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WWF RAW 4/15/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: San Bernadino, CA

A video hyping up Bret Hart’s reaction to losing the WWF World Championship is shown. A clip of Hart saying he feels betrayed is aired.

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler are on commentary and they promote what will be on the program.

Opening Contest: Marc Mero defeated Leif Cassidy: Cassidy with a wristlock but Mero reverses with one of his own. Mero with a few arm drags and dropkicks Cassidy to the floor. Eye poke by Cassidy but Mero sends Cassidy into the corner which causes Cassidy to flip over onto the apron where Mero punches Cassidy to the floor. Mero rams Cassidy into Marty Jannetty on the floor. Mero chases after Cassidy on the floor until Mero is clotheslined by Jannetty, who was hiding. Cassidy is able to vertical suplex Mero back into the ring from the apron. Clothesline by Cassidy in the corner and backdrops Mero for a two count. Cassidy with another clothesline and dropkicks a seated Mero for a near fall as RAW goes to commercial. Cassidy takes Mero out with a somersault dive over the top in the floor! Jannetty attacks Mero on the floor as the referee is distracted. Mero tries to get back into the ring but Cassidy baseball slides Mero back to the floor. Full nelson is locked in by Cassidy but Mero gets out of it with a impressive head scissors take down. Mero nails Cassidy with a somersault dive over the top on the floor. Backdrop by Mero and he quickly comes off the top with a sunset flip for the win. **

Diesel calls in from Germany to talk about what he has done lately. Diesel puts Shawn Michaels over as a good fighter. Diesel claims to just be going to talk to Michaels but he was attacked last week. Diesel believes that Michaels need to be taught a lesson. McMahon mentions that Diesel will wrestle Shawn Michaels on April 28th in a no holds barred match.

Before the next match, we see footage from WWF Superstars where Savio Vega dressed up in disguise to pin Steve Austin. Vega went by the name “Caribbean Kid.”

Second Contest: Steve Austin defeated Bart Gunn: Side headlock by Gunn and shoulder blocks Austin. Gunn keeps control on Austin with another side headlock. Top wristlock by Austin but Gunn gets out and crossbodys Austin for a two count. Gunn goes back to the side headlock. Austin is able to toss a charging Gunn over the top to the floor. Austin comes off the apron with a double axe handle and stomps away on Gunn on the floor. Back to the ring, Austin delivers a few shoulder rams in the corner and clotheslines Gunn for a near fall. Knee strikes by Austin to Gunn’s back for a two count. Austin with several more knee strikes and a forearm drop. Austin dumps Gunn to the floor and drops Gunn throat first across the guard railing. Back from a commercial, Austin nails Gunn with a jawbreaker and sends Gunn shoulder first into the ring post. Austin locks in the Million Dollar Dream and wins the match. *

WWF In Your House main event hype video is aired.

Vince McMahon is in the ring to interview Vader and Jim Cornette. Cornette mentions Gorilla Monsoon and how Monsoon ended up in the hospital thanks to Vader. Cornette turns his attention to Yokozuna and notes that Yokozuna had a reign of dominance because of Cornette. McMahon announces that Vader will wrestle Razor Ramon on April 28th live on pay per view. Cornette know that Ramon will be Vader’s next victim. Cornette assures Ramon that he will never forget April 28th. Cornette can’t control Vader. “What time is it? Vader time!”

Video package highlighting Sunny and her looks is aired.

Before the next match, we see clips of Goldust’s interaction with the Ultimate Warrior from last week.

Main Event: Savio Vega and WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust fought to a draw, title is now vacant: Goldust licks the championship for the contest begins. Go behind by Goldust and he rubs Vega’s chest. Goldust goes to a corner to avoid the hot tempered Vega. Vega with a wristlock but Goldust counters with a hammerlock. Goldust backs Vega to a corner and rubs his ass on Vega’s groin. Goldust runs up the aisle way to once again get away from Vega. Vega with several right hands and a side slam. Vega mounts Goldust with right hands and gets a two count. Vega spanks Goldust in the corner and delivers a few chops as RAW goes to commercial. Right hands and stomps by Vega in the corner to keep control of the match. Goldust is able to drop Vega throat first across the top rope to gain the advantage. Vega comes of the ropes and is met with a butt splash from Goldust. Goldust stands over Vega rubbing himself. Rear chin lock by Goldust to keep control of Vega. Goldust gets a microphone and tells the fans that they need to shut up or he will go into the crowd and kiss all of them! Vega with a cross body coming off the ropes for a two count. Backdrop by Vega and he goes for another but Goldust blocks it with a kick for a two count. Goldust slaps Vega and taunts Vega until Vega rolls Goldust up for a near fall. Goldust with a quick clothesline and heads to the top but Vega crotches the champion on the top rope. Vega nails Goldust with a super kick as Goldust remains crotched on the top. Vega goes for a superplex but Goldust blocks, kisses Vega and Vega falls to the mat. Goldust leaps off but is met with a boot to the face. Vega atomic drops Goldust, delivers a few clotheslines and gets a near fall as RAW goes to another commercial. Vega with a two count on a rollup. Vega comes off the ropes and accidentally runs into the referee. Goldust gets the WWF Intercontinental Championship from Marlena but Vega super kicks Goldust! Vega checks on the referee and ducks a shot to the head from Goldust, who again had the belt. Vega super kicks Goldust and nails Goldust with the championship! Vega covers and the referee makes the count. Vega wins the match and championship! **
After the match, another referee comes down and raises Goldust’s arm. Gorilla Monsoon, who is back to being the WWF President, comes down and declares that Goldust has been stripped for the WWF Intercontinental Championship! The championship is now vacant and next week Savio Vega will wrestle Goldust in a rematch for the WWF Intercontinental Championship!

Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler promote what will be seen on next weeks show.

It’s time for the never before seen words from Bret Hart following his loss to Shawn Michaels at Wrestle Mania XII. Hart quickly left the arena following the loss. Hart says the match was not benefical to him but he knew that going into it. Hart states the match was sixty minutes long and not a sixty two minute match. Harts says no one can convince him that Michaesl was not going to give up to the Sharpshooter Hart claims that Michaels never beat him in the sixty minute match. Hart made a mistake going back to the ring. Hart can’t see himself working anywhere else because that would be a step down. Hart says he doesn’t want money, he wants respect, so he doesn’t see himself going to another promotion. Hart would like a title shot, quickly.

End of show

My Take: The opener with Mero/Cassidy was a solid outing. It really seems like WWF is trying to incorporate some kind of cruiserweight action into their program. However, the talent is just nowhere near what WCW had at this time. At least they are trying to put on faster paced matches. Mero did have Sable by his side for the contest as well. Looks like Sable is his manager.

Austin/Gunn was really boring. Bart Gunn must not be a good singles wrestler because he didn’t impress me at all.

Razor Ramon being the guy to wrestle Vader is just completely random. Ramon hasn’t been seen since February and is inserted into a match with Vader for what reason? I know that Ramon would leave for WCW the next month, so this helps Vader, but it didn’t make much sense. Maybe that doesn’t matter when you are devaluing talent that is leaving your promotion.

The main event was a fine encounter between Vega and Goldust. Goldust is quickly becoming one of the best heels in the WWF. The character does such a great job of freaking people out because lets face it, there is a lot of homophobia out there. I didn’t like the finish as this would mean every time a heel were to try and cheat, they would get screwed over for doing so. Doing it on one occasion means that it should happen every single time. Aside from the finish, it was a okay match.

The Bret Hart interview makes it seem like Hart is teasing a heel turn. I can live with that. As long as Michaels holds onto the championship and Hart comes back as a heel I think this could get interesting. However, fans aren’t really behind Michaels as a baby face it seems like so that may be a problem. Obviously, Hart made some valid points about the match as well.

Overall, the opener and main event were fairly decent contests. So, it wasn’t a bad show.

Thanks for reading.


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