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WWF RAW 12/12/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Liberty, NY

The show opens up with Backlund and Doink cutting promos on each other.

RAW opening video

Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon hype up the show, mainly the featured bout between Backlund and Doink.

Opening Contest: Bob Backlund defeated Doink the Clown:
I really don’t have any interest in this featured bout. Doink trips Backlund from behind as he was hiding from under the ring. The whole match was really mat wrestling and that doesn’t seem to warrant any kind of play by play coverage. Backlund wins the bout with the chicken wing submission. (*. If you are a fan of mat wrestling, I suppose this match would get a much higher rating. To me, it’s not entertaining whatsoever.)

An eight team tournament will be taking place to crown new WWF World Tag Team Champions. The bracket looks like this.
Bam-Bam/Tatanka vs. Men On A Mission
Headshrinkers vs. Owen Hart/Jim Neidhart
Heavenly Bodies vs. the Bushwhackers
Smoking Gunns vs. Well Dunn
The whole tournament will be taking place only on Superstars. The first match listed will be taking place on the next Superstars.

Michaels is playing the video game WWF RAW, which he pins Diesel in the video game!

Jeff Jarrett is in Las Vegas to cut a promo. He is outside putting himself over as the greatest singer and wrestler. He tells Nashville that they missed the boat but Vegas is welcoming him with open arms. He is going to see who wins the Double J sweepstakes because everyone wants him to sing a song off his new album, Ain’t I Great.

Second Contest: WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Mark Starr:
Razor wins the bout after hitting the Razors Edge.

Jerry Lawler comes down to the ring for Kings Court. Lawler’s guest this week in I.R.S. who comes out with a few druids. Lawler talks about athletes making millions of dollars but that is never enough. Lawler says they haven’t been paying the taxes on the money. IRS says that guys like Reggie Jackson and Darryl Strawberry haven’t been paying their taxes. IRS believes that the Undertaker is the biggest tax cheat and says that he has the power of the Million Dollar Man and his druids to combat the power of the urn. IRS assures us that the Undertaker will pay. IRS isn’t worried about Undertaker’s friends because he has a lot of enemies. IRS also says that one of his friends could be one of Undertaker’s worst enemies. We see footage of Lex Luger attacking IRS a few weeks ago. IRS announces that he is wrestling Lex Luger next week. IRS also says that one of his friends could be one of Luger’s worst enemies to end the segment.

Hakushi is coming soon to the WWF.

Third Contest: Aldo Montoya defeated Nick Barbarry:
Montoya wins following a bulldog.

Harvey Whippleman has come down to the ring to shove Finkel for getting involved in Well Dunn’s match last week. Next week, Finkel will be in the Bushwhackers corner as they have a rematch against Well Dunn.

Main Event: King Kong Bundy defeated Bob Knight:
Bundy picks up the win following a splash in the corner.

Santa comes out to give Michaels a championship belt, which is the Women’s Championship, I believe. That closes out the show.

Final Thoughts:
Well, I think it’s safe to say this is the worst RAW of 1994. Nothing about this show was fun to watch. The crowd was dead and I almost fell asleep on four different occasions. I should mention it’s 1pm ET as I write this. Yeah, it was that bad.

Thanks for reading.


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