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WWF RAW 8/23/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Summer Slam Spectacular
Date: 8/23/1993

This show is not a original RAW broadcast. Instead this is a one hour version of Summer Slam spectacular which took place on previous Sunday. Vince McMahon goes over the matches we will see. Yokozuna faces Jim Duggan, the tag team titles being defended inside a steel cage and the final part of the Lex Luger interview.

Opening Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers defeated Money Inc. in a steel cage match to retain the titles:
The only way to win the contest is have both members of the team escape from the cage. Money Inc. attempts to get out of the cage, but the Steiner Brothers manage to keep them in the cage. DiBiase with a back suplex on Scott Steiner, who was attempting to escape the cage. DiBiase sends Rick head first into the cage, and IRS crotches Scott on the ropes. After returning from a commercial, Scott Steiner has escaped the cage, but is climbing back in to help Rick. IRS manages to climb out moments later, leaving DiBiase in the cage by himself. DiBiase is hung upside down in the corner and is double teamed. The Steiner’s attempt to leave the cage, but IRS manages to re-enter and stops both men. Rick Steiner escapes the cage, leaving Scott all alone. IRS begins to choke Scott with his tie. Scott Steiner with a double clothesline taking out both IRS and DiBiase. Steiner’s double team Ted on one side, thus IRS climbs out of the cage. IRS was on the floor, but was attempting to help Ted, but noticed he was already out. Rick Steiner came over and had IRS on his shoulders, allowing Scott Steiner to escape, despite Ted punching Rick hoping he would drop IRS. Steiner’s retain the belts after eight minutes, that was shown. **1/2


Vince McMahon goes over the Summer Slam pay-per-view. McMahon believes that Razor Ramon will defeat Ted DiBiase and the 1-2-3 Kid will embarrass IRS. Bobby Heenan says the Heavenly Bodies will win the WWF World Tag Team Championship when they take on the Steiner Brothers. Heenan says that because the Steiner’s just competed in the cage match.

Jim Cornette is with the Heavenly Bodies and cut a promo saying they will win the tag team straps. Jimmy Del Ray says that everyone will be calling the Steiner Brothers “chumps” after Summer Slam.

Vince McMahon goes over what else will be seen. Which includes Lex Luger and Undertaker interviews. Bobby Heenan continues to say that Yokozuna was not slammed by Lex Luger. Vince McMahon says that Luger can pin Yokozuna, while Heenan says no one can pin Yokozuna. They turn to talking about Elvis Pressley. Jerry Lawler comes out with a Elvis impersonator in a Cadillac. Lawler cuts a promo on Bret Hart saying that Bret Hart is impersonating a King. Lawler ends the segment saying that there is only one king in the WWF, and that’s him.


Undertaker interview is up next. Undertaker is joined by Gene. Undertaker says the RIP match is a match where Undertaker will take out all the living organs of Gonzalez. Taker will possess the soul of Giant Gonzalez. Giant Gonzalez comes down and says this time Undertaker will not get up and he will rest in peace. Undertaker takes off his hat and coat and Gonzalez just walks away.

The last installment of the Lex Luger interview is next. Lex Luger mentions that he went to Japan and he doesn’t have anything against the Japanese race. Luger believes that Yokozuna doesn’t have any respect for the WWF, or any other wrestlers in the WWF. Luger talks about his motorcycle accident and how the nurse said he wouldn’t ever be able to use his arm ever again. Luger doesn’t care about having to wear a elbow pad. Luger proceeds to guarantee that he will win the WWF World Championship at Summer Slam. “I will do it for me, for you… and by God.. America.”

Bobby Heenan cuts a promo on Lex Luger and asks why he would want to put a burden himself on winning the title for everyone. Vince McMahon defends Lex Luger. McMahon says that Luger is already a champion.


Main Event: WWF World Heavyweight Champion Yokozuna defeated Jim Duggan: Duggan with the early offense, but loses focus and goes for the 2×4. Yokozuna with a few throat thrusts and boots in the corner. Yokozuna misses a running back splash in the corner. Duggan with a right hand, and three clotheslines and manages to knock Yokozuna down. Duggan signals for the three point stance clothesline, but Mr. Fuji pulls on Duggan’s foot and Duggan falls down. Duggan is distracted In the corner and Yokozuna delivers a running big splash. Yokozuna follows up with the Bonzai Drop to pick up the win. *1/2
After the match, Yokozuna is going for another Bonzai Drop, but several referees come down and pull Duggan out of the ring.

Vince McMahon is backstage with Yokozuna, Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji. Cornette says that Luger hasn’t woken up a sleeping giant because Yokozuna has always been up to battle. Cornette continues by saying that Luger has to be ready for the actions Yokozuna is going to do to Luger. Cornette lets it be known that he and Mr. Fuji will not end the punishment that Yokozuna will give Luger. Cornette promises that Yokozuna will deliver three Bonzai Drops. Vince McMahon asks Yokozuna if he really is a role model. Yokozuna says that Luger is a role model. McMahon believes that Luger is a “American Hero”.

Lex Luger music video to the song “you are my hero” is shown. The video basically showcases Luger slamming Yokozuna, being on the bus, working out, sleeping on a coach, and photos with various kids.

End of show

My Take:
This show was really just a hype up show for Summer Slam. That didn’t stop from a good cage match from happening. The finish to that match was creative as well and doesn’t hurt Money Inc. The show also consisted some good hype for the Yokozuna/Lex Luger WWF World Title match. However, some of the hype was overdone. Trying to put Lex Luger over as a “American Hero” is a little too much. Luger has just recently turned baby face, he can’t be viewed as a hero, at least not yet.


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