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WWF RAW 2/27/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Macon, GA

RAW opening video

Vince McMahon hypes up the show which will see Lawrence Taylor speak! Jim Cornette is also on commentary and says that Taylor should apologize to Bigelow tonight!

Pre-tape comments by Lex Luger are shown. Luger talks about Tatanka and DiBiase making it seem that Luger had sold out on the fans. He will never forget having money shoved down his throat.

Opening Contest: Lex Luger defeated Tatanka by count-out:
Tatanka chops away on Luger to open the bout but Luger fights back with several right hands and a running clothesline. Tatanka rolls to the floor to recover. Luger chases Tatanka on the floor but rolls in to cut Tatanka off but Tatanka didn’t slide back in. Tatanka comes back in and works on Luger with several overhand strikes. Luger rams Tatanka into the turnbuckle head first and delivers several right hands. Luger avoids an atomic drop and clotheslines Tatanka before mounting Tatanka with several right hands. Tatanka tosses Luger through the middle rope to the floor. Tatanka sends Luger head first into the ring steps while the referee was distracted by Chief Jay Strongbow. RAW goes to commercial after Tatanka gets a near fall following a chop. Tatanka is stomping away on Luger as RAW returns. Luger gets out of a bear hug and connects with a back suplex. Luger isn’t affected by Tatanka’s chops and ends up coming back with a clothesline as RAW goes to another commercial. Luger clotheslines Tatanka to the floor and looks to leave the ring but Luger follows him and carries Tatanka back to the ring! Luger power slams Tatanka but Tatanka rolls to the floor only to be suplexed back in from the apron. Tatanka bails to the floor again and gets counted out. (*. This was just the same old boring Luger match. Yawn.)

Footage from WWF Superstars is shown where Hart caused Lawler to be eliminated from a battle royal.

Second Contest: Owen Hart defeated Larry Santo:
Hart wins the bout with the Sharpshooter.

Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette talk about the Lawrence Taylor/Bam-Bam Bigelow situation. Taylor pokes fun at Bigelow for losing to a thirteen year old (1-2-3 Kid). They show footage from the Rumble where Bigelow shoved Taylor. Taylor say that it is embarrassing when the footage is constantly showed on television. Taylor is going to weigh his options before making a decision regarding the challenge Bigelow issued. Bigelow ends up showing up via a split screen and says that he is a more of a man that Taylor is ever going to meet. Bigelow isn’t scared of Taylor and says that he is one tackle that Taylor didn’t make. Taylor says he will be there and wants Bigelow to wear his dress. Taylor leaves while Bigelow continues to cut a promo saying that he is the beast from the east.

Third Contest: Doink the Clown defeated Bob Cook:
Doink wins following the Whoopee Cushion.

Next week, Davey Boy Smith squares off against Shawn Michaels on RAW!

Main Event: Kama defeated Ken Raper:
Kama wins with the STF.

Davey Boy Smith talks with Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette. Smith is looking forward to wrestling Michaels next week. He says it is going to take more than Michaels and Sid to take a bite out of the Bulldog!

Todd Pettengill talks about the WrestleMania XI press conference.

Final Thoughts:
A really uneventful show. Anytime that Luger is involved in the featured bout, it is likely that the show isn’t going to be any good. The only positive from the show is the angle progression between Taylor and Bigelow, but aside from that nothing really happened here.

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