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WWF RAW 4/2/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
April 2, 2001
Live from: FT. Worth, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Opening Segment

Stephanie McMahon comes out with a leather belt and said that Trish had the nerve to slap her dad Vince in the face. She said how ungrateful can Trish be? Stephanie tells her that payback is a bitch. She said she is not only going to kick her ass, she will whip it. She said that she will face Trish. Then she introduces Vince McMahon. Vince comes out with a big present rapped in red. Vince said all he asks for is a little respect. Vince seemed happy and he said that right here in the ring tonight, he has the privilege to hand the WWF title to Austin. He said he was not happy when Trish slapped him, then he talks about his wife Linda and said that she kicked him in the….He said what kind of woman would do such a thing. Then he said Mick Foley, for no reason, hammers him in the corner at Wrestlemania. He said, then from there, Shane takes a garbage can and jams it into his chest and drop kicked it on his head. But he said, Wrestlemania ended well with him. Then he said he listened to the play by play for Wrestlemania. Vince asked Jim Ross if he said that Austin sold his soul to the devil himself and Jim Ross said “yes”. Vince goes back in the ring and says, “well, when you think about it, I am not the devil”. Vince said that someone bought him a gift for being in Texas, and he opens the present and he takes out a cowboy hat and he makes fun of them. He puts the hat on the ground and said “this is what I think of Texas” and steps on it. Rock’s music hits and he comes out. The Rock demands a rematch for the belt and he wants it tonight. Vince tells him that it’s not going to happen. Rock said it one more time and told him he found a way that Vince might change his mind and Rock makes his way to the ring and confronts Vince. Vince told him to calm down. Vince told him he will not give him the match tonight, then Rock gave him one more chance to change his mind. Then Rock puts the sharpshooter on Vince. Then he lets go of the hold and asks Vince one more time and Vince said yes. While Rock was leaving, Vince told him he will have his match in a steel cage.


Match #1
six-man tag team match
The Radicalz vs Test and The Acolytes

Eddie makes fun of Test’s loss at Wrestlemania. Then the Acolytes come out as Test’s tag team partners. The Match starts with Bradshaw and Faarooq cleaning house. Then Faarooq squares off against Saturn. Powerslam by Faarooq and makes the tag to Bradshaw. Then Bradhsaw gets double teamed by the Radicalz. Eddie gets the tag, then Malenko gets the tag quickly and Malenko beats on Bradshaw and makes the tag back to Saturn. Ediie gets the tag and so does Test. Test beats down Eddie. Malenko comes in and gets beaten down, then Saturn comes in and does a fisherman suplex. Then Test does a full Nelson slam on Saturn and gets a 2 count. Then Terri comes in and Test picks her up, then Saturn grabs her from test, then Test delivers a big boot to the face and gets the win while the others were fighting on the outside.
Winners: Test and The Acolytes

Stephanie walks into Regal’s office and asks Regal to make sure Trish won’t escape out of their match tonight. Regal asks her if she really wants to do this match tonight and Stephanie said yes and starts hitting on Regal’s desk with the belt in her hands.


They show some picture highlights of Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon walks into Regal’s office and tells him that Austin is arriving to the arena and he will meet up with him and he needs Regal to take care of the match between Stephanie and Trish and Vince asks him if he knows what to do and Regal said yes.

Michael Cole asks HHH about his loss and HHH asks him “How many days are in a year?” and Cole said “365” and HHH said 364 days he has been kicking ass and one day in 365 days he had a bad night. Then Cole asks him if he knew about what was going to happen in the match between Austin/Rock last night and HHH said “What do you think?”.


Steven Richards was shown telling RTC that they lost last night and tonight they will go after the Hardcore title.

Match #2
Trish Stratus vs Stephanie

Stephanie meets Trish half way on the entrance ramp and she attacks her. Then trish hits her and throws her in the ring and gets her leather belt. Then Steph gets the belt and chokes Trish with it. Then Steph does a DDT and gets the belt and hits Trish. Then Trish gets up and hits Steph. Then Trish hits Stephanie with the belt like crazy. Steph falls to the outside and Trish goes after her and beats her. Then Steph grabs Lilian Garcia and pushes her on trish and Steph throws Trish in the ring. Steph does a clotheline and gets the belts and hits Trish with both belts. Then Regal comes out while Trish was beating on Steph and I assume he hits Trish…TSN EDITED THAT PART. Then Jericho comes out and throws Regal out and chases Stephanie.
Winner: No Contest


Match #3
Crash Holly vs Rhyno

Both men start off by exchanging fists, then Crash takes down Rhyno and puts him in the corner and beats on him. Then out of nowhere, Rhyno spears him and gets the win. Then Molly comes out and jumps on Rhyno, then Rhyno gets up and spears her.
Winner: Rhyno

Cole asks Debra of how she feels about Austin siding with McMahon and Debra said she can’t talk about it.


Vince McMahon/Austin Segment

Vince comes out with the WWF title and said that he heard some booes when he mentioned Austin’s name. Then Vince said that they cheered Austin when he won last night and how come they are booing him now…Vince tells the fans that they suck up to their bosses, so he tells them not to blame Austin for what he did to become the WWF Champion. Then he introduces Austin and Austin comes out for a mixed reaction…it appears they cheered him more. Vince McMahon says that Austin deserved that belt. Austin said that since he got what he wants, if they want him to kick McMahon’s ass, give me a hell yeah and the crowd cheered. Then Austin said that it’s not going to happen. Then Austin bashes the fans. Austin said that he has his explanation. He said he owes them no explanation and he does not owe them a thing. Austin talks about the Rock and said that he will bounce Rock’s candy ass all over that cage. Vince McMahon said “That’s the bottom line, cause Mr. McMahon said so.”

HHH is shown unhappy backstage.


Match #4
Hardcore Title
Kane vs Val Venis

Val hits Kane with a garbage can and Val puts him in the corner and beats him, then Kane reverses it and beats on Val. Kane powerslams Val Venis. Richards comes in and Kane knocks him down. Val Venis hits Kane with a garbage can from behind. Then Val sends Kane head first into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Val DDTs Kane and only gets a two count. Val tried to do a Russian leg sweep, but Kane knocks Val down. Val gets up and goes on the top rope and jumps on Kane and covers, but Kane kicks out. Val continues to beat on Kane. Val puts a garbage can between the ropes and goes after Kane and was about to send Kane into the can but Kane reverses it. Kane goes on the top rope and clothelines Val and gets the win. After the match, Right to Censor comes out and beat on Kane, then Undertaker comes out and cleans house.
Winner: Kane

HHH confronts Regal and asks him where Vince is and regal said “you mean Mr. McMahon” and HHH said no I mean Vince, my father in law and the person that tried to hide this whole Austin thing from me….Then he threatened to hurt Regal if he did not tell him where Vince was and finally Regal tells him.


HHH confronts Vince and Vince tells him that Stone Cold was a winner at Wrestlemania and he wasn’t, he tells him that Austin asked for his help. HHH was pissed started breaking stuff backstage.

Match #5
Handicap Match
Chris Jericho vs William Regal and Kurt Angle

Regal hammers down Jericho, then Jericho gets up and drop kicks him from the top rope and Jericho hits Angle. Then it’s Angle and Jericho, Angle receives the Walls of Jericho and Regal makes the save. Kurt stomps on Jericho and makes the tag to Regal and Regal takes down Jericho. Jericho does a spinning heal kick and does a couple of chops on Regal and takes Regal down and does the Lionsault, but Kurt Angle breaks the count. Jericho goes on the top rope and Angle trips him and regal does an underhook suplex from the top rope and covers but Jericho kicks out. Angle gets the tag and punches Jericho, then Angle does the Olympic slam and tags Regal and Regal comes in and covers but Jericho kicks out. Jericho bounces off the ropes and Kurt hits him with a steel chair and Regal takes him down for the pin. After the match, they beat on Jericho and Chris Benoit comes out and makes the save.
Winners: William Regal and Kurt Angle


Match #6
“The One” Billy Gunn vs X-Pac

Gunn puts a headlock, then does a Russian leg sweep. Gunn twists X-Pac’s arm then lets it go. Powerslam on X-Pac and sends X-pac to the outside. On the outside, Justin Credible tried to kick Gunn, but Gunn catches him, then X-Pac does a baseball slide. Back in the ring, X-Pac is in control after delivering a spinning heal kick. X-Pac does a bronco buster. Then Billy Gunn gets up and takes him down. Gunn does a gorilla plex slam and does the Famasser and Credible distracts the referee and Albert comes in and does the Albert bomb and X-Pac covers for the win. After the match, they beat on Gunn.
Winner: X-Pac


Shane McMahon was at WWF New York and said that Wrestlemania was awesome. Shane said that he is proud of what he did and his dad deserved it. While he was talking, the fans at WWF new York started to chant WCW real loud. Shane said that things will get interesting about WCW and to stay tuned…

Michael Cole interviews the Rock backstage. Rock said that he knows why Austin did what he did. He said Austin cannot beat him one on one…


Match #7
Steel Cage
WWF Title
The Rock vs Steve Austin

The match starts with Austin closing the cage door on Rock’s head and he pulls Rock out of the cage and beats him on the outside. Rock fights back and low blows Austin. Then Rock knocks down Austin with the WWF title. Austin is busted open. Rock sends him head first into the steel cage. Rock sends him in the ring and Rock beats on him. The Austin puts Rock in the corner and punches him, then Rock fires back with a clothesline and covers but only gets a two count. Austin takes down Rock and does a sling shot and Rock’s head hits the cage and Austin does a spine buster and only gets a two count. Austin low blows the Rock and tells Vince to give him a steel chair. Austin gets the chair and beats on Rock. Then rock gets up and does the sharpshooter on Austin. Vince distracts the referee while Austin was tapping out. Rock does the spine buster and the People’s elbow and covers but McMahon drags out the referee on the count of two. Referee Tim White shoves down Vince. Rock does the Rock Bottom and again McMahon breaks the count. Rock sends McMahon head first into the steel cage. Rock assaults McMahon. Austin low blows Rock from behind and Vince knocks down the referee. HHH comes down with a sledge hammer and looks at Austin, then HHH hits the Rock with the sledge hammer. Then Austin and HHH beat on Rock and Austin stuns the Rock. Austin gets 3 beers and they drink beer together.
Winner: No Contest


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