Rebooking 2CW: Show #4 2006

The third show in the rebooking series of 2CW features a six man street fight main event!

Rebooking 2CW: Show #3 2006

A tournament to crown the first 2CW Heavyweight Champion begins at Road To The Title!

Rebooking 2CW: Show #2 2006

The second show of the rebooking of Squared Circle Wrestling! Featuring Spike Dudley and Jerry Lynn!

Rebooking 2CW: Show #1 2006

Squared Circle Wrestling was a local promotion here in Syracuse, NY that ran in Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Oswego, Watertown, Elmira, Roma, Utica, Ithaca, Auburn, and Amsterdam. They had shows from…


The latest update to the blog features a bunch of independent wrestling show reviews!

2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Night Two 6/6/2009

2CW Tag Team Title Tournament Night One 6/5/2009

2CW Nothing Left To Prove 12/17/2015

2CW Live Or Let Die 8/22/2010

2CW Dead On Arrival 11/29/2015