WWF RAW 8/15/1994

Written By: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents
From: Lowell, MA

RAW opens up with footage from last week where Tatanka thought Lex Luger accepted money from Ted DiBiase.

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage welcome everyone to a LIVE edition of RAW! They hype up the show which will see Mable in action, Paul Bearer and Ted DiBiase on Kings Court. Also, Jeff Jarrett and Duke Droese will be in singles action.

Opening Contest: 1-2-3 Kid defeated Owen Hart by disqualification:
Kid nails a charging Owen with a spinning heel kick and avoids a spear in the corner which sends Owen shoulder first into the ring post. Kid with a crucifix pin but Owen kicks out at two. Owen gets out of a wristlock and yanks Kid down by the hair. Owen works on Kid with a series of knee drops to Kid’s side. Kid connects with a standing spin kick but only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Kid takes Owen over with a side headlock and keeps the headlock on Owen for several moments. Owen controls Kid with a head scissors briefly and Kid goes back to a headlock. Owen reverses a pin attempt with a backslide for a two count. Owen takes Kid over with a back suplex, which was botched, and delivers a leg drop. Kid blocks a kick but Owen uses his free leg to kick Kid on the side of the head for a near fall. Owen shoulder blocks Kid but Kid comes back with a hip toss and they both kip up after Owen kicks Kid away. Kid dropkicks Owen to the floor and baseball slides Owen and Neidhart on the floor! Kid follows up with a springboard cross body on Owen! Kid knocks Neidhart off the apron as RAW goes to commercial. Kid kicks Owen on the apron and attempts a suplex but Owen counters and brings Kid to the floor with a vertical suplex from the apron! Owen connects with a slingshot cross body to the floor and rams Kid back first into the ring post a couple of times! Owen works on Kid’s back with a few right hands and shoulder rams Kid in the corner. Owen tosses Kid hard back first into the corner and taunts the fans. Owen connects with a backbreaker and drives his knee down into Kid’s back. Owen uppercuts Kid in the corner and sends Kid hard back first into the corner, again. Owen leaps off the middle rope and delivers a elbow drop to Kid’s back for a two count. Owen backdrops Kid and gets a two count. Kid sunset flips Owen and gets a near fall. Owen quickly recovers and stomps away on Kid. Owen controls Kid with a rear chin lock. Owen blocks a backdrop attempt and connects with a neck breaker. Owen leaps off the top rope but misses a knee drop! Owen is claiming to have hurt his left knee and Kid goes on the attack with several kicks. Kid kicks Owen’s knee in the corner and avoids a kick from Owen. Kid has a single leg Boston Crab on Owen in the middle of the ring! Neidhart enters the ring and attacks Kid as the leg lock was on. This causes the disqualification. ***¼
After the match, Kid is attacked by Neidhart and Owen. Owen has the Sharpshooter on Kid despite his hurt knee. Neidhart tosses the referee away. Several referees come down to the ring and try to pull Owen off of Kid. Owen lets go and taunts the fans.

Summer Slam 1994 Report with Todd Pettengill. Pettengill runs down the show, and introduces a interview from Razor Ramon. Ramon is headed to Chicago to regain his Intercontinental Championship. Ramon hypes up his manger for the match, Walter Payton. Payton is standing with Ramon. Payton tells Shawn Michaels that he will find out what the NFL is all about if Michaels decides to interfere.

Before the next match, the Brooklyn Brawler under a new baseball gimmick Abe Knuckleball Swartz, cut a promo earlier saying that its not the owners fault for the strike in baseball. Abe said that they are just being good business men.

Second Contest: Duke Droese defeated Nick Marbury:
Droese wins the squash following a leaping elbow drop.

Vince McMahon talks about Leslie Neilson and introduces a new video. Randy Savage was at pool side as Leslie was looking for the Undertaker. Leslie ends up being arrested by his own twin, apparently. Leslie says he will solve this case at Summer Slam.

Ted DiBiase joins the announcers and says that he will address the Undertaker issue later on Kings Court.

Third Contest: Kwang defeated Tony Roy:
Kwang wins the squash with a Samoan Drop.

Jerry Lawler is standing in the ring with Ted DiBiase for another edition of Kings Court. DiBiase says everyone has a price, but not everything is worth buying, when it came to Randy Savage. Lawler credits DiBiase for bring the Undertaker back to the WWF. DiBiase says that they haven’t seen anything from Paul Bearer. Lawler agrees and Paul Bearer makes his way down to the ring. Lawler tells Bearer that they have seen the Undertaker with DiBiase and not Bearer. Bearer says the Undertaker that DiBiase has is evil. Bearer knows that DiBiase is having fun tarnishing the name that the Undertaker has built up. Bearer proclaims that his Undertaker will destroy DiBiase’s Undertaker at Summer Slam! DiBiase introduces his Undertaker! Bearer tells the Undertaker that he sees the evil in his eyes. Bearer proclaims that the real Undertaker will destroy him! DiBiase orders his Undertaker to show Bearer what will happen at Summer Slam. The Undertaker chokes Bearer as the lights begin to flicker and the lights go out! Bearer is on the floor when the lights return and screams that the Undertaker is here and asks if we can feel him. DiBiase is left puzzled in the ring.

Fourth Contest: Mabel defeated Raymond Roy: Mabel wins the squash following a elbow drop off the middle rope.

A video promoting Sunday Night Slam which will see Lex Luger squaring off against Crush.

Main Event: Jeff Jarrett defeated Scott Taylor:
Jarrett won the squash with the figure four leg lock.
After the match, Mabel and Oscar make their way down to the ring. Jarrett wants Mabel to enter the ring but Mabel is prevented from entering by a few referees. Jarrett calls Mabel a chicken.

Vince McMahon and Randy Savage promote Sunday Night Slam to close out the show. Lex Luger vs. Crush, Diesel vs. Typhoon, Heidi Lee Morgan vs. Bull Nakano and a special interview with WWF World Champion Bret Hart!

End of show

My Take:
Owen/Kid was a pretty good contest with some high flying moves. It was some quality entertainment. Not sure why Owen couldn’t have just won the match cleanly, though. Doesn’t make much sense to me for the WWF to protect the 1-2-3 Kid, after all Kid is a underdog type of wrestler. Owen should have gotten the win heading into a important title match against his brother.

Kings Court this week was done nicely. I thought this was the best segment to promote the Undertaker vs. the Undertaker match at Summer Slam. I don’t find those Leslie Neilson videos to be entertaining all that much. May have been slightly corny but considering this is 1994, it was an effective segment.

Interesting to see Crush is wrestling Lex Luger on the Sunday Night Slam event. Those two seemingly had a feud in the works back in May or so, but it never appeared to amount to anything. Back then I would have thought we would be seeing them compete at Summer Slam but Crush has fallen off the face of the earth, at least when it comes to competing on RAW.

Note, this would be the last RAW until September 12th, as RAW was pre-emptied by I believe a dog show.

Overall, a good RAW heading into Summer Slam. A good Owen/Kid match and a decent Kings Court. That’s about it.

Thanks for reading.

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