WWF RAW 1/24/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
Date: 1/24/1994

RAW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Lex Luger defeated Austin Steele: Steele is dressed up identically to WCW wrestler Ric Flair, a former WWF wrestler. Running forearm and then a top rope superplex by Lex Luger to pick up the easy win.

Vince McMahon and Jim Ross hype up the rest of the show.

Todd Pettengill is standing by for the WWF Royal Rumble Report. Todd goes over what happened on the show. Bret Hart and Lex Luger are co-winners of the Rumble match. Yokozuna managed to retain the WWF World Championship with help from about eight wrestlers. Owen Hart finally turned on Bret Hart. Todd hypes up the encore presentation of the Royal Rumble.


Second Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated John Paul: Early on, Paul reverses a scoop slam into a inside cradle for a near fall. Paul with a sunset flip attempt for another near fall. Jarrett gains control connecting with a scoop slam and a slingshot suplex. Jarrett misses a elbow off the ropes. Paul with a another school boy for a near fall. Jarrett goes behind Paul and uses the tights for leverage to win the match.
After the match, Jarrett connects with a jumping DDT.

Video promoting the Johnny Polo/1-2-3 Kid match next week on RAW.

Third Contest: The Headshrinkers defeated Men on a Mission: This was originally suppose to be Bret Hart and Owen Hart taking on the Headshrinkers. However, since Owen turned on Bret at the Royal Rumble that was not going to happen. Jim Ross is really selling the emotional impact of Owen turning on Bret saying that Bret’s heart is broken. Mo connects with two shoulder blocks taking Fatu down. Fatu comes back with a super kick. Mable comes in and Fatu doesn’t know it. Fatu tries to slam Mabel but to no avail. Samu runs in allowing Fatu to deliver a few super kicks. Mabel comes back with a suplex. Mo comes in and clotheslines Fatu and gets a near fall. Samu with a knee to the back of Mom who was coming off the ropes. Fatu connects with a side slam. Double clothesline on Mo moments later. Samu rams Mo head first into the ring steps, Mo reverses Samu but has zero affect on Samu. Mo reverses a scoop slam by Samu into a roll up for a near fall. Samu with a standing dropkick. Samu goes up top, Mo jumps into the ropes and crotches Samu on the top turnbuckle. Mabel finally gets the legal tag. Mabel dominates both Headshrinkers. Mabel with a spinning heel kick on Samu. Mo comes in and Fatu connects with a big splash off the top to pick up the win. *3/4
After the match, Mabel clotheslines both Headshrinkers.

Fourth Contest: Adam Bomb defeated Tommy Angel: Adam Smasher and it’s all over. Quick squash win Adam Bomb.


Promo video for Spark Plugg who is some sort of NASCAR gimmick.

Fifth Contest: Doink the Clown defeated Joey Stallings: Doink with a overhead belly to belly suplex and goes to work on the arm of Stallings. Joey catches Doink with a big side slam. Joey misses a dropkick. Doink with a dropkick, side suplex, scoop slam and the Whoopee Cushion to pick up the win.

Main Event: Shawn Michaels defeated Tyson Knox: Michaels with a pile driver to win the squash match.

Vince McMahon and Jim Ross hype up next weeks show along with All American Wrestling. Kwang will debut on RAW next week, and a special interview with Lex Luger and Bret Hart. IRS will also be the guest announcer.


My Take: Headshrinkers/Men on a Mission was decent. Didn’t like that Jeff Jarrett had to cheat to beat a jobber. That just makes him weak in my eyes. Nothing really eventful happened on this edition of RAW. The next few weeks should be interesting to see what is planned for Wrestle Mania X.

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