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You Can Trust Me, Brother!

A time when the Hulkster and Stinger were friends.

A time when the Hulkster and Stinger were friends.

For some reason I’ve been really interested in watching World Championship Wrestling from the late summer to early fall of 1999. This would be right around the time that the company was obsessed with bringing in musical acts to play on Nitro and Kevin Nash had “retired” after a loss at Road Wild in August.

It’s also the last several months that Eric Bischoff was in control of the company. The last major program that occurred on his watch was a WCW World Heavyweight Championship feud involving Hulk Hogan, who had just gotten back into the red and yellow, against his on again off again friend, Sting. Read more

Reliving A Feud #26: Randy Savage vs. Diamond Dallas Page In WCW ’97


With over 23,000 votes, the feud between Randy Savage and Diamond Dallas Page was voted as the Feud of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated readers for 1997. Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Seven


The seventh installment sees Bob take a look at a World Championship Wrestling house show on March 22nd, 1998 from Cincinnati, Ohio! Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume 5


The fifth installment sees myself, Matt and Aaron head to Amarillo, Texas where World Championship Wrestling put on a house show. The company was faltering along and didn’t have many bright moments, would this show be appealing enough for us to help support the company when it needed it the most? Let’s find out! Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume 1

WCW logo

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of “Would You Go To This Show”! The idea of the column is myself and a few guests will take a look at a random card, whether it be a house show, pay per view or maybe even a television taping, to see if we would attend the show. I hope people who read this would share their thoughts on a show, and if you happened to attend the show you leave some feedback in the comments below! Read more