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WWF RAW 8/2/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 8/2/1993
From: Alexandria Bay, NY

RAW Opening Video

Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon hype up Randy Savage facing Doink later on RAW. Randy is backstage, and he is pumped up for his match against Doink.

Opening Contest: The Steiner Brothers defeated Duane Gill/Barry Horowitz:
Scott Steiner with a nice belly to belly suplex on Horowitz in the opening moments of the match. A few moments later, Scott connects with the Frankensteiner on Gil to pick up the easy win.

Time for the Lex Luger interview. Luger talks about his dad who he says stressed schooling and the need to get good grades. Luger talks about moving around as a kind, and using athletics to help him find an identity for himself. Luger finishes the segment off saying he was really shy, and only went to a dance when the girl asked him to go.


Second Contest: Adam Bomb w/Johnny Polo defeated Tony Roy: Bomb connects with a not so great looking flying clothesline from the top rope. Bomb plants Roy with the Adam Smasher power bomb to win.

A video package promoting a match taking place next week between Tatanka and Mr. Hughes.

Third Contest: Randy Savage defeated Doink:
Before the match, Vince McMahon announces that Savage has dedicated this match to his friend Crush. Savage looks underneath the ring looking for any other Doink’s. Savage flips out and grabs a chair but the referee takes the weapon away and Doink goes on the attack. Doink locks in the Boston Crab and uses the ropes for leverage but Savage doesn’t give up. Doink continues to work on Savage’s left knee. Savage sends Doink to the floor. While on the floor, Doink sends Savage into the ring post. Doink manages to keep control with a scoop slam. Doink attempts the Whoopee Cushion but Savage manages to avoid the move. Savage is sent to the floor and he goes underneath the ring to get a midget. Doink laughs, and it appears this is Randy Savage’s surprise. Doink chases the midget and Savage comes up from underneath the ring and trips up Doink. Savage with a simple roll up and picks up the win in about nine minutes of action. **
After the match, the midget bites the buttocks of Doink. Savage and the midget celebrate to end the segment.


Gene with the WWF Summer Slam 1993 report. Summer Slam is four weeks away. Some of the matches announces for the pay-per view event are the following.
Lex Luger will meet WWF World Heavyweight Champion Yokozuna with the title on the line.
Bret Hart will take on Jerry “The King” Lawler.
Mr. Perfect will go for the title when he faces WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels.
Lastly, The Undertaker will fight Giant Gonzalez.

Vince McMahon mentions the 1-2-3 Kid beat Ted DiBiase on Wrestling Challenge over the weekend. DiBiase will be on the phone coming up.

Ted DiBiase joins Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan about losing to the 1-2-3 Kid. DiBiase says that Razor Ramon cost him the match and that McMahon better not show the footage. McMahon shows the footage and DiBiase hangs up. Footage includes DiBiase having the Million Dollar Dream on Kid. Razor Ramon comes down and distracts DiBiase. DiBiase with a lazy cover on Kid, and Kid reverses into a crucifix pin to get the win. Ramon laughs at DiBiase.

Jim Cornette comes down to the ring, this is his WWF debut. Bobby Heenan is very happy to see Jim Cornette and gives him a hug in the ring. Heenan puts over Cornette as the greatest manager of all time. Cornette says that’s only true because Heenan isn’t managing anymore. Cornette has arrived in the WWF because he has the “knockout punch” needed for the company. He says the Heavenly Bodies are just that. Cornette switches his attention to the Steiner Brothers. Cornette says they aren’t the best tag team. He believes the Heavenly Bodies are. Cornette issues a challenge to the Steiner Brothers to face the Heavenly Bodies.


Main Event: Mr. Perfect defeated Rich Myers: Myers taunts Perfect by tossing his gum out of his mouth. Perfect with a rolling neck breaker on Myers. Perfect proceeds to jam up the knee of Myers and rips the outfit off Myers. Perfect with the Perfect Plex for the win.

A rather humorous Jim Duggan music video is shown. Yes, Duggan is singing.

Another Lex Luger campaign video is shown. Luger will be on RAW for a contract signing with Yokozuna, next week. The Heavenly Bodies will also be debuting in the WWF.

End of Show

My Take:
Doink/Savage wasn’t anything special, but even in defeat that helped Doink because he got plenty of offense in on a top tier talent like Savage. Jim Cornette entering the company is a good addition considering he is a great mouthpiece. Nothing really stood out on this show.


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