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WWF RAW 6/14/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 6/14/1993
From: Manhattan Center, New York City

To open the show, footage of Yokozuna standing over Hulk Hogan in victory is shown. Yokozuna is the NEW WWF World Heavyweight Champion. Gene interviews Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna and they talk about celebrating their victory on the 4th of July.

RAW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Mr. Perfect defeated L.A. Gore:
Perfect absorbs a few chops by Gore before hitting the Perfect Plex and picking up the easy win.


Razor Ramon comes down to the ring for a interview with Vince McMahon. Ramon has a bag full of cash, which happens to have “$10,000” written on it. Ramon says that “everyone knows that no one can beat the bad guy”. Ramon offers to pay $10,000 to face the 1-2-3 Kid again. Vince McMahon asks what would happen if Ramon lost to Kid again. Ramon avoids the question and says he will show that he is the “top man” in the WWF.


King of the Ring 1993 highlights

Marty Jannetty fought Doink to a double count-out:
Doink attacks Jannetty before his enters the ring with a baseball slide. Doink chops away on Jannetty in the corner. Jannetty with a couple of right hands but runs into a back elbow in the corner. Jannetty with a face buster off the middle rope for a two count. Jannetty takes Doink down with a arm drag. Jannetty with a arm lock but is met with a right hand and chops from Doink. Doink with a shoulder block off the ropes and taunts the fans. Doink sends Jannetty from the apron into the ring post. Jannetty rams Doink into the top turnbuckle and slides into the ring. Jannetty avoids a boot and Doink falls down nearly being pinned! RAW goes to commercial with Jannetty in control of the contest. Back from commercial, Jannetty connects with a dropkick and a arm drag. Jannetty splashes onto the left arm of Doink. Doink is able to send Jannetty to the floor where Jannetty slams Doink head first onto the apron. Jannetty with a top rope cross body back in the ring for a near fall. Doink with a big power slam as Jannetty comes off the ropes. Doink goes into a chicken wing submission. Doink drives Jannetty down with a back suplex and slaps Jannetty a few times. Doink locks in a wrist lock to control Jannetty for a few moments. Doink scoop slams Jannetty and hit’s the Whoopee Cushion! Doink covers but Jannetty is able to just get his shoulder up at two! Doink plants Jannetty with a neck breaker and covers but only gets a two count. Doink with a double axe handle off the middle rope and kicks Jannetty a few times. Jannetty slams Doink off the top rope and delivers a right hand to the gut of Doink a few times. Jannetty with a spinning back elbow and Jannetty hits Doink with a dropkick. Snap suplex by Jannetty for a near fall. Jannetty with a clothesline and gets yet another two count. Jannetty comes off the ropes and connects with a face buster for a near fall. Doink attempts a scoop slam but they both fall over the top to the floor. They brawl on the floor and they are counted out. Jannetty super kicks Doink and takes him down with a hurricanrana as well. ***
After the match, Jannetty leaps off the apron with a cross body and hammers away on Doink. Doink tries to climb back into the ring but is prevented by the referees.


Third Contest: Owen Hart defeated Dan Dubiel:
During the match, 1-2-3 Kid calls in and is apparently in Japan. Once Vince McMahon tells Kid the new offer by Ramon, Kid accepts and will face Ramon again. As for the match, Owen dominates Dubiel and wins following a northern lights suplex.



Footage from WWF Superstars where The Undertaker defeats PJ Walker and is attacked by Giant Gonzalez is shown. Mr. Hughes comes down and slams Paul Bearer down. Harvey Whippleman grabs the urn. Hughes proceeds to attack both Undertaker and Paul Bearer with the urn.

Main Event: Jerry Lawler defeated Mark Thomas: Lawler comes down with a black and pink robe disrespecting the man he attacked at the King of the Ring, Bret Hart. Bobby Heenan, a supporter of Jerry Lawler, leaves ringside once the “Burger King” chants start up. Heenan comes back with scoop that Mr. Fuji will be having a celebration on the 4th of July. Lawler defeats Thomas following a standing fist drop.


Next week, Marty Jannetty will face Doink in a best two out of three falls. Also, Razor Ramon will finally get the chance to avenge his lost to 1-2-3 Kid next week.


My Take: Jannetty/Doink was a solid contest and will be continuing next week which is good to see. Lawler taunting Bret Hart without actually uttering a word was well done. Lawler continues to impress with his heel tactics. Judging by the angle shown from Superstars, Giant Gonzalez and Mr. Hughes will remain on television for at least a few more months. That’s a huge negative.


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