteiner
8. Shawn Michaels Interview: Jim Ross interviews Shawn Michaels regarding the KOTR and the mystery messages he continues to get. Michaels tells Ross that he’s not sure what is going on, but he’s not going to focus on the weird messages. Michaels is focusing on realizing his dream of being the WWF World Champion. Michaels is happy for his friend Diesel, but wrestling is a business and Michaels wants what Diesel has. Michaels has Jeff Jarrett in the first round and says that Jarrett’s dynasty isn’t going to start at the PPV. Michaels is going to be bring Jarrett back to reality with some sweet chin music right on the jaw. Michaels is going to get the crown and then he’s going to be the WWF World Champion.
9. Adam Bomb defeated Rick Martel by disqualification in 4:34 when IRS came out and hit Adam Bomb with a briefcase. Paul Roma and the Smoking Gunns ended up in the ring brawling.
10. Bob Holly Racing Update/Attack: A video highlighting Bob Holly’s recent win at the race track, but while celebrating the victory, Holly was attacked by Brian Lee! Lee was wearing a hoodie and ended up hitting a piledriver on the hood of the car.
11. Jeff Jarrett defeated Duke Droese in 2:47 following a top rope fist drop.
12. King Of The Ring Report: Todd Pettengill runs down the card for the PPV taking place in two weeks and notes that up next is the final qualifying match for the tournament. Todd also promotes the tag team main event.
13. Owen Hart defeated the British Bulldog to qualify for the 1995 King of the Ring in 10:56 following a spinning heel kick after Hakushi grabbed Bulldog’s leg.

WWF Superstars 6/17/1995
1. The Heavenly Bodies defeated Greg Johnson & Duane Gill in 3:15 when Prichard pinned Gill after a piledriver. During the match, the Bodies had a pre-tape promo talking about how they believe they are the team to end the Movement’s title reign and they are set on getting a title opportunity no matter who wins at KOTR.
2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Chris Kanyon in 2:43 following the Pedigree
3. Ron Simmons defeated Vito Lograsso in 2:16 following the Dominator
4. WWF World Champion Diesel defeated IRS in 3:06 following a jackknife powerbomb. After the match, Psycho Sid and Lex Luger were seen staring down Diesel from the aisle way.





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