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NEW Wrestlefest XI 4/22/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Northeast Wrestling presents Wrestlefest XI
Date: 4/22/2007
From: Bristol, CT

Gerry Strauss and Charlie Burton are the announcers for NEW and they hype up what will be seen on the show.

Opening Contest: Jason Blade defeated Brian Anthony:
Anthony stalls for a few moments as he doesn’t want to lock up with Jason Blade. Anthony wants the referee to check Blade again and the referee doesn’t find anything. Anthony backs Blade into a corner and attempts a chop but Blade ducks under. Anthony backs Blade again into a corner and misses another chop. Blade with a couple of arm drags and connects with a dropkick causing Anthony to bail to the floor. Anthony goes to leave but Blade tosses Anthony back into the ring. Anthony is back into a corner but is able to send Blade face first into the top turnbuckle and hammers away on Blade. Anthony sends Blade across the ring and Blade hit’s the corner hard back first. Anthony chokes Blade on the middle rope but Blade comes back with a sunset flip for a two count. Anthony with a quick spinning back elbow and gets only a one count. Anthony chokes Blade on the middle rope again and jumps down across Blade’s back. Blade avoids a splash in the corner and takes Anthony down with a modified exploder suplex. Blade with a somersault splash from the apron back into the ring for a near fall. Vertical suplex by Blade and gets another two count. Blade continues his offense with a scoop slam and heads to the top rope. Blade misses a big elbow drop and Anthony goes for the cover but isn’t able to get the three. Anthony has a abdominal stretch on Blade and uses the ropes for leverage. Blade hip tosses Anthony to get out of the hold and kicks Anthony in the midsection. Blade with two back suplex’s and hit’s a top rope moonsault to win the match!

Before the next match, Romeo Roselli says that he has found a brand new tag team partner and his new best friend. Talia leaves the ring to grab his new partner and it is revealed to be… Joey Mercury!

Second Contest: Romeo Roselli/Joey Mercury defeated The Now:
The Now are not happy with the fans turning on them in favor of Mercury and Roselli. Vik and Roselli start the contest after quite a long time of stalling. Vik with a shoulder block coming off the ropes and taunts Roselli. Vik with a side headlock takedown but Roselli gets up to his feet. Roselli with a arm drag, hip toss and a dropkick. Roselli knocks Hale off the apron as well and plays to the crowd. Vik with a wrist lock but Roselli flips out and tags in Mercury. Double hip toss takedown on Vik and Mercury gets a near fall. Mercury with a series of left hands in the corner and connects with a springboard cross body out of the corner for a two count. Vik with a punch to Mercury’s face and tags in Hale. Mercury with a double clothesline and stomps Hale in the lower midsection. Mercury tags out to Roselli who delivers a forearm shot leaping off the middle rope. Roselli wrenches on Hale’s arm with a arm lock. Roselli with a standing dropkick but only gets a two count. Mercury tags back in and they connect with a double dropkick on Hale. Hale kicks Mercury in the face and Mercury rolls to the floor. Vik comes off the apron with a forearm shot to Mercury’s face and continues to get a few shots in as the referee is distracted by Roselli trying to help his partner. Double vertical suplex drives Mercury down to the canvas. Vik with several jabs and rakes Mercury’s eyes. Vik works on Mercury in the mount position with several right hands and tags out to Hale. Mercury trips Hale and gets a few right hands in but is unable to tag in Roselli. Vik comes back in to control Mercury for a few moments. Mercury sends Vik face first into the corner and tags in Roselli. Roselli cleans house and connects with a top rope cross body on Vik for a near fall. Mercury grabs Vik and Roselli helps hit the Snapshot. Roselli covers Vik and gets the three. *
After the match, Mercury and Roselli celebrate their win.

Big Daddy makes his way down to the ring wearing hideous glasses. Daddy rips on the women in the crowd saying that half of them are men. Daddy tosses some soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste to the crowd so they can clean up. Daddy eventually introduces his “newest find” Michael Sane.

Third Contest: Michael Sane defeated Frankie Arion:
Arion is tossed around early on but gets a few moves in. Arion with a top rope cross body gets him a near fall a few minutes into the match. Arion attempts a sunset flip but Sane doesn’t go down and instead connects with a backbreaker. Sane connects with the choke slam and a sit out death valley driver to win the match. *

Fourth Contest: NEW Heavyweight Champion Xavier defeated Jay Lethal in a TLC match to retain the title:
They trade right hands to start the match with Xavier delivering a knee to Lethal’s midsection. Lethal with several clotheslines which included a rolling thunder lariat to gain the upper hand. Lethal scoop slams Xavier and heads to the top rope connecting with a double axe handle. Xavier with a jawbreaker to stop Lethal and Xavier rolls to the floor. Lethal stops Xavier before he can reach the ladder and rams Xavier face first into the apron. Xavier with a back elbow to Lethal’s back and tosses Lethal back into the ring. Xavier with several right hands and chops in the corner before placing Lethal in the tree of woe! Xavier spears Lethal in the corner and grabs the ladder that is set up on the aisle way. Lethal is able to baseball slide the ladder into Xavier. Lethal sends Xavier face first into the ladder on the floor! Lethal sets up the ladder and makes his way up quickly but is stopped by Xavier. Xavier brings Lethal back down to the mat with a back suplex! Xavier makes his way up the ladder but Lethal delivers a few shots to Xavier’s back. Lethal jabs Xavier in the midsection with a steel chair and places Xavier head first into the chair. Lethal sends Xavier head first into the ring post with the chair wrapped around his head! Lethal sets up the ladder but Xavier comes back in and whacks Lethal across the back. Xavier tosses the ladder to the floor and goes to hit Lethal with the chair but Lethal blocks the shot. Lethal grabs the ladder and hits Xavier over the head! Lethal gets the ladder again and drops the ladder onto Xavier who just got back to his feet. Lethal slides a table into the ring but is cut off getting back into the ring after a low blow from Xavier. Xavier with a few knee lifts to Lethal’s face in the corner. Xavier rolls Lethal to the floor and slams the table onto Lethal. Xavier sets up the table on the floor but Lethal gets up and is able to place Xavier on the table. Lethal comes off the ropes but Xavier gets back into the ring and clotheslines Lethal. Xavier rolls through a roll up and catapults Lethal face first into a chair wedged in the corner! Xavier sets up the ladder and makes his way up the ladder but Lethal stops Xavier. Lethal has Xavier placed in the tree of woe and Lethal leaps off the middle rope connecting with a missile dropkick! Lethal slides the table back into the ring and makes sure to chop Xavier in the corner to keep the upper hand. Lethal sets the table up in the corner and goes back to work on Xavier with right hands. Lethal attempts a suplex through the table but Xavier blocks it and goes for the same move but Lethal gets out of it. Lethal with a super kick sends Xavier onto the table. Lethal charges but is caught and Xavier connects with a northern lights suplex sending Lethal through the table! Xavier attempts a power bomb onto the ladder but Lethal reverses with a double leg slam onto the ladder! Lethal sets up the ladder and climbs up but Xavier climbs up the other side and begins to trade right hands with Lethal. They both end up falling back down to the canvas. Lethal scoop slams Xavier and signals for the elbow drop off the top of the ladder! Lethal heads to the top of the ladder but Xavier shakes the ladder and Lethal is dropped throat first across the top rope. Xavier gets another table and slides it into the ring. Xavier places the ladder on top of Lethal in the corner and drives his knee into the ladder crashing into Lethal. Xavier with several forearms and a kick places Lethal on the table. Xavier signals for the 450 splash off the top of the ladder. Lethal gets off the table and cuts Xavier off. Lethal hooks Xavier and connects with a superplex off the ladder through a table! Lethal starts to climb up the ladder but Xavier climbs up the other side. Lethal is close but Xavier is able to drop Lethal down to the canvas. Xavier also falls and crotches himself on the top rope! Xavier hits Lethal with a broken piece of table and Lethal gets his forearm caught in the top rope. Xavier is able to grab the title and wins the match. ***¼

Backstage, Xavier says that now he can himself the All Around Best. Xavier does put Lethal over as being tough.

Backstage, Jay Lethal says that he was defeated in a match out of his element. Lethal says that Xavier was the better man on this day.

Kurt Adonis comes out to cut a promo with Big Daddy by his side. Adonis says that he has defended the local high school for two years but proceeds to wipe his ass with the high school football jersey. Adonis has issued a open challenge to anyone in the back. Ron Zombie answers the challenge with a trash can in hand.

Fifth Contest: Kurt Adonis defeated Ron Zombie:
Adonis and Big Daddy stomp away on Zombie. Zombie with a double clothesline coming off the ropes. Zombie hits Big Daddy over the head with the trash can lid. Zombie slams Adonis down to the mat gut first and clotheslines Adonis over the top to the floor. Zombie works on Adonis with several right hands on the floor. Adonis gains control in the ring sending Zombie head first into the corner but that doesn’t last long. Zombie with a head butt and a side slam followed by a leg drop. Daddy grabs Zombie’s foot as he comes off the ropes. Adonis super kicks Zombie to the floor and Daddy gets a few shots in on Zombie. Adonis with a vertical suplex and taunts the fans before going for the pin and getting a near fall. Adonis with a sleeper hold on Zombie but isn’t able to keep Zombie down. Adonis yanks Zombie by the hair to keep his opponent down. Adonis heads to the top rope but is cut off by Zombie who crotches Adonis on the top rope. Zombie connects with a superplex and both men are hurting in the ring. Zombie with a running neck breaker and goes for the DDT but Daddy gets on the apron. Adonis has powder and tosses the powder into the referees eyes! Zombie whacks Adonis with the trash can and drives Adonis down with a sit down power bomb! Zombie goes for the cover but Michael Sane comes in and choke slams Zombie onto the trash can! Sane rolls Adonis on top of Zombie and Adonis gets the win.
After the match, Sane turns on Adonis and hit’s the modified death valley driver. Adonis quickly leaves to the backstage area. Daddy grabs a microphone and announces that Sane will face Zombie in a street fight in five days.

TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle is introduced and comes out to cut a promo. Angle grabs a microphone and puts himself over as the greatest wrestler in the world. Angle promises the fans that he will compete next time. Angle also says that the next time he comes to NEW he will be the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. NEW Heavyweight Champion Xavier’s music hits and the champion showoffs his title to Angle. Xavier reminds Angle where he is and that it isn’t NWA. Xavier tells Angle that he has never wrestled him so he can’t be considered the best. Xavier tells Angle he doesn’t think Angle is the best and dares Angle to do something about it. Angle head butts Xavier and locks in the ankle lock! Xavier gives up pretty quick and rolls out of the ring. Xavier is greeted with “you tapped out” chants. Angle plays to the crowd as Xavier hobbles to the backstage area.

Before the next match, Mikey Batts grabs a microphone. Batts says he left the area to get away from all the losers. Batts now lives in Tampa while everyone else punches a clock.

Sixth Contest: Josh Daniels defeated Mikey Batts:
Batts hip tosses Daniels to start the match but doesn’t follow up. Batts with a arm drag out of a wheelbarrow but again doesn’t follow up and taunts the fans. Daniels gets a side headlock on Batts and backs Batts into a corner as Batts attempted a hip toss. Daniels misses a chip in the corner and Batts delivers a few chops of his own. Daniels with a forearm shot and works on Batts in the corner with a few chops. Daniels with a back elbow but only gets a two count. Daniels works on Batts with some chops and goes for a spear but Batts side steps Daniels and Daniels falls hard to the floor. Batts works on Daniels with a chop before sending Daniels back into the ring. Batts with a standing leg drop and gets a two count. Batts with a release fisherman suplex and follows up with a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Daniels comes back with a reverse atomic drop and kicks Batts in the chest. Daniels with a running clothesline and delivers a running clothesline in the corner. Daniels with a snap suplex and goes for a German suplex but Batts reaches the ropes. Daniels misses a splash in the corner and Batts drives Daniels down with a tornado DDT! Batts goes for the cover but Daniels kicks out at two. Daniels shoves Batts away on a top rope hurricanrana attempt. Daniels misses a elbow drop off the middle rope. Batts with a nice sunset flip power bomb coming off the ropes but Daniels still manages to kick out. Daniels blocks a second tornado DDT attempt and places Batts on the top rope. Daniels connects with a superplex and goes for the cover but Batts kicks out. After a brief exchange of ducking clotheslines, Daniels connects with a German suplex and gets the three.

Main Event: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Christian Cage defeated Samoa Joe to retain the title:
Cage wants to shake hands with Joe but Joe spits at Cage’s hand. Cage drops to the floor and grabs his belt as if he is going to leave the building. Cage grabs a microphone and says that he has never been respected like that in his entire life. Joe backs Cage into the corner cleanly breaks away. Cage with a go behind but Joe gets a headlock on the champ. Joe hangs onto the headlock as Cage tries to battle his way out of it. Joe with a shoulder block after ducking a clothesline and Cage rolls to the floor again. Cage tosses a trash can into the ring but the referee quickly takes it out of the ring. Cage wants to shake hands again but Cage just gets in Joe’s face. Cage shoves Joe and is slapped by Joe. Joe with a backdrop and Joe delivers several kicks to the chest of Cage. Joe with a back elbow and Cage once again bails to the floor. Cage is chased around the ring but slides into the ring and stomps away on Joe. Cage chops Joe in the corner and delivers a few right hands. Joe sends Cage back first into the corner and rams Cage head first into all three turnbuckle pads several times. Joe with a atomic drop and a running yakuza kick. Joe follows up with a back splash and gets a two count. Cage goes to the apron and pokes Joe in the eyes. Cage is able to plant Joe with a DDT on the apron! Cage leaps off the middle rope connecting with a uppercut in midair. Joe with a leg sweep but misses a senton splash. Cage with a big splash coming off the ropes and gets a two count. Cage chokes Joe on the middle rope and steps on Joe’s back to add some pressure. Joe comes back with a clothesline as Cage taunted the fans. Joe misses a clothesline and Cage has the sleeper hold on Joe. Joe drops down to his knees but Joe is able to drop Cage down hard to the canvas! Joe with a discus forearm and botches a flying leg lariat for a near fall. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Cage fights out of it. Cage comes off the ropes but is met with a snap scoop slam and Joe nearly wins the match. Joe goes for the sleeper hold but Cage low blows Joe as he had the referee distracted. Cage has the championship but Joe hits Cage and Cage accidentally hit’s the referee. Joe slams Cage down to the canvas and gets a near fall as the referee took awhile to make the cover. Cage drops Joe throat first across the top rope as Joe went for a sleeper. Cage slides back in and hit’s the Un-Prettier! Cage covers but Joe kicks out. Cage chases the referee on the floor and goes for another Un-Prettier but Joe shoves Cage into the corner and locks in the sleeper but Cage rolls over on his back and covers Joe while having his feet on the ropes to retain the title. **¼
After the match, Cage taunts Joe some more and because of that Joe hit’s the Muscle Buster. After Joe leaves the ring Cage grabs the referee and jokingly goes for the figure four.

End of show

My Take:
Blade/Anthony was a horrible contest but it was rather bland. Blade looked pretty good in my opinion and is clearly the better of the two. A fine way to kick start the show as the fans were into the match. By the way, it is a good crowd for this show. I would say around 400-550 people are in attendance.

I found the tag team match to be rather boring. It didn’t really offer all that much action and it just didn’t catch my interest at any time.

Sane doesn’t look all that bad in the ring. Sane kind of looks like a young Kane and I mean that literally. He kind of looks like Kane. Anyway, it was a good way to introduce a new wrestler for NEW.

Xavier/Lethal put on a good show in their TLC match. Their weren’t any insane spots in this match, which is a pleasant surprise actually. I’m sure Lethal was restricted as to what he could do considering he works for TNA. Lethal was not sporting his Randy Savage type of attire, by the way.

Kurt Adonis is a really good heel. The match with Zombie wasn’t all that great but the mannerisms by Adonis were sure entertaining. For this show being Sane’s debut he has obviously been inserted as a big heel in NEW.

Mikey Batts is really out of shape at this point. I remember back in 2004-2005 he was very skinny and could fly around the ring with Jerrelle Clark. He has put on some pounds and isn’t nearly the high flyer he once was. The match was destined to fail after the Kurt Angle segment. Besides, when you have someone like Josh Daniels who almost has zero personality the fans aren’t going to be interested in it.

The main event was very lackluster. A lot of stalling to start off and the action just didn’t seem all that great to me. The finish was fine but the overall match just wasn’t all that great. A disappointing “featured match” in my opinion.

Overall, the best match was Xavier/Lethal without question. The main attraction between Cage/Joe was a major letdown. This is a one match show, and it is from perhaps the match you wouldn’t think to be the best match.

Thanks for reading.

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