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WWF RAW 4/9/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
April 9, 2001
Live from: Boston, MA
Commentators: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with some clips of when Vince told Linda he wanted a divorce. Then they recap last week’s Smackdown, and when Linda told Vince that she will get him where it hurts…

Vince was backstage and was waiting for Jim Ross and Ross came in and looked beat up and Vince said he will take responsibility for what happened and that he owns Jim Ross an apology. He said he doesn’t want Ross to work tonight, then Ross said he is ready to work and Vince tells him that he wants to see him in his office before Raw tonight and Ross walked away.

**Note: Paul Heyman was announcing alone.

Match #1
Hardcore title
Kurt Angle vs Kane

Kurt Angle comes out and said that people in Boston are not used to winning championships. Then he makes fun of the Boston Red Socks. He said in this very arena, he won the King of teh Ring and he said he wants to win something again tonight. He challenged any champion to come out so he can beat him for the belt. Then, Kane’s music hits.

The match starts on the outside and Kane tosses Angle in the ring, then Angle pushes Kane and his leg gets caught in the ropes and Angle starts kicking on Kane. Angle gets a trash can but Kane hits him. Kane picks him up and drops him on the safety rails. Kane suplexes him on the outside. Back in the ring, Angle tried going for the ankle lock, but Kane got out, then Angle hits Kane with a garbage can. Angle goes on the top rope, but Kane body slams him from the top. Big Show comes out and nails Kane and Angle covers, but Show pulls him off and headbutts him. Then they double team on Kane and Undertaker comes out and helps out Kane and they double chokeslam Big Show and Kane pins Big Show for the win.
Winner: Still Hardcore Champion, Kane

Vince McMahon is sitting backstage with Jim Ross. Vince tells Ross he wants him to go out there with a clear conscience and Stone Cold joins them. Vince tells Ross that they are there to entertain him and he said they will show him some movies.


Kevin Kelly got a few words with Big Show. Big Show challenges the Undertaker for a match tonight.

Vince puts a tape in called “The life and time of good ol’ J.R.”
They show the entire interview between Ross and Austin from Smackdown.

After the footage, Austin said that Jim Ross proved to him that he was week and Austin left the room.
Jim Ross told vince that his attorney told him he can file a lawsuit, but that’s not his style. He said that he might quit and go work for Shane in WCW.


Jim Ross comes back to commentate with Paul Heyman.

Match #2
Handicap Match
Molly and Crash Holly vs Rhyno

The match starts with Crash doing an inside cradle and Rhyno kicks out. Then Rhyno does a spinebuster. Then Crash gets clothelined. Rhyno spears Spears Crash out of nowhere and gets the win. Molly jumps on Rhyno and Rhyno was about to spear her and Hardcore Holly comes out and makes the save.
Winner: Rhyno

Vince is shown talking to Stephanie and tells her he has a feeling that it will be an unusual night. While they are talking, a limo is shown pulling and Linda is coming out.


Linda walks in the arena and shakes hand swith the wrestlers..

Cole interviews Spike Dudley, then X-Pac and his crew confront Spike and they beat him.

They show highlights of what happened on Smackdown between Jericho/Regal/HHH…

Coach walks into Regal’s office and Regal gave him shit for not knocking on the door and then Regal tells Coach to tell Jericho and Benoit that they will be facing each other tonight.

Match #3
Undertaker vs Big Show

The match starts with Undertaker punching Show. Then Big Show puts Taker in the corner and hits him, then Taker delivers a boot to the face and delivers a few right hands. Then Show sends Taker in the corner and squashes him. Then Show gets up on the second rope and punches Taker, then taker drops him on his back (Kinda like what he did to HHH at WM, but of course Show jumped) and gets the win.
Winner: Undertaker


Linda McMahon Segment

Linda McMahon comes out under the old Wrestlemania theme music. Linda thanks the fans and said she has 3 announcemenst. She said she is back and healthy…and wishes Shane good luck with WCW. She said that since Vince likes to do stuff in public, she calls him out. Vince comes out and he wanted to hug her and she didn’t let him. Vince takes a microphone and said that he knows that she came out here to apologize to him for what she did at Wrestlemania. Linda tells him to shut up. She said she is the one who will do the talking tonight. She said the last time they had a public chat in the ring was last December and they show the footage of when Vince yelled at Linda and told her he wanted a divorce. Vince said he was a little angry. Linda told him that he made her ill and he was furious that night. Then they show when Trish told Vince she needed a spanking, then they show Vince telling the doctor to double her medication and they show footage after footage. She tells him that he got his ass kicked at Wrestlemania by describing what happened…Vince apologizes to Linda. Then he goes on his knees and begs for her forgiveness. Linda said, she did not come here for an apology, She wants a divorce!


In the parking lot, Lita congratulates Linda and Linda gets in the limo and Vince tries to stop them but the limo left, then Vince confronts Lita and tells her that there will be a match tonight. Lita and the Hardyz vs Stephanie, HHH and Austin.

Match #4
6 Man tag
Dudleyz and Spike vs X-Pac, Justin and Albert

The fight starts on the outside and then Buh Buh ray puts Justin in the ring and beats on him. Spike gets the tag and beats on Credible. SPike jumps on Albert and Albert catches him on the outside and runs him into the steel post. X-Pac gets the tag and beats on Spike. Credible gets the tag and they try to double team Spike, but Spike makes the tag to Devon. Running powerslam by Devon and gets a count of two on Credible. Then the Dudleyz attack Albert and they do the 3D on Justin and they get the win. After the match, they get the tables, but Albert attacks them and throws Spike on the outside and the Dudleyz clotheline Albert to the outside and they were about to do the 3D on X-Pac, but Justin pulls X-Pac out and Albert does the Albert bomb on Buh Buh through the table.
Winners: X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert

HHH and Stephanie are talking to Vince backstage and telling him maybe it’s not a great idea..them teaming up with Austin, then Vince is packing and leaving and said he has some family problems to settle and HHH and Stephanie still complained and Vince just left.


Match #5
Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho
Special Referee: William Regal

Benoit pressures Jericho in the corner and regal breaks it up. Benoit knees Jericho and Jericho replies back with a flying clothesline. Both men exchange a few moves. Jericho does a double arm back breaker. Benoit does a suplex and covers, but regal wouldn’t count. Regal gets dropped kicked by Jericho accidently because Benoit pushed him, then Regal hit both men and they got up and beat the hell out of Regal. Jericho does the Walls of Jericho and Benoit applied the crossface on Regal.
Winner: No Contest


Jim Ross promotes the XFL’s playoffs.

Steven Richards and Val venis confront Raven and they tell him to join them etc…Val tells Raven if he is not with them, he is against them and that’s something he does not want to do.

Edge and Christian are shown at WWF New York. Edge says that himself, Christian and Rhyno will face The Hollys at Smackdown. Then they said they are a 7 times Tag Team champions. They have a cake with 7 candles and they do a 7 seconds pose…

HHH and Austin are shown talking and Austin leaves and HHH said “This is gonna be good”.


Match #6
Raven vs Val Venis

Both men start of by exchanging a few hits. Raven DDts Val and covers, but Richards pulls him out and Raven DDTs him and goes back and covers and Bull Buchanan pulls him out. Then Val does a fisherman suplex on Raven and Raven kicks out. Bull does a scissor kick and Val does the money shot and gets the win.
Winner: Val Venis


Match #7
Austin, HHH and Stephanie vs Hardyz and Lita

The match starts with the Hardyz throwing HHH and Austin to the outside. Then, HHH faces Matt and Matt makes the tag and Jeff jumps on HHH. Austin gets the tag and Matt clothelines him to the outside. Jeff goes on the top rope and does a moonsault on HHH, then Austin pulls Jeff out. Then Matt beats on Austin in the ring. Austin puts a sleeper, then Matt suplexes him and goes on the top rope and does a leg drop. Jeff gets the tag and sends Austin to the ropes and Austin bounces back and does a spinebuster and Austin does a low blow and beats on Jeff. HHH gets the tag and he beats on Jeff. Jeff tries to fight back, but HHH trips him and makes the tag to Austin. Austin drives his knee on Jeff’s face. HHH gets the tag and he continues to beat on Jeff. Then Jeff kicks HHH in back of the head, then HHH makes the tag and Austin holds him back. Then they both try to prevent him from making the tag, but he finally makes it and Matt comes in. Austin and Matt are fighting on the outside. Lita has Stephanie in the ring and she does the twist of faith, followed by the moonsault and they get the win. After the match, Austin grabs a chair, then HHH attacks Lita and beats her down and pedigrees her. Matt and Jeff try to make the save, but they get knocked down with the steel chair. Then Austin beats on Lita with the steel chair..then TSN Censors it as usual and Raw finishes.
Winners: Hardyz and Lita


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