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WCW Thunder 6/14/2000

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WCW Thunder
Fairfax, Virginia
June 14, 2000

Throughout the night, Vince Russo looked for different places to hide as Kevin Nash was on the prowl, looking for revenge on the crooked boss. Just when Big Sexy thought he had Russo in the perfect predicament, the hired gun Goldberg arrived, delivering yet another message from the New Blood faction.

Outside, Vince Russo, The Cat, Jeff Jarrett and David Flair arrived at the Norfolk Scope. As they entered the building, Kevin Nash pulled up behind the limo and walked in as well.

Interview: The New Blood
Vince Russo, his pseudo son David, the three-time karate champion and The Chosen One sauntered to the ring, gloating at what transpired just two days earlier. Jarrett told Kidman that he deserved the spear he received from Bill Goldberg on Nitro, and told Billy he was going to take care of him personally. Jarrett went on to say he welcomed the challenge from Hollywood Hogan for the WCW Title. Russo bragged about retiring Ric Flair and shaving his head on Nitro. As Vinnie Ru talked about the beating Goldberg put on Kevin Nash, Big Sexy made his way to the stage. He told the boss what he planned to do with the big black bat he was carrying. After dropping the entire R&B Security team, Nash hit the ring, knocking down David and The Cat, as Russo and Jarrett hit the high road through the crowd.

Backstage, Russo screamed to Bischoff via cell phone to get to the building with Goldberg. Cat, Flair, and Jarrett each said they had something to do and split, leaving the crass New Yorker alone as Nash hunted for him.

Kronic d. Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow

Kronic complained about losing the tag team gold by disqualification, challenging the champions to come to the ring. Chris Candido arrived and said he and an old Jersey friend would come out and face Adams and Clark. Bam Bam Bigelow joined Hard Knox, and the match was on. Kronic used their power to work over Candido early, tossing him all around the ring. Before Bigelow could even tag into the ring, Candido fell victim to the High Time and was pinned for the 1-2-3. After the match, the Beast from the East jumped on Kronic until security broke up the melee.

Backstage, Russo tried to escape the building in the black limo, only to find the tires flat.

Interview: The Mamalukes
Big Vito, wearing the Hardcore Title belt around his waist, came out with two Singapore canes, with Johnny the Bull following behind. The Bull asked Vito why he deserved to be the champion, saying he could have beat Funk too if he wasn’t locked in the closet backstage. Big Vito told Johnny they were brothers and best friends and would give him the belt to wear. As The Bull walked around the ring showing off his new trophy, Vito attacked with one of the canes, before driving him through a table to the floor with a flying DDT. Kevin Nash came out, leveled Vito with the bat, and took the mic. He reminded Russo that he was still looking for him.

Backstage, David Flair was shown on a surveillance camera getting chummy with Miss Hancock.

Interview: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
Douglas told Bagwell that The Franchise was left high and dry when Buff got himself suspended 30 days ago. Shane told Bagwell that he was nothing unless he was teaming with Douglas. Buff hit the ring, but Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow followed close behind, making it a three-on-one beat down. Kronic made the save to even the odds, as the reformed Triple Threat headed to the back.

Backstage, “PerfectShawn” Stasiak and “The Event” Chuck Palumbo made fun of Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott as they watched them ride in on their motorcycles on the monitor. Abbott and Steiner attacked from behind; dropping the champions as they introduced them to the magic of pre-taped video.

Backstage, The Cat told Russo there was nothing to worry about as the other black limo finally arrived. When Miller opened the door however, the two were in for a big surprise as Big Poppa Pump got out, sending Russo and The Cat running for their lives.

No Contest – Rick Steiner and Tank Abbott vs. Mike Awesome and Chris Kanyon

Kanyon came out dressed like DDP, delivering a Page-style interview, telling the crowd about his upcoming book signing. Awesome challenged anyone in the back with the “Spaldings” to come out and face them in a tag match. Tank and Rick Steiner, already hot from the incident in the back, accepted and the brawl was on. Awesome and Tank fought between the ropes as Kanyon and Steiner took to the outside. Steiner accidentally clotheslined Abbott from behind, as the referee finally called for the bell, ruling the bout a no contest. As the WCW tag champions charged the ring, Big Poppa Pump joined the party, clearing the ring of everyone except his brother. The two stared each other down in the ring.

Outside, Vince Russo barely escaped the clutches of Kevin Nash as Big Sexy caught up with him in the parking garage.

Pamela Paulshock Interview: The Cat
The Cat, after commenting on Paulshock’s appearance, told Scott Steiner that he would pay later in the show.

Mean Gene Interview: Billy Kidman
Billy said he was glad to be away from Eric Bischoff and would show Jarrett later on that the kid doesn’t play.

WCW World Title Match
Jeff Jarrett d. Billy Kidman

Jarrett jumped Kidman as he entered the ring, setting the tone for the match. On the outside, The Chosen One dropped Kidman, throat first, across the guardrail. The Filthy Animals arrived, distracting Jarrett enough for Billy to gain a two and a half count. Kidman brought The Chosen One down with a sunset flip from the top rope, but again only got a near fall. Konnan seized the guitar and slammed it over Kidman’s head, leading to a Jarrett victory. Nash ran out again and dragged Jarrett to the back with a belt around his neck.

Interview: Vampiro
Vampiro told the crowd that the actor Steve Borden, formerly known as Sting, was gone forever after his plunge from the Nitro Vision at the PPV. Vamp screamed at the crowd, telling one fan to remove the Sting mask from her face. When she refused, he approached her and took it off, only to be met with a face full of red liquid, spit by the returning Asya, who was under the disguise. The Demon entered the ring as the announcers told the television audience that Dale Torberg, who plays The Demon, and Asya were engaged to be married. When the dark angel put Demon down in the ring, Asya came in for the save, but was met with a Nail in the Coffin. The KISS warrior chased Vamp down the aisle and into the Demon’s coffin, before returning to the ring for his fiancée.

In a pre-taped moment, 3 Count performed their smash hit song at a mall appearance. One fan screamed to the band that they ruled, while the rest… well, there weren’t anymore fans.

Interview: Daffney Unger
Daffney, dressed in a black wedding dress, said she wanted Miss Hancock to the ring so she could kick her ex-Hooter Girl butt. Hancock told Daffney to call David from the back, but the former Cruiserweight Champion chose to attack her instead. The jilted Goth queen slammed Hancock’s head into the mat until David arrived to break it up. As Flair screamed at Daffney, Crowbar came in to calm things down, but David delivered a low blow on his former friend.

Backstage, As Vince Russo found the perfect hiding spot in The Cat’s office, Nash appeared from behind a plant, scaring the boss half to death.

Reversed Decision: The Cat d. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner with Midajah and Shikira by DQ
Big Poppa Pump told The Cat that he would be receiving the ass kicking that Bischoff and Russo would soon be getting. Within moments, Cat was rolling from the ring in pain, as Steiner dished out a huge beating. Miller tried to slide back in from behind, but was caught on his belly, looking at bootlaces. Cat hit a low blow and followed it up with a “dancing split karate thrust.” R&B Security came in, but Steiner sent them packing. Shikira distracted The Cat in the corner as Midajah went to the top, coming off with a huge bodypress. Big Poppa got the victory with a Steiner Recliner, but the commissioner reversed the decision, claiming it was a chokehold. He then banned the Recliner from that moment on.

Backstage, as Jarrett was tied up on the dressing room floor, Nash called Scott Hall in Florida for advice on what to do to “The Bounded One.” Nash hung up, saying hall was a twisted soul.

Mean Gene Interview: David Flair
David told Gene that it was no one’s business what was going on between himself and Daffney.

David Flair d. Crowbar

Crowbar came to the ring with a vengeance, fighting for the honor of his friend, Daffney. The former tag team champions battled in and out of the ring, with Crowbar flattening David in a chair, with a dive over the ropes to the floor. Flair crotched Crowbar on the guardrail, turning the tide in this heated contest. The action slowed down in the ring as both competitors delivered high impact maneuvers on each other. David, who mimicked his father’s strut, used the mini Statue of Liberty to gain the tainted win. Flair immediately went for the hair clippers and started on the head of Crowbar, before Daffney stopped him. David pie faced his former fiancŽe before continuing the shaving. Miss Hancock came to the ramp and teased Flair to the back.

Interview: Kevin Nash
Big Sexy came to the ring with the bound Jeff Jarrett. Nash talked of the movie Deliverance, telling Russo that the film scarred him for life when he was younger. Kevin then proceeded to act out the verses, terrorizing the WCW Champion. He told Russo that if he didn’t show up, Jarrett would be powerbombed to hell. Vinnie Ru arrived on the stage, telling Nash that he held Scott Hall’s contract in his hand. Russo gave Nash an ultimatum — either let Jarrett free, or he would tear up Hall’s contract. Goldberg’s music played and, as Nash kept his eyes on the entrance way, the New Blood hired gun snuck in from the other side of the ring, dropping Nash to the canvas. Jarrett was freed and he and Goldberg destroyed Big Sexy. Russo entered the ring and threatened to rip up the contract as Thunder came to a close.

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