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WWF RAW 9/3/2001

WWF Raw is War Results
September 3rd, 2001
Live from: Air Canada Center, in Toronto, Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with highlights of last week’s Raw, when Steve Austin stole Kurt Angle’s medals. Then they show Austin throwing the medals in the river on SmackDown.

Match #1
Undertaker vs Test

The match starts with Test pressuring Undertaker to the corner, then the referee breaks it up. Test pushes Taker and Undertaker pushes him back. Shoulder take down by Test. Undertaker gets up and takes him down. Elboew shot by Test, but Undertaker trips Test and applies the STF submission hold, but Test grabs the ropes. Clothesline by Test. Test beats on the Undertaker in the corner. Side walk slam by Test, 1,2 but Undertaker kicks out. Test goes on the second rope and nails Undertaker with his elbow, 1,2 but Undertaker kicks out again. Russian leg sweep by Test. Another Russian leg sweep by Test. Test was going for another, but Undertaker grabs Test’s leg and puts a submission hold, but Test grabs the ropes once again. Clothesline by Undertaker. Undertaker positions Test for the last ride, but Steven Richards comes out and super kicks the Undertaker and runs away. Undertaker gets up, then Test delivers a boot to the face.

Winner: by Disqualification, Undertaker

Christian is talking to this security guard telling him he’s so famous and people are always asking for his autographs. Then a lady and her husband ask the guard where to enter the arena and the guy tells them. Christian tells the married couple that he will beat the Rock tonight. Then Christian tells the security guard that there are a lot of ugly people in Toronto.


During the break, they show Steven Richards running away and Cole tries to get a few words with him. Steven Richards basically issues a challenge to the Undertaker for tomorrow night’s Smackdown.

They show highlights of the WrestleMania press conference that took place earlier today in Toronto.

William Regal is talking to Tajiri and tells him that if he can get a partner, he can face the Dudley Boyz tonight. Big Show walks in and starts talking to Tajiri in and Tajiri got a himself a partner for tonight.

Steve Austin was talking to Debra and making fun of Canadians say EH! Then he enters his locker room and the Alliance surprise him. Stephanie talks to Austin and tells him he’s an inspiration….and how he threw Kurt’s medals. (the regular suck up). Austin said he appreciates how much they appreciate him. Stephanie tells Austin that the Alliance have a huge surprise for him later tonight.


Match #2
#1 contendership for the tag team Titles
Dudley Boyz vs Tajiri & Big Show

The match starts with Devon attacking Tajiri and throws him to the outside. Big Show comes in and takes care of business. Tajiri gets the tag and he beats on Devon and kicks Bubba to the outside. Tarantula on Devon. Tajiri kicks him on the side of the head. Devon makes the tag and Bubba picks him up and drops him on the ropes. Torrie Wilson comes out to ring side. Bubba makes the tag back to Devon and they double team Tajiri. Devon goes on the second rope and jumps, but Tajiri moves out of the way. Big Show gets the tag and delivers a boot to the face on Devon and Bubba. Devon low blows Big Show and Tajiri makes a blind tag and accidently sprays the green myst in Big Show’s face and Big Show bounces on the ropes and acciddently nails Torrie.. They clothesline Show to the outside. The Dudleyz deliver the 3D on Tajiri and get the win. After the match Big Show picks up Torrie and brings her backstage. The Dudleyz get a table and put Tajiri through it, then Big Show comes running out and they leave.

Winners: Dudley Boyz

Shane McMahon and Booker T are talking to Christian backstage. Shane tells him that Booker T knows the Rock better then anyone and they will go down to ring side to make sure Christian becomes WCW champion. Shane then says that after Christian wins the title, he will have to defend it against Booker T tomorrow night on Smackdown. Christian agrees. Then Booker T says “Do you smell what the Book is cookin'”.


Kanyon is shown at WWF New York. Paul Heyman asks him “Who better then Kanyon?” Kanyon said that he renamed WWF New York to the Alliance New York. Kanyon starts talking about Austin and he sucks up big time.

Austin tells Debra that Kanyon has a future. Stephanie runs in and Austin got scared because she was running in and thought it was Kurt Angle. Stephanie tells him that the surprise is getting closer. Austin asks Stephanie if she saw Kurt Angle in the hall way and Stephanie says Kurt won’t even show up because he is afraid of Austin.

Match #3
Shawn Stasiak w/Stacy Keibler vs Spike Dudley w/Molly Holly

The match starts with Stasiak throwing Spike and putting him in the corner and beating on him. Gorilla plex slam by Stasiak on Spike. Stasiak was going for a suplex, but Spike lands on his feet and tried to fight back, but Stasiak knocks him back down. Stasiak pushes Spike in the corner and he was running towards him, then Molly trips him and Spike does the Dudley Dog and gets the win. After the match, Stacy confronts Spike, then Molly gets in her face and knocks her down.

Winners: Spike Dudley

Christian is talking to Edge. Edge tells him it would be awesome if he walked out as WCW champion in their home town. Christian hands back the King of the Ring trophy to Edge and apologizes about it. Christian says that even if he wins the WCW title..knowing it’s more prestigious then Edge’s IC title, they will always be brothers.


Saturn is talking to Hurricane Helms about Moppy. He tells him that he got kidnapped and explains to him. Helms tells him that M is for moppy, M is for mystery about whole stole moppy and M is for Matt Hardy. He makes him believe that Matt stole Moppy.

Match #4
wCw World Title
The Rock vs Christian

Booker T and Shane McMahon come out to the ring and Booker T introduces himself as the ring announcer. Then Booker T asks the referee what do you call a guy that does the bell..and the referee says time keeper. Booker T then introduces Shane McMahon as the time keeper. Booker T then introduces the challenger, Christian. And now introducing the “so called WCW champion, a man who wishes he was better then Booker T, the sucka who will get his ass kicked all over Toronto”, then Rock’s music hits and he comes out.

Booker T distracted the Rock and Christian attacked him and threw him to the outside. On the outside, Shane starts to beat on the Rock. Back in the ring, Rock clotheslines Christian. Booker T distracts the Rock again and Christian clotheslines him. Spinning kick by Christian. Christian throws the Rock on the outside. Booker T picks up the Rock and throws him on the announcing table. Christian goes out and sends the Rock into the announcing table. Christian throws him back in the ring. Modified back breaker by Christian, 1,2 but Rock kicks out. Christian chokes the Rock on the ropes. Out of nowhere, The Rock delivers a Samoan drop and both men are down. Shane distracts the referee and Booker T hands the belt to Christian and Christian was about to hit the Rock, but he ducks and knocks Christian. DDT by Rock, 1,2 but Christian kicks out. Spine buster by the Rock followed by the sharpshooter (and dammit he can’t put it on right) Shane pulls the referee out. Booker T was on the apron and Rock sends Christian on Booker T, then Rock does the Rock bottom and gets the win.

After the match, Rock calls in Booker T and the fight is on, but Shane comes in and hits Rock from behind, then the AOA came out and chased Shane through the crowd.

Winner: Still wCw champion, The Rock

Stephanie just hung up on her cell phone and told Debra that the surprise is here. They tell Austin not to open his eyes until it’s here.


Stone Cold Surprise

Stephanie McMahon comes out. She says everything about Canadian is completely backwards. They can’t finish a sentence without a question eh?. She says Canadians want to be like Americans. Slut chant started. She says why do Canadians celebrate Labor Day? She says Canada is the laziest working country in the world. Everyone works hard in the U.S. She says there is a man that works very hard in the states and he is the leader of the Alliance, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin comes out.

Stephanie says this is a great moment for her and the Alliance. His surprise is a brand new truck! Debra is shown in the Oval tron standing behind the truck. Debra shows him around the around, while he was in the ring. Debra tells him to get out of the ring and to take his sweet little wife out for a ride. Austin and Stephanie walk back and Austin was very happy.

Austin and Stephanie make their way to the parking lot and Austin was so happy to see the truck. Austin stands up on the back of his truck, and Kurt Angle comes out and nails him with a baseball bat. Austin is in the back of the truck laid down cold, and Kurt Angle gets in the truck and drives away.


Match #5
Matt Hardy & Lita vs Ivory & Hurricane Helms

Helms applies a head lock on Matt. Matt takes him down and delivers a few punches. He puts Matt on the top rope and goes up with him, then Matt nails him and he falls off. Lita gets the tag and so does Ivory. Head scissors by Lita. Elbow shot by Ivory. Ivory does a modified X-Factor on Lita. Lita makes the tag to Matt and Ivory makes the tag too. Matt knocks down Helms. Swinging neck breaker by Matt. Ivory and Lita come in and they started to fight. Saturn comes out on the apron and distracts Matt Hardy. Helms pushes Matt on Saturn, Saturn falls down and Helms does the Nightmare on Helms Street and gets the win. After the match, Saturn attacks Helms.

Winners: Ivory and Hurricane Helms

Lance Storm, Edge and Christian get into an argument backstage. Storm says that Toronto is pathetic and so are E and C. He says Toronto loses its bid for the Olympics, Christian loses his match for the wCw title and tonight Edge will make is 3 for 3 when he loses his Intercontinental title to him. Edge is like, pathetic is getting beat up by a midget, being a 30 year old man who never kissed a girl, that’s pathetic. Lance had no come back and just said “I’ll see you in the ring.”


Backstage Debra was crying on the phone explaining to the police about what happened. Stephanie takes the phone and says “Listen..Canadian police”.. then she explains to them what happened to Austin. Then on the TV in the locker room they see the truck pull up and Kurt Angle gets out and had Austin blind folded and all tied up with chains. Kurt was threatening to throw him over the bridge. Austin said sorry like three times and Kurt kept saying, what? what? Austin told him that he doesn’t want to do this. Kurt says he shouldn’t do this. This bridge isn’t nearly high enough. He puts him back in the truck and they go.

Backstage in the arena, Stephanie screams at the Alliance and tells them not to stand here, and to go find Austin.


Match #6
Intercontinental Title
Lance Storm vs Edge

Lance Storm attacks Edge, then Edge does a back body drop. Flying head scissors by Edge and Storm goes to the outside. Edge tries to suplex Storm into the ring, but Storm lands on his feet and kicks Edge in the back of the head and goes flying to the outside. Back in the ring…Storm does a jaw breaker. Both men collide and both are down on the mat. Both men get up at the count of six. Edge delivers a right hand and knocks Storm down, 1,2 but Storm kicks out. Edge was going for his DDT, but Storm manages to escape and hits Edge on his leg. Storm applies the Maple Leaf, but Edge reaches for the rope. Storm continued to work on Edge’s leg, but Edge some how rolls him up and gets the win. After the match, Storm attacks Edge and works on his leg. Christian comes out with a chair and Lance Storm runs away. Christian and Edge hug. Then Christian nails Edge with the chair. Christian puts Edge’s head on a chair and takes another chair and nails him again with it.

Winner: Still Intercontinental champion, Edge


Match #7
Rob Van Dam & Rhyno vs Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy

The match starts with Jericho and RVD. Head lock by Jericho. Shoulder take down by Jericho. Jericho kicks RVD in the back of the head and knocks him down. Jeff Hardy gets the tag. RVD sends Jeff into the turnbuckle, but Jeff fights back and goes on the top rope and does the swanton bomb and both men are down. Jericho gets the tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Rhyno gets in and nails Jeff behind the referee’s back. Rhyno gets the tag and goes back in and continues the punishment. Rhyno was going for the gore, but Hardy gets out of the way and tags Jericho. RVD gets the tag too and Jericho knocks him down. Jericho sends Rhyno to the outside. Roll up by Jericho, 1,2 but he reverses his own move into the Walls of Jericho, then Rhyno goes up on the apron and Jericho does a spring board drop kick. RVD grabs Jericho and Jericho reverses it and rolls up RVD and gets the win.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy

Kurt Angle and Austin are at another bridge. Austin tells him he is sorry and he will go back and get his medals. Kurt Angle says it’s too late for that. Kurt gives him a couple of minutes to think about it and beg, and cry. If he doesn’t, he will throw him faster then his medals went down.


There were some network problems on TNN. It says TNN Stand By. The same thing showed up for Canadian viweres on TSN too.

Raw is back. Debra is shown in the ring and she is crying and begging for Kurt Angle not to throw Austin over the bridge.

Kurt Angle tells Steve Austin to beg. Austin started saying he is sorry. Kurt tells him what? what? You’re pathetic. He tells Austin that he wants him to cry. Austin tried to cry and Kurt says it’s pathetic, he’s a joke. Austin was crying and begging while he was blind folded. Kurt Angle tells him that he wants a return match for the WWF title. He wants a date and place too. Austin says he got it and for Angle to name the time and place. Kurt Angle tells him at Unforgiven in Pittsburgh in his home town. Austin tells him he got it. Kurt says he was still going to push him and he pushes him in a small little kids pool that was placed on the road. Kurt gets into the truck and leaves.

Show is over.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer


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