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WWF RAW 12/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Liberty, NY

Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels hype up the show as Tatanka and Ted DiBiase head over to talk. DiBiase tells Michaels and says that every day is Christmas for him. DiBiase says tonight is the beginning of their new year resolution.

RAW opening video

Opening Contest: Davey Boy Smith fought Tatanka to a double disqualification:
Tatanka gets to the ropes quickly as Smith puts a hammerlock on him. Smith comes off the ropes to shoulder block Tatanka and follows up with a hip toss. Smith nearly wins with a crucifix pin but Tatanka recovers and hammers away on Smith with several overhand chops. Smith connects with a delayed vertical suplex but isn’t able to follow up because Tatanka rolls to the floor. Tatanka avoids the running power slam but hanging onto the ropes and drops on top of Smith for a two count as RAW goes to commercial. Tatanka gets a two count after a chop. Smith gets a two count following a cross body after coming off the ropes but Tatanka powers out and sends Smith to the floor. Tatanka scoop slams Smith and heads to the top rope but Smith delivers a right hand. Smith with a snap suplex and several clotheslines. Smith comes off the ropes but DiBiase pulls the top rope down and Smith crashes to the floor. Lex Luger runs down to the ring and attacks Tatanka on the floor. They get into the ring and Luger attacks Tatanka. Bam-Bam Bigelow runs down as well and all four men brawl in the ring. Several referees run down to stop the brawling. (*1/4. The action wasn’t awful as they actually did some decent moves and didn’t do a lot of rest holds. I’m starting to get really annoyed whenever I see Lex Luger on my television screen. By the way, the finish didn’t make sense. Luger was the first guy to get involved in the match, thus Tatanka should have gotten a DQ win.)

Todd Pettengill hypes up the Royal Rumble with the Royal Rumble Report. He lists several people involved in the Rumble match and hypes up the Diesel/Bret World Championship match some more. Bret Hart cuts a promo from a cabin, apparently. Hart says he feels great spending the holidays with his family and looks forward to proving he is the best at Royal Rumble. He will deal with Owen Hart when the time is right. He hopes that Owen has a rotten new year. That is brotherly love at its finest! Razor Ramon defends the WWF Intercontinental Championship against Jeff Jarrett. The Undertaker squares off against IRS.

Second Contest: Henry Godwinn defeated Mike Khoury:
This is the debut of Henry Godwin. Henry itches his back throughout the bout giving the impression he has bugs or something. Henry wins the bout following a reverse DDT, called the Slop Drop.

Footage of Hakushi competing on other programs such as Superstars is shown. He will be making his RAW debut soon.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring ripping on the fans before he introduces his guest this week, the WWF World Champion Diesel! Lawler wants to offer Diesel a handshake and Diesel shakes his hand very firmly causing Lawler to scream in pain. Lawler wants to see Bob Backlund put the chicken wing submission on Diesel. He says that Shawn Michaels has told Backlund everything he needs to know to beat Diesel. Lawler credits Michaels with the success that Diesel has had. Lawler bets that Diesel wishes he didn’t say that Bret Hart could have a title match whenever he wanted it. Lawler is actually crediting Hart as a man who will beat Diesel but ends up saying he hopes that both men are taken out of the WWF. Diesel chimes in saying he wishes that Lawler would shut his mouth. Diesel tosses Lawler over the top rope to the floor and puts Lawler’s crown on his head to close the segment.

Footage of the Heavenly Bodies defeating the Bushwhackers on WWF Superstars to advance in the tag team tournament is aired.

Third Contest: Kwang defeated Rich Myers:
Kwang pins Myers following a spinning heel kick.

Vinny Pazienza cuts a promo to hype up his boxing match on January 14th. He tells Michaels that he will take Michaels out when he is done boxing.

A video hyping up the debut of Kama the Supreme Fighting Machine is aired.

Backstage, Ted DiBiase accepts Davey Boy Smith and Lex Luger’s challenge for Bam-Bam Bigelow and Tatanka.

Main Event: the Undertaker defeated the Brooklyn Brawler:
Taker wins the bout following a tombstone pile driver.

Final Thoughts:
If this month is any indication of what 1995 will be like, it will be a struggle to get through 1995 RAW. The only positive on the show was seeing that Hakushi is making his debut soon.

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