WWF RAW 8/1/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents
: 8/1/1994
From: Youngstown, OH

RAW opens up with a video highlighting Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels ladder match at Wrestle Mania X. Also, footage from last week where they had a brawl after the Luger/Diesel match is shown. Razor Ramon cuts a promo and says that he will not have to worry bout Michaels at Summer Slam. Shawn Michaels also cuts a promo and says that Ramon will not make it Summer Slam.

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to this weeks LIVE RAW! McMahon hypes up Ramon vs. Michaels. Savage predicts that Ramon will win just McMahon defeated the government.

Opening Contest: Shawn Michaels defeated Razor Ramon: Michaels shoves Ramon and they lock up with Michaels controlling Ramon with a side headlock briefly. Michaels trips Ramon and walks on his back. Ramon greets Michaels with a right hand and tosses Michaels into a corner and Michaels flips over to the floor. Ramon punches Michaels off the apron a few times. Michaels pokes Ramon in the eyes and heads to the top rope. Michaels leaps off but us met with right hand to the midsection. Michaels comes off the ropes and connects with a swinging neck breaker. Ramon catches Michaels leaping off the middle rope and connects with a fall away slam for a two count. Ramon controls Michaels on the canvas with a arm lock. Michaels delivers several forearm shots in the corner and chokes Ramon briefly as well. Snap mare by Michaels and stomps down onto Ramon’s chest. Michaels dropkicks Ramon as he comes off the ropes and gets a two count. Several jabs by Michaels and drops Ramon with a right hand. Michaels chokes Ramon across the middle rope and distracts the referee so Diesel can choke Ramon as well. Michaels has a sleeper hold on Ramon but Ramon battles out with elbows. Ramon takes Michaels over with a backslide and gets a near fall. Michaels with a quick clothesline and gets a near fall of his own. Ramon with a few elbows to Michaels gut and blocks a dropkick. Ramon catapults Michaels over the top to the floor onto Diesel as RAW goes to commercial. Michaels heads to the top rope but is caught by Ramon and slammed off the top rope. Ramon with a abdominal stretch but Michaels pokes Ramon in the eyes to break free. Michaels with a few elbow smashes but Ramon is able to drive Michaels face first down to the mat after blocking a backdrop attempt. Ramon connects with a backdrop of his own. Ramon has a bear hug locked in and keeps the hold on Michaels for several moments. Michaels elbows out of the hold and goes for a scoop slam but Michaels back hurts too much. Ramon goes right back to the bear hug. Michaels gets out and goes for a sunset flip but is punched by Ramon. Ramon with a cover but Michaels uses his legs to got a cover of his own but only gets a two count. Ramon nails Michaels with a quick clothesline for a near fall. Shoulder block by Ramon but Michaels sends a charging Ramon over the top to the floor. Diesel clotheslines Ramon on the floor as the referee is distracted as RAW goes to commercial. Ramon is rolled back into the ring by Diesel. Michaels with a forearm drop on the apron and Ramon is hurting. Michaels with left jabs in the corner and Ramon is wobbly. Michaels connects with a leaping elbow and gets a two count. Ramon blocks a right hand and mounts a comeback. Michaels stops the comeback by leaping onto Ramon’s back with a sleeper hold locked in! Ramon is fading but prevents his arms from dropping a third time! Ramon gets out of the hold with a back suplex and both men are down! Ramon slowly makes a cover but only gets a two count. Ramon kicks Michaels as Michaels attempted a backdrop. Ramon comes off the ropes and collides heads with Michaels, knocking both men out. Ramon delivers a few right hands to knock Michaels down. Michaels flips upside down in a corner and comes out only to be met with a clothesline from Ramon. Ramon crotches Michaels on the top rope but is elbowed by Michaels. Michaels leaps off the top and connects with a cross body but Ramon rolls through for a near fall. Michaels gets up and super kicks Ramon for a near win! Michaels signals for the Razors Edge! Ramon blocks the move and backdrops Michaels! Ramon goes for the Razors Edge. Diesel gets on the apron and Ramon punches Diesel and Michaels a few times. Michaels tries to hit Ramon with the IC Title but misses and is back dropped by Ramon. Ramon is sent into the ropes and Diesel big boots Ramon! Michaels rolls Ramon up and picks up the win. ***½
After the match, Michaels and Diesel beat down Ramon for several moments. Diesel drops an elbow coming off the ropes. Diesel runs the referees away as Michaels just shoves Ramon away instead of adding more punishment.

Summer Slam 1994 Report with Todd Pettengill is up next. Added to the show, Lex Luger will wrestle Tatanka. Pettengill goes over the double main event which was talked about last show.

Second Contest: WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze fought Bull Nakano to a double count-out in a non-title match:
Nakano works on Blayze with a slap and sends her throat first into the top rope. Blayze with a few kicks but is punched in the gut by Nakano. Nakano tosses Blayze down to the mat by the hair a few times. Blayze with a hurricanrana and gets a near fall. Blayze knocks Nakano down with a sidekick but misses a second attempt. Nakano chops Blayze against the ropes and whips Blayze down by the hair a few times. Nakano goes for a rather cocky cover but only gets a two count. Nakano with a sleeper hold and chokes Blayze on the top rope for a few moments. Nakano plants Blayze with a nice pile driver but only gets a two count on the cover as she pulls Blayze up. Nakano power bombs Blayze but again only gets a two count. Blayze gets a near fall with a sunset flip and heads to the middle rope where she misses a missile dropkick. Nakano scoop slams Blayze and leaps off the top missing a leg drop. Blayze takes Nakano over with a German suplex but Nakano kick out! Blayze rolls Nakano up as Nakano went for a German suplex and gets a two count. Nakano slams Blayze off the middle rope. Blayze dropkicks Nakano off the middle rope and Nakano falls to the floor. Blayze leaps off the top and takes Nakano out with a cross body! Nakano sends Blayze into the ring post. Blayze backdrops Nakano on the floor as both women have been counted out. **
After the match. Luna Vachon enters the ring and attacks Blayze but is slapped. Blayze sends Vachon into Nakano and both women fall to the floor. Blayze stands tall in the ring.

A video promoting next weeks show which will see Bam-Bam Bigelow/IRS vs. Tatanka/Doink the Clown.

Jerry Lawler is in the crowd and goes over to a couple in the crowd after ripping on Randy Savage’s dating choices. The guy has a question for his girlfriend. The man proceeds to propose to his girlfriend. She is clearly embarrassed and is dragged to the ring with Lawler for Kings Court. Lawler says that she doesn’t have to get married. Lawler starts ripping on the guy. She ends up saying.. Yes. Lawler says he wants one of the puppies if they have kids. Lawler ends up kissing the lady and the boyfriend is pissed! Lawler introduces Bob Backlund as the WWF World Champion because Backlund never technically lost the belt. Backlund says that he tried to improve everyone’s lives. Backlund claims that the people have changed drastically within the last ten years and calls the fans weak. Backlund never gave up and never submitted and proclaims he is still the champion. Backlund says Bret is apart of a society he wants nothing apart of. We see footage from WWF Superstars where Backlund attacked Bret Hart following a WWF World Championship match. Backlund put Hart in the chicken wing submission.

Main Event: the Smoking Gunns defeated George Anderson/Tom Bennent:
the Gunns win the match by pin fall on Bennent.

End of show

My Take: Michaels/Ramon was a pretty good match and I enjoyed what they put on. They did the same moves quite a bit but the action was very good and the fans were into it. I like seeing RAW having a big match on the program every few weeks. I’m also starting to like the build up for Ramon/Diesel. Its always good to see the champion (Diesel) have the advantage over his opponent (Ramon) heading into a big pay per view match. The baby face seemingly always has the advantage heading into big title matches.

For a women’s match Blayze/Nakano was actually quite enjoyable. They worked pretty well with each other and the fans in attendance were actually interested and vocal for the match.

Why on earth is Bob Backlund getting a heel push now? First Nikolai Volkoff and now Bob Backlund. This is the NEW GENERATION. What the hell is going on here.

Overall, a good show this week. Ramon/Michaels was a very good contest and a decent little match with Blayze/Nakano.

Thanks for reading.

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