WCW Thunder 6/7/2000

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WCW Thunder
Knoxville, Tennessee
June 7, 2000

Vince Russo thought he had it all figured out. He and David Flair were so confident that Ric Flair would lose at the Great American bash, that they threw him an early retirement party.

Since arriving in WCW, Russo has wanted to have his cake and eat it too. On this night, The Nature Boy made that possible.

Vince Russo thought he had it all figured out. He and David Flair were so confident that Ric Flair would lose at the Great American bash, that they threw him an early retirement party.

Since arriving in WCW, Russo has wanted to have his cake and eat it too. On this night, The Nature Boy made that possible.

Outside of the arena, Eric Bischoff arrived with legal council by his side.

Interview: Eric Bischoff
The Hardcore Champion came to the ring surrounded by his legal staff, saying he would chose his words carefully. Easy E stated that this coming Sunday at the Great American Bash, he would come through with the biggest surprise of all time. He then went on to suspend Bill Goldberg for 90 days for his actions on Monday Nitro. Also, because of the attack by Sting on the WCW Champion on Nitro, Bischoff said that the title match involving Jeff Jarrett would be postponed. Jarrett came out looking like a mummy, bandaged from head to toe, using a walker to get to the ring. “The Broken One” said that even though his millions of slapnuts were going to be disappointed, he was sorry to the fans, Bischoff and most importantly, Kevin Nash for backing out of the match. Big Sexy came to the ring with a bat, stating he was ready to take the WCW Champion’s temperature with it. Nash spared no one, not even the attorneys, as he attacked with the wooden equalizer. Jarrett scurried away with no problem as the casts fell freely from his body. Nash told “The Exposed One” that he would see him at the Bash.

Backstage, Capt. Rection rallied the troops, telling them to prepare for a long night.

Backstage, Vince Russo and David Flair arrived to the arena with a van full of senior citizens.

Backstage, Daffney asked David Flair why he hadn’t called her all week.

Backstage, Jarrett and Kimberly asked Bischoff if he had a plan B, since plan A blew up in their face.

WCW Cruiserweight Title match
Lieutenant Loco with MIA d. Daffney with Crowbar and Disco Inferno with The Filthy Animals

Konnan told the crowd that Disco would walk all over Loco and Daffney. Disco rolled up Daffney early for a near fall that was broken up by Loco. Tygress did commentary at ringside. Crowbar took out The MIA with a somersault plancha to the floor. Miss Hancock came to the ramp, but was shoved from behind by Kimberly. This prompted Major Guns to involve herself, chasing after the former Mrs. Page. In the ring, with the assist of GI Bro, Loco scored the pinfall, becoming the Cruiserweight Champion. After the bout, Major Guns revived Loco with mouth to mouth.

Backstage, Torrie wanted nothing to do with Kidman as he tried to apologize for Monday.

Backstage, Vince Russo told The Cat he had something special for him.

The Cat came to the stage and told the MIA that he would fire all of them if they interfered in another match.

Billy Kidman with Horace Hogan d. Sgt. Stash

Kidman took the mic and again apologized to Torrie, saying he finally knew that he could trust Horace. Stash tossed Hogan to the floor and went to work on Kidman, using his power to muscle the cocky youngster around the ring. Horace got some revenge on the outside, whipping Stash into the guardrail. After a superplex from the second rope, Stash posed to the crowd, allowing Horace to sneak in from behind and deliver a Death Valley Driver. A three count later, and Billy was victorious. Torrie came to the ring and listened to Kidman beg for forgiveness. She gave him her response by slapping him in the face and walking away.

Backstage, The Cat attempted to teach the group of senior citizens how to dance. As he told an elderly woman that he wasn’t afraid to fight her, she told him to bring it on.

Interview: Vince Russo and David Flair
Russo and David came to the ring, accompanied by the group of seniors and a big cake. As balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling, David thanked everyone for coming to his dad’s retirement party. Russo ripped open the Ric Flair shirt he had on, exposing the chop marks on his chest, courtesy of The Nature Boy. As the whole group sang “For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow,” more seniors wheeled a giant cake down the ramp. Russo, assuming Ric was inside, said he wasn’t going to be fooled and charged up the ramp. While this was going on, The Nature Boy came from under the ring and chopped down his son before dragging Russo back in. Instead of beating him senseless, Flair decided to embarrass the boss instead, slamming his face into the cake. Ric gave David a beat down in the corner before leaving the ring with Reid by his side.

Outside, Tank Abbott and Rick Steiner arrived to the building. The Goldberg monster truck was shown in the background.

Backstage, Bischoff told someone on the phone to arrest Bill Goldberg if he stepped foot in the building.

WCW Hardcore Title Match
The Mamalukes d. The Wall

Backstage, The Wall attacked The Mamalukes as they were admiring the art that hung in the arena. Tony Schiavone said that Bischoff gave The Mamalukes the Hardcore Title, and that this was a title match. Wall fought both men all around the backstage area, before working their way out into the arena through the crowd. Vito and Johnny tried to put the big man away with several double team maneuvers, but Wall just kept coming back for more. After a chokeslam in the ring, The former bodyguard went for a table. As he attempted to chokeslam Vito from the top, The Franchise Shane Douglas entered the ring, slamming a chair across Wall’s back. Vito drove Wall through the table and delivered a big splash for the victory. Post match, The Wall chased after Douglas as The Mamalukes were dropped on the ramp by Tank, who had something to say.

Interview: Tank Abbott
Tank told Goldberg that he wasn’t done with him, challenging the former Atlanta Falcon to a rematch. Abbott went on to say that he would make Scott Steiner his “freak” at the Bash. The UFC monster finished his rant by challenging Kevin Nash to come to the ring. Nash watched from the back as Tank threatened to beat up an innocent victim. Abbott approached Tony Schiavone’s son, John Michael, who threw a soda in Abbott’s face. Nash hit the ring, followed by Rick Steiner. Big Poppa Pump soon entered and, after a short brawl, Abbott and Rick headed down the ramp, where Bischoff awaited. Easy E said Scott Steiner earned himself a shot at the New Blood Gauntlet.

Backstage, Bill Goldberg was shown on a security camera kicking in a door to get into the arena.

Outside, The Cat ran his mouth to the Knoxville police, who told Miller to shut up. As they walked into the building, Mike Awesome pulled up in an ambulance.

No Contest – Mike Awesome vs. Corporal Cajun

Awesome dropped Cajun at all turns, countering every offensive attempt made by the Corporal. The Career Killer went to the outside to retrieve a table, looking to put an end to Cajun. As he went for the Awesome Bomb, DDP grabbed Cajun’s leg, breaking up the move. As the two fought, Awesome hit Page with the neck halo, followed by a Bomb through the table.

Backstage, Hollywood Hogan arrived to the arena.

Backstage, the beautiful Kimberly distracted the Knoxville police as Bischoff tried to give them instructions regarding Bill Goldberg.

WCW Tag Team Title Match
Perfectshawn and The Event d. Captain Rection and G.I. Bro

Rection and Bro had the champions reeling early, using double team moves within the allotted 5 count. At ringside, an elderly man wearing a military helmet was shown hitting on Major Guns. Bro made the hot tag and cleaned house on the champs, before tagging Rection back in. As Rection went to the top for the moonsault, the elderly man entered the ring, unintentionally distracting the Captain, long enough for Palumbo to attack with the muscle flexer. After the bell, The Event and Perfectshawn were jumped by Kronic, who fought them back into the ring, leaving the champions laying.

No Contest – The Cat vs. Sting

The Cat did his dance before the match, riling up the Knoxville crowd. As Sting stood on the ropes looking to the audience, Vampiro came out and sprayed him in the face with a fire extinguisher. The dark angel put The Stinger down with his own Scorpion Death Drop. Vampiro then set the announcer’s table on fire as the commentators called to the back for help. Sting stopped Vamp with the extinguisher and put out the fire, but was dropped again, this time hard onto the table. The gothic fighter told Sting that at the Bash, the burning smell would be his flesh.

Backstage, Sting refused medical help from the paramedics.

Mean Gene Interview: Hollywood Hogan
Hogan entered the arena to the tune that made him bad. He told Billy Kidman that he wasn’t man enough for Torrie Wilson and would always be the “flea market champion.” Hollywood said he didn’t care whether it was Horace or Kidman, he was going to line them up and knock them down on his way to the July PPV, for a shot at the WCW Title.

New Blood Gauntlet Match
Scott Steiner d. The New Blood

The stipulations were that if Nash interfered, he would lose his title shot and if Goldberg came out, he would be arrested. Big Poppa told Bischoff not to get on his bad side. Steiner said the boss was next on his list, and advised Tank Abbott to get some front teeth so he could knock them down his throat. Nash watched from the back, as Chris Candido was the first of the New Blood to fall. Perfectshawn was next in and next to go down. Palumbo was next, attacking with the muscle flexer, which almost brought Nash to the ring. The Cat was put into the Steiner Recliner, but Awesome and The Franchise broke up the move. Soon, several of the New Blood members were in the ring thumping Big Poppa and placing him into a straight jacket and a body bag. Finally, unable to take anymore, Goldberg charged the ring and wiped the mat with the NB. Bischoff came out with Knoxville’s finest as Thunder faded to black.

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