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WWF Smackdown 1/13/2000

written by Adam King


Thursday, January 13th, 2000

Taped (1/11) from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL

List of WWF Champions at the time:
WWF World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H (1/03/2000)
WWF Intercontinental Co-Champions: Chris Jericho & Chyna (12/30/1999)
WWF World Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws (11/08/1999)
WWF European Champion: Val Venis (12/12/1999)
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman (10/14/1999)
WWF Women’s Champion: The Kat (12/12/1999)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with clips from Raw of Mick Foley’s reinstatement and DX’s problems. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler.

~ Things kick off with The Helmsleys coming out to the ring for our opening promo. Stephanie gets on the mic and starts off by saying no WWF wrestlers are leaving the company because she and Triple H have righted the wrongs and dealt with things in a fair manner. Stephanie also says they don’t understand why anyone would leave, that their door is always open, then points out there’s only one McMahon running the company right now. Triple H takes the mic and says he’s out to humbly apologize after what happened on Raw. However Triple H says he’s not apologizing to the fans or any of the wrestlers who threatened to walk, claiming the 50 ingrates don’t understand the sacrifices he and Stephanie make for them every week. Triple H says he is going to apologize to the rest of DX, saying he was wrong and they all made mistakes. Triple H explains he tried to fix those mistakes with tough love, doing to them what they should do to him, and that the Outlaws and X-Pac showed him tough love back by walking out on him. Triple H says that action showed him the error of his ways so he’s out to right the wrongs. Triple H proceeds to book the Outlaws in a no-DQ handicap match against Bradshaw of the Acolytes, adding if Faarooq interferes, the Acolytes lose their tag title shot at the Royal Rumble. Triple H then says the Outlaws have a second handicap match tonight, this time against Faarooq, warning Bradshaw not to intefere in that match or they still lose their title shot. Triple H then says he and X-Pac are going to team up against The Big Show and The Rock. Triple H now addresses Mankind saying he didn’t have him backed against the wall like he thought on Monday because he pinned him in the center of the ring and left him laying in a puddle of his own blood. Triple H says that match was a small taste of what Mankind can expect at the Royal Rumble because he’s going to give him the beating of his life and that his blood will stain New York City. Triple H says Mankind is in the back so he calls him out deciding to finish what he started on Monday.

Mankind’s music starts play but the fake Mankind from the past weeks comes out instead. “Mankind” takes the mic and talks about being sorry that Triple H had to kick his butt on Monday. “Mankind” calls Triple H the greatest wrestler while saying he’s been pathetic his whole life, especially the past couple of weeks and is starting to like it. Before long the real Mankind comes out to the stage with his own mic, still wearing his blood-stained shirt from Monday. Mankind asks Triple H what more does he want from him after taking his job, his dignity and ruining his face. Mankind says when he showered after their match on Raw he began to think of what Mankind was. Mankind says he’s an entertaining person, a good author and a great fighter, but after the beating on Raw he’s not ready to face Triple H in a street fight at the Rumble. As Triple H smiles Mankind calls him the best in the business while he’s a beaten up, pathetic fool. Mankind then says the fans deserve a substitute in that match and even decides to name him as he takes off his mask and shirt, transforming into … Cactus Jack!! Triple H’s smile changes to a look of horror as Mankind Cactus makes his way to ringside saying his first act is to kick Triple H’s teeth all over Chicago. Cactus charges into the ring and hammers away at Triple H and beats him down in a corner. “Mankind” brings a chair into the ring and whacks Cactus in the back with it but it has no effect. Cactus tees off on “Mankind” and throws him through the ropes while Triple H bails out to the floor. Cactus hits a baseball slide that sends “Mankind” sprawling over the announce table. Cactus grabs a chair and elbowdrops it from the apron onto “Mankind” before doing his “bang-bang” motion. Triple H looks on from the stage, shocked at what he’s unleashed as Cactus climbs back into the ring and grabs the mic saying Triple H may make him bleed but he has a lot of blood to give. Cactus then promises to tear Triple H apart and take what he holds dearest: his WWF Championship.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Bradshaw – No-DQ Handicap Match

The Outlaws come out and do their intro as the crowd chants along, even though they’re heels. Bradshaw comes out and throws powder into Road Dogg’s eyes to start the match then pulls Billy out of the ring and thorws him into the ringsteps. Bradshaw goes in and whips Road Dogg into a big boot then clotheslines him over the ropes. Bradshaw goes out and rams Road Dogg and Billy into the announce table then throws Billy into the ring followed by the ringsteps. Bradshaw sets Billy up for a piledriver onto the steps but Road Dogg comes in with a chair and nails Bradshaw from behind with the chair enabling Billy to hit a backdrop. Billy holds the steps up while Road Dogg sends Bradsahw into them. The Outlaws double-team Bradshaw and Road Dogg adds in a choke. Billy rams Bradshaw into the steps and Road Dogg waffles him in the back with the chair. The Outlaws whip Bradshaw but lower the heads and Bradshaw kicks Road Dogg’s face and clotheslines Billy. Road Dogg comes back with a DDT and Billy pounds on Bradshaw in a corner as Road Dogg grabs the chair. Bradshaw kicks the chair into Road Dogg’s face and Billy goes for a splash but Bradshaw catches him. However Road Dogg blasts Bradshaw in the head with the chair and Billy falls on top for a pin. (3:00) Started out as a spirited brawl but quickly dissolved into an Outlaws squash. *

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman tries to interview Rock about the tag match later. However Rock cuts him off to do his “Finally” bit then asks Coachman what his name is. Coachman hesitates, knowing what usually happens in this case, but Rock says he can answer him. Coachman answers his question and Rock welcomes him to the WWF and to Smackdown (even though Coach had already debuted a few weeks before this). Coachman says his nickname is “Coach” for short and Rock pokes some fun at it. Coach then proceeds to ask Rock about teaming with the Big Show tonight. Rock says it doesn’t matter whether he teams with Big Show or Big Bird as long as he gets a piece of Triple H. Rock then talks about having Show as his partner, saying he’s cool with teaming with the former WWF Champion. Rock then turns to Coach and asks how he got that nickname and Coach tries to answer but this time Rock cuts him off with his “It doesn’t matter!” bit and finishes with the usual as we go to commercial.

Too Cool & Rikishi Phatu vs. Crash & Hardcore Holly and Al Snow (w/Head)

We have Snow in yet another six-man tag and I bet you can already guess what’s going to happen. Before the match they show Hardcore pinning Chyna on Raw, which has nothing to do with this match. Hardcore pounds on Grandmaster Sexay to start and goes for a whip but Sexay reverses. Hardcore hits a shoulderblock and comes off the ropes but Sexay lepfrogs over him. Hardcore whips Sexay but Sexay hits a shoulderblock then comes off the ropes with an Atomic Drop and follows up with a clothesline. Sexay whips Hardcore into an armdrag but Hardcore jabs the eyes and tags in Crash who runs into another armdrag. Sexay whips Crash into a corner and Crash lifts himself up but Sexay fakes him out. Sexay hits a powerbomb then dances back to his corner before tagging in Scotty 2 Hotty. Scotty applies a headlock, Crash shoves him into the ropes but Scotty hits a shoulderblock. Scotty comes off the ropes but Crash leapfrogs over him and attempts a hiptoss. Scotty blocks it and goes through several moves before hitting a kick to the chest. Scotty hits a pump-handle overhead slam then whips Crash into a corner. Scotty comes off the ropes with the bulldog then connects with the Worm. Scotty goes for a whip but Crash reverses it and Snow pulls him out of the ring then beats on him on the floor. Snow rams Scotty into the steps and throws him back in as Crash tags in Hardcore. Hardcore lays the boots to Scotty and hits a suplex then climbs to the top rope. Hardcore leaps off but Scotty gets the foot up to block him and both men crawl to their corners. Hardcore crawls toward his corner as Snow reaches out for a tag but Hardcore tags in Crash instead while Scotty manages to tag in Rikishi. Rikishi unloads on Crash and whips him into a Samoan Drop and Snow comes in and runs into a savant kick. Hardcore comes in and dropkicks Rikishi but Rikishi pops up and plants Hardcore with a belly-to-belly suplex. Outside Sexay and Scotty crotch Snow on the ringpost while Crash comes in but Rikishi drills him with the sitdown piledriver for the win. (4:17) Nothing special but still a decent match. Sure enough Snow grabs Head and lays out both Hollys with it then departs, ranting about being let down again and only wanting a partner he can count on. Rikishi and Too Cool then commence with their post-match dance. **

~ Backstage we find the Helmsleys congradulating the Outlaws on their win over Bradshaw with Road Dogg and Billy proudly proclaiming “one down, one to go”. They all then notice X-Pac is nowhere to be found as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break they show footage of Cactus Jack competing in various death matches in Japan. Even though Mick Foley just morphed into Cactus less than an hour ago.

Test vs. Gangrel (w/Luna Vachon)

As Test comes out they show him and The Big Show squashing the Big Bossman and Albert on Raw. Both men lockup to start and Gangrel goes for an O’Connor roll right away but Test holds onto the ropes. Test comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock then whips Gangrel into a corner and charges but eats a double boot. Gangrel hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex then throws Test over the ropes and Luna gets in some shots on the floor before Test rolls back in. Gangrel slams Test to the mat and hits a series of elbowdrops for a two count. Test fights back and Gangrel comes off the ropes but runs into a big boot. Test goes for a whip, Gangrel reverses but lowers the head and Test kicks the face. Test hits a gutwrench suplex but Luna distracts the referee to prevent the count. Test turns toward Luna then turns back when Gangrel rolls him up for a two count. Test whips Gangrel into a corner and charges but eats an elbow. Gangrel covers Test while putting his feet on the ropes but only gets two. Test hits the Full Nelson slam and covers but Luna pulls the referee out of the ring. Referee Teddy Long argues with Luna until she clotheslines him! Gangrel tries to ambush Test but runs into a belly-to-belly suplex. Luna comes in and jumps on Test’s back but Test places her on his knee and tries to spank her. Gangrel breaks that up as the referee finally calls for the bell. (2:18) Luna pulls Test’s facegaurd off but Test retaliates by clotheslining Gangrel. Luna tries to slap Test but Test plants Luna with the pump-handle slam. Test then slams Gangrel then climbs to the top and hits the elbowdrop on him as well. Don’t know what the whole point of this was since it didn’t lead to anything. Probably should have been a squash. DUD

~ Backstage co-IC Champs Chris Jericho and Chyna are talking with The Kat standing nearby. Chyna tells Jericho she’s not upset at what happened on Raw and she’s sorry if she upset him. Chyna tells Jericho she wants to let bygones be bygones and make this work and Jericho seems to believe it. Jericho and Chyna shake hands promising no more headgames before Chyna and Kat depart. Jericho feels maybe Chyna has changed while the rest of us are screaming at Jericho not to fall for this.

~ Back from break we get a replay of the return of Cactus Jack earlier tonight, just in case you missed it.

The Hardy Boyz (w/Terri Runnels) vs. The Big Bossman & Prince Albert

Albert pounds on Jeff Hardy to start and hammers him in a corner with shoulder blocks. Albert whips Jeff into a corner and Jeff lifts himself up but Albert catches him onto his shoulders. Jeff slip outs and shoves Albert into a corner then dropkicks him in the back before tagging Matt in. The Hardys whip Albert into a double elbow and follow up with their combo move for a two count. Matt comes off the ropes but Albert presses him up and drops him on the top rope. Ablert hits a Torture Rack into a neckbreaker before tagging in Bossman. Bossman throws Matt across the ring and pops him with an uppercut, sending him onto the middle rope. Bossman comes off the ropes and hits the straddle then slides out to the floor. Instead of hitting the uppercut Bossman grabs Terri but Jeff makes the save and helps her to safety. Bossman goes back in and looks for a powerbomb but Matt reverses it into the Twist of Fate, the first time that move is referred to as such. Jeff tags in and dropkicks the Bossman into a corner when Albert comes in looking for the Avalanche but Jeff avoids it and Albert splashes Bossman by mistake. Matt comes in and the Hardys whip Albert into the opposite corner. Matt drops to the mat and Jeff launches off him into the flying heelkick. Matt drops down again and Jeff tries to do the same to Bossman but Bossman catches him into a slam. Albert hits a bicycle kick that knocks Matt into Bossman who throws him down as well. Bossman and Albert argue when Jeff dropkicks Bossman into Albert, knocking him through the ropes. Jeff then quickly rolls Bossman up and gets the three! (3:25) Decent for what we got. After the match ends Bossman lays out both Hardys with clotheslines before leaving the ring. Bossman then starts going at it with Albert, finally signaling the breakup of this team nobody cared about. The Hardys and Terri take off while a swarm of officials try to break up the fight going on.

~ They then show Lillian Garcia interviewing The Big Show earlier tonight about the tag match. Show says he’s excited because he gets a chance to get his hands on Triple H, pointing out that he’s the only former WWF Champion to not get his rematch. Show says he also wants revenge on X-Pac for pinning him several weeks back with the help of DX. Show then talks about The Rock, how everyone supported him as their spokesman last Monday only for him to talk about how he’s going to win the Rumble while calling everyone else a jabronie. Show says he took that personally, that he’s not a jabronie and that he’s going to win the Rumble. Show adds there’s no way Rock is throwing him over the top rope becasue he’s going to toss Rock into the 7th row. Show then says he’s a professional and he’s going to be Rock’s partner tonight, however he finishes by saying he doesn’t like The Rock.

~ Back from break Chyna runs up to Tori in the halls and says she has something bad to tell her. Tori seems a little surprised as Chyna takes her somewhere to talk, saying they can fix it. I bet you can guess who this “bad news” is going to involve.

Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman vs. Edge & Christian

If you’re wondering this was before Angle, Edge and Christian became the Three Amgios. Edge and Blackman lockup to start and Edge goes into a waistlock but Blackman elbows him away. Blackman whips Edge but Edge slides under him and ducks a kick before hitting a dropkick. Edge goes a whip but Blackman reverses him into a corner and belts him in the chest. Blackman brings Edge to his knees and rams him into the mat. Blackman hops to the middle rope and goes for an elbowbdrop but misses. Edge hits a dropkick then tags in Christian and both men whip Blackman into a corner. Edge drops to all fours and Christian launches off him into a crossbody for a two count. Blackman elbows Christian in the back then tags in Angle, who runs into a hiptoss. Christian hits a dropkick then pops Angle before nailing Blackman on the apron. Christian charges at Angle in a corner but Angle throws him into the ringpost. Angle draws Edge in to distract the referee while Blackman pulls Christian out to the floor and rams him into the ringpost. Blackman slams Christian on the floor and Angle brings him back in the ring and rams him into a turnbuckle before hitting a suplex for a two count. Angle applies a chinlock and Christian fights out of it then goes for a whip and Angle reverses him into a corner but the two collide. Angle goes for a Fireman’s carry but Christian counters into the Slop Drop. Both men crawl to their corners and Angle tags Blackman while Christian makes the tag to Edge. Edge clotheslines both men then connects with a spinning heel kick on Blackman. Edge pops Angle off the paron but turns into a bicycle kick from Blackman. Suddenly Val Venis appears on the OvalTron, holding a kendo stick, and asking Blackman if he wasn’t thinking about using weapons on his future brother-in-law. Blackman gets distracted when Christian comes off the top with a missile dropkick knocking him into a bridge suplex from Edge that gets the three. (3:36) So Angle’s team loses again yet Angle still has yet to be pinned himself. Again a decent match but nothing special. Angle then comes in and berates Blackman for losing another match. **

~ Backstage Chyna is still talking to Tori about the “bad thing”, which supposed involves Chris Jericho. Chyna tells Tori that Jericho has been having fantasies about her and a flight attendant’s uniform and also mentions the Kama Sutra. Tori gets all worked up and starts to leave but Chyna tells her if she tells Kane he’ll want to beat Jericho up. Chyna suggests if that’s the case, Kane should meet Jericho in a match, non-title of course. Tori walks off and Chyna smiles at her handiwork as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get another Cactus Jack clip, this time showing the infamous dumpster ride off the stage in February 1998. For some reason they don’t mention who was in the dumpster with Cactus as the Outlaws pushed it off.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Faarooq – No-DQ Handicap Match

During the match Cole announces Kane has been granted a match with Chris Jericho. Faarooq tries to attack during the Road Dogg’s spiel but Billy Gunn cuts him off and the Outlaws beat on Faarooq in a corner. Billy goes for a whip but Faarooq reverses him into a corner then charges at him but eats a boot. Billy comes out but runs into a powerslam and Road Dogg runs into a spinebuster. Road Dogg shoves Faarooq into a suplex from Billy and the Outlaws whip him into the ropes but Faarooq comes back with a double shoulderblock. Faarooq sets Road Dogg up for the Dominator but Billy pulls Road Dogg off the safety then drills Faarooq with a Jackhammer. Road Dogg hits the kneedrop and both Outlaws cover Faarooq for the win. (1:14) Yes this was even faster that the earlier match. I don’t see how the tag champs squashing both challengers is supposed to build up the tag title match. Bradshaw then runs into the ring brandishing a lead pipe and the Outlaws bail out of the ring although Bradshaw does get a shot on Road Dogg. Bradshaw has words with the Outlaws who brag about being 2-for-2 against the Acolytes. NR

~ Back from break The Helmsleys congratulate the Outlaws on sweeping the Acolytes with Road Dogg suggesting their opponents may even want to back out of their title match after that. Triple H again points out that X-Pac is still absent.

The Godfather & D’Lo Brown (w/the ladies) vs. The Headbangers

D’Lo is now sporting a vest and necklace in addition to the hat and cigar. The mysterious orange glow appears again, this time interrupting the Headbangers’ entrance. Godfather gets on the mic and points out Mosh and Thrasher wearing skirts, asking if they’re all there. Mosh takes the mic saying Godfather is jealous he and Thrasher look better than his “trolls”. Mosh attacks D’Lo from behind and pounds on him in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner but D’Lo springboards off the middle rope into a crossbody. D’Lo follows up with a heelkick and Thrasher comes in but also eats a heelkick. Godfather tags in and whips Mosh looking for a crescent kick but Mosh fakes him out. Thrasher tags in but Godfather whips him into a clothesline then slams him to the mat and hits a legdrop. D’Lo tags in and both men whip Thrasher into a double suplex. D’Lo misses a clothesline and Mosh nails him from the apron. D’Lo takes a swing at Mosh allowing Thrasher to knock him through the ropes. Mosh works over D’Lo on the floor and rams him into the apron before rolling him back in the ring. Mosh tags in and both ‘Bangers whip D’Lo into a double drop. Mosh whips D’Lo into a corner and charges but D’Lo sidesteps him and hits a suplex. Both men tag their partners and Godfather nails both Headbangers with forearms. Godfather slams Mosh to the mat and clotheslines him over the ropes. Godfather whips Thrasher into a corner and hits the Ho Train. D’Lo tags in and climbs to the top then finishes things with the Lo Down for the three. (3:07) Pretty basic tag match and not much else.

~ Backstage Johnathan Coachman interviews both The Rock and Big Show on teaming up tonight. Rock starts to say something but Show cuts him off and says he doesn’t care what he has to say. Show tells Rock he doesn’t like him to his face and to stay out of his way during the match. Show storms off and Rock says Show may be alot of things but he’s not the People’s Champion. Rock says Triple H will get the back of his hand and X-Pac will get the front before doing his “If you smell..” bit for the second time tonight.

~ Back from break they show another Cactus Jack clip, this time of his handicap hardcore match with Mideon and Viscera.

Chris Jericho © vs. Kane (w/Tori) – Non-Title Match

Jericho comes out wearing the Intercontinental Title belt and gets on the mic saying he has no problem facing Kane. Jericho tries to explain that Chyna is trying to set them up but accidentally calls Tori a liar. Jericho then tries to recover but accidentally says Tori is unattractive. Jericho contniues to dig his own grave by accidentally calls Kane a retard, Tori ugly and stupid, and so on. Jericho finally accidentally calls Tori a lunatic and Kane grabs his throat to end his rambling. Jericho fights out of it and comes off the ropes but runs into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker as we get a quick shot of Chyna and Kat laughing and watching this from the back. Kane whips Jericho into a corner and charges but eats a boot. Kane scoops Jericho up but Jericho floats over him and comes off the ropes with a forearm. Jericho comes off the ropes again and goes for a huricanrana but Kane counters with a powerbomb. Kane climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying clothesline and Jericho bails out to the floor. Kane goes out and leaps off the steps but Jericho ducks it and hits some knees but Kane pops him with a right hand. Kane rolls Jericho back in the ring but Jericho snaps his neck on the top rope then hits the springboard dropkick, knocking Kane back off the apron. Jericho goes for a baseball slide but Kane sidesteps and decks Jericho with an uppercut. Kane rams Jericho into the steps then picks them up but misses Jericho with them. Jericho trips Kane into the remaining steps and Kane rolls back in the ring while Jericho climbs to the top rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho when he looks over and sees Chyna and Kat coming out. The distraction allows Kane to grab Jericho by the throat and hit the chokeslam. Kane then follows up with the Tombstone and that ends it (3:21) The first part was pretty funny and the match was entertaining if a little short. Kat then runs down and grabs the Intercontinental Title belt before giving it to Chyna and the two walk off while Jericho is left laying in the ring. **

~ Backstage Triple H and Stephanie are talking to X-Pac who’s finally showed up. The Helmsleys apologize for their actions and X-Pac scoffs at Stephanie but accepts Triple H’s words. Triple H mentions tonight has worked out for the Outlaws but X-Pac points out it was two-on-one. X-Pac says the same thing will happen as always; he’ll get beaten down by Rock and Big Show. Triple H says they’re together and asks X-Pac to trust them as we go to commercial.

Triple H & X-Pac (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Rock & The Big Show

Triple H and X-Pac come out first together to the DX theme to show unity. Triple H then takes Tony Chimel’s mic and says he wants to guess who’s coming out next. Triple H says The Rock is going to come out last because he has to get the big pop so he brings out the man Rock called a jabroni, the Big Show. Sure enough Show comes out next followed by Rock who gets a good reaction. Show tells Rock he wants to start while Triple H starts off for DX. Both men lockup and Show shoves Triple H into a corner and stomps away at him. Show goes for a chop and Triple H reverses and gets in his shots but Show headbutts him. Show whips Triple H hard into the corner and Triple staggers into a sidewalk slam. Rock offers to tag in but Show blows him off and chops Triple H in a corner. X-Pac comes in but Show throws him into Triple H and splashes them both in a corner. Show throws both X-Pac and Triple H across the ring as Rock again wants to tag it. Show refuses and whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H comes off the ropes but runs into a powerslam. Show readies for the chokeslam when Rock reaches over and tags himself in then has words with Show before hammering the DX’ers. Rock throws X-Pac over the ropes and plants Triple H with the spinebuster. Rock goes for the People’s Elbow but X-Pac nails him with a chair from the floor and the referee misses it because he’s busy arguing with Show. Triple H hits a clothesline then X-Pac tags in and pounds Rock down in a corner. X-Pac goes for the Bronco Buster but Rock charges out with a clothesline. Rock misses a right hand and X-Pac hits the spinkick for a two count. Triple H tags back in and rams Rock in a corner before stomping him down and choking him. Both men exchange punches and Rock gets the advantage and goes for a whip but Triple H reverses and both men clothesline each other. Rock starts crawling toward his corner and almost reaches it when Show points out to the referee X-Pac coming in illegally, taking him away from the corner just as Rock reaches out for a tag. Triple H pulls Rock away and drops an elbow before tagging in X-Pac. X-Pac hits a pair of chop then kicks Rock downin the corner before tagging Triple H back in. Triple H hits a suplex for a near fall and goes for a whip but Rock counters with a DDT. Rock crawls over to his corner as Show reaches out but just before the tag Show pulls the arm away. Show then steps off the apron and yells at Rock just as Triple H low blows Rock from behind and follows up with the Pedigree to grab the three. (6:27) This is almost how Sid Justice turned on Hulk Hogan back in 1992. Triple H and X-Pac celebrate before Show goes back in and chokeslams the Rock. Show walks off and Rock is left laying as Smackdown fades to black. **½

Not as good as the past few weeks but still a solid show. There was the great opening segment that brought back Cactus Jack and the intriguing way the Big Show turned on Rock. Show didn’t actually turn heel, he just didn’t like Rock calling him a jabronie, yet you can probably guess which side the fans sided with. The matches were okay other than the solid main event and I still didn’t like the Acolytes both getting squashed in handicap matches. All in all a nice Smackdown to continue the build to the Rumble, though it could have been a little better.


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