WWF RAW 3/20/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

World Wrestling Federation presents RAW
From: Stockton, CA

Opening Contest: Razor Ramon defeated Henry Godwinn:
Godwinn shoves Ramon a few times but is met with a slap by Ramon. Ramon goes to work on Godwinn’s shoulder with a few short arm shoulder blocks and takes Godwinn down to the mat with a wrist lock. Godwinn stops Ramon with a clothesline and drives Ramon face first down to the mat with a wheel barrow slam. Godwinn scoop slams Ramon and connects with an elbow drop for a two count. Ramon tries to battle back with a few right hands but Godwinn blocks a backdrop by sending Ramon face first into the canvas. Godwinn back elbows Ramon and maintains control by pressing his knee on Ramon’s neck. Ramon battles out of a headlock and backslides Godwinn for a near win as RAW goes to commercial. Ramon is still in control of the contest delivering several right hands. Godwinn runs into a big boot and Ramon leaps off the middle rope connecting with a bulldog for a near win. The Roadie has made his way out to the ringside area, distracting Ramon. Godwinn attacks Ramon from behind but on the floor, 1-2-3 Kid comes out and spin kicks Roadie! Ramon grabs Godwinn from behind who was standing on the bottom rope and connects with the Razors Edge for the win! (*1/4. It was a fairly lame bout here to kick off the show. They did do a nice job of setting up the Razors Edge differently; as I thought Ramon wouldn’t win with his finisher.)
After the match, Vince McMahon interviews Razor Ramon at ringside. McMahon talks about Bob Backlund getting a WWF Intercontinental Championship match before WrestleMania. Ramon says that’s his belt and he wants it! Ramon says he is going to do something about it.

Footage from last week where WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett accepted Barry Horowitz’s rematch but Bob Backlund came out and attacked Horowitz before he could sign the contract.

A video promoting Sunday Night Slam is aired where Lex Luger takes on Tatanka inside a steel cage, Bam-Bam Bigelow takes on Simone, 1-2-3 Kid meets Owen Hart and WWF World Champion Diesel speaks out!

A video promoting the Lawrence Taylor/Bam-Bam Bigelow match is aired. Footage from Action Zone is aired where Bigelow shoulder tackled Doink after beating him in their match.

Second Contest: King Kong Bundy defeated Andy Krooms/Raven Clark in a handicap match:
Steve McMichael was on commentary for the contest. Bundy pins Krooms after a splash in the corner.
After the match, Kama comes down and trash talks McMichael. Kama says he is going to beat him like the bum that he is. McMichael shoves Kama, but Kama dumps water on him! McMichael doesn’t take that kindly and they have a pull apart brawl on the floor!

Todd Pettengill is back with the WrestleMania XI Report. He promotes the matches, which I mentioned in the last recap so just look there or just read Scott and Justin’s WrestleMania XI review!

Before the next match, footage from Action Zone where Oscars apologized on behalf of Mabel and Mo for attacking the Smoking Gunns after their title match last week.

Main Event: WWF World Tag Team Champions the Smoking Gunns defeated the Heavenly Bodies to retain the titles: Pritchard and Billy kick off the title match. Pritchard shoulder blocks Billy but is quickly met with a running bulldog. Bart enters and dropkicks Del Ray to the floor and the champs play to the crowd. Billy tags in Bart and he kicks Pritchard in the arm. Pritchard chops Bart a few times but they have zero effect. Bart chops Pritchard to the mat and press slams Pritchard! Billy tags back in and controls Pritchard with a wristlock until Pritchard arm drags out of it. Del Ray tags in but Billy hip tosses him and tags in Bart who leaps off the top to deliver a double axe handle. The champs make a few quick tags to keep control of Del Ray. Bart stops Del Ray as he comes off the ropes with a shoulder block. Bart counters a hip toss with one of his own and keeps an arm bar on Del Ray. Gunns connect with a double side Russian leg sweep which gets Billy a two count. Del Ray continues to be dominated as RAW goes to commercial. Pritchard nearly pinned Bart as the show returns. Of course, any offense by the Heavenly Bodies must have happened during the commercial. Billy gets the tag from Bart but the referee didn’t see it and while the referee is distracted, Bart is double teamed. Del Ray plants Bart with a neck breaker after moving his hips ala Rick Rude. Bart comes off the ropes but is met with a double clothesline and Pritchard gets a near fall. Bart is able to suplex Pritchard but Del Ray is quickly tagged in and stomps away on Bart. Del Ray scoop slams Bart and heads to the top rope. Del Ray leaps off but misses a big splash! Pritchard tags in and prevents Bart from tagging out again. Bart ducks a clothesline and both men go down via a double clothesline. Billy finally gets the tag and cleans house with right hands. Bart grabs Pritchard and the Gunns hit the Sidewinder. Del Ray, the legal man, leaps off the top rope and double axe handles Billy. Del Ray plants Billy with a float over DDT but Bart breaks up the pin attempt. Billy powers out of a pin attempt and backslides Del Ray for the win. (**1/2. A pretty solid tag team title match here that started off as if it were going to be an extended squash match for the Gunns. Thankfully, it became more competitive and they put on a decent outing. I’ve always considered the Heavenly Bodies to be quite underrated.)

A video promoting the WWF being in attendance for Magic Johnson’s charity is aired.

Next week, Bret Hart takes on Owen Hart in a no holds barred match to finally settle the score. I thought that was what the steel cage match was for?

Vince McMahon and Jim Cornette promote Sunday Night Slam which will feature Lex Luger taking on Tatanka inside a steel cage. WWF World Champion Diesel will take part in a special interview. Bam-Bam Bigelow takes on Simone of the New Headshrinkers. WWF Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defends against Bob Backlund plus much more!

Tatanka shares some pre-tape comments saying that Luger will go down for good. Lex Luger also shared some pre-tape comments but the show came to an end before they were said.

Final Thoughts: I thought this week’s show was decent. The Kama/McMichael segment was done very well and fans actually responded to it. Plus, the tag team title match was a fine title match. These RAW’s haven’t been all that bad as of late. Hopefully this trend continues moving forward.

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