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ECW on TNN 2/18/2000

Written By: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents ECW on TNN
From: Tallahassee, FL

Backstage, Cyrus is talking on his headset before the camera comes over. He hypes up Roller Jam which is on in just under one hour! He mentions that Dusty Rhodes put his hands on him last week and that has put more heat on ECW. He brings up RVD’s broken leg and says that they can’t just wait around for him to get better. He says that the ECW Television Championship will be defended on TNN. Cyrus announces that RVD will be stripped of the ECW Television Championship and ECW will do what he tells them to do!

ECW on TNN opening video

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner welcome everyone to the show from their booth and not from the ring. Styles hypes up the ECW Extreme Revolution video game release. The graphics look like trash compared to today’s games.

Backstage, Masato Tanaka cuts a promo on Japanese. He manages to say that he will win back his belt in English. Why not just say the whole promo in English is you can speak it?

Opening Contest: Danny Doring/Roadkill defeated Chris Chetti/Nova:
Chetti backs Doring into a corner but breaks cleanly to start the bout. Doring shoulder blocks Chetti but Chetti fights back with a scissors kick. Nova tags into the match and double hip toss and elbow drop Doring. Roadkill enters to double clothesline Nova and Chetti. Doring gets clotheslined by Roadkill on accident. Nova springboard sidekicks Roadkill and sends Roadkill into Doring in the corner. Nova connects with a spine buster on Doring before leaping off the top to take Roadkill out with a cross body on the floor! Roadkill blocks a tornado DDT attempt from Nova and allows Doring to connect with a clothesline for a two count. Roadkill gets a near fall on Nova after a side walk slam. Roadkill power slams Nova before tagging out to Doring who connects with a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Nova plants Doring with two reverse DDT’s. Roadkill and Chetti get tagged in with Chetti kicking Roadkill down to the mat. Chetti manages to clothesline Doring followed by a side kick. Nova plants Roadkill with a tornado DDT! Nova and Chetti look for the Tidal Wave but Chetti gets crotched by Doring. Nova hit a body splash but Doring comes off the top to leg drop Nova! Roadkill has set up a table on the floor and places Nova on it. Roadkill goes to the top rope and leaps off but misses Nova and crashes through the table! Doring hits Chetti with a jumping double arm DDT to get the win. **
After the match, the ECW World Tag Team Champions the Impact Players attack all four men. Credible nails the men with a kendo stick a few times.

Backstage, Mike Awesome cuts a promo on Masato Tanaka. Awesome chats about how he has beaten Taz, Spike Dudley and New Jack. He is going to give Tanaka an awesome ass kicking.

Second Contest: Super Crazy defeated CW Anderson:
Anderson knee lifts Crazy to get the quick upper hand. Crazy comes off the ropes with a head scissors take down. Crazy takes out Anderson and his partner Bilvis with a springboard moonsault on the floor! Anderson super kicks a chair into Crazy’s face to regain control. Anderson sets up a table in the ring and places it across the middle rope. Anderson heads to the top rope but is crotched on the top by Crazy. Crazy hits Anderson with a top rope hurricanrana! Anderson is able to stop Crazy with a spine buster through the table! Anderson covers but Crazy kicks out at two. Anderson connects with a half nelson suplex but Crazy is able to kick out once again. Crazy springboards off the middle rope to plant Anderson with a tornado DDT. Two tables are slid into the ring by Crazy to go along with two chairs. Crazy puts a chair over Anderson’s neck before hitting another chair into the chair! Crazy puts Anderson on a table and connects with a springboard leg drop through the table but Lou E. Dangerously gets on the apron to stop the pin. Dangerously holds Crazy but Bilvis hits Dangerously on accident before being hit with a chair. Crazy places Anderson on another table and leaps off the top rope to connect with a moonsault but the table doesn’t break. Crazy nearly kills himself by delivering another moonsault onto a table leg. Crazy covers Anderson to get the three count. *3/4

Backstage, Chris Chetti and Nova cut a promo on the Impact Players. Chetti says they have just become their biggest fans. Nova says something about them trying to make an impact at their expense. Chetti insults Credible’s Aldo Montoya gimmick in WWF. Nova talks about working for free and not needing a girl to get over like Lance Storm needed. Chetti finishes off saying they are going to make an impact.

Main Event: ECW World Champion Mike Awesome defeated Masato Tanaka to retain the title: Awesome shoulder blocks Tanaka followed by an over head belly to belly suplex. Tanaka catches Awesome coming off the ropes with a power slam. Awesome leaps off the top rope to nail Tanaka with a back elbow. Tanaka knocks Awesome off the apron with a forearm shot and takes Awesome out with a top rope cross body on the floor! Awesome jumps over the guard railing to dive onto Tanaka in the crowd! Awesome whacks Tanaka over the head in the ring with a chair but Tanaka isn’t affected all that much. Awesome with a release German suplex but Tanaka gets right back up. Awesome gets a near fall following a sit out power bomb! Awesome connects with a clothesline before going to the floor to set up a table. Tanaka avoids a power bomb over the top and clotheslines Awesome on the apron. Tanaka avoids a power bomb on the apron and is able to send Awesome through the table with a tornado DDT through the table on the floor! Tanaka sends Awesome into the guard railing and follows up with a chair shot. Back in the ring, Tanaka hits Awesome with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Tanaka heads to the top rope with a chair after a scoop slam and drives the chair into Awesome’s face for only a two count! Awesome counters a tornado DDT with a spine buster onto a chair! Tanaka is able to dropkick a chair into Awesome’s face as he leaps off the top rope. Tanaka connects with the tornado DDT onto the chair but Awesome kicks out! Awesome elbows out of the Diamond Dust and takes Tanaka down with a double leg slam. Awesome ducks a roaring elbow and connects with a sit out Awesome Bomb but Tanaka kicks out once again! Awesome heads to the top rope and leaps off to connect with the Awesome Splash but Tanaka gets his shoulder up one more time! Awesome sets up a table in the ring but Tanaka escapes a power bomb. Tanaka nails Awesome with the roaring elbow and goes up top but Awesome cuts Tanaka off at the top rope. Awesome leaps off the top with his back towards the ring to connect with an Awesome Bomb off the top through the table! Holy Shit! Awesome covers Tanaka and earns the win. ***1/2

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner hype up the happenings in ECW to close out the show.

My Take:
Decent tag team match to start off the show. The right tag team went over as Doring and Roadkill are for more popular and interesting than the team of Nova and Chetti. However, the promo later on in the show made it seem like there is a feud in the works for the Impact Players and Chetti/Nova. Also, Roadkill is a big guy with some serious agility. I’m liking Doring and Roadkill as the weeks go by.

CW Anderson is a talented worker. His match with Super Crazy might have dragged on a little while with a few unnecessary spots, but it was a fun bout. Crazy nearly killed himself by doing a moonsault onto a table leg.

I don’t believe Awesome and Tanaka can have a bad match. However, that can be said because they pretty much follow the same routine over and over again. Still, they always manage to put on a fantastic bout.

Overall, the in-ring wrestling this week was pretty good. Thus, this week’s episode gets a thumbs up from me.

Thanks for reading.

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