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WWF RAW 4/16/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
April 16, 2001
Live from: University of Tennessee
Commentators: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts off with footage of Smackdown and when Jeff Hardy beat HHH for the intercontinental championship.

Opening Segment

No Chance music hits and Vince McMahon walks out. Vince says that it was one week ago, he was in this very ring and he was on he knees, begging for forgiveness and Linda tells him she wants a divorce. He said he would like to share his thoughts about marriage. He said that marriage should last forever and he does not believe that marriage should not end in divorce. He said divorce should be illegal and half of the problems today are because of divorce. He said that he has to divide his assets. Vince said that he will not grant her a divorce and he will fight it and make sacrifices to make their marriage work. Then, Debra comes out. She tells Vince that she does not believe a word he said. She told him that he has a negative influence on her husband. Vince said don’t blame him, blame Austin. He said everything was not his idea. He said what Austin did to Lita was legal because it was an inter gender match. Vince said that he is proud of Austin. Vince said, “behind a great man, there is a great women” but he said he will make an exception to that in Austin’s case. Then Debra slapped Vince and left.


Vince McMahon is shown leaving the arena.

Austin is shown pissed off at Debra. He told her that she slapped Vince, he is her boss. Austin tells her not to leave the chair until he comes and gets her.

Match #1
Tag Team Titles
Edge and Christian vs Crash and Hardcore Holly

Edge and Christian came out and they gave a paper to Paul Heyman.
Before the bell rang, Rhyno came in and speared Hardcore Holly. Christian beats on him and makes the tag to Edge. Hardcore fights back, but then Edge puts him in the corner and beats on him. Russian leg sweep by Edge. Christian gets the tag and does some kind of neck breaker, then tags Edge. Edge beats on him and makes the tag back to Christian. Christian attempts to piledrive him but Holly does a back body drop. Edge gets the tag. (Note: Paul Heyman was reading the paper Edge and Christian gave him) He said that they deserve to be in the hall of fame etc..he kept complimenting them. Then Crash Holly gets the tag and beats on Edge and Christian and does the bulldog on both. Then Edge spears him, then Molly goes on the top rope and jumps on Edge and Crash covers, but Edge kicks out. Crash goes on the top rope and does a cross body on Edge, then Edge reverses it and pins him while pulling the tights.
Winners: Still Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian

Cole interviews Jeff Hardy and Hardy said that HHH will get his rematch, that’s fine with him. But what they did to Lita was wrong and they will go take care of some unfinished business.

TSN put a few messages saying they violated the violence code etc…(TSN was forced to put that)


A Limo pulls up and Shane McMahon comes out.

Match #2
Justin Credible vs Bubba Ray Dudley w/Devon

The match starts with Bubba throwing Justin everywhere. Bubba delivers a few punches. Bubba delivers an elbow to the face. X-Pac hits Bubba while the referee had his back turned. X-Pac and Albert double team Devon on the outside. In the ring, Credible is in control of the match. DDT on Bubba and Credible only gets a two count. Then Bubba does a Bubba drop and throws Justin to he ropes and does a back body drop. Sidewalks slam by Bubba. Bubba goes on the second rope and jumps, but Credible moves. Then Bubba does the Bubba cutter and covers, but Albert pulls out Credible. X-Pac does a super kick on Bubba and Justin covers, but Bubba kicks out. Then The Dudleyz double team Justin and they do the “whaazzuup” thing..and Bubba gets the win.
Winner: Bubba Ray Dudley

Shane McMahon talks to Grand Master Sexay backstage, then the Big Show comes in the conversation and tells Grand Master to beat it. Then Big Show asks if Shane will watch his match against Kaentai tonight and Shane said he was here to confront his dad and now Vince left. Then Big Show tells him that they go way back and they need to talk sometimes because Big Show has some ideas.

Michael Cole is shown waiting to interview Steve Austin backstage.


Jonathan Coachman interviews Steven Richards and tells him that RTC might be over. Richards said that he feels terrible for what happened, but tonight he will fight for justice and he will fight Kane tonight and after he beats Kane tonight, he will reunite with his friends.

Kurt Angle is shown complaining to Edge and Christian about Regal making his match tonight and he was talking trash about Regal and Regal comes from behind him and tells him that he needs to have a little talk with him.

Cole asks Austin about the latest happenings. Austin tells him to shut up and to stop talking about his wife and he said it took two men to beat HHH, then Matt Hardy attacks Austin backstage.


Austin walks into HHH and Stephanie’s locker room and he tells HHH to join him and kick the Hardy’s asses, then HHH said not now, because that will give Jeff a reason not to defend his belt. Then Austin said, then during HHH’s match, he will beat them up, then HHH said not to do that because he will get DQ’ed. Austin said “I got my ass kicked and you expect me to ssit down and do nothing about it?” HHH tells him to calm down and trust him.

Match #3
Hardcore Title
Kane vs Steven Richards

The match starts with Steven hitting Kane with a garbage can, but it took no affect on Kane. Then Kane beats on Richards beside the entrance ramp. Then the fight gets backstage and Kane is in control. Then, members of RTC attack Kane. Then Undertaker happens to drop by and he beats the hell out of them. Then Kane picks up Richards and throws him head first on a truck and pins him.
Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Kane


Austin walks in Debra’s locker room and tells her to get her stuff and they leave.

Match #4
Kurt Angle vs Chris Jericho

As soon as Kurt was about to talk, Jericho interrupts and comes out and he makes fun of Angle as usual.

The match starts with Jericho delivering a few right hands, then Angle does a shoulder tackle. Arm drag take down by Jericho. Angle does a back slide and only gets a two count. Angle kicks Jericho in the corner. Jericho replies back with a clothesline. Then Jericho does a spring board drop kick and Kurt goes flying to the outside. Baseball slide by Jericho. Angle gets dropped on the security rails. Then Angle grabs the ring bell and hits Jericho with it. Back in the ring, and Angle is in control. Angle does a suplex and covers but Jericho kicks out. Then Angle does a belly to belly overhead suplex. Angle does another kind of suplex and only gets a two count. Angle puts a sleeper hold. Then Angle tried to go for the ankle lock but Jericho gets the ropes. Then Jericho knocks down Angle. Angle tried to do the Angle slam, but Jericho got up on his feet and does a bulldog, then Angle walks away. Jericho catches up to him and beats him down, then Regal comes out and beats on Jericho and the referee calls for the bell. Then Jericho does the Walls of Jericho on Regal and then the Lionsault on Angle. But then they both get up and double team him. Chris Benoit comes out and beats on them. Benoit suplexes Angle on Regal.
Winner: Chris Jericho by DQ


Match #5
Steven Regal vs Chris Benoit

Regal and Angle are still in the ring and Regal demands for a match against Chris Benoit right now. Then Benoit comes out with Chris Jericho and Jericho takes care of Angle. Regal was down and Benoit attempts to do a diving headbutt, but Regal moves. Regal took control of the match from there. Benoit did an inside cradle, but only got a two count. Benoit puts him in the corner and delivers a few chops. Benoit does two belly to back suplex, then Regal knocks him to the outside and Angle hit him and threw him in the ring, then Jericho hits Angle, then Benoit puts the Crippler’s crossface and gets the win.
Winner: Chris Benoit

They show XFL highlights.

Test and Billy Gunn are shown talking and asking themselves why is Raven teaming up with them. Raven says something, then Test and Gunn ask themselves if they should trust him, then Test said “what the hell did he just say to us?”


The Hardys are shown talking. Then Lita walks in and said she is with them and then they agree to bring her.

Match #6
Radicalz vs Test, Raven and Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn and Test came out and the match starts, then a few seconds later Raven comes out and helpes them clear up the ring. Then Test goes against Dean Malenko. Sidewalk slam by Test and kickout bu Malenko. Test clothelines him. Gunn gets the tag and so does Eddie. Gunn takes down Eddie. Saturn gets the tag and hits Gunn and makes the tag back to Malenko. Gunn does the famasser on Malenko, then Eddie takes down Billy Gunn and gets the tag from Malenko. Gunn gets sent to the outside and Saturn sends him into the steel steps. Eddie suplexes Gunn and makes the tag to Malenko. Malenko takes control and then tags Saturn. Saturn slams Gunn and covers but Gunn kicks out. Then Gunn slams Saturn and both men are down. Eddie gets the tag and Gunn makes the tag to Raven. Raven does the bulldog on Eddie. Test does the full Nelson on Saturn. Malenko takes Test out. Then Malenko and Eddie double team Raven, then Raven DDTs Eddie and gets the win, while the others were on the outside.
Winners: Test, Raven and Billy Gunn

Kevin Kelly asks asks Big Show about his match with Kaentai. He basically said Kaentai are in for the worst beating.


Match #7
Big Show vs Kaentai

Kaentai do their usual talking. Then the Acolytes come down and they go after Big Show and they beat him down. Then Kaentai get in the ring and the match officially starts. Taka jumps on Big Show. Then both of them go on the top rope and attempt to jumps on him, but Show catches them and does a double chokeslam for the win.
Winner: Big Show


Trish Stratus is at WWF New York and she said that if there is a divorce, she will be happy for Linda.

Regal tells Matt Hardy that he is banned from the match tonight and if he interferes in the match, he will strip Jeff Hardy of the intercontinental title.


Match #8
WWF Intercontinental Title
HHH w/ Stephanie vs Jeff Hardy w/ Lita

The match starts with HHH knocking down Jeff. Then HHH beats on Jeff. Then Jeff kicks HHH in the face, but then HHH picks Jeff up and drops him. HHH does a suplex, then drops his knee on Jeff and covers, but Jeff kicks out. Then HHH tries to suplex him, but Jeff lands on his feet and tries to fight back, but HHH hits him and throws him to the outside. HHH goes to the outside and throws Jeff back in the ring. Hardy tries to fight back, but HHH knocks him down with a clotheline. HHH does an abdominal stretch and grabs the rope so he can add more power. Then, referee Earl Hebner kicks HHH’s arm off the rope. Then Jeff does a jaw breaker and punches HHH in the mid-section. Then HHH does a face buster and covers, but Lita pulls him out. Then Lita goes after Steph, but HHH gets in the way. Then Jeff and HHH are fighting on the outside, then Jeff nails HHH with the belt. Jeff sends HHH into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Jeff goes on the top rope and does a drop kick and only gets a two count. HHH tries to do the pedigree, but Jeff counters and does a back slide. Jeff goes on the top rope and jumps, but HHH gets out of the way. HHH goes on the top rope and Jeff drop kicks him and does a hurricanrana on HHH. Jeff goeson the top and does a moonsault, but HHH moves out of the way again. Backstage, Austin attacks Matt Hardy with a steel chair. Lita sees what has happened and she was going backstage and Austin comes out and Lita is backing up. In the ring, HHH does the pedigree and gets the win. (in my opinion it was a stupid ending). After the match, HHH and Austin beat on Jeff and Matt tries to help out Jeff, but they knock him down. Stephanie throws Lita in the ring and they were about to go after her and Undertaker and Kane come out. As soon as they entered the ring, HHH and Austin left.
Winner: New intercontinental Champion, HHH


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