WWF RAW 11/29/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 11/29/1993
From: White Plains, NY

Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan hype up the Razor Ramon/Diesel match that will be taking place later on in the show. Ludvig Borga will also be in action along with the change of attitude, Owen Hart. Also, the WWF Superstar of the Year will be announced.

Opening Contest: Steiner Brothers defeated Mike Harvey/Reno Riggins:
Scott with a full nelson suplex on Harvey. Rick gets in on the fun with a clothesline on Harvey. Rick rams Reno into the corner with a reverse running power slam. Scott with a sick Steiner Screwdriver on Reno. Scott continues with a tilt a whirl side slam on Harvey and finishes him off with the Frankensteiner.


A video package consisting of just audio of what happened at WWF Survivor Series 1993 is shown.

Vince McMahon really hypes up just how scared Yokozuna is of the Undertaker.

Jeff Jarrett is back at Buddy Lee productions. Jarrett is rejected by some guy who sys “you better stay with wrestling.”

Second Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Diesel by disqualification:
Diesel works on the back of Ramon with several right hands and knees. Diesel with a side slam to continue to work on the lower back of Ramon. Ramon manages to fight out of a bear hug, but is met with a big boot by Diesel. Snake eyes by Diesel for a near fall. Diesel locks in the bear hug again. Ramon plants Diesel with a middle turnbuckle bulldog. Scoop slam by Ramon and he signals for the end. However, Shawn Michaels runs down to the ring and super kicks Ramon to cause the disqualification. *
After the match, 1-2-3 Kid storms the ring to protect Ramon from a pile driver on the championship.


Third Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated John Crystal: Bigelow finishes the squash following a leaping kick to the back of Crystal’s head.

Footage of Doink on Wrestling Challenge is shown. It appears that a new guy is performing as Doink. On the show, Doink gets a early Christmas present from Santa. Doink reveals a smaller clown and names him “Dink”. Doink and Dink is born!

Vince McMahon is in the ring and introduces the runner-up for the WWF Superstar of the Year award. That man is Lex Luger. Luger is congratulated by McMahon on coming in second place. Luger decides to suck it up and introduces the winner of the award, Bret Hart. Bobby Heenan is shocked that he didn’t win the award. Bret Hart gets a better reception then what Luger had gotten, which was that great considering their isn’t a lot of people in attendance. Bret Hart thanks the fans for never quitting on him. Hart promises that he will do everything in his power to win the WWF World Championship once again. Hart dedicates the award to the fans who never gave up on him.


Footage of Owen Hart getting eliminated from the Survivor Series is shown. Owen throws a temper tantrum as he was the only man on his team to be eliminated. Owen shoves Bret a couple of times thinking that Bret was the reason he was eliminated. Owen walked out on his brother not making up with him.

Fourth Contest: Owen Hart defeated Chris Duffy:
The crowd doesn’t like Owen, but Owen is still acting as a baby face. Owen puts his glasses on a fan. Owen with a spinning heel kick as a “We Want Bret” chant starts up. Owen dives over the top rope to the floor connecting with a cross body. Owen with a missile dropkick and locks in the sharpshooter for the win.

Bobby Heenan conducts a interview with Owen Hart. Heenan asks Owen about how he feels regarding the trophy win for Bret Hart. Owen doesn’t respond. Heenan asks about the Survivor Series, but Owen doesn’t answer.

Main Event: Ludvig Borga defeated Scott Taylor:
Borga with a clothesline and moments later locks in the Torture Rack for the quick win.

1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon are backstage. Vince McMahon asks if Kid will be accepting Shawn Michaels challenge for next week. Ramon puts Kid over by saying that he can beat anyone. Kid answers the question by saying “Mr. Michaels, I am going to five you everything I got.”

End of show

My Take:
Steiner Brothers continue to impress me in tag team action. A shame that the tag team division for the most part is depleted. Ramon/Diesel was alright for what is was worth. I like the idea of Ramon, Diesel, Kid and Michaels all being involved in angles together. Doink has been made into a complete joke of a character and that is just a damn shame. Poor Lex Luger coming in second place. Considering he has been a baby face in the WWF for about four months, it would have been ridiculous to think he was going to win the award. Owen Hart turning on his brother Bret Hart is in full motion it appears.


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