Rebooking The WWF: Week 25, 1995

WWF RAW 6/19/1995
1. Lex Luger defeated Fatu in 6:07 following a running forearm smash. After the match, Psycho Sid grabbed Fatu and proceeded to powerbomb Fatu through a table. Sid looked into the camera and taunted both Diesel and Scott Steiner saying that is their fate at King of the Ring in six days.
2. Kings Court w/Diesel & Scott Steiner: Jerry Lawler hosts the segment chatting with WWF World Champion Diesel and WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner. Diesel talks about how they are both successful in singles roles, but they have been tag champions before, with different partners. Tonight, they team up to take on the WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega and Tatanka before their KOTR PPV match against Sid and Lex Luger. Diesel knows that the Movement has been on a roll in recent months, but they are two of the very best in the WWF teaming tonight and it’s going to be a fight tonight for the tag champs. Scott Steiner chimes in and suggests that Sid and Luger be watching the match tonight to get a sneak peek to their fate this Sunday at KOTR. Steiner and Diesel show unity to end the segment.
3. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Mo in 3:18 following a top rope diving headbutt. After the match, Bigelow continued to attack Mo until Mabel entered the ring and Bigelow backed off.
4. Carlos Vega & Tatanka Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega and Tatanka backstage. Vega dismisses what Diesel and Steiner said earlier in the show. Vega says that they have been unstoppable and their success is not going to be stopped by two egomaniacs who will not be able to team together successfully. Tatanka claims they are the greatest tag team to ever compete and tonight they will prove that by showcasing their excellence and defeating Diesel and Steiner in the middle of the ring.
5. The Kid & Marty Jannetty defeated Pretty Models in 7:14 when Jannetty pinned Martel following the Rocker Dropper.
6. Razor Ramon defeated Doink the Clown in 8:55 following the Razors Edge.
7. Brian Lee & Tamara Interview: A pre-tape promo by Tamara and Brian Lee is shown. Tamara is happy with their attack on Bob Holly last week because Holly is a “unknown hot wheels car driver” and claims that Holly has accomplished nothing to justify the attention that he gets in the WWF. Brian Lee has been pushed to the side for too long since his arrival and it’s now the beginning of Lee’s takeover in the WWF. Tamara proclaims that nobody will get in Lee’s way and if they try they will suffer the same fate as Holly.
8. Ron Simmons Interview: Vince McMahon conducted an interview with Ron Simmons regarding the King of the Ring. Simmons tells McMahon that he’s not competing to wear a damn crown and cape. Simmons is competing to finally get his rightful WWF World Championship match at SummerSlam. Simmons switches gears and says that nobody wants him to become the WWF World Champion. Simmons looks at McMahon and claims that McMahon is at the top of the list. Simmons knows that McMahon has a type to represent his company and Simmons doesn’t fit that description. Simmons promises that everyone is going to have to deal with reality this Sunday when Simmons beats all the fan favorites and walks into SummerSlam fighting for the championship that he deserves. Simmons finishes off saying that the Movement will not be stopped.
9. Owen Hart & Hakushi defeated Bret Hart & British Bulldog in 15:44 when Hakushi pinned Bret following a springboard spinning heel kick.
10. Kama Vignette: A vignette promoting Kama’s debut is shown. Kama continues to be hitting body bag and punching bag. Kama’s debut will be next week on RAW.
11. Shawn Michaels defeated Scott Norton by disqualification in 5:19 when Jeff Jarrett got involved. After the match, Norton confronted Jarrett telling Jarrett that he didn’t need his help. Michaels ended up hitting a superkick on Norton as Jarrett escaped the ring.
12. King of the Ring Report: Todd Pettengill runs down the KOTR tournament and the tag team main event. KOTR takes place this Sunday night on PPV.
13. WWF World Champion Diesel & WWF Intercontinental Champion Scott Steiner fought WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega & Tatanka to a no contest in 8:29 when Sid, Luger, Kid and Jannetty all got involved in the match leading to a brawl to close the show.

WWF Superstars 6/24/1995
1. Jeff Jarrett defeated Barry Horowitz in 5:19 following a jumping DDT
2. Hakushi defeated Scott Taylor in 3:05 following a top rope moonsault
3. Adam Bomb defeated PJ Walker in 2:44 following a slingshot clothesline
4. Shawn Michaels defeated Mike Thompson in 3:11 following a superkick

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