WWF RAW 12/13/1993

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 12/13/1993
From: Poughkeepsie, NY

RAW Opening Video

Vince McMahon is by himself as Bobby Heenan was fired last week by Gorilla Monsoon. Jim Cornette is McMahon’s new play by play partner. They go over who will be on tonight’s show.

Opening Contest: Randy Savage defeated Fatu:
Fatu with a few head butts to start the contest. Fatu connects with a super kick as well. Fatu sends Savage into the ring steps. Savage reverses Fatu head first into the ring steps, which has zero affect on Fatu. Fatu with another super kick. Savage battles back with a backdrop. Fatu backdrops Savage over the top to the floor. While Savage is on the floor, Afa attacks him. Fatu hits Savage over the head with some sort of weapon, Fatu continues his offense with a backbreaker. Fatu climbs to the top rope but Savage trips Fatu up. Fatu proceeds to fall to the floor. Savage with a double axe handle on the floor. Running clothesline by Savage in the ring. Flying elbow drop and it’s over after nearly six minutes of action. **


A quick promo by Todd Pettengill is shown for WWF Mania. He wants the fans to vote “Yes” for Randy Savage to be allowed to come back to Mania to commentate.

Lex Luger with a promo about not doing drugs.

Second Contest: The Smoking Gunns defeated Jim Massenger/Steve Smyth:
Gunns with the squash match when Billy connects with a top rope bulldog.
After the match, Lou Albano is seen at ringside.

Footage from last week where Shawn Michaels attacked the 1-2-3 Kid and Razor Ramon is shown.

Third Contest: Irwin R. Schyster defeated Todd Mata:
IRS cuts his usual tax cheat promo on the NY crowd. Mata with a sunset flip pin attempt, but Irwin is able to kick out. Seconds later, Irwin connects with a back suplex to pick up the win.

A vide of Yokozuna and Mr. Fuji in Santa outfits is shown. Yokozuna was just having a dream. WWF “Unbelievable” promo.

Fourth Contest: The Undertaker defeated JS Storm:
Taker sends Storm into the ring steps early on. Undertaker will be facing Yokozuna at the Royal Rumble in a Casket Match. Taker grabs Storm by the throat and connects with a choke slam. Taker also connects with the Tombstone to pick up the win.
After the match, Taker has a body bag and places Storm into the body bag. Jim Cornette seems nervous for Yokozuna.


Several clips of different Jeff Jarrett promos is shown. Jarrett continually puts himself over as the best country singer. Several mentions of “using the WWF”.

Video package for a match that will be taking place on RAW. Tatanka will be facing Ludvig Borga. Tatanka is looking for revenge against Borga after he was injured by Borga and Yokozuna.

Fifth Contest: Rick Martel defeated Tim McNeany:
Martel with a few slams, but McNeany connects with a sunset flop attempt but Martel escapes. Martel with a few knees to the gut to regain control. Martel avoids a dropkick and locks in the Boston Crab to pick up the win.

Footage of Vince McMahon interviewing Owen Hart on WWF Superstars. Owen seems to be upset about being in the shadow of his brother Bret Hart. He is sick of it. Owen challenges Bret to a match, one on one. He wants to prove to everyone that he can beat Bret Hart.

Main Event: Bret Hart defeated Brooklyn Brawler: Bret Hart works on the arm of Brawler for a few moments. Forearm drop off the middle rope and a side slam by Bret. Hart locks in the Sharpshooter and Brawler quickly gives up.


Next week, Men on a Mission will be in action. Owen Hart will be in action. Jeff Jarrett will debut. Tatanka takes on Ludvig Borga.

End of show

My Take:
Fatu/Savage was a pretty solid match. It was nice to see Fatu get a good amount of offense in as well. Jim Cornette is a good replacement for Bobby Heenan, though no one will be able to completely fill the void. Owen Hart is becoming a whining heel, and that seems to be a perfect fit. Found it funny that Lex Luger was telling kids not to do drugs when right around Summer Slam, Luger admitted to doing drugs earlier in his career.

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