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WWF RAW 4/30/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
April 30, 2001
Live from: Milwaukee, WI
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Opening Segment

Kurt Angle comes out and says that Chris Benoit showed him a side of him he has never seen before. He said that Benoit showed the entire world that he is the biggest cheater in the entire world and how can Chris Benoit live with himself? Kurt Angle says when he loses, he takes it like a man, but this is ridiculous. Then he shows footage of last night and they show Kurt putting the ankle lock and the time expires and after the time expires, Benoit taps out and Kurt says that it was overtime and immediately after the bellg rang the match must continue, therefore he won. Then people started to chant, “Angle sucks”. Kurt said that when the gold medal was placed around his neck in 1996, he became an immortal, a legend. Then Chris Benoit comes out and goes in the ring and Kurt Angle tells him that he can rob people of their matches, that’s ok, but he doesn’t have the gold medals. Kurt says that he is the best in the world and nothing can change that. Benoit grabs the microphone and says that Kurt Angle is right, he is an Olympic gold medalist and he was the best in the world. Chris Benoit said that after everything Kurt Angle accomplished, he was beat last night and he can’t do nothing about that, it’s true, it’s true. Then Angle attacks Benoit, then Benoit does two German suplexes and then throws Kurt Angle to the outside. Benoit picks up Kurt’s medal and leaves with it.


Kurt Angle was looking for Chris Benoit backstage, then he asks Tazz and Michael Cole if they saw Chris and Tazz said no, then Kurt leaves and Michael Cole telsl Tazz if they should tell him that Chris Benoit already left the building and Tazz said nah, to let him look more.

Match #1
European Title Match
Matt Hardy (w/Jeff) vs Edge (w/Christian)

The Match starts with Edge twisting Matt’s arm and pulls him by the hair. Matt his him and replies with a swinging neck breaker. Then Edge gets up and starts hitting Matt, then Matt puts him in the corner and beats on him. Then edge delivers a boot to the face. Then Edge is on top and Matt goes to superplex him, but Edge throws him off. Both men are now fighting on the outside. Edge sends Matt right back in and Edge puts Matt on the top rope, then Matt elbows Edge and jumps but Edge moves and Matt lands on the mat and Edge covers but only gets a two count. Edge goes on the top rope and does a cross body and Matt reverses it and covers, but Edge kicks out. Matt takes down Edge. Then he starts hitting Edge’s head into the turnbuckle. Matt goes on the top rope and does a leg drop, then Christian distracts Matt, then he turns around and Edge spears him and covers, 1,2 but Jeff throws Christian in the ring and he lands on the referee to break up the count. Matt hits the twist of faith and gets the win.
Winner: Still European Champion, Matt Hardy


Jonathan Coachman walks into William Regal’s office. Regal talks about Jericho and said because Jericho hit a Queen last night, he will put him up in a hardcore match against Rhyno.

Trish enters William Regal’s office and she said “You wanted to see me?” William Regal tells Trish that her match with Chyna is a non-title match and IF she actually beats Chyna and he repeats IF, then he might consider a small thing and giving her a rematch with Chyna and this time for the title. Trish looks at Regal’s you know what and says that he is an expert on little things.

Match #2
Spike Dudley (w/Dudleyz) vs X-Pac (w/ALbert & Credible)

The match starts with X-Pac throwing Spike. X-Pac applies a headlock, Spike sends him to the ropes and X-Pac knocks him down. Spike does a hurricanrana, then delivers a few punches on X-Pac, then X-Pac does a reverse kick. X-Pac picks him up and drops him. Leg drop by X-Pac and covers, Spike kicks out. X-Pac applies a sleeper hold. Spike fights his way back up and applies the sleeper on X-Pac, then X-Pac counters it into a suplex. Spike headbuts X-pac in the mid-section, followed by a hurricanrana. X-Pac knocks down Spike and was going for the bronco buster and Spike moves. Spike was about to do the Dudley dog and X-Pac holds on and delivers the X-Factor.
Winner: X-Pac

A limo pulls up and the billion dollar princess, Stephanie comes out. Michael Cole tries to get a word with Stephanie and he tells her about that bruise on her face and she tells him it was Kane’s kick from last night and she said her dad will make sure Kane get what is coming for him. Then she asks him where Test is and Cole tells her that he is in his locker room and Stephanie says that she has a little message for Test and Test will learn to stay out of their business.


Edge and Christian are shown arguing and then Kurt rushes in and asks them if they have seen Chris Benoit and they said they are arguing because Edge lost his match and Kurt said, people lose matches everyday and tells them to stop being selfish. Christian tells him, maybe Benoit left the building and Kurt said he doesn’t think Benoit would do that and walk in public with his medal.


They recap the match between Big Show and Shane from last night.

Stephanie confronts Test and tells him to stay out of family business and she tells him that Vince made a match between him and Triple H tonight. Test said he is looking forward to it.


Crash Holly was shown playing poker with the Acolytes and drinking beer. Hardcore Holly walks in and tells him what the hell is he doing, he was looking all over with him. Then Hardcore Holly challenges the Acolytes for a match tonight against himself and Crash and he throws beer in Bradshaw’s face.

William Regal walks and joins Jim Ross and Paul heyman for some commentary.

Match #3
Hardcore Title
Rhyno vs Chris Jericho

The match starts with Rhyno attacking Jericho. Jericho throws Rhyno to the outside. Rhyno grabs a street sign and Jericho drop kicks him in the face. Jericho sends Rhyno into the steel steps. Jericho grabs a chair and was about to hit Regal and Rhyno attacks him. Then, Jericho grabs a trash can lid and nails Rhyno and throws him back in the ring. Rhyno gives Jericho a few right hands, then sends Jericho into the garbage can and covers, but Jericho kicks out at the count of two. Rhyno goes on the top rope with a trash can and Jericho nails him with a steel chair and places the chair in the ring and does a hurricanrana on Rhyno. Edge comes out and Jericho nails him, then Christian sprays him with a fire extinguisher and Rhyno does the spear and gets the win. After the match, William Regal goes in the ring and was about to hit Jericho, then Jericho gets right up and beats on Regal with a trash can lid.
Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Rhyno


Vince McMahon Segment

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon comes out with Stephanie. Vince says that just for the record, he is proud of Austin and HHH. He said they are different then all of us. He compliments them… He says that they are leaders and that’s why he likes them. Then he talks about Backlash and talks about the Shane/Big Show match. He said, due to the interference of Test, Shane pulled off a minor miracle. Then he talks about Kane kicking Stephanie in the face and they show the footage and the people cheer and Vince goes nuts and tells the people “How dare you cheer that?” Then he curses everyone of them and tells them to shut up. He says that he wants everyone’s attention because his daughter has something to say. Stephanie takes the microphone and introduces Austin and HHH. After HHH and Austin came, the old Wrestlemania music hits and it’s Linda McMahon on the Titon Tron from WWF New York. Linda said that she hates to spoil the party but she is happy to see him at this time, because his private life is a mess. This Friday, their divorce attorneys will meet. Linda said that Kane gets the night off because he is injured and he is no shape to wrestle. But Steve Austin will be defending the WWF title against the Undertaker tonight!


Austin is shown arguing with McMahon and he tells him that his divorce is screwing up his business and he tells him he better think if something and fast.

Match #4
Crash and Hardcore Holly vs Acolytes

The match starts with Faarooq throwing Crash out of the ring and then they double team Hardcore Holly. Bradshaw delivers a swinging neck breaker. Then the Acolytes double team him again. Bradshaw throws Hardcore Holly to the outside and then Bradshaw picks up Crash and throws him in the crowd. In the ring, Hardcore Holly drops Faarooq on his back. Bradshaw gets the tag and then Crash goes on the top rope and drop kicks his tag team partner (because he was drunk) and Bradshaw does his clothesline and gets the win. After the match, Hardcore Holly knocks down Crash, then he leaves, then Crash goes after him and Hardcore throws him back in the ring and beats him.
Winners: The Acolytes

Vince tells HHH that he has to beat Test…then HHH tells him not to worry, he will take care of him.


Lilian Garcia tells Undertaker that he has a chance to become the WWF Champion. Undertaker said he will come back to the subject in a sec, he said HHH and Austin had a game plan and it worked, but eventually, Kane’s arm will heal. Then Undertaker talks about tonight and he asks Lilian to read what is written on his shirt “Try me, and I’ll make you famous” Undertaker said that Austin cannot beat him one on one.

Match #5
Test vs Triple H

The match starts with HHH attacking Test and beating on him in the corner. Test fights back and clotheslines HHH to the outside. HHH picks up a chair and nails Test and the referee calls for the bell. Then he kept hitting him several times with it. HHH sends test into the steel post and beats on him. HHH powerbombs Test through the announcing table. Kane comes and knocks down HHH a couple of times and then Kane chases HHH.
Winner: Test, By Disqualification


HHH complains to Vince about Kane and he said he is sick of him always interfering. HHH said he will take care of him before the night is over.

Jim Ross says that The Rock will be on Jay Leno tomorrow night.

They show some footage of Rock talking about the Scorpion King…


Match #6
Non-Title match
Trish Stratus vs Chyna

Trish ran and hit Chyna, but Trish fell. Trish tried to bulldog Chyna, but Chyna threw her. Chyna started beating on her, then she does the gorilla plex slam. Chyna powerbombs her and gets the win. Chyna grabs the microphone and says as much as she respects all women, she doesn’t feel like pinning them, she wants to spank them. Then Lita came out. Lita tells her that she respects her and the women’s title. She said, if it’s competition she wants, she wants to fight. Chyna jokes around and Lita says she is serious and she wants a match, and Chyna tells her to name the time and the place and she will fight, but she told her not to be surprised if her hinny is hurting a little the next day.
Winner: Chyna


Match #7
WWF Title
Undertaker vs Steve Austin

Undertaker was waiting in the ring, then Austin’s music hits and he never came out, then we see Austin and HHH beating on Kane backstage. Undertaker runs backstage and beats on them. Then, they come back on the entrance ramp and Undertaker beats on Austin. Undertaker throws Austin in the ring and the match officially starts. Austin has Undertaker in the corner and beats on him. Austin tries to go for the stunner and Undertaker kicks him in the face. HHH comes with a sledge hammer and Undertaker knocks him down, and the referee calls for the bell. Then Austin low blows Undertaker and then Undertaker gets hit with the sledge hammer. Kane comes to help out and he gets attacked and they put his arm on the steel steps and Austin hits his arm several times with the steel chair.
Winner: Undertaker, by Disqualification.


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