WWF RAW 4/8/1996

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: San Bernadino, CA

RAW opens up with Vince McMahon and Mr. Perfect on commentary hyping up the show.

Opening Contest: Vader defeated Yokozuna by referee stoppage: They trade shoves ands slaps to start the match until Yoko connects with a big Samoan drop! Vader comes back with a clothesline and punches Yoko in the corner. Jim Cornette gets a cheap shot in on Yoko behind the referees back. Yoko ducks a right hand and takes Vader over with a twisting suplex. Yoko connects with a leg drop and works on Vader in the corner with right hands. Yoko misses a splash in the corner and this allows Vader to splash down onto Yoko’s ankle. The referee quickly calls for the bell.
After the match, Vader splashes onto Yoko’s leg a few more times and Yoko is screaming in agony. EMT’s come down with a stretcher for Yoko. During a commercial, Yoko was put onto a forklift to help him to the backstage area.

Vince McMahon introduces the Ultimate Warrior for a in-ring interview. Warrior comes down to a fairly good reception from the fans. McMahon asks Warrior where he has been for the past three years. Warrior says he has been to places that people wouldn’t find on a map. Warrior says the voices and the spirit of the Warrior would not die. Warrior believes the fans spoke to him. Warrior wants to live one more time. McMahon asks about the New Generation. Warrior will rise and meet the new challengers. WWF Intercontinental Champion Goldust makes his way down to the ring and it is mentioned that he will wrestle Warrior on April 28th. Warrior growls at Goldust. Goldust wants to play games with Warrior at his house. Goldust also wants to get on Warrior’s back and fly away. Warrior calls Goldust a freak and says he doesn’t give a shit what Goldust is into. Warrior clotheslines Goldust and the champ rolls to the floor as Warrior poses for the fans.

Outside, Vader has attacked Yokozuna with a chair smashing it across Yoko’s leg!

Second Contest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Duke Droese: Droese backdrops HHH and follows up with a clothesline sending HHH to the floor. HHH is sent into the ring steps face first. Droese press slams HHH back in the ring. HHH dumps Droese back to the floor and sends Droese into the ring steps. Double axe handle off the top by HHH for a near fall. HHH stomps away on Droese as RAW goes to commercial. Droese gets out of the pedigree and catapults HHH into the corner. Droese with a couple atomic drops and a spine buster. Big power slam by Droese and he signals for the end. HHH reverses the finisher and plants Droese with the pedigree to win the match.
Footage of Mankind viciously attacking the Undertaker last week is shown.

Third Contest: Ahmed Johnson defeated British Bulldog in a arm wrestling contest: Owen Hart complains several times about Johnson cheating and is ejected by the referee as a result. They lock up and Johnson is able to win.
After the contest, Bulldog attacks Johnson with a chair. Johnson is sent into the table that is set up in the corner but the table doesn’t break. Bulldog sends Johnson into the table again but it still doesn’t break. Bulldog slams the table onto Johnson! Bulldog stomps the table on Johnson. Bulldog slams the table onto Johnson one last time to end the segment.

Next week, Savio Vega vs. Goldust for the WWF Intercontinental Championship!

Diesel comes down to the announcers table to do commentary for the main event. Diesel is oddly enough wearing a HBK t-shirt.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Shawn Michaels defeated Jerry Lawler in a non-title match: Michaels drops Lawler with a right hand and Lawler complains to the referee about a closed fist. Jabs by Michaels and drops Lawler again with a right hand. Lawler crawls to a corner and holds the referee for protection. Backdrop by Michaels and Lawler cowards away. Lawler gets something from his trunks and hits Michaels with the object. Lawler chokes Michaels to keep control as RAW goes to commercial. Lawler nails Michaels with a few more shots as Michaels is on the apron. Lawler spikes Michaels with a pile driver but only gets a two count. Lawler is punched in midair as he attempts a double axe handle. Michaels with right hands in the corner and a running forearm smash. Scoop slam by Michaels and hit’s a top rope elbow drop. Michaels turns his attention to Diesel. Lawler tries to attack Michaels but runs into the sweet chin music. Michaels covers and wins the match. *
After the match, Diesel leaves the commentary table and enters the ring. Michaels and Diesel trade right hands! Mr. Perfect distracts Michaels and allows Diesel to big boot Michaels. Diesel nails Michaels with the WWF World Championship after Mr. Perfect tossed him the championship. Diesel drops the title over Michaels and taunts the fans before heading backstage.

End of show

My Take: Vader/Yoko wasn’t a bad match but I loved the beat down and the attack backstage by Vader. These two should have had a singles match at Mania, but I fully expect this singles feud to continue for quite sometime.

Warrior actually made some sense during his promo. A feud with Goldust could be interesting, but I don’t think Goldust should be jobbing to anyone just yet. I have to think Goldust will lose but by DQ or count-out. I wouldn’t think Warrior would be brought back to be the IC Champion.

HHH/Droese was decent. Nothing much else to say about that one.

I very much enjoyed Bulldog beating down Ahmed Johnson. It was really violent and in 1996 that wasn’t seen much. I greatly enjoyed the segment.

Main event was rather boring but the aftermath was done nicely. That seems to be a common trend for this show. Diesel getting the upper hand over the champion is a pleasant sight. Interesting to see if Mr. Perfect will be getting involved with Michaels down the line now. That would be awesome!

Judging by what is going on, this would be my card for the next IYH pay per view on April 28th.
Michaels vs. Diesel WWF World Championship
Goldust vs. Warrior WWF IC Championship
Bodydonnas vs. Godwinns WWF Tag Championship
Bulldog vs. Johnson
Vader vs. Yoko
Mankind vs. Taker
Mero vs. HHH

For a IYH pay per view that is a stacked show, I doubt all of that will happen. But, there are some nice feuds going on here.

Overall, a entertaining show. The stuff after the matches was better than what actually happened but the feuds are heating up and WWF seems to be getting a little edge to it. I like that.

Thanks for reading.

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