WWF RAW 10/18/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 10/18/1993
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

Video package highlighting other summits through the years.
And tonight will be Savage/Crush.
Footage from last week is shown as well, which showcases Ramon winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Footage of the Ludvig Borga/Lex Luger confrontation is shown as well.

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon, Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan welcome everyone to the show. McMahon goes over what we will be seeing on this edition of RAW. Savage doesn’t like the sound of McMahon’s voice when he brings up the summit. Heenan says that he has a camera in the backstage area awaiting the arrival of Crush.


Opening Contest: Steiner Brothers defeated PJ Walker/Tony DeVito: Scott Steiner connects with a full nelson suplex on the rather heavy DeVito. Vince McMahon gets PJ Walker confused with Corey Student, another WWF regular jobber. Rick with a power slam on Walker who came off the ropes. Scott with a sickening Steiner Screw Driver on Walker. Scott continues his offense on DeVito with a side slam. Rick goes up top and connects with a bulldog on DeVito who was on the shoulders of Scott.

Vince McMahon talks about the suspension of Shawn Michaels of not wanting to defend the WWF Intercontinental Championship. So, the fans will get the opportunity to vote on the situation. Of course, it will cost 99 cents per call. Diesel says that people should vote YES for wanting Michaels to return. Diesel says that Michaels had the flu. Mr. Perfect doesn’t want Shawn Michaels back because Diesel screwed Perfect out of the title at Summer Slam 1993.

Second Contest: Irwin R. Schyster defeated Scott Taylor:
Taylor with a sunset flip and gets a two count early on. Irwin with control throughout the match which is rather non-exciting. Irwin ends the squash with a lariat.

Vince McMahon talks about a wrestler names “Double J” Jeff Jarrett who wants to actually use the WWF as a stepping stone to better things.

We go to Nashville, TN where we see Jeff Jarrett is at the country hall of fame. Jarrett says that country music is his first love. Wrestling is his second love. Jarrett insults Garth Brooks calling him a “fat boy”. He doesn’t like the politics in country music. Jarrett is going to use Lex Luger, Randy Savage and Bret Hart as stepping stones to a singing career. He says that they will rename the hall of fame “Double J Hall of Fame”.


Third Contest: Tatanka defeated “Iron” Mike Sharpe: Before the match, we see footage of Tatanka running into Ludvig Borga on WWF Superstars. Borga had insulted Tatanka’s war dance in the ring. Sharpe has offense for about fifteen seconds until Tatanka starts a war path and connects with a few over hand chops. Seconds later, Tatanka connects with a Samoan Drop and it’s over.

Joe Fowler is doing Gene’s old job. Time for the WWF Survivor Series 1993 report. Fowler goes over what exactly the Survivor Series matches are all about. They are basically a series of 4 on 4 matches. Some of the matches include.
Steiner Brothers, Tatanka and Lex Luger taking on the WWF World Tag Team Champions Quebecers, Ludvig Borga and the WWF World Champion Yokozuna.
Bret Hart, Keith Hart, Bruce Hart and Own Hart taking on Jerry Lawler and three mystery knights. Fowler says that Ray Combs will be at the Survivor Series. Fowler gets word that Crush has arrived.

Backstage, Bobby Heenan is with Crush who now has facial hair and isn’t completely blond.

Main Event: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Dennis Diamond:
Bigelow dominates the whole match and finishes Diamond off with a flying head butt.

Diesel apparently is really distraught with the fact that Shawn Michaels will not be able to comeback.

The summit is coming up next!


Bobby Heenan is in the ring and introduces Crush to mostly a course of boos. Crush makes his way out to the ring with… Mr. Fuji! Crush says that Randy Savage was at one time his best friend. Crush says that Savage’s word was “gold” to him. Crush says that when the student became the superior, Savage couldn’t handle it. Crush was to believe that Savage had his back, but Savage didn’t do a damn thing to help Crush. Crush believes that Savage didn’t want Crush to come back to the WWF and that Savage checked up on Crush to see just how bad he was doing. Crush believes that Mr. Fuji has his best interest. Crush is here to warn Randy Savage to stay out of his life and out of his way. Randy Savage tells Crush that he is making a mistake by listening to both Bobby Heenan and Mr. Fuji. Savage wants to go backstage one on one and work things out. Crush becomes emotional when he is asked to shake the hand of Randy Savage. Heenan tells Crush not to do it, but is shoved by Crush. Crush shakes Savage’s hand and the crowd is cheering them on. They are walking backstage when Crush clotheslines Savage and drops Savage throat first on the guard railing. Yokozuna and Jim Cornette make their way down to the ring. Crush and Yokozuna show that they are united. Crush sends Savage into the ring steps and post which causes Savage to bleed from the mouth. Crush with a side kick in the ring and sets Savage up for the Bonzai Drop. Yokozuna connects with one and goes for a second one, but Savage is dragged out of the ring by several referees.

The votes have been counted for the HBK poll question.
36% think HBK should be reinstated
64% think that HBK shouldn’t be reinstated

Next week, Diesel will be in action. Marty Jannetty takes on the 1-2-3 Kid, Ludvig Borga will compete and Crush will return in singles action.

My Take:
The summit involving Crush and Randy Savage was done very well and Crush has to be seen as a top 5 heel now. There wasn’t any good matches on this show, all just several squash matches so that nothing were to take away from the summit. Wasn’t a fan of the stupid poll question involving Shawn Michaels. People would be wasting their money since Michaels is obviously going to be coming back. I can’t imagine anybody actually paying to vote. Glad to see Jeff Jarrett making his way to the WWF. He had a nice little video segment which would make you believe he is going to be a upper mid-card talent at least.

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