WWF RAW 2/20/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Macon, GA

Vince McMahon hypes up the show which will see Diesel vs. Jarrett, Michaels reveals his bodyguard and Bigelow returns to WWF tonight!

Pre-tape comments from both Jeff Jarrett and Diesel are aired. Jarrett says he is going to put the figure four on Diesel. Diesel says he is going to knock Jarrett’s lights out!

Jim Cornette is on commentary with Vince McMahon, by the way.

RAW opening video

Opening Contest: Bam-Bam Bigelow defeated Gary Sabough:
Bigelow wins the bout following a top rope diving head butt.
After the match, Bigelow grabs a microphone to call out LT. Bigelow calls LT a punk and will wrestle him anytime, anyplace.

Second Contest: Adam Bomb defeated Rip Rogers:
Bomb wins the match following a top rope clothesline.

Footage from WWF Superstars where Bret Hart accepted the Wrestle of the Year award is shown.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring for Kings Court. Lawler rips on Bret Hart for winning the previously mentioned award. Lawler believes all the Japanese voters were not counted because if they were, Hakushi would have won it. Lawler calls Hart a racist. Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring to reveal who is bodyguard is. Michaels talks about being a marked man since winning the Royal Rumble. Michaels praises his looks which is the cause of envy from everyone else. Michaels acknowledges he can’t beat everyone in the WWF. Thus, he has found a man to watch his back. Michaels introduces his new bodyguard…SID! Sid comes down to the ring and screams “I am back” to the fans. Sid says he has heard the questions of Michaels getting a new bodyguard. Sid says that Michaels can trust him. Sid has no feelings and no remorse for anyone. Sid will be at Michaels side at all times when they are good and bad. There will be no bad times with Sid. They will rule the world together!

Third Contest: Blu Brothers defeated Leroy Howard/Mark Starr:
the Brothers win when Eli pins Starr following a leg drop.

Main Event: WWF World Champion Diesel defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett to retain the title:
Diesel with a quick knee lift and hammers away on Jarrett before delivering a clothesline. Diesel jumps on Jarrett’s back as he is hunched over the middle rope. Jarrett is clotheslined over the top to the floor. Jarrett attacks Diesel after Roadie distracted him. Jarrett struts after avoiding a clothesline but is back elbowed several times by Diesel in the corner. Jarrett shoulder rams Diesel several times in the corner but Diesel tosses him out of the corner. Jarrett avoids the snake eyes and works on Diesel with a few right hands. The Roadie tries to get involved but is rammed into the turnbuckle and tosses Jarrett over the top onto Roadie on the floor! Diesel clotheslines Jarrett a couple times on the apron. Diesel pulls Jarrett and Roadie into the ring until the referee kicks Roadie free from Jarrett and Diesel works on Jarrett’s wrist as RAW goes to commercial. Jarrett elbows Diesel from behind causing him to fall over the top to the floor. Roadie leaps off the apron to clothesline Diesel on the floor. Jarrett rams Diesel head first into the ring post. Jarrett beats on Diesel with several blows before rolling Diesel back into the ring. Jarrett leaps off the middle rope to clothesline Diesel for a two count. Jarrett dropkicks Diesel for a near fall. Jarrett continues to work on Diesel with a swinging neck breaker and puts Diesel over the middle rope. Jarrett jumps on Diesel’s back and hits a middle rope bulldog but only gets a two count. Jarrett leaps off the top to hit a cross body but Diesel powers out at two. Diesel plants Jarrett with a big side slam! Diesel drops Jarrett face first with snake eyes and delivers a big boot. Diesel hits the jackknife power bomb and wins the bout. (***. I’ve read that this was a squash, but it really isn’t. Jarrett got more than enough offense in and Diesel remained strong. It’s a fun match with some good action throughout.)
After the match, Diesel big boots Roadie and power bombs him as well. Shawn Michaels and Sid show up on the aisle way. Diesel ends up seeing them and stares at them.

Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette hype up next week’s show. Well, we see Michaels and Sid still hanging out on the aisle way. Michaels and Sid make their way down to the ring to be interviewed by Jim Cornette. Michaels says that Sid being nut is exactly why he is by his side. Michaels has someone who can do more than clean his shoes, but rather knock him out of his shoes. That’s all for the interview.

Next week, Lex Luger squares off against Tatanka. A video promoting the match next week is aired. On Action Zone, Tatanka attacked Chief Jay Strongbow! They square off next week on the 100th edition of RAW!

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed this week’s show. I like the addition of Sid being Michaels bodyguard. It gives Michaels some creditability and adds realism that Michaels could beat Diesel with a big man by his side. Diesel/Jarrett was better than I expected it would be. I had read a few other reviews that said it was a “extended squash” but it really wasn’t. It was an enjoyable match and it was an enjoyable week for RAW.

Thanks for reading.

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