WWF RAW 1/15/2001

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Milwaukee, WI

A video praising Martin Luther King Jr. opens the show.

RAW opening video

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to the show. JR mentions that the Royal Rumble is only six days away. Ross mentions that tonight we will see the Undertaker and Rock team up to wrestle Kane and Rikishi. Steve Austin will also be in the building!

Footage from last nights Heat is shown where Ivory challenged Chyna to a match at the Royal Rumble. Ivory believes that Chyna is afraid of her.

Opening Contest: Hardy Boys/Lita defeated Val Venis/Steven Richards/WWF Women’s Champion Ivory:
Jeff and Venis start the match with Jeff hammering away on Venis until Venis knee lifts Jeff and knocks Jeff down with a back elbow. Venis works on Jeff in the corner with more right hands. Jeff drop toe holds Venis and follows up with a back suplex. Matt gets tagged in and Jeff connects with poetry in motion. Matt clotheslines Venis and the Hardy’s connect with a double spinning back suplex on Richards. Matt runs into a spine buster from Venis. Venis with a flurry of right hands on Matt and delivers a clothesline. Richards tags in and punches Matt several times in the corner. Richards drives Matt down with a side slam for a two count. Double back elbow with Venis to knock Matt down and Venis gets a near fall. Matt with a back elbow and running clothesline to knock Venis down to the mat. Venis prevents Matt from tagging out with a few elbow smashes. Venis clubs away on Matt in the corner and chokes Matt briefly. Richards tags in and Matt is taken over with a double vertical suplex which gets Richards a near fall. Matt fights back with right hands as he sits on the top rope. Matt leaps off the middle rope and leg drops Richards! Jeff and Venis get tagged in with Jeff getting the upper hand with a dropkick. Jeff clotheslines Venis and leg drops Richards on the groin. Jeff knocks Richards to the floor and manages to backdrop Venis. Ivory sneak tags in and is rammed into Venis. Lita tags in and leaps off the top taking Venis over with a hurricanrana! Lita spears Ivory and delivers a clothesline! Ivory rolls to the floor as Chyna comes down to ringside and tosses Ivory into the ring! Ivory is shocked and turns around right into the Twist of Fate! Lita covers and picks up the win! **
After the match, Chyna grabs a microphone and mentions Ivory’s challenge on Heat. Chyna tells Ivory that she accepts Ivory challenge for the Royal Rumble. Chyna tells Ivory that she has about five days of physical well being.

Outside, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H have arrived to the building.

Triple H’s music hits and out comes HHH and Stephanie. HHH is the number one contender and will meet WWF World Champion Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble in six days. HHH says he here the same thing everywhere he goes. Everyone tells him that they want him to kick Steve Austin’s ass. HHH would love to bring Austin down to the ring and finish him once and for all. HHH tells the fans to cheer for him but knows that Austin will not come down to the ring. HHH has made a promise and says that unless he is physically provoked by Steve Austin he will leave Austin alone for the time being. Stephanie chimes in and says that order will be maintained. HHH tells the fans to shut their mouths. Stephanie introduces her father Vince who is 2,000 miles away as being the man who will maintain order. McMahon talks about the XFL and how the league opens up on February 3rd. McMahon mentions that if HHH and Steve Austin get in a physical confrontation, HHH will not wrestle Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble. McMahon also mentions that if Austin does the same, Austin will not be allowed to compete in the Royal Rumble match. McMahon announces that tonight Steve Austin will team up with the Dudley Boys to wrestle WWF World Champion Kurt Angle, and the WWF World Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian! HHH turns his attention to Kurt Angle and says that Angle is the champion because he has allowed it. HHH makes it clear that his attention is back to Kurt Angle and the WWF World Championship. HHH is going to end Angle’s title run. HHH pokes fun at Kurt Angle’s title defense that included his twin brother helping him and constantly getting himself DQ’d or having Edge and Christian help him out. HHH tells Angle to bring the entire Olympic team along with his family and goons to the Royal Rumble. WWF World Champion Kurt Angle makes his way out to the top of the entrance way. Angle says he is very disappointed in Stephanie and says “you blew it babe.” Angle mentions the last time HHH was the WWF World Champion, which was the King of the Ring. Angle notes that he won that tournament. Angle tells HHH that Donkey Kong has a better shot at taking his belt. Angle says that Donkey Kong is a big smelly ape that people actually like! Angle introduces his own manager as someone the McMahon family knows pretty well. Angle brings out Trish Stratus! Stratus doesn’t want any hard feelings but says he couldn’t say no to being in Kurt Angle’s corner. Stratus says she just loves a man on top, whether that be Angle or Vince McMahon himself! Stephanie books a match since Stratus doesn’t ever say no. Stephanie books Trish in a match against Jacqueline which will be contested under the stipulation of a spanking match!

Footage from Smackdown where Trish Stratus thought she deserved a spanking for offering her services for Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble.

Backstage, Stephanie hopes that Trish gets what she deserves tonight. HHH tries to calm Stephanie down. Stephanie tells HHH to calm himself down so he doesn’t lose a title shot in six days. HHH says that if Austin gets in his face “it will be on.”

Second Contest: WWF Hardcore Champion Raven defeated Test to retain the title:
Test nails Raven with a trash can shot on the apron. Raven drops Test throat first across the top rope and sprays a fire extinguisher into Test’s face. Raven with a few punches but is driven down to the mat with a full nelson slam by Test. Test goes up top but Hardcore Holly runs down and crotches Test on the top. Holly covers Raven for a near fall. Steve Blackman runs down and is met with several trash can lid shots from Holly. Raven walks up the ramp way as Blackman and Holly brawl in the ring. Raven hits Test on the aisle way with a traffic sign. Test rams Raven face first into the top of the WWF titan tron and gets a near fall. Raven is backstage and has a trash can kicked into his face. William Regal nails Test with the WWF European Championship and Raven pins Test. ½*
After the match, Raven runs to a car in the parking lot and drives away. Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman have a argument. Blackman and Holly will fight later tonight!

Backstage, Kevin Kelly is with the Rock. Rock talks about his tag team match coming up. Rock tells the Undertaker that they will never truly be partners. After tonight, their partnership will be history. Rock notes that today is Martin Luther King Jr. birthday. Rock has a dream just like King and says that he will go to the Royal Rumble and be the last man standing. Rock continues to say that he will be going to Wrestle Mania and will be the WWF World Champion. Rock says that his dream everyday of the year is whipping ass. If you smell what the Rock is cooking!

Backstage, Michael Cole is with the Dudley Boys. D-Von says that Angle, Edge and Christian will be getting a taste what is in store for them at the Royal Rumble. Bubba says that they understand what Austin has to do. Bubba says after the match Austin will be having a discussion with the Dudley’s.

Backstage, HHH is talking to Vince McMahon over speaker. HHH says that Drew Carey wants to do something with the Royal Rumble. Stephanie mentions that the Rock isn’t happy about teaming with the Undertaker. So, the match is changed to Rock/Kane vs. Taker/Rikishi.

Third Contest: Undertaker/Rikishi defeated Kane/the Rock:
Rock and Rikishi kick off the first hour main event. Rock nails Rikishi with a flurry of right hands and knocks Rikishi down with a back elbow. Rikishi clotheslines Rock in the corner and signals for the Stink Face, but Rock charges out and clotheslines the big ass man. Kan tags in and they trade right hands. Rikishi drives Kane down with a Samoan Drop and connects with a leg drop. Rikishi charges the corner and nails Kane with a running back splash. Kane ducks a clothesline and goes for a choke slam but Rikishi punches out of it. Kane big boots Rikishi and scoop slams Rikishi! Kane heads to the top rope and hits Rikishi with a flying clothesline. Kane signals for the choke slam but Taker tags in by punching Rikishi. Rock sneak tags in and Taker hammers away on Rock quickly. Taker blocks a backdrop with a boot to the face and big boots a charging Rock. Taker gets a near fall following a elbow drop. Running clothesline in the corner by Taker. Rock nails Taker with a back elbow and right hands but Taker comes off the ropes and connects with a leaping clothesline. Taker with Old School to keep control of the contest. Both men come off the ropes and are knocked down following a double clothesline. Swinging neck breaker by Rock and hammers away on Taker in the corner. Rock plants Taker with a DDT but only gets a near fall as Rikishi breaks up the pin. Kane and Rikishi brawl on the floor. Kane whacks Rikishi with the ring bell over the head and Rikishi is knocked out. Rock drives Taker down to the mat with a spine buster and goes for the Rock Bottom, but Kane slides into the ring and choke slams the Rock! Taker botches a first attempt of the Last Ride, but manages to connect with the second attempt and wins the bout for his team. **
After the match, Taker looks at Kane and Rikishi. JR and Lawler wonder if Taker and Kane are on the same page.

Backstage, WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit is walking. Benoit grabs a ladder and heads towards the ring.

WWF Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit makes his way down to the ring with a ladder and sets the ladder up in the ring. Benoit climbs up the ladder and has a microphone. Benoit says he has to give Chris Jericho some credit, praising Jericho’s ability. Benoit tells the fans that he got chills down his spine when Jericho challenged him to a ladder match. Benoit admits that Jericho gives him the best beating out of anyone. Benoit introduces a “best of Benoit vs. Jericho” video and the video consists of Benoit beating Jericho up with various moves. Benoit is laughing at the video. Benoit tells Jericho to prove him wrong. Jericho comes out through the crowd and shoves Benoit off the ladder from behind. Jericho rams the ladder into Benoit and Benoit falls to the floor. Jericho has a microphone and says that was one of his greatest hits.

Backstage, the Dudley Boys are walking until they are attacked by WWF World Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian with chairs. The champs whack both Dudley’s with chairs over the head! Dudley Boys are laid out in the hallway.

Backstage, HHH says that is what he is going to do to Steve Austin if Austin messes around with him. HHH wonders if Austin is now going to wrestle all three challengers. Stephanie thinks she needs to call her father.

In the ring, Hardcore Holly says that some say that Steve Blackman was the greatest WWF Hardcore Champion while most say Bob Holly was. Holly calls out Blackman for a fight.

Fourth Contest: Steve Blackman fought Hardcore Holly to a no contest:
Holly clubs away on Blackman but Blackman comes back with several kicks to knock Holly off his feet. Blackman leg trips Holly but misses a elbow drop. Holly nails Blackman with a dropkick but is soon dropped chest first across the ropes, twice. Blackman tosses the referee down. Holly low blows Blackman, twice. Holly goes to the floor and grabs a chair. Holly goes to leap off the apron but the referee grabs the chair. Holly shoves the referee to the floor. Blackman connects with a bicycle kick as the referee walks to the back. The referee tells a couple of others referees to just head to the backstage area. Blackman whacks Holly with a trash can lid. Blackman wants the referee back to the ring. Blackman turns around and is whacked with a street sign by Holly. Holly heads to the back, leaving Blackman in the ring. DUD

Backstage, Stephanie is talking to Vince McMahon over speaker phone. HHH tells Vince that the Dudley’s aren’t going to make it to the ring or the Royal Rumble. McMahon has no problem with Austin finding replacements, but if he can’t then he will wrestle in a handicap match. Vince asks about Trish Stratus, which offends Stephanie.

Backstage, Trish Stratus is checking herself out in the mirror and spanking herself with a strap.

Fifth Contest: Jacqueline defeated Trish Stratus by count-out in a spanking match:
Jacqueline whips Trish several times and chases Trish ion the floor. Back in the ring, Trish gets a few whips in but is clotheslined by Jacqueline. Jacqueline starts to whip Trish’s bareback as the WWF World Champion Kurt Angle jogs down to the ring. Trish gets a few more whips in but misses a elbow drop. Trish goes to leave the ring, but Jacqueline yanks down Trish’s pants. Trish leaves with Kurt and Jacqueline wins by count-out. DUD

Footage from Smackdown where the Kaientai attacked Too Cool while dancing in the ring.

Before the next match, Tazz likes what his partners did to Too Fools on Smackdown. Taka translator laughs at the switch from Too Cool to Too Fools.

Sixth Contest: Tazz/Kaientai defeated K-Kwik/Too Cool:
Funaki and Hotty start off the six man tag. Hotty connects with a back suplex and tags out to Sexay. Hotty and Sexay hit the Hart Attack on Funaki for a near fall. Funaki is able to tag out to Taka who goes for a hurricanrana but is power bombed by Sexay. Sexay big boots Taka in the corner and goes to the middle rope but is dropped throat first across the top rope by Tazz from the apron. Funaki has a chin lock on Sexay and allows Taka to dropkick Sexay in the face. Tazz tags in and clubs away on Sexay. Tazz clotheslines Sexay and stomps away on Sexay in the corner. Tazz misses a clothesline and is met with a power slam by Sexay. Kwik gets the tag and nails Tazz with a forearm smash. Kwik dropkicks Tazz back into a corner and clotheslines Funaki. Taka spin kicks Kwik but is sent to the floor by Sexay. Hotty with a face buster on Tazz and connects with the Worm on Tazz! Kwik connects with a spinning heel kick but Funaki breaks up the pin with a dropkick. Seconds later, Tazz gets the Tazz Mission locked in on Kwik and wins the match!
After the match, Taka has a microphone and tells the baby faces that they “just became another victim!”

Backstage, WWF World Champion Kurt Angle is checking on Trish Stratus butt to see if she is okay. Angle wants Trish to rest back at the hotel.

Backstage, Steve Austin is pacing around.

Backstage, HHH is talking to Stephanie about knowing Austin doesn’t have any friends. Stephanie whispers something into HHH’s ear about a way to provoke Austin. HHH is certain that Austin would provoke him.

Footage from earlier where Chyna returned and cost Ivory her match. Chyna accepted the challenge made by Ivory for the Royal Rumble.

At WWF New York, Billy Gunn is hanging out. Gunn talks about Chyna’s return to the ring. Gunn thinks that it is too soon for Chyna to return but will support whatever Chyna does. Gunn will be looking forward to see the RTC at the Royal Rumble. Gunn tells JR to not be surprised if he is the last man standing at the Royal Rumble.

Backstage, WWF World Champion Kurt Angle and the WWF World Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian are walking to the ring!

Main Event: Steve Austin/APA defeated WWF World Champion Kurt Angle/WWF World Tag Team Champions Edge/Christian:
Austin attacks Angle as the APA are revealed to be Austin’s partners! The baby faces hammer away on the heels in various corners. Austin and Angle start off the match legally. Angle quickly tags out to Christian who is met with right hands from Austin. Austin clotheslines Christian and tags in Bradshaw. Bradshaw clubs away on Christian and catches Christian on a attempted cross body, connecting with a fall away slam. Edge tags in but is shoulder blocked and chopped by Bradshaw. Back suplex by Bradshaw and tags in Faarooq. APA spine buster Edge and Faarooq follows up with a power slam before tagging in Austin. Austin goes for a back drop but Edge blocks it with a boot to the face and dropkicks Austin followed by right hands. Angle tags in and stomps away on Austin. Angle drives Austin down with a back suplex a few times. Austin gets out of another attempt and punches Angle several times. Angle ducks a clothesline but is met with a spine buster. Edge and Christian try to hit Austin with chairs but the APA enter and stop that. They start brawling on the floor as Austin crotches Angle on the top rope and connects with a superplex! Austin covers Angle but only manages to get a two count. HHH arrives at the top of the aisle way and gets Austin’s attention. Austin goes back to Angle but is met with a low blow as the referee was distracted. Angle stomps away on Austin and goes for a gut wrench suplex, which is countered by Austin with one of his own. Angle stops Austin coming off the ropes with a belly to belly suplex and gets a two count. Angle punches Austin in the corner and comes out of the corner with a running clothesline. Austin knees out of the Olympic Slam and takes Angle down with a side Russian leg sweep. Austin goes to jump onto Angle’s back on the middle rope but Angle moves. Austin Thez Presses Angle and rains down some right hands. Angle leaps off the middle rope after a big boot but Austin boots Angle in the gut and hits Angle with the Stunner! Austin covers Angle and wins the match! **½
After the match, HHH has a microphone and walks towards the ring. HHH tells Austin that this has been a long time coming. HHH notes that is has been a long year and mentions that he was the guy who crippled Austin and put Austin on the shelf. HHH lists all the things he has done to Austin. HHH would be more than happy to finish their issues right now. HHH enters the ring and gives Austin the first shot. HHH wants Austin to hit him. HHH starts screaming in Austin’s face. HHH insults Austin’s manhood and calls Austin a punk. HHH wants Austin to punch him. HHH is really egging Austin on. HHH thinks Austin is scared and Austin decides to leave the ring. Austin grabs a chair and stares down HHH who continues to egg Austin on. Austin flips HHH off and heads to the backstage area. Austin wants the championship and HHH calls Austin a coward. HHH calls Austin a “big mother fucker.” Austin runs to the ring but Kurt Angle arrived from behind and Olympic Slams HHH! Austin ends up Stunning Angle and taunts HHH to close out the show.

End of show

My Take:
A decent six man tag to open up the match between the Hardy’s and RTC. RTC had a pretty good 2000 but already in 2001 they are getting fairly stale. That being said, they still get some very good heat, which isn’t all that surprising considering their gimmick. When it comes to Chyna/Ivory I am not all that interested in it. Some fans enjoy women’s wrestling, but I don’t.

HHH/Angle had some good exchanges with each other to hype up their title match in six days. Angle seems to kind of be on the back burner considering HHH’s main feud or issue is with Steve Austin. Had Angle/HHH had a singles match, like four months ago at the peak of their feud, it would have been a lot better. This time around, it seems kind of put together late.

A basic tag match to main event the first hour. Not surprised to see the announcers wonder if Kane and Taker are on the same page, which I think has been done quite a few times in the past.

Fine little segment with Benoit and Jericho to promote the ladder match, which hasn’t been given anytime to be hyped up since the challenge was issued on the last Smackdown. That doesn’t matter considering they have a long history and put on great matches seemingly every time they compete.

Spanking match was pretty lame and dumb. Just a way to excite the guys in the crowd and kill sometime. On the other hand, the Blackman/Holly match was a way to pretty much kill the crowd and make people want to turn the channel. God, that match was pointless.

Pretty decent main event this week. APA being partners with Austin after the Dudley’s were attacked was a solid choice, considering they only want to kick ass and they drink beer. How could Austin not be friends with those guys? I liked the aftermath with Austin and HHH. HHH did a good job of not sounding repetive and stale with his insults. Did a great job of being a heel throughout that segment.

Overall, this week really seemed like an average week. Quit a few six man tag matches which I didn’t like. The main event was the match of the night with the aftermath and the opening promo being the best segments. Austin vs. HHH is shaping up to be one hell of a feud and a main focal point on television.

Thanks for reading.

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