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WWF RAW 12/19/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Liberty, NY

Lex Luger makes his way down to the ring to open the show with a fan serving as a special flag waver.

RAW opening video

Opening Contest: IRS defeated Lex Luger by count-out: Luger shoulder blocks IRS to kick off the contest. IRS knee lifts Luger to get the upper hand after a few moments of stalling. Luger hip tosses and scoop slams IRS. Luger gets a near fall after hitting a clothesline. Luger knocks a druid off the apron but is sent to the floor by IRS. While on the floor, Luger is attacked by the druid. We go to commercial as we get a close up of a ring on a druid, that McMahon claims it looks familiar. IRS gets a two count following a standing elbow drop. IRS stops Luger with a knee lift as he comes off the ropes. Luger begins to make his comeback with several clotheslines until the druid grabs his foot and IRS nearly gets the win. Luger goes to the floor and rips the druids mask off and its revealed to be Tatanka. Luger has been counted out. (1/2*. Two boring workers produce a really boring match.)
After the match, IRS attacked Luger to save Tatanka and they celebrate their win.

Highlights from WWF Superstars where Tatanka/Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Men On A Mission to advance in the tag team title tournament when Tatanka pinned Mo.

Backstage, the Bushwhackers are hyping up Fink to get pumped for their match later on.

Jeff Jarrett is still in Las Vegas hanging out with Rip Taylor. Jarrett wants some advice from Rip. They talk about having Jarrett’s name on the marquee. They leave to gamble.

Second Contest: the Smoking Gunns defeated Chris Avery/Roy Raymond:
The Gunns win when Billy pins Avery following a top rope leg drop as Bart held Avery over his shoulder.

Jerry Lawler is back with the Kings Court and his guest this week is Bob Backlund. Backlund knows what he is and has a message for Lawler. He knows exactly what is coming from his mouth and asks if they understand. He says when he had the chicken wing on Bret Hart, it was like having the hold on everyone who cheats. Backlund doesn’t believe that Diesel is main enough to shake his hand. Backlund calls Diesel by his name, Kevin Nash, and compares himself as a dinosaur who stepped on his opponents. He is confident that the chicken wing submission will end Diesel.

Third Contest: Bob Holly defeated Chris Kanyon:
Holly earns the win following a top rope elbow drop.

Royal Rumble 1995 Report with Todd Pettengill is up next. Pamela Anderson is the special guest for the Royal Rumble this year. WWF World Champion Diesel defends against Bret Hart. Diesel cuts a promo saying he hopes that Bret is 100%. Diesel pokes fun at Bret wearing pink and talks about wearing black is a manly color. He can’t wait for the Royal Rumble so that a lot of questions can be answered. Todd mentions several wrestlers who are going to be in the Rumble match.

Fourth Contest: the Bushwhackers defeated Well Dunn:
Harvey Whippleman tries to get involved but Fink rips his pants off and Luke ends up pinning Dunn with a roll up after countering a sunset flip.

A segment with Mabel and Santa is aired. Santa ends up sitting on Mabel’s lap since Mabel weighs too much.

Main Event: Jim Neidhart defeated Nick Barbarry:
Neidhart gets the easy win with a camel clutch.

A Royal Rumble hype video featuring Pamela Anderson is aired.

Next week, Davey Boy Smith vs. Tatanka, the Undertaker will be in action and Diesel will be on the Kings Court!

Final Thoughts:
God, these last couple of RAW’s have been quite boring. Nothing enjoyable on this one either. The featured match was a drag to get through and Backlund cut a weird promo, which may have been the point. This is shaping up to be an awful way to close out 1994.

Thanks for reading.


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