WWF House Show 2/21/1992

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation House Show
Date: 2/21/1992
From: Providence, RI

This show is a handheld and was not broadcasted on television. This is also the complete event with all the matches shown.

Opening Contest: Skinner defeated Jim Brunzell:
Brunzell shoves Skinner down as he was backed up against the ropes. Brunzell with a hammerlock but Skinner pokes him in the eyes and locks in a side headlock. Brunzell sends Skinner into the ropes and rolls him up for a near fall. Brunzell with a side headlock of his own. Skinner misses a right hand and is rolled up for a two and quickly met with a right hand as he gets up. Skinner rolls to the floor to stall for some time. Skinner wants to shake hands but Brunzell doesn’t seem to be interested. Brunzell kicks Skinner in the midsection and locks in a wrist lock. Skinner reaches the ropes as he was in a hammerlock. Brunzell monkey flips Skinner down but is soon sent chest first into the corner. Skinner with a throat thrust in the corner and goes for a cover only getting a two count. Skinner again delivers a throat thrust and goes for the cover but Brunzell is able to kick out. Skinner sends Brunzell to the floor and taunts the fans. Skinner works on Brunzell as he tries to get on the apron. Brunzell drags Skinner to the floor and sends Skinner into the ring post head first. Brunzell corners Skinner in the ring and goes for a back drop but Skinner kicks him in the chest. Brunzell locks in a sleeper hold but is backed into the corner by Skinner, breaking the hold. Skinner misses a running attack in the corner and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Brunzell rams Skinner head first into the top turnbuckle ten times and gets a two count. Brunzell with a running knee lift and bites the forehead of Skinner. Brunzell with a right hand and plays to the crowd. Brunzell dropkicks Skinner and covers getting a two count as Skinner puts his foot on the bottom rope. Skinner with a head butt to the gut and picks up the win. *


Second Contest: The Berzerker defeated Hercules: Berzerker backs Hercules into the corner and doesn’t do anything. Hercules backs Berzerker into the corner and delivers a overhand shot to the chest. Berzerker taunts the fans after a quick lockup. Berzerker shoves Hercules into the corner and again plays to the crowd. Hercules jumps to the floor and walks around for a few moments. Hercules sends Berzerker into the corner but is met with a forearm shot from Berzerker. Berzerker works on Hercules with right hands and goes for a dropkick but Hercules hangs onto the ropes. Hercules is able to send Berzerker over the top to the floor and Berzerker walks up the ramp way. Berzerker walks back to the ring and wants to do a test of strength. Hercules plays games with him by raising his opposite hand. Berzerker delivers a shot to the midsection of Berzerker. Berzerker sends Hercules to the floor and rams Hercules head first into the ring steps. Hercules gets to the apron but is clubbed by Berzerker. Berzerker goes for a cover but Hercules kicks out. Hercules gets out of a chin lock by delivering elbows and right hands. Berzerker kicks Hercules in the midsection to regain control of the contest. Hercules is sent to the floor but Hercules is able to send Berzerker into the ring steps. Hercules with several running clotheslines to knock Berzerker down. Hercules misses a attack in the corner and is power slammed by Berzerker. Berzerker covers Hercules and wins the match. *

Third Contest: The Undertaker defeated Davey Boy Smith:
Taker attacks Smith before the bell and chokes him in the corner for several moments. Taker misses a running attack in the corner and Smith is able to clothesline Taker over the top to the floor but Taker lands on his feet! Smith tries to bring Taker back into the ring but Taker drops Smith throat first across the top rope. Taker chokes Smith across the middle rope and stalks the referee. Smith with a boot coming off the ropes and goes for a vertical suplex but Taker blocks it. Smith with a power slam attempt but Taker ways to much, apparently, and Taker falls onto Smith for a near fall. Smith is able to carry Taker and ram Taker into the corner but Taker drops Smith with a quick right hand. Taker misses a standing elbow drop and Smith head butts Taker. Smith connects with a delayed vertical suplex and goes for the running power slam moments later and hits it! Smith goes for the cover but Paul Bearer distracts the referee. Smith goes after Bearer and Taker grabs the urn. Taker nails Smith with the urn and covers Smith to win the match. **

Fourth Contest: the Bushwhackers defeated the Nasty Boys:
Before the match, Jimmy Hart puts over the Nasty Boys as the best tag team in the WWF. Bushwhackers come out and play to the crowd stalling for several minutes. The Nasty’s try to attack the Bushwhackers but are taken down and are met with double stomps to the midsection. They also separate their legs into a star like figure in the middle of the ring. The Nasty’s decide to leave the arena but comeback to the ring since the referee threatens to fine them $5,000 dollars. Knobs and Luke start the contest off, after several minutes of stalling and comedy stuff. Knobs with right hands in the corner but Luke stops Knobs with a forearm shot and right hands. Sags comes in but suffers the same fate and is met with a double clothesline. Knobs trips Luke up as he is sent into the ropes to help out Sags. Sags proceeds to simply throw Luke to the floor where Knobs briefly attacks Luke. Sags chokes Luke on the guard railing, at this point the camera man looks around the arena and their appears to be plenty of empty seats. Knobs covers Luke back in the ring but only gets a two count. Sags comes back in and pretty much just does the same simple offense. Nasty’s choke Luke behind the referees back as he is preventing Butch from entering the ring. Luke appears to make the tag to Butch, but the referee didn’t see that and this allows the Nasty’s to double team Luke some more in the corner with right hands. Knobs leaps off the middle rope but lands right on the boot of Luke. Luke tags in Butch and takes the Nasty’s out with clotheslines. Butch nails Jimmy Hart with a right hand. Butch with a running bulldog on Knobs and gets a near fall as Sags breaks up the cover. Knobs clotheslines Butch but Luke is able to break up the pin. Luke head butts Knobs as he goes to scoop slam Butch and Butch lands on top of Knobs for a near fall. Knobs accidentally hits Sags with the megaphone and Butch covers Sags to win the match.


Fifth Contest: Big Bossman defeated Repo Man via disqualification: Repo works on Bossman early on with right hands and chokes Bossman on the top rope. Repo drops down to allow Bossman to leap over him but Bossman instead splashes down across the back of Repo. Repo stops Bossman with a poke to the eyes and goes back to work with right hands. Bossman blocks a right hand and clotheslines Repo. Repo bails to the floor but Bossman goes out as well and sends Repo back into the ring. Bossman with a backbreaker and sends Repo over the top to the apron. Repo slides back in and goes to attack Bossman but that doesn’t work. Bossman jumps onto the back of Repo as he is hanging across the middle rope. Bossman with a wrist lock after avoiding a right hand. Bossman with a leg drop across the arm of Repo. Bossman charges the corner but Repo moves and Bossman goes hard chest first into the top turnbuckle. Repo drives Bossman down with a back suplex and gets a two count. Repo kicks Bossman to the floor and sends Bossman into the ring steps. Repo jumps onto the back of Bossman a few times in the ring and taunts the fans. Repo delivers a right hand and Bossman falls back down to the mat. Repo goes to jump down across Bossman’s back again but Bossman flips over and punches Repo in the groin. Bossman with a shoulder block but misses a big splash coming off the ropes. Repo chokes Bossman across the middle rope to regain control of the contest. Bossman fights back but is poked in the eyes. Repo sends Bossman into the corner and laughs at his work. Bossman comes off the ropes and delivers a uppercut. Back elbow by Bossman and slides to the floor to uppercut Repo who was on the middle rope. Bossman splashes Repo in the corner and turns his back. Repo grabs his rope and chokes Bossman causing the disqualification.
After the match, Bossman uses the rope to low blow Repo Man and hits him with his nightstick sending Repo to the floor.

Main Event: WWF Intercontinental Champion Roddy Piper defeated WWF World Champion Ric Flair in a non-title steel cage match:
Flair with a sucker punch and rakes Piper’s eyes. Flair tries to quickly run up the top but Piper grabs Flair’s trunks and exposes his butt. Piper rams Flair head first into the cage and Flair drops down to the mat. Piper comes off with a boot to the side of the head and backs Flair into the corner where he begins to chop Flair. Flair with a rake of the eyes and goes to send Piper into the cage but Piper blocks it. Piper stalks Flair into the corner and Flair backs off. Piper with several punches and Flair goes for a atomic drop but Piper steps out of the way and pokes Flair in the eyes. Piper makes his way up the cage but Flair gets up and chops Piper. Piper drops down and crotches himself on the top rope. Flair pulls Piper up only to chop him back down. Flair goes up the cage and is over the cage nearing the floor. Piper gets up and runs over to grab Flair by the hair. Piper pulls Flair back into the ring and delivers right hands. They remain at the top of the cage trading right hands and chops. Both men are sitting on the top of the cage delivering chops to each other. Piper with the advantage with a series of right hands. Piper goes over the cage but Flair is able to grab him just in time. Flair yanks Piper back into the cage and again they trade chops. Piper with a shoulder block coming off the ropes and both men are down. Both men get up and climb opposite sides of the cage. They drop down at the “same time”. Referee says that the match must continue, even though Flair clearly hit the floor first, it wasn’t even close. Flair attacks Piper on the floor briefly and climbs up the cage. Piper rolls into the ring and grabs Flair preventing him from going any further. Piper with more chops and Flair crotches himself on the top rope. Piper sends Flair face first into the cage and Flair flops down to the mat. Piper tries to leave through the door but Flair pulls Piper back into the ring. Flair chokes Piper for several moments until Piper low blows Flair! Piper with a running clothesline and again crawls towards the door but Flair stops him. Flair chops Piper but Piper with a flurry of chops of his own. Piper takes Flair down with a backdrop and locks in the sleeper hold! Flair is fading in the middle of the ring and Piper just lets go. Piper goes to leave through the door, but someone comes out from the back and slams the door in Piper’s face! Flair covers but Piper is able to kick out! Flair tries to climb over the top but Piper gets up fairly quickly and stops Flair once again. Both men are on the outside of the cage ramming each other head first into the cage. Piper drops down and wins the match. Flair is going nuts! **½


My Take: Skinner/Brunzell was a pretty bad opening contest. If you read the finish again to the match, it was incredibly lame and the fans were just dead for it. Literally, Skinner was on his knees being picked up and he delivered a head butt to the gut of Brunzell. Not a great way to end a bad match.

Berzerker/Hercules was another bad match. It was kept simple but nothing good happened during the contest at all. It seemed rather similar to the opening contest as well to me. Not a good start to the house show, hopefully the rest of the matches deliver following the first two or this would have been one long night for everyone in attendance.

As I was looking at the card the match-up of the Undertaker vs. Davey Boy Smith looked like a interesting one. I don’t believe that to this point they had ever competed against each other so it would be cool to see their first match that I was aware of. The match was rather quick, not going over six minutes. For the six minutes that they wrestled, it was pretty entertaining. Best match of the night, thus far in the show.

Every time there is a Bushwhackers match on the card, I feel like it will be the longest ten minutes of my life. They were entertaining in the NWA when they were the Sheepherders but in the WWF, they are just plain horrible. The match was bad as expected, that’s all that needs to be said about it.

Bossman/Repo wasn’t too bad of a match. The crowd seemed to be interested in the match, and it was a competitive match. I’ve always liked the Repo Man character, so I could live with the match. I have said it once and I will say it again, I don’t like DQ or count-out finishes at House Shows.

As you can tell the main event is the only real attraction to the show. It’s a pretty big main event for the time, I would think. Piper and Flair were feuding at the time and cage matches are usually pretty fun to see. The match was kind of repetitive but was still a good bout, for a house show. The crowd went nuts when Piper dropped down and won the contest. The one thing I didn’t like about the match was the spot where Piper gets the door slammed on his face. It was made out to seem like a very weak part of the match. If you remember, back in 1997 WCW made a big deal about the same spot between Curt Hennig and Ric Flair. This one was just used as if it was a simple move, as Piper recovered really, really quick. Didn’t like that at all.

Overall, the crowd seemed rather dead for most of the matches. They responded only to Taker/Bulldog and Flair/Piper for the most part. Best match was the main event as they put on a good show. Only six matches makes this show come in under a hour and a half. That is a quick show by today’s standards.

Thanks for reading.

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