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WWF RAW 9/10/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
September 10, 2001
Live from: San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with highlights of Smackdown. When Austin entered the Alliance locker room and they were disappointed in Austin, because of what Kurt did to him last week. Then, highlights of the Smackdown main event between Austin and RVD were shown and how RVD won.

Opening Segment

Steve Austin’s music hits and the Alliance came out. Austin and Debra went in the ring and the Alliance surrounded the ring. Austin says that after everything that happened to him last week, he said that the fans think that he’s ashamed because an Alliance member beat him last week, the fans think he’s ashamed because he begged in front of the world, because he cried. He said his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin, and he is the WWF champion. He’s ashamed of every single person in this arena. Austin sucks chants… Austin said “what?” and tells the fans to shut up. He said that he’s ashamed that the fans will be cheering Kurt Angle at Unforgiven. But what he is really ashamed of is people taking credit for something they do not deserve, and he tells RVD to get his ass in the ring. RVD goes in and Austin gets in his face. Austin said that RVD must be pretty proud that he beat Austin last week. He said he has a question for RVD, “Who the hell do you think you are?”. RVD says “I know who I am, I’m Rob Van Dam.” Austin says he doesn’t like him. RVD grabs the microphone while it’s in Austin’s hands and says he doesn’t like him either. RVD chants broke. Austin says “You don’t like me? You don’t like Stone Cold Steve Austin?”. RVD dropped his belt and was ready to go and Austin ran and hugged him. Austin says that’s what he likes. RVD has confidence. Austin says that RVD has so much confidence that he will challenge Kurt Angle here tonight. RVD says it’s an honor to compete with a great athlete like Kurt Angle..

Test comes in. Test says he has confidence and he wants the Rock tonight. Rocky chants broke. Test said that he doesn’t want the belt from the Rock, he just wants to kick the Rock’s ass. Then Austin asks him if he has anything else to say and Test said that nothing good has come out from Texas.

Kanyon comes in and says that Austin is full of inspiration. Kanyon says he’s so confident and he has an open challenge to any superstar. Austin asks if anyone else has some confidence.

Tazz comes in and says he never had a problem with confidence. Tazz says that there is a chance that Kurt Angle might kick Austin’s ass at Unforgiven. Austin delivers the stunner on Tazz and RVD, Austin, Kanyon and Test attack him. Test delivers the boot to the face. Five star frog splash by RVD.


Match #1
Christian vs “The One” Billy Gunn

Christian comes out under a new theme music, a pretty strange one too.

Christian starts attacking Gunn, then Gunn fights back and takes Christian down. Gunn delivers a suplex and covers, 1,2 but Christian kicks out. Gunn puts Christian in the corner and beats on him. Gunn has Christian in the corner and runs, but Christian moves out of the way and does a modified neck breaker. Christian chokes him on the ropes. Christian puts Gunn in the corner and beats on him. Christian attempts to piledrive him, but Gunn reverses it into a sling shot. Gunn delivers a couple of right hands and then a back body drop. Gunn was going for the famasser, then Christian pulls the referee in the way and Gunn stops. Christian rolls up Billy Gunn and puts his feet on the ropes and gets the win. After the match, Billy Gunn attacks Christian and clotheslines him to the outside. Gunn takes Christian up to the steel steps and Christian low blows him and nails Gunn with a chair shot. Christian does a one-man conchairto.

Winner: Christian

Test was talking to Stephanie backstage and tells her if she just saw what Christian did to Gunn and she says yes. Test said that’s what he will do to the Rock tonight. Stephanie says to make it a handicap match against Rock tonight and the Rock would choose any member of the Alliance to team up with him.


Lance Storm and Hurricane Helms were shown backstage and Storm compliments him a little and while he was talking to him he kind of said “pretending to be a super hero” and Helms replied to those remarks and explained to Storm…

Match #2
Hardy Boyz & Lita vs Lance Storm, Hurricane Helms & Ivory

Ivory attacks Lita and the Hardys stopped her. Helms locks up with Matt Hardy. Hip toss by Matt and delivers a right hand and knocks him down. Jeff gets the tag and they double team Helms. Storm gets in and Jeff goes after him, then Helms sneaks up from behind and delivers a neck breaker on Jeff. Storm gets the official tag in and takes control of the match. Helms gets the tag back and delivers a back breaker, followed by a leg drop. Storm gets the tag back and delivers a drop kick, 1,2 but Jeff kicks out. Suplex by Storm, 1,2 and again Jeff kicks out. Sleeper hold by Storm, then Jeff fights back, but Storm takes him down. Helms gets the tag and goes on the top rope and does a cross body. Jaw breaker by Jeff and he manages to tag Matt. Matt gets in and takes down Storm and Helms. He slams Helms and goes on the second rope, but Storm kicked him.Jeff and Storm are fighting on the outside now. Matt tags Lita and Ivory gets the tag. Head scissors take down by Lita. Storm gets in and puts Lita on the top rope and was about to superplex Lita, but Jeff makes the save. Ivory gets the European title and was about to hit Lita from behind, but Matt gets her in time and delivers the twist of fate. Lita does the moonsault on Ivory and gets the win.

Winners: Hardy Boyz & Lita


Michael Cole knocks on the Rock’s locker room attempting to get an answer about who’s going to be Test’s partner. Rock gets out and tells Cole that he was in the shower and says that Cole was staring at his…. and Cole says he wasn’t and Rock says he has to go in and he’ll be back out later with an answer.

The APA were shown playing poker as usual. Chris Jericho walks in and tells them that their match against Rhyno and the Dudleyz is coming up next. Y2J says that APA sells protection and Stephanie doesn’t use any.

Tajiri was with Torrie Wilson, in Regal’s office. Tajiri gets a match for the U.S. title against Kanyon tonight.

Cole asks Rock about the challenge. Rock says tonight he will have a little practice. Rock says the question is, who is the Rock going to choose as Test’s partner? Rock says Test’s partner has to be fast, easy to manipulate and a person with no testicles. That person is Stephanie McMahon. Rock says that the old couple will once be reunited. “Here comes the Test, and the ho with the enormous breasts…


Jim Ross plugs Tough Enough II

Match #3
Chris Jericho & APA vs Dudleyz & Rhyno

The match starts with Devon and Faarooq. Clothesline by Faarooq, followed by a power slam, 1,2 but Devon kicks out. Jericho gets the tag and delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Devon. Devon fights back and whips Jericho into the turnbuckle. Jericho hits Bubba and Rhyno, then they trip him. Rhyno gets the tag and delivers a spine buster. Bubba gets the tag and drives the elbow. Jericho rolls up Bubba ,1,2 but Bubba kicks out and hits Jericho. Body slam by Bubba. Bubba goes on the second rope, and Jericho gets up and throws him off. Bradshaw gets the tag and so does Rhyno. Bradshaw takes care of Rhyno and Devon. Bubba comes in and clotheslines Bubba. Spine buster by Faarooq on Bubba and they go to the outside. Jericho comes in and clotheslines Devon to the outside. Rhyno misses the gore on Jericho, Bradshaw delivers the clothesline from hell and Jericho covers and gets the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho & APA

Stephanie was explaining to Test what Rock said about her. Test said he can take care of him alone, and Stephanie says she is going to kick the Rock’s ass and she went to get dressed.


RVD walks into Austin’s locker room. Austin asks him is he’s here because he’s afraid of Kurt Angle. RVD said no, he is here to ask him if he should defend the hardcore title tonight.. Austin said that if he was Hardcore champion, he would put it on the line. Austin says when he looks at RVD, in 5 to 10 years, he can be the next Stone Cold Steve Austin. RVD says thanks, but he prefers being RVD. AFter RVD left, Debra was laughing and says she likes the way he does the RVD thing and Austin yells at her and tells her to sit down because he doesn’t like it.

Match #4
Undertaker vs Booker T

The match starts with both men exchanging fists. Undertaker knocks down Booker T. Undertaker sends Booker T to the outside. Booker T sends the Undertaker into the ring post. Booker T had a chair bu the referee took it away. Back in the ring, Undertaker fights back and delivers a high flying clothesline. Booker kicks Undertaker, then Undertaker fights back again and was about to chokeslam him, but Steven Richards comes in and Undertaker knocks him down, then Booker T clotheslines the Undertaker and gets the win. After the match, Undertaker was about to do the last ride on Richards, then Kronik came in and attacked the Undertaker. Richards clears the announcing table and Kronik were about to send him through the table, but Undertaker fights back, but then they knock him back down. Then they send the Undertaker through the announcing table.

Winner: Booker T


Match #5
U.S. Title
Tajiri w/Torrie vs Kanyon

Tajiri delivers a few kicks, then goes on the top rope, but Kanyon catches up to him and does a Samoan drop from the top rope on Tajiri. Kanyon picks up Tajiri and does a back breaker. Tajiri fights back and knocks him down with an elbow shot. Fisherman suplex on Tajiri, 1,2 but he kicks out. Tajiri applies the Tarantula. Kanyon hits Tajiri and gets the U.S. title and Torrie grabs it from him. She accidently hits Tajiri with it, 1,2 but Tajiri kicks out. Tajiri spits the green myst in Kanyon’s face and then gets the win.

Winner: New U.S. champion, Tajiri


They highlight the Austin/Angle feud.

Austin and RVD were face to face in the locker room. Austin tells him to get out there and kick Kurt Angle’s ass. He tells him to use his Hardcore stuff. RVD said that he will do what Austin couldn’t do at SummerSlam and that’s to beat Kurt Angle tonight. Austin yells at him and tells him to go out and do it.


Match #6
Hardcore Title
Rob Van Dam vs Kurt Angle

Angle applies a waist lock, but RVD gave him an elbow shot. Angle does a belly to back suplex and RVD goes to the outside. Back in the ring, Angle knocks down RVD. Angle applies the ankle lock early in the match, but RVD gets to the rope. On the outside, RVD does a back flip on Kurt Angle, 1,2 but Kurt kicks out. Angle applies the ankle lock again, but RVD manages to get a chair and nail Angle with it while he was in the ankle lock. RVD tosses Angle back in the ring. RVD puts a chair in the middle of the ring and sends Angle to the turnbuckle. Angle fires back and does a spine buster on the chair. RVD fights back and puts a chair on Angle’s face and does a leg drop off the ring apron. Kurt sends him into the steel post. They are now fighting on the entrance ramp. Low blow by RVD. RVD kicks Angle in the back of the head. RVD was about to kick Angle but Kurt caught his foot and applied the ankle lock and got the win. KURT ANGLE is the new Hardcore Champion
! After the match Austin came out and threw Kurt Angle off the entrance ramp. Then he checks if RVD is ok and he throws RVD too. RVD crawled on Kurt and covered him and got the win.

Winner: New Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam


They recap the RVD/Angle match.

Jim Ross and Paul Heyman get into an argument over Kurt Angle and Steve Austin. JR says Austin will get his ass kicked at Unforgiven and Heyman objects. Jim Ross tells Heyman to kiss his ass.


Match #7
Handicap Match
The Rock vs Test & Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie comes out and introduces the man who will help her kick the Rock’s ass, Test. Stephanie joins the announcing team for some reason.

Test attacks the Rock and sends him to the ropes, Rock bounces back and delivers an elbow shot. Samoan drop by Rock, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Rock sends Test over the top rope to the outside. Test picks up the Rock and drops him on the security rails. Stephanie leaves the announcing table and kicks the Rock. Back in the ring, Test is hammering away on the Rock. Side walk slam by Test. Bear hug by Test. Rock fights back and delivers a couple of shots, followed by a DDT. Flying clothesline by the Rock. Rock was going for the Rock bottom, but Test hit him, then Rock does the spine buster. Rock was going for the People’s elbow, but Stephanie grabs his leg. Then Test nails the Rock with a kick. Stephanie gets the tag and covers, 1,2 but Rock kicked out. Rock knocks down Test and was about to Rock bottom Stephanie, but Test runs in and makes the save. Stephanie calls for Booker T, Booker T is coming out, then Rock pushes Test on Stephanie and Stephanie lands on Booker T. In the ring, The Rock does the Rock bottom and gets the win.

Winner: The Rock

Backstage, Michael Cole tries to get a word with Austin and tells him that Kurt is injured because Austin threw him off the ramp. He tells him that he might not be facing Kurt because he’s injured. Austin saying he doesn’t care, what? what? what? what? what? and he doesn’t give a rats ass about Kurt Angle.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer


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