Inside The Magazine Volume #12: The Wrestler Winter ’95


It’s one of the first magazines I remember ever purchasing from Wegmans after hounding my mother to spend a measly $2.50 considering I was only six at the time. For the most part, magazines like the Wrestler were the only ways I kept up with wrestling. Aside from watching Livewire and the occasional Nitro, I didn’t actually watch much wrestling at such a young age. So, in my early years the Apter Mags, as they are so often called, was my main outlet for acquiring knowledge. Of course, it would be months after the fact, but whatever.

Inside this magazine we find out the fear that is preventing the Steiner Brothers from competing in WCW or WWF. A preview for a match between Sting and Hulk Hogan that WILL HAPPEN! Plus, Dr. Yankeem bringing the Undertaker back from dead and the Heavenly Bodies having a bone to pick with Jim Cornette over the WWF Tag Team Championships. All that plus the usual good stuff from the Wrestler! Lets check it out!


Adalia from San Diego believes that Shawn Michaels should get another shot at the WWF World Champion Diesel since Michaels has won the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Jeff Jarrett. She believes that Diesel may be signing matches against Sid and Mabel because he knows he can defeat them, but would lose to Michaels if they met again. Jason from Kentucky understands Jerry Lawler being the good guy in USWA but the bad guy in the WWF, but guys like Robert Gibson, Tracy Smothers and Psycho Sid acting differently than they do in other companies has him wondering if there is something in the water in Tennessee causing these guys to act differently. Michael from Colorado tells fans that if you like tag team wrestling then there is hope in ECW where the Pitbulls are chasing champions Raven and Stevie Richards. Plus, there is a bloody gang warfare feud between The Gangstas and Public Enemy going on.

Chris from PA didn’t understand why so many people wanted Hulk Hogan to return to action in the April ’94 edition of the Wrestler. But, now he doesn’t understand why so many people are hating on Hogan and degrading him. Adrian from Ohio doesn’t agree with the F grade for the midyear report that the WWF got for their public image. He believes that if the WWF had such a bad image that celebrities Pamela Anderson and Lawrence Taylor wouldn’t agree to appear for the company. Frank from PA thinks it’s a good time for Steve Austin and Brian Pillman to reunite the Hollywood Blonds tag team and they’d quickly regain the championships.

A reunion for the Hollywood Blonds in the future?
A reunion for the Hollywood Blonds in the future?

WHAT’S HAPPENING: written by: Bill Apter

Jim Cornette has managed to get Davey Boy Smith to turn on Bret Hart and join his camp. Lex Luger claims they tried to recruit him as well, but he declined and Smith just left in laying in a recent tag match with Yokozuna and Owen Hart. Smith believed he was wasting his time with Luger and was wrestling in handicap matches. Now, he’s going for the WWF World Championship and will regain the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Shawn Michaels. Apter is aware of the proposed Sting/Hogan match for Starrcade, but he’d rather see Sting in the WWF taking on Shawn Michaels, which he thinks would be a classic.

Randy Savage recently teamed with Sting to take on the Blue Bloods where Savage had Sting’s face paint on and Sting came out wearing Savage’s hat and gear. Dr. Death Steve Williams is in talks with ECW about appearing for the company soon. Waylon Mercy is a rule breaker but fans are cheering him on. Apter quotes a fan from Upstate New York who thinks Waylon is cool and needs to be seen. Robert Gibson is leaning towards Bobby Blaze to be his partner in SMW to replace Ricky Morton, who had left the promotion.

Disco Inferno has danced his way into WCW.
Disco Inferno has danced his way into WCW.

Disco Inferno has arrived in WCW and is feuding with Alex Wright. Afa is looking for a new tag team to manage and Apter has an address to send information to Afa for managing purposes. Stan Hansen is now teaming with Bobby Duncum Jr. in Japan. David Sammartino has returned to action in the NWA and hopes to eventually get a shot at Dan Severn. Luna Vachon has offered Madd Maxine to join her in ECW to take out the men, but Maxine has some unfinished business with a midget farmer named Farmer Pete, who has been making her life a living hell.

NO HOLDS BARRED: written by: David Rosenbaum

Dave ranks his top ten favorite and top ten least favorite personalities in wrestling.

1.) Sting: Credits Sting for not saying a bad word about anyone and maintaining a great reputation. If every wrestler was like Sting, wrestling would be as popular as the NBA.
2.) Bret Hart: Generous, hardworking and cares about family and country. When he reached the top as the champion he never ducked a challenge.
3.) Sabu: Never takes a night off because the fans paid to see him.
4.) Matt Brock: An idol for many wrestling journalists.
5.) Nick Bockwinkel: Does what is right for the wrestling business and not what is best for wrestling promoters pockets. Only mistake was allowing Ric Flair to return to WCW.
6.) Diesel: While not having alot of skill, Diesel has become a great spokesperson and gentleman.
7.) Jerry Lawler: Thinks Lawler is one of the best entertainers and says Lawler is the 90s version of Jesse Ventura who often times saves RAW.
8.) Dan Severn: Wrestling and UFC champion who makes fans proud.
9.) The Kid: Prime example of dreams coming true.
10.) Tammy “Sunny” Fytch: A gorgeous blonde who doesn’t allow a man to get in her way. She’s smart, too.

1.) Hulk Hogan: Only befriends people who benefit him in the long run. His interviews are dull and repetitive. Doesn’t believe Hogan is someone you’d want your children to grow up to be.
2.) Randy Savage: Won everyone with his affection for Elizabeth, but became a paranoid man who’d deck anyone that look oddly at her. Believes Savage has overstayed his welcome by a few years.
3.) Vince McMahon: Of everything that Vince McMahon has done in professional wrestling the one thing that really bothers him is the loud ridiculous announcer that McMahon has become.
4.) Michael Buffer: A fake announcer who has gotten far with a one-liner that WCW has to use for every pay per view. A DJ who got lucky.
5.) Phil Mushink: Doesn’t understand how he can provide criticism on McMahon while working for Robert Murdoch. Thinks that we should boycott the Post.
6.) Jack Tunney: A walking contradiction and is happy Tunney is no longer the WWF President.
7.) Dusty Rhodes: Dusty on commentary is enough to make him want to smash his TV or press the mute button.
8.) Bob Backlund: He got lucky at Survivor Series because Helen Hart loves her son. His presidential campaign was just a way to get on TV.
9.) Sid Vicious: A waste of talent who will never make it big and you’re nuts to think otherwise.
10.) Sherri Martel: A crazy lady who doesn’t know how to wear makeup and the minute you think she’s attractive reality reminds you she isn’t.

BLINDSIDED: written by: Andy Rodriguez


WCW has developed a problem in providing family entertainment and having the brutality that is wrestling, which has gotten worse now that Sabu has agreed to compete in WCW. Is Sabu a good fit for WCW when he constantly goes through tables and competes in a ring of fire? Andy doesn’t think Sabu will be in WCW for very long, but if he is you have to let him be Sabu.


Thumps Up:
Arn Anderson: For standing up to Ric Flair and fighting his own battles, which Flair doesn’t do.
Sherri Martel: She pinned Col. Robert Parker in a recent six person tag match at the Clash of the Champions.
Eddy Guerrero: Eddy recently had an impressive win over Dean Malenko to win the ECW Television Championship in an athletic contest. Guerrero believes that pride counts for something, which the editors like.
Marty Jannetty: Apparently, Jannetty recently met with Shawn Michaels after an SMW show and showed a level of forgiveness from their split years ago. Perhaps they will meet again in the ring but it will be a friendly competition, they hope.

Thumbs Down:
Cactus Jack: A man who can be bought after he turned on Tommy Dreamer and the Pitbulls. If you befriend Cactus you’re making a terrible mistake.
Jim Cornette: He constantly gets involved in the Heavenly Bodies title defenses in SMW and wonders why they don’t get respect.
Vince McMahon: For spreading rumors that The Roadie was signing “With My Baby Tonight” instead of Jeff Jarrett. Had he known for sure, he should have reported it instead of spreading a rumor.
Davey Boy Smith: He turned on Diesel and joined Jim Cornette, which they hope ends up being a terrible decision and he pays for it.


In Bangor, ME, Lex Luger and British Bulldog teamed up against WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart and Yokozuna. However, before the match Bulldog didn’t want fans to chant USA because he felt they were rooting for only Lex. Eventually, Bulldog left the match and Luger was defeated after Yoko delivered a leg drop and put Owen on top.

New Castle, PA, Shane Douglas and Cactus recently competed at a United States Wrestling League show where they voiced their friendship and shook hands prior to the match. Douglas was attacked by several wrestlers but Cactus made the save.

Philadelphia, PA, Mikey Whpwreck battled ECW Heavyweight Champion the Sandman in a non-title loser must get caned match. Whipwreck got the surprising win with a hurricanrana. He only got to cane Sandman about six times before Woman got involved and this allowed Sandman to cane Whipwreck.

Johnson City, TN, Buddy Landell battled Brad Armstrong for the held-up SMW Heavyweight Championship. Late in the match, Jim Cornette tossed Landell a tennis racket, but Buddy tossed it down in disgust and it allowed Armstrong to get a victory. Landell fired Cornette after the match and chased him backstage.


Chrissy from New Jersey asked Beulah why she stands at ringside during matches since she doesn’t do anything. Beulah says she watches the backs of Raven and Stevie Richards from the likes or Tommy Dreamer and the Pitbulls. She is their lifeblood. Jason from Illinois wonders why Vader hasn’t competed in the UFC. Vader responds saying that he already knows he is the toughest fighter and would only accept a UFC fight if it was against every fighter at once.

No matter the challenge, Kid isn't afraid to go to battle.
No matter the challenge, Kid isn’t afraid to go to battle.

Hillary from Maine asks the Kid if he ever gets intimidated competing against bigger wrestlers. Kid has adapted to being an underdog and isn’t afraid of any competitors. He’s accomplished a lot already and he respects all the competition in the WWF. Troy from Georgia has a question for Jim Duggan about Sgt. Craig Pittman asking if Duggan thinks Pittman should get more credit for being loyal to the USA. Duggan respects Pittman for his service, but thinks Pittman is a bad apple and wouldn’t want Pittman to fight on his side for war because he thinks Pittman would try to kill him instead of the enemy. Garry from New Hampshire has a question for Brian Lee asking about his thoughts on Chris Candido and Tammy Fytch. Lee says they may have new names but their still the same egotistical people. He notes that he is a big star in USWA while Candido can’t even beat Barry Horowitz in the WWF. They deserve each other.


Photo credit:
Photo credit:

He’s one-half of the ECW Tag Team Champions with Raven but is also majoring in education, so he has to be educated on some level. Richards knew he was unbeatable after his first loss, because he didn’t lose and knew he could win. He would lose quite often in ECW for the next year but he continued to think he’d win every match. He went to the WWWA based in PA and returned to ECW in June ’94, where he greatly improved. Richards never forgot a loss he had to Tommy Dreamer and when Raven came to ECW in January ’95 he worked with Raven to get revenge on Dreamer. They won the tag titles from Public Enemy in June ’95 but have dealt with Dreamer and Luna Vachon. Stevie lost to Luna in a steel cage when Luna grabbed his crotch. He promised to get rid of Dreamer and Luna in ECW.



Matt Brock conducted the interview, which is the only reason Anderson agreed to do the interview. Arn considers Flair to be family and they have a close bond. He also considers Flair to be the greatest wrestler ever. Ever since Flair lost the WCW World Championship to Hogan and the retirement match, Flair hasn’t been the same. Arn thinks Flair has forgotten who he is and how good he is. Arn got involved in matches in the past only if Flair was getting cheated, not because he asked for help. Arn is trying to help Flair realize how good he is and if he needs to compete in the ring, then so be it. Arn doesn’t want to talk about rumors of the Four Horsemen possibly returning.

He admits that Paul Roma as a Four Horsemen member was a mistake because they got bad information from scouts since Tully Blanchard couldn’t comeback due to personal issues. He likes Brian Pillman and thinks he’d do better with a different attitude. Doesn’t know if he can ever forgive Sting for turning on the Horsemen. He thinks highly of Steve Austin, but thinks he needs to surround himself with better people. He’d like to help him out. Arn sees a lot for Alex Wright in the future, but plays to the crowd too much. He might have to slap him around some more, too.


Capt. Lou Albano: He likes DDP’s attitude and style, but maybe DDP has too much attitude. Suggests that DDP improve his speed and add a couple of new moves since you never can improve too much.

Killer Kowalski: Likes that DDP doesn’t take any guff from anyone, but is bothered by the showboating. He doesn’t need the fans to prove to himself that he is great.

Dory Funk Jr.: Considers DDP to be in his top five of top five most improved wrestlers over the past couple of years. Need to remain patient because when he loses that he gets in trouble.

Fabulous Moolah: Finds DDP and Diamond Doll to be a cute couple, but thinks that Doll needs to be away from the ringside area as she is distraction for Page.

Lou Thesz: Doesn’t understand why DDP wrestled Dave Sullivan so much suggesting that DDP may be afraid of Randy Savage and Sting. He can’t grade Page because he doesn’t believe he’s seen everything Page has to offer.

Lance Russell: Isn’t about to jump on DDP’s bandwagon and thinks that WCW Television Championship will be the highest DDP manages to get to.



A seven day stretch in early 1993 saw the Steiner Brothers wrestle in seven cities. During that span they won five matches and had two double count-outs, but after all of that they were exhausted and hurting. They felt like they had killed themselves for nothing since they didn’t win the WWF Tag Team Championships. In the WWF they eventually reduced their schedule to no more than four matches a week. They burned out of the WWF and went to Japan where they could avoid the media. Upon their return to the States, they decided to join ECW instead of WCW or WWF.

Rich, a sixteen year old fan, described it as if Michael Jordan decided to go to the CBA instead of the NBA. They like ECW because the travel isn’t bad and they don’t have to compete every night so they manage to stay healthy and fresh. They like being asked when they want to wrestle in Japan instead of being told to do so. They put over ECW as a great place to rediscover love for wrestling. They haven’t been tempted to return to pay per view lifestyle, but never say never.


He makes reference to the June ’94 PWI where they teased a Sting vs. Hogan match taking place, but now it might actually happen. They used false advertising and they openly admit to it. The pictures in the June magazine were from Thunder In Paradise. Since then, Hogan won the WCW World Championship and Sting became the number one contender. Sting declined a shot at Hogan earlier to focus on the WCW United States Championship. Apparently, Hogan asked Sting when they were going to wrestle Sting, which made him question his decision to not challenge Hogan. So, now there have been talks to make the match a reality at Starrcade.

Bobby Heenan thinks the fans would be too stupid to know which guy to root for if they were to meet. Ric Flair is quoted as saying that he doesn’t think Sting would beat Hogan and thinks Sting is a notch below himself and Hogan. Sting for his life, Hogan for another notch in his belt. Who wins with those at stake?


The Undertaker has been refreshed in recent months all due to a recent encounter with a dentist. They wrestled at a recent Smoky Mountain Wrestling show in August. The show took place in front of 4.600 fans or so. The match was non-stop and has given Taker a new life, and has to be considered a number one threat to the WWF World Championship now. Yankeem may have doomed all the other rule breakers in the WWF.



Heavenly Bodies were virtually forgotten about six months ago but now they are tag champions in two companies and now they want the WWF Tag Team Championships. However, Jim Cornette isn’t going to put two of his teams against each other since he manages Yokozuna and Owen Hart. They won the SMW Tag Team Championships from Tony Anthony and Tracy Smothers when Jim Cornette used an ether rag to knock out Anthony. They won the USWA Tag Team Championships from PG-13 a couple of days later. Cornette has stressed recently when he mother threatened to cut him out of her will. Now, he has too many champions and doesn’t know what to do. The Bodies have provided more championships and Jim Cornette is getting famous but doesn’t have the scars they have to obtain that fame. Jim isnt overly worried about a showdown between the two teams since these sort of issues usually work themselves out.

What are your thoughts on what was going on in the wrestling world? Did you have this magazine?

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