202 ROH Return Of The 187 10/24/2008

ROH 202 – Return Of The 187 – 24th October 2008

So here we go. Here begins the last Ring Of Honor weekend under the stewardship of Gabe Sapolsky. I’ll be marking such a momentous and significant event in ROH history by tagging a review of the excellent Kayfabe Commentaries ‘Gabe’s Book Of ROH Secrets’ on the end of my ‘Ring Of Homicide 2’ DVD – and have my say on the matter then. For now, lets concentrate on what he’s laid on for these last two shows. Coming off an eventful Glory By Honor weekend where we saw new Tag Champions crowned on pay-per-view, the Briscoes settle their score with Age Of The Fall in Steel Cage Warfare and Nigel McGuinness continue to go from strength to strength as ROH Champion (although he’s not in attendance this weekend). To make up for the absence of the World Champion, we were initially set to bring in the Motor City Machine Guns once again…until one of them (I believe Chris Sabin) succumbed to injury. ROH and TNA worked quickly to book replacements – LAX, meaning the ROH returns Hernandez and former World Champion Homicide. They’re positioned in a 30-minute Iron Man main event alongside current Tag Champions Steen and Generico, former champions Age Of The Fall and representatives from Sweet’n’Sour Inc. Such a stacked main event leaves the undercard looking a little threadbare…but we do get Go Shiozaki defending the FIP Title against Austin Aries in a rematch from Sixth Anniversary Show. We’re in Danbury, CT.

ROH VIDEO WIRE (21/10/2008) – This is mostly highlights from Japan and Glory By Honor weekend. There is a fresh promo from Jerry Lynn, although it is rehashing the same material we’ve seen at the last couple of shows.

The show opens with some of the ROH graduates looking at…someone in the trees? It’s impossible to tell who it is though. Maybe Jimmy Jacobs?

In the building, Rhett Titus strolls into the women’s locker room (bathroom). He sees Sara Del Rey furiously yelling at some other female wrestlers. He tries his luck…but strikes out.

A beardy Jimmy Jacobs interrupts Bobby Cruise’s introduction to the show. He’s clearly not in a happy place after losing the Tag Championship and Steel Cage Warfare in the same weekend. He announces he’s going to destroy Ring Of Honor…but gets interrupted himself by some very familiar theme music. Homicide (wearing an old school ROH/Homicide t-shirt) makes his return and gets a huge response. TNA has made Homicide MUCH better on the stick. He lays waste to Jacobs, but is quickly overwhelmed by Tyler Black and Delirious. Ruckus (who looks like mini-Homicide) comes out to save him. He was sent by Julius Smokes apparently…

Ruckus vs Jason Blade

So after that last segment Ruckus should at least get some crowd support. Blade has been playing the role of east coast jobber for near three years now, but has got much more interesting since he started using the YRR gimmick. With Kenny King impressing on recent shows, it’s now his turn to show what he can do and try to earn a regular spot.

Lenny Leonard scores major props by name-dropping Xavier. I miss that guy! Ruckus hits an early arm drag to send Blade out of the ring. Running moonault to the floor misses…but Ruckus lands on his feet and boots Jason in the face. SSP off the apron misses, only for Ruckus to land on his feet again! TUMBLING STANDING MOONSAULT! At last Ruckus manages to land some aerial offence on his opponent. Lungblower from Blade, followed by a neckbreaker. Ruckus nips up into a backflip kick. Razzle Dazzle nailed too. Rolling neckbreaker blocked and Jason hits a Flatliner into the turnbuckles. Both men battle on the ropes…until Ruckus hits a GUTWRENCH UBER-BOTCH! Blade ricocheted off the ropes and is seriously lucky not to be paralysed right there. Springboard second rope corkscrew senton wins it for Ruckus at 07:01.

Rating – * –
There was actually some fun aerial stuff on display here, and this wasn’t a chore to sit through at all. However, the majority of it was slightly crazy, contrived, almost backyard-ish stuff from Ruckus which felt a little out of place on a Ring Of Honor show. Certainly he didn’t do anything this match that critics weren’t tearing Special K apart for during the 2002-2003 Scramble Match era. Blade did his best to hold things together considering this was, by and large, a squash win for the Chocolate Vulture. In the end, he’ll probably be glad he’s walking out at all. That botch was SO dangerous…

Jerry Lynn stands in a corridor re-iterates his desire to face the best ROH has to offer to earn a World Title match.

Ariel vs Sara Del Rey

This is the first time Ariel has appeared on an ROH main show for years, but she’s been a regular for Dave Prazak’s SHIMMER promotion. She’s nothing more than canon fodder for former SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Rey tonight though.

For some reason Sara Del Rey comes out dressed like Storm from X-Men. It’s almost as surreal as Ariel coming out to B*Witched’s ‘C’est La Vie’. Credit to Ariel, she withstands Del Rey’s initial charge and lays in some hard forearms before flooring her with a dropkick. Sara’s power and aggression quickly brings her back into things though. Ariel is wiped out with a capo kick, before Del Rey wins it at 03:34 with the Royal Butterfly.

Rating – DUD –
The problem with this Sara Del Rey squash push is that it’s not going anywhere. ROH is never going to be serious about pushing a women’s division. SHIMMER is a sister promotion so they’d be stealing business from that organisation, plus all the best female talent has already been snapped up by TNA and WWE. I like her new bad ass character, but it’s at the point now where it feels like a waste of DVD time spending so much time building up a wrestler who essentially is nothing more than a valet. Apparently Larry Sweeney has promised to get her a rematch with MsChif for the SHIMMER Title on a future ROH event though, so that could be good.

Larry Sweeney chats to Go Shiozaki. It’s unclear how much Go understands. Larry tells Austin Aries that he needs to make sure his head is entirely focused on the FIP Title match tonight. Chris Hero and Davey Richards come in to discuss strategy for the main event.

Rhett Titus vs Grizzly Redwood – Top Of The Class Trophy Match

This would be an in-ring main show debut for Mitch Franklin’s new lumberjack gimmick. Opinions seem mixed going on live reports, but I think it’s good he’s trying to break the mould of typical ROH academy graduate and actually try something. It’s totally corny, but it’s not like Rhett has reinvented the wheel with his goofy ladies man deal…and he’s fast becoming arguably the top guy ever to come out of the school.

Rhett is actually pretty over at this point. He’s also sporting a new, comically huge TOTC Trophy. It’s taller than he is! Daizee Haze attacks him during his ring entrance and has to be restrained. These guys have ridiculous gimmicks and trade off hideous rhyming cheeseball lines as well. Titus throws Redwood across the ring by his beard. Gyrating suplex gets 2. Grizzly blocks the Gyrating Neckbreaker and hits a neckbreaker of his own. Bowtie snapmare scores for the Littlest Lumberjack but Rhett flattens him with a dropkick then the Razor’s Edge to win at 05:30.

Rating – DUD –
With EIGHT of the top workers on the card in the main event it leaves the rest of the show looking weak. Ordinarily this would’ve been stuck on the pre-show and you wouldn’t think anything of it. I have to be honest and say I like Rhett Titus. He’s come out of nowhere to become one of the real success stories of 2008. However, he needs to get in the ring and work undercard matches with experienced pros to gain experience. Throwing him out there to wrestler another graduate for 3-5 minutes is not what he needs at this stage to develop as a performer.

Daizee Haze comes out to attack Titus again until more jobbers and officials run in to pull her off.

Back in the Sweet’n’Sour locker room Sweeney encourages Hero and Davey to win the Iron Team Match tonight to elevate themselves into Tag Title contention.

Brent Albright vs Jay Briscoe

It seems an utterly bizarre decision not to put the Briscoes into the Iron Team Match tonight. You’re trying to do a broadway tag team main event to show off Ring Of Honor’s tag team division…without putting probably the best team on your roster in it? No offence to Davey and Hero because I rate both those guys, but their spots should’ve gone to Jay and Mark.

The bell rings and we get some nice back and forth wrestling. Nothing fancy or overly focused, but it’s good, competitive stuff. Albright lands the first significant strike with a swinging backbreaker for 2. He looks to work Jay’s back, with Briscoe working his way out of a reverse bear hug only to be taken straight back over with a belly to belly suplex. Albright goes back to the rear bear hug after a big knee to the midsection. Briscoe fights back to his feet and finally floors Albright with a big boot. He also nails that impressive dropkick for 2, although I can’t say I’m fantastically impressed with how he’s completely ignoring all the work Albright did on his back. Brent keeps him at bay with a flapjack. German suplex gets 2. Jay whips him out of the ring…SOMERSAULT PLANCHA UP THE AISLE! But Jay tries to take to the skies again with a flying crossbody, and gets caught in the Crowbar. He counters out, then wriggles free of the Air Raid Crash to drop Brent with a DVD. TOP ROPE LEG DROP…for 2. But Albright is still able to counter the Jay Driller as Briscoe’s back is too injured. HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Albright gets the win at 12:09.

Rating – *** –
That was fun. Not exactly thought provoking or overly cerebral but it was perfectly fine for two guys working some crisp mat work, a decent period of working a body part, then some fun high impact stuff at the end. The three parts of the match didn’t necessarily segue into each other all that well, but for a thrown together undercard bout this did its job.

Brent Albright isn’t done for the evening. He calls out anyone from Sweet’n’Sour Inc. Larry Sweeney arrives…and sends Bobby Dempsey into battle. Brent tells Dempsey to stick up for himself, then chases Larry to the back.

Delirious vs Mark Briscoe vs Necro Butcher – No DQ Match

There are some crazy personalities in this one, and none of them like each other very much. The Briscoes essentially settled their scores with Age Of The Fall at Glory By Honor by winning Steel Cage Warfare, but there’s still no love lost between Mark and that group, so he won’t be passing up the opportunity to work Delirious – particularly after what the lizard man did to the Briscoes’ friend Daizee Haze during the match. Mark also won’t have forgotten what Necro did to the them during the early days as Project 161 became Age Of The Fall.

Delirious attacks Briscoe before Necro even comes out. The Butcher has to job out sans music and start laying into both of them with his trademark right hands. Delirious kills his momentum with a vicious chair shot though. That gives Necro a really nasty looking gash on the top of his head. After a brief battle on the floor Delirious then suplexes Mark through the time keeping table. CHAIR SLAM on the concrete floor from Necro to Delirious. Mark gets up and tries to fight Necro…who back drops him right back into the shattered remnants of the broken table. Maybe that turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Mark starts using the broken legs of that table as a weapon on both his opponents. The match spills all the way out into the cheap seats. MARK WITH A MOONSAULT OFF THE BLEACHERS! Back to ringside and Mark misses a springboard clothesline and gets drilled by a section of guardrail that Necro has torn free. Delirious sets the same guardrail section in the corner for a GUARDRAIL PANIC ATTACK on Necro. He then sets Butcher up in some chairs. Mark from the top to hit a FLYING DOUBLE STOMP through the chairs. Briscoe goes back to the top to hit a CHAIR ENFORCED MOONSAULT on Delirious for 2. That doesn’t keep the lizard man down, and he recovers to hit a FISHERMAN BUSTER THROUGH A CHAIR! Next he grabs Necro. COBRA CLUTCH SUPLEX THROUGH THE GUARDRAIL! Mark breaks the fall at 2. He powerbombs Delirious through another couple of chairs and gets another nearfall. He goes for a moonsault on Necro, who gets the knees up! Chokeslam on Delirious, into the Tiger Driver. Necro wins at 13:57.

Rating – **** –
I had to think hard about this one, but it just about scrapes into 4* territory because it was a lot of fun, and I feel like the three guys deserved a decent rating because they were killing themselves out there. Delirious really contributed a lot here, despite the fact that it was Mark supplying the major high spots and Necro taking most of the major bumps. His new, deranged AOTF puppet gimmick is really good and, with only a few minor alterations to his mannerisms, ring entrance and so on, he’s been able to change up his tired old gimmick into something really fresh.

Before the next match a surreal thing occurs…a dishevelled PRINCE NANA comes through the crowd and gets a MASSIVE pop. He has lost his thrown, his money and his women…and is here to beg for his job back. Jobbers arrive to escort him out of the building

Claudio Castagnoli vs Jerry Lynn

Inspired by his performance at Vendetta 2 against McGuinness, Jerry Lynn has signed up with ROH for the foreseeable future, looking to earn himself a World Title match and prove to everyone that despite his age, he’s still got enough in the tank for one last substantial run. So to earn that title shot, he wants to compete with some of the best ROH has to offer, such as tonight’s bout with former Tag Team Champion Claudio Castagnoli.

From the bell Lynn looks to be a step ahead of the surly Castagnoli, hitting a satellite headscissors to send him out of the ring in a sulk. Claudio comes back into the ring and gets the advantage by declining to give Jerry a clean break in the corner. He counters a monkey flip attempt by dropping Lynn onto the turnbuckles, but makes a rookie mistake by tucking his head between the ropes and falling victim to the Jerry Lynn hallmark guillotine leg drop. FLYING HEADSCISSORS FROM THE APRON by the veteran. He goes for the tornado DDT but Castagnoli blocks with a jawbreaker then flattens him with a running European uppercut. Amping up the aggression, Double C wraps the leg around the ringpost, then drills it into the guardrails too. Castagnoli’s tenacity is such that Lynn is quickly reduced to hopping around the ring in pain. Figure 4 Leglock applied to do yet more damage. Jerry fights free, but is barely back on his feet before Claudio chopblocks the knee out from under him. He hops around the ring, turning right into Castagnoli’s bicycle kick. Riccola Bomb countered but he tries to go to the top rope and takes WAY too long. Sunset flip out of the corner nearly wins it for the former ECW Champion. He goes for the Cradle Piledriver but can’t even get Claudio up. DEAD-LIFT GERMAN SUPLEX by Castagnoli, into a horse collar on that bad leg. ONE LEGGED BIG SWING! HALF CRAB! Lynn is screaming in pain but somehow crawls to the bottom rope. Claudio charges…and out of nowhere Jerry rolls him up. THREE COUNT! Lynn wins at 12:56

Rating – *** –
What a blast. I could have done with that easily going for another 10 minutes. Claudio back as an uber dick heel is a joy to behold (much better than that cheerful guy that yells ‘HEY’ a lot), and Jerry’s selling of the knee was spectacular. Very enjoyable

In the back Necro Butcher says he doesn’t have any friends, and he’s fighting to earn money to support his young family.

Go Shiozaki vs Austin Aries – FIP Heavyweight Title Match

Do you think Floridians tire of having the FIP belt defended more at ROH shows than on home soil? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad we’re seeing this rematch as they nearly stole the show back in February at the Sixth Anniversary…but I think Go is over enough without the belt, Aries clearly isn’t winning the belt and I just didn’t need this to be a championship match to be amped for it.

Go works an early grounded headscissors, and demonstrates that he’s done his homework this time, rolling away quickly to avoid the usual Aries escape dropkick. He tries the same thing again, this time blocking when Aries escapes…to which Austin responds by chopping him in the now unprotected chest. Speaking of chop, Austin has clearly made it his top priority to evade Go’s chops at all costs tonight. Five minutes ticks by and Shiozaki is clearly frustrated that he still hasn’t landed a big chop. Finally Larry Sweeney distracts Aries, and as the former World Champion turns back he strides right into a massive chop. It sends him crashing to the floor and just like that it’s Go that controls things. He drapes Aries over the apron to deliver a running knee strike to the exposed head. He then delivers a driving, Kobashi-style chop to the exposed opponent that sends Austin falling to the floor. Shiozaki demonstrates how much damage he’s done to Aries by successfully working a grounded headscissors. A superkick levels Aries and gets Shiozaki a 2-count. He even MOCKS Aries by attempting to hit a brainbuster. The champion’s offence is focused on the chest, throat and neck of his opponent and he makes it even tougher for his opponent to breathe by working a sleeper hold. Out of desperation Aries manages to back drop Shiozaki to the floor…but as he looks to gain some momentum with the Heat Seeking Missile Sweeney sweeps his legs.

Go to the floor again…and THIS time Aries nails the Heat Seeking Missile. CACTUS ELBOW FROM THE SECOND ROPE! Shiozaki looks to be in real trouble, but he reacts quickly to counter the IED with a big boot to the face. He goes for a swinging backbreaker but it’s countered into the LAST CHANCERY! Sweeney manages to assist his client to the ropes to break it. Kick Of Death blocked…GERMAN SUPLEX FOR 2. CHOP FLURRY IN THE CORNER! Aries messes up the crucifix driver…BRAINBUSTER BY GO! He’s too worn down to cover, but his massive chops are able to floor Austin Aries at any time. Austin decides it’s time to bust out the big guns. DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ON THE APRON! Both men are out of it on the floor and barely beat the standing 20-count to get back inside. SUPERKICK! GO LARIATOOO gets 2. He positions Aries…SHIOZAKI MOONSAULT MISSES! LAST CHANCERY AGAIN! But again the champion manages to find a rope. KICK OF DEATH! BRAINBUSTAAAAH! He thinks 450…but Go THROWS THE REF INTO THE ROPES! Both men fight in the ropes…AVALANCHE GO FLASHER! GO WINS IN 24:31!

Rating – **** –
Another awesome match between these two. Technically I think this one was borderline better, however, the 6YA match felt a lot more organic with a far better crowd. This was still well worth watching though. Shiozaki was ON tonight, to such an extent he actually made Aries look like a rookie. Go was dominating proceedings with a focused attack, showing progression from the first match by having counters to all Aries’ key moves and generally looking like an all round bad ass, whilst at the same time Austin was botching little bits, chucking in random high spots for no reason and delivering a slightly patchy sell job on the throat. I’m glad this one was given all the time it needed. I’m quite sure Gabe sat in the back, booked this match and had a real question mark over what these two would produce given 25 minutes of ring time…but they certainly delivered a hell of a bout that the Iron Team main event will he hard-pushed to top.

LAX vs Sweet’n’Sour Inc. vs Age Of The Fall vs Kevin Steen/El Generico – Iron Team Match

This is a 30-minute Iron Team Match. Bobby Cruise announces that the final 10 minutes will be competed under Scramble Rules. There are no pressing issues here, but with a top tag team in from TNA (initially the Machine Guns, but now LAX) ROH want to show off the strength of their tag division by chucking all the big hitting factions in there together. Indeed, all six ROH competitors in this match have held (or are currently holding) Tag Team gold. S’n’S Inc. are represented by Chris Hero and the returning Davey Richards. We’ll have the interesting prospect of current and former Tag Champions colliding whenever Steen or Generico get into the ring with Jimmy Jacobs or Tyler Black. But for many the highlight will be the ROH returns for former World Champion Homicide and former Texas Wrestling Academy graduate ‘Hotstuff’ Hernandez. They’ve carved out a popular niche for themselves in TNA with this gimmick, and obviously we know how good Homicide can be when he’s on his game. The real x-factor for me, however, is Hernandez. He always looked like a beast way back in 2003 when he was used on a semi-regular basis. Gabe has even admitted (somewhat mocking Hernandez in the process) that he was going to give him a push as Paul London’s tag partner up until London got injured right before Round Robin Challenge 2. Did ROH miss the boat with this dude?

First thing you notice is that Hernandez is STILL absolutely colossal. Hero goes for an early Roaring Elbow which is ducked by Generico. The current Tag Champions combine to give themselves an early advantage over Hero. Homicide gets the tag, and Jacobssprints away to tag in his partner Tyler Black instead. The returning former World Champion goes right for an STF but Black manages to escape. Age Of The Fall ditch the fancy stuff and opt for a rugged double team choke on Homicide…who manages to tip them out of the ring. TOPE CON HILO! I have missed that spot! Dave Prazak and Lenny Leonard get into an argument about whether a team could theoretically tag in to face each other, lay down to pin each other and rack up easy falls. Chris Hero and Davey Richards almost put this theory to the test but instead drag Generico in to work him over. ‘Tag Homicide, he kicks ass’ – Steen shouting advice to El Generico.

Ten minutes have now passed with no falls exchanged. Hero batters Generico against the ropes as the LAX cheer on their masked ‘Latin American’ compatriot. Generico gets the tag to Homicide…much to the disappointment of Hernandez who thought his fellow Mexican would tag him in. Hero blocks the Cop Killa but can’t escape ‘Cide’s Tornado DDT for 2. Hernandez at last does get the hot tag and hits the ring with a slingshot shoulder tackle on both S’n’S Inc. members. Jimmy Jacobs tries to cheapshot him. OVERHEAD CHOKE SUPLEX ON JACOBS! Generico tries to go at it with Hernandez…until Mr Wrestling comes in and tells him not to be an idiot. BORDER TOSS UP THE AISLE FOR BLACK! Steen then sweeps his legs as Hotstuff thinks about a big dive. ARGENTINE BACKBREAKER on Generico. FLYING PLANCHA TO EVERYONE BY HERNANDEZ! Now it’s Hernandez left alone with Richards. Davey tries to use his strikes but gets powerbombed for 2. Black has recovered and hits a springboard suplex on Homicide, then a Pele kick on Hernandez. Homicide drops Jimmy with the Exploder then gets sent into a ringpost by Tyler. GOD’S LAST GIFT gets 2 on Homicide. PHOENIX SPLASH! Age Of The Fall take the lead at 19:13 with Tyler pinning Homicide.

Twenty minutes has now elapsed so the rules switch to Scramble Rules. The eight wrestlers celebrate this fact by brawling all over ringside. Hero and Richards take turns working submission holds on Steen, who taps to give Sweet’n’Sour a fall at 21:19. Homicide goes for his Lariat on Hero, who counters with a Rolling Elbow for 2. Ace Crusher nailed…LARIAT! LAX get a fall at 22:31. Jacobs locks End Time in on Cide but Hernandez saves. FLYING SPLASH BY HERNANDEZ! Steen actually saves Jimmy Jacobs from the Border Toss, only for Jacobs to put him in End Time. Pumphandle Cradlebreaker nailed to escape that. Richards gets 2 with a German suplex on Generico. TOP ROPE SPLASH COMBO from the Tag Champions, but Davey still kicks out and goes back to the Cloverleaf on Steen. JACOBS PUTS HIM IN END TIME! Jimmy tries to End Time Homicide but it’s countered to an Ace Crusher. COP KILLAAAAAA! LAX take the lead at 26:14. Chris Hero nearly scores a fall on Black with a Ligerbomb, then eats a Yakuza Kick from Generico. BRAINBUSTER! Richards saves his partner as we hit the two minute warning. STEEN MOONSAULT TO HERO! HE KICKS OUT AT 2! It breaks down into a mess of guys going for pinfalls as we enter the last 60 seconds. Tyler gets 2 with the F-5 on Hero. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER ON DAVEY! Ultimately we end up with a big pile of bodies and the time limit expires. LAX take the victory at 30:00.

Rating – *** –
I’m not saying that wasn’t an enjoyable main event because it certainly was. But thirty minutes was NEVER going to be enough time for eight men of this calibre to shine in this format of match. Everything felt rushed, they were so pressed for time that we never saw any real stories develop, the pinfalls seemed somewhat random (although Tyler Black pinning former ROH Champion Homicide is certainly significant) and the Scramble sort of degenerated into a clusterf*ck. Hernandez actually stole the show in this one. In ROH terms the guy is a giant, so watching him dive around and absolutely decimate everyone in this match provided most of the highlights. I’m not actually going to call this match a disappointment, because in truth it was what I was expecting – 30 fun minutes of eight talented wrestlers hitting spots. I was never really expecting them to deliver a MOTY…

Homicide gets on the stick and thanks the fans for supporting ROH. He really does seem delighted to be back in an ROH ring by the way. He then hypes LAX vs Briscoes tomorrow night

Tape Rating – ** –
I get accused of being too positive all the time so, for the record, I think this is a harsh rating. Outside of a sucky opening three matches (which could easily have been cut in all fairness), this is a really fun and solid show. Jamming most of your roster into the main event and missing your World Champion (Nigel) and top star (Danielson) meant the undercard had a different feel with the Briscoes wrestling singles match of a decent length, Jerry Lynn putting on a masterclass in selling an injured body part, and Go Shiozaki and Austin Aries make the most of getting 25 minutes of ring time to put on a really good match for the FIP Title. Oh, and Prince Nana returned as well! Ultimately I’ve marked this down because this show is totally skippable. The main event is messy fun but nothing must-see (I imagine Briscoes/LAX tomorrow will be better), Aries/Go was as good if not slightly better at the Sixth Anni Show and there have been plenty of hardcore brawls better than the Mark/Necro/Delirious three-way if that’s your bag. Indeed, outside of Lynn’s awesome selling and returns for Homicide, Hernandez and Nana, it’s hard to push a significant selling point for this DVD.

Top 3 Matches

3) LAX vs Age Of The Fall vs Sweet’n’Sour Inc. vs Kevin Steen/El Generico (***)

2) Necro Butcher vs Delirious vs Mark Briscoe (****)

1) Go Shiozaki vs Austin Aries (****)

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