3PW Year End Mayhem 12/28/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling presents Year End Mayhem
From: Philadelphia, PA

Opening video

Before the show begins, the ring announcer tells the fans that three guys no showed. They were Dusty Rhodes, Ron Killings and Too Cold Scorpio. Bam-Bam Bigelow makes his way down to the ring to a standing ovation. Bigelow tells the fans that he doesn’t think the fans are going to want a refund as he will be facing Abdullah the Butcher tonight. Bigelow puts over the show as the best and makes sure to finish off the promo by saying “Fuck Vince McMahon”.

Joey Matthews, Matt Striker and Rob Eckos come down to the ring to a course of boos. Matthews pokes fun that the Eagles lost to the Giants before the show. Matthews claims that he will be the guy who changes the business forever. Matthews is going to pass the torch to Matt Striker and Rob Eckos. Striker acts like a goofy guy who wants the fans to like him. Striker tries to get the fans to clap their hands but they do not go for that. Matthews tells Striker that the fans don’t care for him and that he should stop trying to get them to cheer for him. Josh Daniels makes his way down to the ring to wrestle Striker.


Opening Contest: Josh Daniels defeated Matt Striker: Striker with a go behind but Daniels comes back with one of his own. Striker takes Daniels down and has a wrist lock in place. Daniels gets out of that but ends up in a side headlock shortly thereafter. Daniels with a couple of shoulder blocks but is hip tossed down by Striker. Striker plays to the crowd and walks right into a right hand. Daniels scoop slams Striker and drops a elbow for a near fall. Striker with a cheap shot in the corner and chops Daniels in the corner. Striker does the rock star pose in the middle of the ring. Daniels with several chops in the corner and goes off the ropes but Matthews pulls down the top rope and Daniels falls to the floor. Matthews attacks Daniels with right hands and sends Daniels back into the ring. Striker gets a near fall following the attack. Running knee lift by Striker to maintain control of the contest. Striker connects with the Polish Hammer and goes for a cover but only gets a two count. Striker walks the top rope and chops the arm of Daniels. Striker connects with a rolling fireman’s carry and a fist drop off the middle rope for a near fall. Abdominal stretch by Striker, who uses the ropes for leverage. The referee catches Striker using the ropes and Daniels arm drags Striker down a couple of times. Daniels with a pretty bad military press slam. Daniels comes off the ropes and is tripped up by Matthews. Striker locks in the sleeper hold and Daniels begins to fade. Daniels gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. Daniels with a knee to the gut but runs into a back elbow and big boot in the corner. Striker charges and is taken down with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Daniels with a running forearm smash and clotheslines. Daniels takes Striker down with a snap suplex and a delayed vertical suplex. Daniels heads to the top rope and hit’s the flying head butt! Eckos distracts the referee and allows Matthews to plant Daniels with the Virginia Necktie. Striker decides to thank Matthews and this allows Daniels to roll Striker up for the win. **¼
After the match, Matthews and Eckos are furious with Striker losing the match. Striker is confused and is trying to talk to them about what happened.

Before the next match, a guy named Mini Meanie comes out. The guy talks about Blue Meanie reaching his championship destiny. He apparently just rambles and leaves the ring.

Second Contest: Jason Knight defeated the Blue Meanie:
Jasmine St. Claire is with Jason Knight for this contest. Knight attacks Meanie from behind and delivers a spinning back elbow. Meanie with a drop toe hold and a arm drag to control the contest. Meanie with a leg drop to the left arm of Knight and has a wrist lock on Knight. Knight stomps away on Meanie in the corner but is met with a back elbow in the corner. Several weak right hands in the corner by Meanie. Knight with a whiplash takedown and goes to cover but Mini Meanie comes into the ring. Knight grabs Mini Meanie but is turned around by Blue Meanie. Knight with a kick to the head and covers Blue Meanie to win the match. DUD
After the match, Jasmine St. Claire kicks Meanie a few times on the side. Mini Meanie tries to cover Blue Meanie but that doesn’t work as Knight and St. Claire continue to beat down Blue Meanie. Blue Meanie threatens to hit Mini Meanie but instead hugs him.


Third Contest: Rob Eckos defeated Damien Adams: Eckos showcases his body off to the crowd, which the three women in attendance appreciate. They trade go behinds and wristlocks. Adams arm drags Eckos and Eckos rolls to the floor quickly. Eckos re-enters and takes Adams down with a arm drag of his own. Adams comes back with arm drags again and Eckos rolls to the floor. Eckos stalls for a moments until he is catapulted into the ring from the apron. Adams with a series of offense moves concluding with a clothesline and Eckos rolls to the floor. Eckos takes a seat next to the ring announcer. Adams chases Eckos around the ring and as he enters the ring Eckos stomps away on him. Adams drives Eckos down with a backdrop and stomps away on Eckos in the corner. Adams knocks Striker off the apron and goes off the ropes but is pulled over the top to the floor by Matthews. Matthews sends Adams into the guard railing and works on Adams as Striker distracts the referee. Eckos goes for the cover in the ring but Adams kicks out at two. Striker chokes Adams across the bottom rope to help Eckos. Matthews drives a chair into the ribs of Adams and Eckos covers Adams back in the ring for a two count. Vertical suplex by Eckos but is only able to get a two count on the pin attempt. Eckos with a side Russian leg sweep into a clothesline for a near fall. Eckos throws Adams to the floor where Matthews again attacks Adams. Adams with a couple of right hands and goes for a back suplex but Eckos lands on his feet and super kicks Adams! Eckos goes for the cover but Adams kicks out! Eckos goes to the top rope but is crotched by Adams. Adams with several chops and is shoved off by Eckos. Eckos misses a high cross body and Adams drives Eckos down with a double leg slam. Adams covers but Striker pulls the referee out before the three. Matthews rolls in and connects with the Virginia Necktie on Adams. Eckos covers Adams and gets the three count.
After the match, Adams is beaten down by Eckos, Matthews and Striker. Well that is until Tod Gordon and Annihilation come down to the ring. Striker is shoved right into a choke slam from Annihilation. Eckos suffers the same fate. Matthews goes after Annihilation but is choke slammed as well. Annihilation stands tall with Tod Gordon.

Before the next match, Syxx-Pac grabs a microphone. Pac talks about the ECW Arena being a very important building and special one that. Pac says it has been a great experience to work at the venue. Pac was originally suppose to wrestle Too Cold Scorpio. Pac says something about a group of people trying to sabotage the 3PW show.


Fourth Contest: Kid Kash defeated Syxx-Pac: Pac taunts Kash with a crotch chop as they went to lock up. Kash returns the favor by flipping off Pac. Pac takes Kash down with a double leg trip up and goes for a cover that only gets a one count. Kash with a half Boston Crab and keeps the leg lock in until Pac reaches the bottom rope. Pac takes Kash down and slaps the back of Kash’s head a few times, taunting Kash again. Kash returns the favor by doing the same thing to Pac seconds later. Kash with a hammerlock but Pac takes Kash down with a drop toe hold. Kash reaches the ropes very quickly to break up any follow up. Kash with a body scissors in the middle of the ring. Pac counters into a side headlock and goes for a bow and arrow but Kash gets out it and has Pac in a chin lock. Pac with a back elbow in the corner and chops Kash. Kash with several chops of his own. Pac delivers several kicks to the chest of Kash but Kash is able to take Pac down to the mat with a front face lock. Shoulder block by Kash but Pac knocks Kash off his feet with a spinning heel kick. Kash rolls to the floor and Pac kicks Kash in the face as he enters the ring. Quick leg drop by Pac coming off the ropes for a near fall. Pac attempts the Bronco Buster but Kash moves out of the way! Kash sends Pac to the floor and leaps off the apron with a double axe handle to the back. They trade chops on the floor with Pac getting the advantage with kicks to the chest. Pac sends Kash hard back first into the guard railing. Pac sends Kash into the ring and goes up top. Kash backs the referee into the ropes and Pac is crotched on the top. Kash quickly goes up top and spikes Pac with a pile driver off the middle rope! Kash covers Pac and picks up the upset win! **½
After the match, Kash grabs a microphone and tells Pac that he isn’t Kid Kash. Pac really sells the pile driver as he lays in the ring for several moments being checked out by the medical team. They don’t have a stretcher so they put Pac on a table. Pac grabs a microphone and says that this is the second time he wasn’t 100% to compete for 3PW. Thus, he apologizes and he is embarrassed he couldn’t give them their money worth. Pac says he won’t return until he is 100%. They did eventually get a stretcher to carry Pac out.

Rockin Rebel comes out to the ring and grabs a microphone. Rebel talks about throwing a fireball into the face of Roadkill last month. Rebel makes a few jokes about the match being a barn burner. Rebel leaves the ring saying he isn’t going to wrestle. Roadkill runs out and attacks Rebel.

Fifth Contest: Roadkill defeated Rockin Rebel:
Roadkill sends Rebel into the guard railing after putting Rebel’s shirt over his head. Roadkill follows up with a chair shot. In the ring, Roadkill connects with a back suplex and hammers away on Rebel. Running power slam by Roadkill only gets him a two count. Rebel avoids a splash in the corner and is eventually knocked off the apron to the floor. Roadkill with several jabs on the floor and sends Rebel into the ring post, twice. Rebel crotches Roadkill on the top rope. Rebel grabs a trash can lid from underneath the ring and goes to hit Roadkill, but the referee yanks it away (he was late doing so). Rebel attacks the referee with a few chops. The referee returns the favor by chopping Rebel! Roadkill drives Rebel down with a side slam and neatly gets the win. Rebel low blows Roadkill and goes for another fireball but Roadkill uses the trash can lid to protect himself. Roadkill smacks Rebel with the lid and connects with a top rope splash to win the match. ½*


Sixth Contest: Joey Matthews defeated Nosawa: Matthews comes out by himself for this match. Matthews slides into the ring with a chair but the referee takes it away. Nosawa with a throat thrust to open the match and low blows Matthews after a go behind. Nosawa follows up with a super kick to the face and flips off the fans, which gets a reception. Nosawa works on Matthews in the corner and knocks Matthews down with a running clothesline. Matthews is able to send Nosawa to the floor and works on Nosawa with chops and forearms. Nosawa head butts Matthews and they trade right hands on the floor. Nosawa sends Matthews into the guard railing head first. Several chops by Nosawa but Matthews attacks Nosawa as he was playing to the crowd. Back in the ring, Matthews leaps off the top rope and connects with a flying clothesline for a near fall. Matthews locks in a arm lock but Nosawa knees his way out of it. Nosawa drop toe holds Matthews into the middle turnbuckle and connects with a running face wash. Nosawa connects with a running dropkick on the apron to knock Matthews silly. Nosawa bridges a chair in the corner and rams Matthews head first into the chair! Matthews is placed into the tree of woe and Nosawa delivers a dropkick. Nosawa with a kick to the side of the head and only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Release German suplex by Nosawa and connects with the shining wizard but Matthews kicks out! Matthews reverses a vertical suplex by hitting the Virginia Necktie and picks up the win! **½
After the match, Nosawa can’t believe he lost but plays to the crowd anyway.

Seventh Contest: Abdullah the Butcher defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow in a falls count anywhere:
Butcher has a fork in his hand and Bigelow is cautious. Butcher goes to hit Bigelow but Bigelow blocks it and uses the fork on Butcher! Naturally, Butcher is bleeding within five seconds of the match. Butcher a few throat thrusts to control Bigelow for a few moments. Bigelow with right hands and attempts a splash in the corner but Butcher side steps Bigelow. Butcher with another throat thrust and chokes Bigelow on the middle rope. Bigelow with a few boots out of the corner and continues his offense with right hands. Butcher kicks Bigelow in the groin as Bigelow charges the corner. Butcher drops Bigelow with a simple right hand. Bigelow drags Butcher to the floor and sends Butcher into the ring post. Bigelow goes backstage and gets a piece of plywood. Bigelow goes to splash Butcher but Butcher moves and Bigelow goes crashing through the table. Butcher simply covers Bigelow and wins the match. DUD
After the match, Butcher just simply walks backstage as if nothing even happened.


Main Event: Gary Wolfe defeated Sabu to win the 3PW Heavyweight Championship: Wolfe backs Sabu into the corner and they are broken up by the referee. Sabu trips Wolfe down and goes for a cover but is only able to get a two count. Shoulder block by Wolfe and Sabu rolls to the corner to talk to Tod Gordon. Sabu takes Wolfe down and locks in a leg lock. Wolfe reaches the bottom rope pretty quickly. Sabu with a right hand in the corner but Wolfe comes back with forearm shots. Wolfe bites Sabu’s forehead in the corner. Wolfe splashes Sabu in the corner and stomps away on the champion. Wolfe attempts a cross arm breaker but Sabu is blocking it and reaches the bottom rope. Sabu kicks Wolfe several times on the left knee and sends Wolfe to the floor, landing on the announcers table. Wolfe throws Sabu into the guard railing chest first. Sabu throws a chair at the face of Wolfe, but Wolfe smashes a beer can over Sabu’s head. Wolfe also throws a chair at Sabu. Sabu has Wolfe staggered in the crowd and attempts a springboard dive into the crowd but misses the top rope and crashes hard to the floor! Wolfe covers Sabu in the ring but isn’t able to put Sabu away. Sabu counters a Death Valley Driver attempt with a rollup but only gets a two count. Clothesline by Wolfe and locks in the Crossface. Sabu gets out of it and scoop slams Wolfe. Sabu gets a chair and connects with a triple jump moonsault. Sabu goes back to a leg lock working on the right knee of Wolfe. Sabu throws Wolfe to the floor but Wolfe rams Sabu head first onto a table. Wolfe leaps off the apron and connects with a elbow drop that sees them crash through the table! Wolfe slides back into the ring and they trade right hands briefly until Wolfe throws Sabu to the floor again. Sabu places Wolfe on the announcers table and connects with a triple jump leg drop but the table didn’t break! Sabu covers Wolfe in the ring but only gets a two count. Arabian face buster by Sabu but Wolfe again kicks out of the pin attempt. Sabu has locked in the camel clutch! Sabu with a springboard side kick and a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Sabu locks in another cross arm breaker for a few seconds. Wolfe crotches Sabu on the top rope and drives Sabu down with a superplex. Wolfe covers but Tod Gordon enters the ring breaking up the count. Wolfe clotheslines Gordon and Annihilation enters and grabs Wolfe by the throat. Wolfe gets out the choke slam and low blows Annihilation and sop slams him! Sabu with a chair shot and goes for a moonsault but Wolfe trips Sabu and Sabu goes head first into the chair. Wolfe with the Death Valley Driver and gets the three ! **¼
After the match, Sabu, Tod Gordon and Annihilation raise Wolfe’s hand.

End of show

My Take:
It sucks that Dusty Rhodes, Ron Killings and Too Cold Scorpio all no showed the event. That sort of thing, especially when it is announced before the first match, kills the crowd. The first match I thought suffered from it. I think that Striker knew this was happening and was doing whatever he could to try and get the crowd back into the show.

Striker/Daniels wasn’t a great match by any means. I didn’t like it as the opener either. Daniels is a technical wrestler while Striker is more of a comedy character it seems. Looking at the card though, I am not really sure what you could have put in place of that match. So, perhaps it was inserted their just because they are the least well known guys on the show. The heel stable of Matthews, Eckos and Striker is new and it is obvious already that Striker will be kicked out and made into a baby face. Which would work if they allowed the group to stay intact for quite sometime.

I really did not like the Blue Meanie/Jason Knight match and segment. I hope that the Mini Meanie angle dies off quickly, that is just incredibly stupid. The only thing that was good about the match was it was literally under three minutes.

Eckos/Adams wasn’t anything all that special. The match was fairly similar to the opening contest between Daniels and Striker. I’m liking the fact that Joey Matthews is the leader of the group, though. It’s good to see him in a big role in 3PW.

I was pretty surprised to see Kash pick up the win over Syxx-Pac. I was even more surprised to see Pac taking a middle rope pile driver. The match was overly awesome or anything but it was a solid contest considering Pac was apparently injured. I do believe that a Pac/Scorpio match would have been better. Hell, a Scorpio/Kash match could have been great.

Roadkill/Rebel was simply a bad match. Several awkward moments in the match and just a waste of time.

Nosawa came out originally to nothing a response. Once he started to flip the fans off and stuff of that nature the fans really got behind him. I think it is safe to say that Nosawa got by far the biggest baby face reception. The match was pretty good compared to everything showcased on this show. Matthews is clearly being groomed as the top heel for the company, which is perfectly fine with me, obviously.

God, Butcher/Bigelow is by far the worst match I have ever had to watch. Just a pathetic contest, mainly because of Butcher. Bigelow couldn’t do anything to make the match slightly interesting.

Wolfe/Sabu was just a standard brawl that included the usual botches by Sabu. The botch of his on the triple jump moonsault looked like it seriously hurt since he completely missed the top rope and crashed to the floor. I would’ve liked to have seen Sabu get a longer title reign as I am not really interested in what Wolfe brings to the table. Oh well, looks like their feud is over and I am curious to see where Wolfe goes from here.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad show but it isn’t a must see. Matthews/Nosawa and Pac/Kash were two matches that were watch able. Everything else was pretty bland and didn’t keep my interest.

Thanks for reading.

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