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WWF RAW 4/23/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
April 23, 2001
Live from: Denver, CO
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with some footage of Smackdown.

Raw opens with Kane and Undertaker coming down to the ring. Undertaler grabs the microphone and says that during all the years Kane and him were never known for their sense of humor and it hasn’t been a decade of laughs, it’s been a decade of destruction. He said he heard HHH say the funniest thing he has ever heard. They show a clip of HHH saying that him and Austin are the most dominate guys in the business today and Undertaker wants to see it again and they show the clip again. Undertaker said, I told you it was funny. He said, he doesn’t want HHH and Austin to think they are offended, Undertaker said it’s pretty damn funny. He said, in the main event at Backlash, all the titles are on the line. He said one thing comes to his mind and that’s Austin and HHH losing their titles. Undertaker said that the match has been set and it will be decided who will get what title. Then Undertaker says that tonight they should have a match to see who the most dominate team is and he calls out HHH and Austin. Then Edge and Christian come out and Edge says that Kane and Undertaker have been tag team champions once and that they have been champions 7 times. Then Christian bashes the fans. Then he says the only reason they won on Smackdown is because they set Regal’s office on fire and that they were not prepared. Edge and Christian said that they want to fight them now and they go in the ring and Undertaker and Kane destroy them. Then Austin and HHH come out and attack Kane and Undertaker. (Like we didn’t see that coming) Austin then gets 2 steel chairs and HHH and Austin beat on Kane and Undertaker.


Vince McMahon and Stephanie are shown talking backstage and then they get cut and they show Mick Foley at WWF New York. Vince is like, what the hell is Mick Foley doing at WWF New York and Stephanie said that there is free food and Vince said, “No, I think he is up to something.”

The Dudley Boyz join Jim Ross and Paul Heyman.

Match #1
Hardcore Title
Spike Dudley vs Rhyno

Before the match started, X-Pac, Albert and Credible came out to watch the match from the entrance ramp.

Rhyno starts off by attacking Spike. Then Rhyno tried to spear Spike, but Spike hit him with a garbage can. Then the Dudleyz get up and they start fighting with X-Factors. Then Spike covers Rhyno, but Albert pulls him out. Then Spike goes back in the ring and Rhyno speared him and got the win. After the match, The Dudley Boyz beat on the X-Factors.
Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Rhyno


Steven Richards tells RTC, that tonight he does not want them to fight the good fight, he wants them to fight to win.

Match #2
Bull Buchanan and Goodfather vs Kaentai

Kaentai came out and went back and they came back out with a John Elway Jersey. Then they do their usual promo. Goodfather starts off with Funaki and he beats on him and Buchanan makes the tag and he continues the punishment on Funaki. Then Taka gets in and Goodfather gets in to equal things up and Kaentai threw the Goodfather to the outside and Funaki does a crossbody on him. Then Taka jumps on Buchanan and he catches him, then Funaki drop kicks him and Taka falls on Buchanan and covers him and Funaki held Buchanan’s leg and they got the three count. RTC’s losing streak continues.
Winners: Kaentai


Foley is shown again at WWF New York and he had a whole bunch of plates and was ready to eat. Vince and Stephanie are talking backstage. Big Show walks in and asks Vince if he meant what he said about him being a big dissapointment and Vince said no. Then Big Show puts a tape in the VCR and shows them something. It was Test walking up to Jeff hardy and congratulating him on hitting Stephanie. Then Show said that since he can’t get his hands on Shane tonight, he wants Test and Vince likes the idea.

Kurt Angle walks into Regal’s office and he tells him he appreciates him make the match tonight. He says that Benoit and Jericho are going down faster then Turrel Davis on an open day, then Regal says he doesn’t know who that is. Then they argue about who’s going to make who tap out first.

Michael Cole says that Undertaker and Kane are not able to compete tonight, but they told him they will be ready for this Sunday.


HHH/Austin Segment

Austin and HHH come down under Vince’s No Chance in Hell music. HHH starts off by insulting the fans. Then he refreshes people’s memories about what happened so far tonight. Then HHH talks about Backlash and said that all the gold were on the line. He said that the IC and World title belong to them and the tag team titles too. HHH said that this ring belongs to them. Then HHH said that the entire WWF belongs to them and he says that Kane and Undertaker’s asses belong to them too. Austin grabs the microphone and said everything HHH said was true. Austin said that if Undertaker and Kane still have some energy left, to bring their asses out. Then the Hardy Boyz come out. Matt said that they want to call someone out, well they are out. He said, regardless to what they do to the Hardys, they will keep coming back again and again and again. Then Undertaker and Kane come out and right away Austin and HHH left the ring. Mick Foley’s music hits and he is shown once again at WWF New York. Mick Foley had a bag with him and he said he has something in the bag that will make things better. He takes out a paper and said it’s a contract he signed with Linda when he was commish and he can make any main event for any Raw for this year. He makes a 8-man tag team match. Edge, Christian, HHH and Austin VS Undertaker, Kane and the Hardy Boyz.


Match #3
Submission Match
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho vs William Regal and Kurt Angle

Jericho says, at Backlash he has a match with commissioner ass clown. He said no one knows more about Dutchs and Queens then Regal. Then he said he found a picture of her and they show Regal’s face on the Queen’s body.

The match starts with all 4 men fighting. Then Jericho goes for the early Walls of Jericho, but Angle clothelines him. Then Jericho squares off against Angle. Benoit tries to put the hold again, but Angle hits him and puts the ankle lock and Benoit made the save. William Regal gets the tag and he tries to put the Regal’s strech on Jericho, but Benoit gets the tag and goes in and does 2 belly to back suplexes. Angle gets drilled too, then Benoit does another suplex and puts the crippler’s crossface on Regal and Regal taps out and gets the win.
Winners: Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho


The Coach interviews Trish and Trish basically plugs the new divas video.

Match #4
Big Show vs Test

Test starts off with a few punches, then Show picks him up and throws him in the corner, then Test turns things around and puts Show in the corner and starts kicking him. Show just knocked Test down. Show picks him up and does a back breaker. Big Show does a bear hug, then Test fights back and clotheslines Show twice but he wouldn’t go down. Then he eventually takes him down. Then Show was about to clothesline Test and Shane comes and delivers a chair shot and leaves.
Winner: By DQ, Shane

Vince was looking for Shane backstage. Then he runs into Trish and he tells Trish to take her clothe off. Trish asks him what he means and he tells her that she will face Ivory tonight and if she loses the match, she will have to join Right To Censor.


Cole interviews Raven, Grandmaster and Steve Blackman and they talk about their upcoming match with the Radicalz.

Match #5
Raven, Grandmaster and Steve Blackman vs The Radicalz

The match starts with Saturn and Blackman. Then Malenko gets the tag and so does Grandmaster. Grandmaster clotheslines Malenko and he goes on the top rope and Saturn pulls him off. Eddie gets the tag and beats on Grandmaster. Then Saturn gets the tag and he sends him to the ropes, but Grandmaster hits him and tries to suplex him, but Saturn picks him up and puts him on the top rope, then Grandmaster pushes him off and does a crossbody. Raven gets the tag and he knocks down Malenko. Then all 6 men start fighting at the same time. Eddie does a half Nelson roll up and gets the win on Raven.
Winner: The Radicalz


Right To Censor are shown arguing, then Ivory breaks up the arguing and she says she will win and bring in a new member.

Match #6
Trish Stratus vs Ivory

The match starts with Ivory taking down Trish. Ivory drives Trish face first. Bodyslam by Ivory and she covers, but Trish kicked out. Trish beats on Ivory in the corner and she takes her down and then bodyslams her and only gets a two count. Icory clotheslines her out of nowhere. Ivory does a modified version of the death valley driver and only gets a two count. Ivory goes on the top rope and jumps but Trish moves. Then Trish gets the pin.
Winner: Trish Stratus


Match #7
8-man tag team match
Edge, Christian, HHH and Austin VS Undertaker, Kane and Hardy Boyz

The match starts with all 8 men fighting. Kane was beating on Austin on the outside. Edge and Christian beat on Kane. Then the Hardyz double team Christian in the ring. Then Christian pulls Jeff by the hair and puts him down. Austin gets the tag and so does Undertaker. Taker takes care of Austin and he does one hell of a back body drop on HHH. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Austin. Then HHH hits Kane from behind. Austin and HHH beat on Kane. HHH gets the official tag and he works on Kane’s arm. Christian gets the tag and he goes after Kane’s arm too. Then Edge gets the tag. Then they try to triple team Kane, but Taker makes the save. All of them were fighting on the outside except Kane and HHH. Matt Hardy gets the tag and Matt goes after HHH. HHH does a neck breaker and covers, but Taker makes the save. Taker does the shokeslam, but Edge and Christian get him out. Austin gets the stunner on Matt Hardy and HHH gets the pin.
Winners: Edge, Christian, HHH and Austin


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