Rebooking The WWF: Week 46, 1993

Bret Hart reveals his Survivor Series team to take on Ted DiBiase. Randy Savage competes in singles action against Ludvig Borga on RAW. Ted DiBiase also reveals his team on Superstars. WWF Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers team with Tatanka to take on Jerry Lawler and the Quebecers plus much more.

WWF RAW 11/15/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Rick Martel defeated Bob Cook in 2:07 with the Boston Crab.
2. Bret Hart Announces His Team: Vince McMahon introduces former WWF World Champion Bret Hart who is here tonight to announce his team to combat against Ted DiBiase’s team (which will be announced on Superstars). McMahon brings up the DiBiase situation, where DiBiase has bought the Hart House. Bret is clearly in no mood to discuss the matter as it has been weighing heavily on his mind. Bret tells McMahon that ever since SummerSlam his career and personal life has been going downward. He lost the WWF World Championship to the pompous Lex Luger, and the greedy Ted DiBiase looked to get notice by buying the house he and grew up in. Bret says DiBiase has accomplished getting attention and has accomplished the goal of getting his butt kicked for putting his family through hell. The crowd is heavily behind Bret has he says that the Hart Family stays united no matter what. Bret tells McMahon it’s an obvious choice to pick his brother Owen Hart and his brother in law Jim Neidhart. That leaves one spot that he needs to be filled. Bret talks about the recently debuted Chris Benoit and how he has been trained by the Harts. Bret reveals that Chris Benoit has agreed to join the fight and believes that he can trust Benoit. McMahon hypes up the team until Bret chimes in saying that the Hart Family always survives no matter what the circumstances and they will survive at Survivor Series!
3. Earthquake defeated Emilio Ramirez in 1:18 following a sit down splash.
4. Crush Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with the turncoat, Crush. Ross reminds the fans that Crush believes that the people turned their backs on him when Simmons came into town, but Ross personally doesn’t think that is the case. Crush gets offended by Ross’s statements. Crush remembers how he tried to fight off two guys, Yokozuna and Borga, two huge competitors. It would be difficult for even the best man to beat either man… but then Ron Simmons comes into town on July 4th and slams Yokozuna. Crush knew right then and there that he was chop liver and the fans had a new person to attach to. “I had been battling against those guys for months. Simmons comes in and after one day he is treated as a national hero for slamming Yokozuna on a fluke.” One day, Cornette sat me down and I realized that I needed to be with people who had my back and supported me no matter what. Jim Cornette knows I have the talent and that I am a superior wrestler compared to Simmons. Now, you will all soon realize this when I become everyone’s worst nightmare and end your heroes career.
5. Survivor Series 1993 Report: Todd Pettengill hypes up the event that happens next Wednesday live on pay per view. Be sure to tune into the event as it will surely not disappoint!
6. Doink the Clown defeated Tony Bell in 2:32 following the Whoopee Cushion.
7. Randy Savage defeated Ludvig Borga in 10:02 following a top rope elbow drop. After the match, Savage blocks a tennis racket shot from Cornette and goes to scoop slam Cornette but Borga punches Savage in the kidney area and delivers a gut buster. Ron Simmons runs down to clothesline Borga over the top to the floor. Simmons stares down Borga until Crush runs down to the ring and they brawl as Borga slides into the ring to close out the show.

WWF Superstars 11/20/1993
1. The Heavenly Bodies defeated Glenn Ruth/Bradley Brooks in 2:52 when Del Ray pinned Brooks following a top rope leg drop.
2. Ted DiBiase Reveals His Team: Vince McMahon introduces the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase so he can reveal his team. DiBiase starts off saying that he isn’t surprised by Bret’s selections as he has seen how close the Hart Family is. It isn’t DiBiase’s fault that Bret couldn’t provide for the family that he loves. It’s not DiBiase’s fault that his parents couldn’t take care of their finances. What is his fault is having way too much money and being able to buy whatever he pleases to buy. DiBiase’s knows that being able to do that makes Bret angry, and even jealous but DiBiase wouldn’t change anything. DiBiase believes that at Survivor Series any kind of fight the Hart’s have in them to regain their house will be depleted. DiBiase reveals that his Money Inc. partner IRS has been recruited. Before announcing the other two members of his team, DiBiase noted that he had to shed some big bucks to get these two men on his team, but in the end every single dollar will be well worth it. “Ladies and gentleman, my final two associates will none other than… Shawn Michaels and Diesel!” DiBiase finishes off saying “McMahon, I always get my way!”
3. WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Steve Davidson in 2:17 following the Razors Edge.
4. Ron Simmons defeated JT Smith in 2:03 following a spine buster.
5. Team Perfect/Team Luger Hype Video: A video promoting the Team Perfect vs. Team Luger match is aired. The video also promotes the feuds between the wrestlers involved adding background to the video. Can Mr. Perfect rely on his team so he can get a WWF World Championship match at the Royal Rumble? Or, will Lex Luger continue to escape with the WWF World Championship around his waist?
6. The Quebecers/Jerry Lawler defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Steiner Brothers/Tatanka in 13:53 when Lawler pinned Tatanka after a middle rope fist drop with a chain wrapped around his knuckles.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/21/1993
1. The Smoking Gunns defeated the Brooklyn Brawler/Reno Riggins in 2:15 when Billy pinned Riggins.
2. Shawn Michaels/Diesel Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Shawn Michaels and Diesel, who have joined Ted DiBiase’s Survivor Series team. Michaels tells Ross that when he was given a blank check by DiBiase it would have been foolish to have decline the offer. Michaels also says that he has something in common with DiBiase, as he believes that Bret isn’t the best there is by any means. “Listen up Ross, everyone in this company knows that the Heartbreak Kid is the current and future of this business. No one can match what I bring to the table and that includes you Hitman.” Michaels finishes off saying that he and Big Daddy Cool Diesel will be the leading force in breaking the Hart’s spirits.
3. Crush defeated Virgil in 2:19 with the Kona Vice.
4. Men On A Mission Hype Video Cut Off: A hype video promoting the debut of Men On A Mission is aired until the video ends up turning into a Jeff Jarrett video where Jarrett begins to strut and sing an old school country song. Jarrett says during the video that he isn’t going to allow “wannabe artists” take his spotlight.
5. Paul Bearer/Earthquake Confrontation: Vince McMahon introduces Paul Bearer who brings a casket next to the podium with him. Bearer talks with McMahon saying that there is always a solution to any disaster and that his Undertaker is the solution to end the mayhem that Earthquake has been recently doing. Earthquake ends up walking out to the podium not intimidated at all by the casket. Earthquake gets up on the podium and tells Bearer that he is the one person, the one force, and the one disaster that the Undertaker will not rise from. Quake says he isn’t afraid of the dark and isn’t afraid of the dead man. Earthquake wants Bearer to send a message to the Undertaker and grabs Bearer by the neck. As Bearer yells in fear, the casket opens up and the Undertaker sits up staring at Earthquake who lets go of Bearer and rolls off the podium to get away. The Undertaker steps out of the casket and slowly moves towards Earthquake until Bearer yanks on Undertaker’s hair to close the segment.
6. Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated the Kamikaze Kid in 5:11 following a diving head butt.

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