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WWF RAW 7/25/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Bushkill, PA

RAW opens up with a video from WWF Superstars where Tatanka can not believe Luger sold out. A pre-tape promo from Luger has him saying “Tatanka, I did not sell out.”

RAW opening video

Jim Ross and Randy Savage welcome everyone to the show. Ross hypes up the show which will see Tatanka vs. Nikolai Volkoff and Yokozuna vs. Adam Bomb! Ross and Savage wonder if Luger has sold out to Ted DiBiase.

Opening Contest: Tatanka defeated Nikolai Volkoff to win $10,000:
Tatanka with a wrist lock to control Volkoff to start the match. Tatanka with a few overhand strikes to Volkoff’s arm as well. Head butt by Volkoff but Tatanka drops Volkoff with a shoulder block. Volkoff works on Tatanka in the corner with punches. Volkoff continues to punish Tatanka by choking Tatanka across the top rope. Volkoff kicks Tatanka a few times as DiBiase coaches on the floor. Tatanka chops his way out of the corner but is met with a back elbow as he comes off the ropes. Tatanka comes off the ropes with a running clothesline and dropkicks Volkoff to the floor. DiBiase yells at Volkoff to get the job done. Volkoff pulls Tatanka to the floor and rams Tatanka head first into the ring steps a few times. Volkoff continues his simple offense by stomping Tatanka back in the ring. Tatanka starts to go on a War Path after being rammed head first into the top turnbuckle. Tatanka with several chops and drops Volkoff with a overhand chop. Tatanka heads to the top rope and nails Volkoff with a overhand chop for only a two count. Tatanka runs into a big boot and Volkoff scoop slams Tatanka. Tatanka counters a scoop slam with a inside cradle and picks up the win. DUD
After the match, Randy Savage enters the ring and says that DiBiase owes Tatanka money. DiBiase says he is a man of his word. DiBiase admits that he was pretty impressed by Tatanka. DiBiase says that Tatanka may have earned the money. DiBiase taunts Tatanka by saying that Tatanka could never do what he did tonight to his Lex Luger. Tatanka responds by saying he can beat Lex Luger on his worst day. Lex Luger makes his way down to the ring. DiBiase wants Tatanka to challenge Lex Luger right now! Luger asks Tatanka if he truly think he can beat him. Tatanka knows that he can beat Luger anytime, any place. Luger accepts the challenge and says he will be there whenever Tatanka wants to fight.

Jim Ross and Randy Savage ponder if Lex Luger has really sold out to Ted DiBiase.

Second Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions the Headshrinkers defeated Joey Stallings/Barry Hardy:
Fatu pins Stallings following a top rope big splash to win the squash match.

Third Contest: Jim Neidhart defeated Jim Powers:
Neidhart makes Powers submit with a chin lock in a squash match.

A video promoting next weeks show is shown. Razor Ramon will battle Shawn Michaels!

Jim Ross is standing in the ring and introduces WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze. Ross mentions that Blayze issued a challenge to any female challenger. Ross says that Luna Vachon was the first to accept the challenge. Blayze has finished Vachon off and is done with her now. Ross says that next week Bull Nakano will be challenging Blayze next week. Blayze puts Nakano over a tough competitor. Luna Vachon runs down to the ring and says she is responsible for bringing Nakano to America. Vachon says that and simply leaves. Blayze says she will always have the title.

Fourth Contest: Yokozuna defeated Adam Bomb by count-out:
Yoko slaps Bomb and delivering several right hands which back Bomb against the ropes. Yoko with a back elbow as Bomb comes off the ropes. Bomb ducks a clothesline and hammers away on Yoko with right hands. Bomb clotheslines Yoko but Yoko just staggers. Bomb comes off the rope and shoulder blocks Yoko to the floor as RAW goes to commercial. Bomb wants a test of strength but Yoko doesn’t go for it. Yoko with a chop and drops Bomb with a head butt. Yoko works on Bomb in the corner with a few chops and a clothesline. Yoko has a nerve hold on Bomb to keep control of the contest. Bomb elbows his way out of the hold and comes off the ropes but is met with a clothesline from Yoko. Yoko misses a running back splash in the corner and Bomb tries to follow up with clotheslines. Bomb counters a backdrop attempt with a DDT. Bomb heads to the top rope and nails Yoko with a flying clothesline! Bomb elbow drops Yoko as Harvey Wippleman and Kwang come down to ringside. Kwang trips Bomb and this causes Bomb to leave the ring and attack Bomb. Bomb scoop slams Kwang on the floor and is counted out. *
After the match, Bomb grabs his former manager and tosses him onto Kwang. Bomb returns to the ring and doesn’t know what happened.

Summer Slam 1994 Report with Todd Pettengill is up next. Summer Slam is only five weeks away and will be taking place on a Monday. Razor Ramon will challenge WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel!

Main Event: Duke Droese defeated Duane Gill:
Droese wins the match following a tilt a whirl power slam. During the match, Jerry Lawler called in and ripped on Droese throughout.

Jim Ross and Randy Savage promote next weeks show which will be headlined by Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels!

End of show

My Take:
Tatanka/Volkoff was just a horrible match. Volkoff needs to stop wrestling as he really can’t keep up with the young guys in the WWF. I don’t think people are getting behind Tatanka in this apparent feud with Luger. Mainly because of his attitude about it, which is all about him and not the fans.

Was the Alundra Blayze interview necessary? Who honestly cares what she is up to? She is hardly ever mentioned on RAW, anyway.

Looks like Adam Bomb is another character getting a push, or at least a attempted push. I don’t think he looked all that well against Yokozuna. Speaking of Yoko, he sure has had a steady decline on the cards. To think five months ago he was the WWF World Champion…

Overall, a pretty basic, and boring show. Wrestling was pretty bad. Next week should be good with Ramon vs. Michaels scheduled.

Thanks for reading.


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