WWF Prime Time Wrestling 4/13/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (original matches)
1.) Owen Hart defeated Dale Wolfe
2.) Chris Walker fought Skinner to a double count-out
3.) WWF Tag Team Champions Ted DiBiase & IRS defeated the Bushwhackers to retain the titles
4.) Virgil defeated Pat Tanaka
5.) The Mountie defeated Matt Burn
6.) Davey Boy Smith defeated Kato

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect and Hillbilly Jim are on the panel this week. McMahon pokes at Heenan and Perfect for their WrestleMania VIII lost a week ago, but Heenan assures McMahon that Ric Flair is confident he’ll be back on top in no time. McMahon believes that WWF World Champion Randy Savage will put punishment on Flair for his kiss on Elizabeth after their WrestleMania VIII bout.

2.) There is a WBF promo highlighted by Lex Luger competing for the company now.

3.) Shawn Michaels cuts a promo with Sensational Sherri. Michaels can’t believe that People Magazine voted Nick Nulty as the sexiest man alive. Michaels believes he is the sexiest man alive. Michaels is coming after everyone in the WWF because he’s the hottest thing in WWF history.

4.) Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter cut a promo about wanting a match with the WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. They want a title shot right now. Duggan says people are proud to be American and they want the titles.

5.) The panel talks about Ultimate Warrior showing up just in time to help out Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania. Heenan asks where Hogan is now. Heenan considers Hogan to be history and he’s looking forward to Sid getting his hands on Warrior.

6.) A vignette promoting an ex-convict who is looking to enter the WWF and get revenge on Big Bossman for how he was treated in prison. Bossman is going to pay.

7.) Skinner tries for a rollup on Walker from the start of the match for a near fall. Skinner controls Walker with a headlock and avoids being sent into the ropes. Skinner shoulder blocks Walker, but runs into a dropkick and a few arm drags. Walker is ready to fight, but Skinner bails to the corner to regroup. Walker elbows Skinner to breakout of a hammerlock. Walker yanks Skinner down to the mat and delivers a leg drop to the arm. Walker keeps control on Skinner with a wrist lock, but Skinner sends Walker chest first into the ropes to break free. Skinner stomps on Walker and delivers a thrust to the throat. Skinner yanks on Walker’s hair followed by a stomp to the head. Skinner drops Walker chest first over the top rope. Skinner taunts the fans while having control of the contest. Skinner tries for a cover, but only manages a two count.

Skinner locks in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee doesn’t see him use the ropes. Eventually the referee sees Skinner cheating, but Skinner clubs Walker over the back to maintain control of the contest. Skinner stomps on Walker to keep control. Skinner drives Walker down with a shoulder breaker for a two count. Skinner and Walker continue to trade strikes, but Skinner bites Walker’s forehead in the corner. Skinner rams Walker into the corner face first and back rakes Walker to the mat. Skinner puts a chin lock on Walker, but doesn’t get a submission. Skinner pulls on Walker’s mouth, but still fails to get a submission. Skinner splashes onto Walker’s back, but only manages a two count. Walker fires back with right hands to stagger Skinner. Skinner kicks Walker to the mat and continues to taunt the crowd. Skinner headbutts Walker a few times leading to a one count as the referee saw Skinner’s feet on the ropes. Skinner spikes Walker with a piledriver, but Walker gets his boot on the ropes. Skinner chokes Walker for a bit. Skinner plants Walker with a swinging neckbreaker for a near fall. Skinner slams Walker and goes to the top rope, but Walker delivers a strike to Skinner’s midsection. Walker clubs on Skinner and hits a leaping elbow into the corner. Walker hits a standing dropkick for a one count. Skinner eye rakes Walker and uses his legs to dump Walker over the top to the floor. Skinner rams Walker onto the apron a few times, but Walker sends Skinner into the ring post shoulder first leading to both men being counted out. (*1/2. Walker does nothing for me, at all. Walker wasn’t given much of anything here to shine, which is bizarre since he’s a newer act in the WWF. Skinner’s offense was typical heel stuff, but he spiced in some fun moves, as well. I actually left this match thinking highly of Skinner compared to Walker, and I doubt that was point of the match.)

8.) Back to the panel, Vince McMahon talks about the convict wanting to get revenge on Bossman. They are calling him The Convict for now. Heenan believes that Bossman likely mistreated the Convict and now he’s going to get revenge. Heenan pokes fun at Bossman’s mother, similar to what he did in the past. Hillbilly Jim stood up for Bossman’s mother.

9.) The panel talks about the WBF and how Lex Luger joined the promotion. Heenan believes Luger will be the next champion of the WBF.

10.) DiBiase and IRS attack before the bell to get the early advantage on the Bushwhackers. Bushwhackers are sent into each other and stomped on some more by the tag champs. They try to ram the Bushwhackers, but are sent into each other. Bushwhackers respond by biting the champs butts and knock them to the floor. IRS knee lifts Butch followed by a right hand and tags in DiBiase. DiBiase chokes Butch on the mat behind the referees back. DiBiase jabs Butch to the mat and tags IRS into the match to keep control with strikes. Butch boots a charging IRS in the corner and hits a bulldog. Luke bulldogs DiBiase, as well. The champs are sent into each other and they hit IRS with a battering ram. DiBiase is hit with a battering ram and bails to the floor to regroup. Bushwhackers play to the crowd managing to get a good pop from the crowd. Jimmy Hart chats with the champs to figure out a game plan. Luke taunts IRS and gets headlock control. DiBiase knee lifts Luke from the apron to help IRS and the champs double team Luke behind the referees back. DiBiase chokes Luke over the top rope and IRS drops Luke over the top rope from the apron while the referee is distracted. IRS delivers an elbow drop for a two count. IRS puts an abdominal stretch on Luke and uses DiBiase for extra leverage. DiBiase enters without a tag and locks in an abdominal stretch again using IRS for leverage. Luke continues to be double teamed in the corner by the champs. Luke comes off the ropes and is met with a double elbow strike leading to a near fall for IRS.

Luke tries to fight out of the corner, but is continued to be worked over by the champs. Luke kicks DiBiase to the mat to avoid a backdrop attempt. Butch enters and hammers away on IRS followed by a clothesline to the champs. Bushwhackers hit a battering ram on IRS, but DiBiase makes the save. Butch stops Jimmy Hart from getting involved. IRS knee lifts Butch from behind and hits an elbow drop leading to a three count to retain the titles as DiBiase held Luke on the floor. (*1/2. Action wise there isn’t much going on here to provide excitement. However, I can acknowledge the Bushwhackers doing a good job of keeping the crowd invested with their crowd work. So, at least this didn’t feel like a chore to get through for once.)

11.) Tanaka wants to shake hands with Virgil and proceeds to slap Virgil. Virgil responds with a shove and a couple of hip tosses. Virgil sends Tanaka into the corner and hits a backdrop. Virgil nails Tanaka with a dropkick to send Tanaka to the floor. Virgil takes Tanaka out with a dive over the top to the floor. Tanaka eye rakes Virgil followed by a chop against the ropes. Virgil leapfrogs Tanaka and delivers a right hand to send Tanaka to the floor. Virgil sends Tanaka into the corner, but misses a running knee strike. Tanaka nails connects with a beautiful savant kick for a near fall. Tanaka continues to control the match with a chop and headbutts Virgil on the lower midsection area. Tanaka chops Virgil to the mat and delivers another savant kick. Tanaka keeps a sleeper on Virgil, but doesn’t win the match with it. Tanaka keeps Virgil on the mat with a sleeper hold, but Virgil doesn’t let his arm drop three times. Virgil fires back up and shoulder blocks Tanaka. Tanaka sends Virgil through the ropes to the floor. Tanaka nails Virgil with a savant kick, though not as good as the earlier one.

Tanaka returns to the ring and is favoring his right knee as Virgil rolls in. Tanaka keeps Virgil on the mat with a sleeper, but Virgil doesn’t give in. Virgil charges at Tanaka and delivers a chop in the corner. Tanaka sends Virgil into the corner, but Virgil responds with an elbow strike. Virgil jabs Tanaka followed by a couple of dropkicks. Virgil avoids Tanaka in the corner and locks in the Million Dollar Dream. Tanaka passes out and Virgil wins the match. (*. It’s a rare sighting to see a guy wrestle and over time he becomes worse with each outing. That’s the case with Virgil. The commentary even acknowledged how the match came across as if it was a street fight because it was incredibly sloppy and mostly on Virgil’s end. I think Virgil has peaked in the WWF.)

Final Thoughts:
Well, this week of Prime Time Wrestling came across as if it were a complete filler of action. There were zero major stars even appearing on the show in promo setting. I’d imagine things will stay fairly quiet in terms of new developments until around June for when they’ll likely start pushing feuds for SummerSlam in August. I’m hopeful for at least something TV wise to carry the WWF through the spring.

Thanks for reading.

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