WWF Wrestlefest ’94

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents Wrestlefest ‘94
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Randy Savage is our host for Wrestle fest ‘94 Coliseum video. Savage is hanging out in his closet looking at his large collection of ring outfits.

Opening Contest: Randy Savage defeated Rick Martel:
Savage arm drags Martel quickly to start off the contest. Savage backs Martel against the ropes but backs off as the referee breaks them apart. Martel slaps Savage up against the ropes and bails to the floor. Savage jumps to the floor and Martel rolls back into the ring to do some jumping jacks. Some more stalling as Martel does some jumping jacks on the floor as Savage enters the ring. Savage chases Martel around the ring and is stomped by Martel as he rolls back into the ring. Martel with a few knee lifts in the corner. Savage with a few jabs and hip tosses Martel followed by a clothesline that sends the Model to the floor. Martel knee lifts Savage and drops Savage with a right hand. Savage’s left eye is swollen. Savage rams Martel face first into the top turnbuckle and controls Martel with a side headlock. Martel atomic drops Savage but Savage keeps the side headlock on. Savage with a backslide but only gets a two count. Savage clotheslines Martel and Martel rolls to the floor. Martel punches Savage from the apron and tosses Savage over the top to the floor. Martel scoop slams Savage on the floor. Martel brings Savage back into the ring with a vertical suplex for a two count. Martel sends Savage hard back first into the corner and continues his offense with a few strikes to the back. Martel locks in a rear chin lock but Savage gets to his feet. Sunset flip by Savage for a two count. Martel gets up and stomps away on Savage followed by a backbreaker for a near fall. Savage counters a scoop slam with a inside cradle and gets a two count. Savage blocks a backdrop with a boot to the face. Savage knee lifts Martel to the floor and heads to the top rope. Savage leaps off the top and connects with a double axe handle! Savage covers Martel back in the ring but only gets a two count. Martel with a eye rake and knee lifts Savage into the corner. Martel misses a spear in the corner and hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Savage scoop slams Martel and leaps off the top connecting with a flying elbow drop to win the contest. **

Randy Savage insults IRS lack of style. Savage doesn’t like his plain white t-shirt and clip on tie.

Second Contest: WWF World Tag Team Champions 1-2-3 Kid/Marty Jannetty defeated the Headshrinkers by reverse decision to retain the titles:
Jannetty and Samu start off the title match. Samu shoves Jannetty into a corner and taunts the fans for over powering their hero. Samu with a boot to the gut and chops away on Jannetty. Scoop slam by Samu but Jannetty kicks Samu away and connects with a arm drag. Samu shoulder blocks Jannetty and runs into a reverse monkey flip from Jannetty. Samu attempts a reverse monkey flip but Jannetty fist drops Samu and dropkicks Samu to the floor. Kid tags in and comes off the top with a double axe handle but I quickly met with a right hand from Fatu. Fatu hammers away on Kid with several double axe handles. Nice snap power slam by Fatu for a two count. Fatu clubs away on Kid but misses a clothesline. Kid is lifted into the air and is able to dropkick Fatu to the floor. Kid takes Fatu out with a springboard cross body! Jannetty tags in and Kid dropkicks Fatu in the corner. Jannetty drives Fatu down with face buster and nails Fatu with a super kick. Jannetty gets distracted by Samu and Fatu turns Jannetty inside out with a clothesline. Samu scoop slams Jannetty and follows up with a falling head butt and several elbow drops for a two count. Fatu chokes Jannetty while the referee is distracted by Kid trying to get in the ring. Double head butt by the Headshrinkers to keep control of Jannetty. Fatu with a throat thrust and sends Jannetty hard back first into the corner. Jannetty is rammed head first into the ring steps while the referee is distracted. Jannetty rams Samu into the ring steps but that has no affect. Samu delivers a super kick to Jannetty. Fatu with a series of backbreakers on Jannetty and gets a two count. Jannetty sunset flips Fatu but isn’t able to get Fatu down. Jannetty walks right into a super kick and both men manage to tag out. Kid enters and controls Samu with several kicks and head scissors Samu to the floor. Kid and Jannetty attempt a double dropkick but Fatu hangs onto the ropes. Jannetty leaps off the top and double axe handles Fatu on the floor. Kid with a top rope moonsault on Samu and spin kicks Samu into the ropes where Samu gets his head stuck! Kid and Afa battle in the ring! Afa with a Samoan Drop on Kid and Samu covers Kid to win the titles! Wait a second, a second referee comes down to the ring and tells the referee what happened. They end reversing the decision! **½

Randy Savage is still in his closet and talks about some cool outfits that Men on a Mission have.

Men on a Mission come down to a ring and sing a rap for the fans.

Randy Savage puts over the outfits that the Undertaker uses. Which leads to a Undertaker match..

Third Contest: the Undertaker defeated Adam Bomb:
Bomb attacks Taker from behind by delivering several right hands and boots in the corner. Bomb sends Taker to the floor and rams Taker face first into the ring apron. Bomb tosses Taker into the ring steps knees first and taunts the fans back in the ring before going back on the attack. Bomb slams Taker face first into the ring steps. Bomb rolls Taker back into the ring and goes back to delivering right hands. Taker with a uppercut to start his comeback. Bomb rakes Taker’s eyes and rams Taker into the corner which wakes the dead man up. Bomb blocks a backdrop with boot but Taker isn’t affected. Taker ducks a clothesline and choke slams Bomb for the win. ½*
After the match, Johnny Polo enters the ring and is also choke slammed.

Randy Savage wonders why we haven’t heard Jeff Jarrett sing yet. Savage thinks that Jarrett has been copying him with the sunglasses.

Fourth Contest: Bret Hart/Owen Hart fought the Steiner Brothers to a double count-out:
Bret and Scott start off the contest. Scott with a double leg takedown but Bret reaches the ropes quickly. Bret fireman carries Scott and controls Scott with a go behind until Scott reaches the bottom rope. Scott trips Bret with a single leg and has a leg lock on Bret for a few moments. Bret reverses but Scott counters with a side headlock. Scott with a rather sloppy shoulder block to send Bret to the floor. Scott and Bret exchange wrist locks until Scott attempts a scoop slam but Hart reverses with a rollup for a two count. Owen tags in and locks in a wrist lock until Scott powers out with a scoop slam and tags in Rick. Rick takes Owen down to the mat and they trade several amateur moves with neither man getting a clear cut advantage. Rick sends Owen into the ropes and catches Owen attempting a leapfrog and power slams Owen. Rick misses a elbow drop but manages to back suplex Owen for a two count. Owen with a nice German suplex and gets a two count on Rick. Scott tags back into the contest and runs into a spinning heel kick by Owen who gets a near fall. Owen with a northern lights suplex for another two count. Scott bridges out of another pin and is able to double under hook power bomb Owen for a two count as Bret comes in to break up the pin. Bret tags in and Rick enters as well. Rick trips Bret and has a top wrist lock on the Hitman. Rick controls Bret with a arm bar until Bret scoop slams Rick but Rick maintains the arm bar. Rick keeps Bret on the mat and gets a few near falls. Bret stops Rick with a knee lift head butts Rick to the mat. Bret misses a elbow drop coming off the ropes. Rick goes back to a arm bar for several moments. Bret nails Rick with a dropkick and plants Rick with a DDT followed by a quick leg drop. Bret delivers a few double axe handles and they trade a series of right hands until Bret locks in a sleeper hold! Rick starts to fade and drops down to the mat. Rick backs Bret back first into a corner but Bret quickly goes back to a sleeper hold! Rick drops down to his knees as Bret keeps the sleeper on. Rick manages to reach the bottom rope as he falls down chest first. Bret keeps the hold on for several moments despite Rick reaching the ropes. Bret connects with a snap suplex and leaps off the middle rope but Rick gets his foot up and lands right on the boot! Rick heads to the top rope and plants Bret with a bulldog and gets a near fall! Rick sends Bret hard chest first into the corner and gets a two count. Scott tags into the contest and drives Bret down with a nice tilt a whirl side slam for a two count! Bret misses a spear in the corner and hit’s the ring post shoulder first. Owen checks on his brother as Bret falls to the floor. Scott has Bret hooked on the apron attempting a vertical suplex but Bret counters and manages to suplex Scott over the top to the floor! Bret rams Scott back first into the ring apron. Owen tags back into the match and scoop slams Scott. Owen heads to the top rope and leaps off splashing onto Scott’s back for a near fall. Gut wrench suplex by Owen for another near fall on Scott. Owen controls Scott with a abdominal stretch. Scott manages to hip toss Owen but Owen takes Scott over with a nice overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count. Owen sends Scott chest first into the corner and Bret tags back in to stomp away on Scott. Side Russian leg sweep by Bret and gets a two count. Owen tags back in and sends into the ropes where Scott is kneed by Bret. Owen covers but only gets a near fall. Owen misses a dropkick attempt as Scott hangs onto the ropes. Rick gets the hot tag and prevents Owen from making the tag. Rick drives Owen down with a tilt a whirl backbreaker but only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Rick scoop slams Owen and plants Owen with a odd looking tombstone pile driver for a near fall. Scott tags back in and connects with a full nelson suplex for another near fall. Rick with a nice clothesline to knock Owen off his feet for a n two count. Rick has a rear chin lock on Owen right in the middle of the ring. Scott tags back in and plants Owen with the dangerous Steiner Screwdriver! Scott covers but Bret breaks up the count. Scott tosses Owen to the floor. Owen stumbles onto the apron and Owen manages to slingshot Scott over the top to the floor! Owen crawls to his corner and tags in Bret. Bret atomic drops Scott followed by a quick clothesline for a two count. Bret connects with a backbreaker and comes off the middle rope with a elbow drop for a two count. Bret head butts Scott and goes for the Sharpshooter but Rick comes from behind and clotheslines Bret. Owen tries to go for the Sharpshooter but Rick again clotheslines Owen off. Scott sets Owen on his shoulders and Rick goes up for a bulldog but Bret holds Rick legs! Owen with a rollup on Scott and nearly wins the match! Bret and Rick crash to the floor as Scott heads to the top rope and double axe handles Bret! Owen takes Rick out with a slingshot cross body! The referee has called for the bell. ****
After the match, Scott sends Bret into the guard railing while Owen and Rick brawl in the ring. Several referees come down to break up the fight. The Steiner’s stand in the ring while the Hart Family head to the backstage area. Scott grabs a microphone and says they came here to beat them and wants them back into the ring. Bret and Owen comeback to the ring and they have a huge brawl in the ring as the referees try to break up the fight again. Eventually the referees get some kind of order and the Steiner’s leave. But, Bret grabs a microphone and tells them to comeback to the ring. Another brawl ensues. Eventually, they all end up embracing and showing each other respect as they are all baby faces.

Randy Savage rips on Yokozuna saying he wars a giant diaper.

Fifth Contest: WWF World Champion Yokozuna defeated Mr. Perfect to retain the title:
Perfect avoids a charging Yoko and the champ hits the corner chest first. Perfect attempts a cross body but is caught and slammed by Yoko. Perfect avoids a elbow drop and dropkicks Yoko to the floor. While on the floor, Yoko stumbles around and hits his head on the ring post. Yoko stalls on the floor for a few moments. Perfect low blows Yoko using the ropes as Yoko went to leave the ring. Perfect with a few chops but misses a dropkick. Yoko chops Perfect and delivers a few overhand strikes. Yoko nails Perfect with a clothesline and turns Perfect inside out. Yoko head butts Perfect and snap mares Perfect before controlling Perfect with a nerve hold. Yoko turns into a choke as Perfect started to yank on the champs hair. Yoko chops Perfect back down to the mat and tosses Perfect over the top to the floor. Yoko rams Perfect head first into the top turnbuckle from the apron. Perfect blocks another shot and rams Yoko face first into the turnbuckle a few times until Yoko knocks Perfect down to the floor with a throat thrust. Yoko misses a running back splash in the corner and Perfect hammers away on Yoko with right hands and chops. Perfect leaps off the middle rope and knocks Yoko down with a clothesline! Yoko sends Perfect into the corner and Fuji holds Perfect’s leg which allows Yoko to splash Perfect in the corner! Yoko with a chop and connects with the Banzai Drop to retain the title. **

Randy Savage is counting all of his hats. Savage talks about Bam-Bam Bigelow’s style. Savage also pokes fun at Luna’s outfit.

Sixth Contest: Razor Ramon defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels by DQ:
Michaels shoves Ramon but is met with a toothpick to the face. Michaels breaks the toothpick. Michaels with a top wristlock and switches with a hammerlock. Ramon counters with one of his own but Michaels trips Ramon and slaps the back of Ramon’s head. Michaels is sent into the corner but Ramon misses a clothesline. Michaels hammers away on Ramon in the corner briefly. Michaels rams Ramon head first into the corner and goes for a springboard sunset flip but Ramon blocks it and clotheslines Michaels over the top to the floor! Ramon goes to the floor as well but Michaels gets on the apron on the other side. Side headlock by Michaels and goes for a dropkick but Ramon catches Michaels and catapults the champ over the top to the floor. Ramon rolls Michaels back into the ring and chops Michaels in the corner. Ramon misses a clothesline in the corner and Michaels leaps off the top connecting with a clothesline, which sends Ramon to the floor. Michaels comes off the apron with a double axe handle and Ramon hit’s the ring post. On the floor, the referee prevents Diesel from getting a cheap shot in. Michaels rams Ramon back first into the ring apron. Michaels works on Ramon’s lower back with a few double axe handle strikes. Michaels delivers a knee drop to Ramon’s lower back and gets a two count on a pin attempt. Michaels slows down the contest with a rear chin lock. Ramon powers up to his feet and elbows out of the hold. Michaels pokes Ramon in the eyes and goes for a hip toss. Another poke to Ramon’s eyes but Ramon manages to choke slam Michaels! Ramon covers but only manages to get a near fall. Ramon blocks a right hand and hammers away on the champ. Michaels is sent flipping into the corner and the champ falls down to the floor. Michaels decides he has had enough and heads to the backstage area with Diesel. The referee ends up telling the ring announcer that if Michaels doesn’t return to the ring he will lose the title. Another referee comes down and tells Michaels he will be fined as well. Ramon chops away on Michaels and sends the champ back into the ring. Ramon backdrops Michaels and gets a two count. Ramon crotches Michaels on the top rope and goes for a back suplex but Michaels elbows Ramon down to the mat. Michaels connects with a cross body but Ramon rolls through for a near fall. Ramon catches Michaels coming off the ropes and connects with a fall away slam. Ramon covers and picks up the win but Michaels has his foot on the bottom rope. The match is ordered to continue. Ramon turns around and is met with a super kick, which gets Michaels a two count. Michaels stomps away on Ramon and delivers several jabs. Michaels continues to hammer away on Ramon. Ramon blocks a backdrop and connects with the Razors Edge! Ramon covers but Diesel pulls Michaels out of the ring. Thus, Michaels has been disqualified. ***
After the match, Diesel tries to get in the ring. This is distracts Ramon and Michaels slides into the ring. Ramon avoids being hit by Michaels and sends Michaels to the floor. Ramon grabs the title and hits Michaels with it in the ring.

Jerry Lawler is standing in the ring for a special edition of King’s Court. Lawler rips on his special guest for several moments, which is Bret Hart. Lawler makes sure to poke fun at Bret’s family. The fans chant “Burger King” at Lawler. Eventually, the WWF World Champion Bret Hart makes his way down to the ring. Hart doesn’t say much as he hammers away on Lawler with right hands in the corner. Lawler tries to get away but Hart gets a few more right hands in. Lawler rolls to the floor and runs to the back as Hart celebrates the beating in the ring.

Main Event: Diesel defeated Bret Hart:
Diesel controls Hart with a knee lift and a elbow smash across the back of the head. Diesel with a few right hands and chokes Hart in the corner. Diesel sends Hart back first into the corner and chokes Hart again. Diesel misses a running knee lift in the corner and Hart kicks Diesel on the knee. Hart works on Diesel’s left knee for several moments. Hart keeps Diesel on the mat for several minutes with a leg lock or spinning toe hold. Diesel boots his way out of the hold and limps around only to be tripped by Hart. Hart wraps Diesel’s left leg around the ring post! Hart was nailed by Michaels on the floor, but the camera guy missed it. Michaels with a few more cheap shots behind the referees back and rolls Hart into the ring. Diesel side slams Hart for a two count. Diesel elbow drops Hart and controls Hart with a bear hug. Diesel works on Hart’s lower back with several right hands after sending Hart back first into the corner. Diesel drives Hart down with a backbreaker for a two count. Hart with a quick inside cradle but Diesel manages to kick out and regains control with a few right hands. Diesel goes for the snake eyes but Hart sends Diesel chest first into the corner and hammers away on Diesel. Hart comes off the ropes with a few running clotheslines and knocks Diesel off his feet. Hart covers but only gets a two count. Hart ducks a clothesline and rolls Diesel up for a near fall. Side Russian leg sweep by Hart but Diesel kicks out at two on the cover. Hart leaps off the middle rope and connects with a elbow drop. Hart goes for the Sharpshooter but Diesel blocks it so Hart drops a elbow across Diesel’s chest. Michaels gets on the apron and holds Hart. Diesel charges but big boots Michaels on accident! Hart trips Diesel and has the Sharpshooter locked in! Owen Hart runs down and punches Bret as Michaels distracted the referee. Diesel covers Bret and picks up the upset win! **¼
After the match, Diesel celebrates his win with Shawn Michaels.

Randy Savage likes Bret Hart’s outfit and puts over Hart as a future Hall of Famer. Savage says pink and black are the best colors that Hart has ever had and will ever have. Savage signs off to close out the tape.

End of tape

My Take:
Savage/Martel was a little decent match, though their was quite a bit of stalling on Martel’s end to start the match. When they actually got going it wasn’t a bad match, but nothing spectacular happened. Still, it was a average contest and this time we actually got to see the elbow drop, one of my favorite finishers ever!

Tag title match was a solid bout as well. Kid didn’t look like he was on his A game for this match but those four put on a fairly entertaining title defense. I found it kind of funny that Kid and Jannetty had a tag title defense on a Coliseum Video release considering they had the belts for like a week.

Taker/Bomb was pretty quick and lame. That’s about it for that one.

A fantastic match between the Hart’s and Steiner’s. The beginning was kind of slow considering the mat wrestling and whatnot. Scott Steiner looked pretty sloppy in the opening moments of the match but got better as it went on. Pretty cool to see the rare Steiner Screwdriver. That move is deadly. If you haven’t seen it before, check it out on YouTube. Didn’t like the aftermath of all four men brawling and then shaking hands. That made the brawl after the match seem stupid. By the way, midway through the match the Hart’s were playing the heel roles, kind of.

Yoko/Perfect was another decent match, though Perfect wasn’t given much offense. Slightly boring contest but not a complete waste of time.

Ramon/Michaels was a pretty solid contest, as well. I don’t think I have seen those two put on a bad match with each other. Good match.

Hart/Diesel was a pretty basic and average contest. Their wasn’t a usual dull spot in the match, or at least one that lasted a long time. I still find it pretty surprising that Bret Hart loses on a consistent basis on these Coliseum Videos circa 1994. Sure, both loses were because his brother Owen screwed him over, but still. Pretty big win for Diesel here, even with the interference.

Overall, their was really only one crap match in my opinion with that being Taker/Bomb. If you are a fan of tag team wrestling you have to see Hart’s/Steiner’s, which you should check out either way as it is a good match. Plus, Ramon/Michaels is a enjoyable match as well. Heck, the tag match is a solid bout as well. If you can find this on Amazon or eBay, snatch it up as there is some quality wrestling on this tape.

Thanks for reading.

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