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WWF RAW 7/17/2000

Written by: Adam King

Monday, July 17th, 2000

Live from the Pepsi Arena in Albany, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (7/06/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (6/29/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Raw comes on the air with highlights of the Rock/Chris Benoit confrontations from Smackdown. After the intro Jim Ross welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. Raw has the night all to itself so let’s see how they shill Fully Loaded in six days.

~ Things kick off with Commissioner Mick Foley making his way to the ring, back from his tour of Southeast Asia. Foley gets on the mic and says it’s good to be back in the U.S., even leading a chant of “USA!” before saying it’s also great to be here in Albany. Foley then says he reviewew what went on last week on Raw and isn’t happy with certain things, starting with Triple H bending his authority and beating down Chris Jericho. Foley says Jericho has requested his Fully Loaded match with Triple H be a Last Man Standing match and after thinking about seeing Triple H in a state of unconciousness he has granted his request. Foley talks about something else when the Undertaker interupts him and rides down to the ring. Taker gets on the mic and tells Foley they go back many years so he knows that he doesn’t like the disrespect Kurt Angle has shown him. Taker brings up Angle costing him and Kane the tag team titles and messing up his bike as well as hitting him with a sledgehammer on Smackdown. Taker then demands a match with Angle tonight, threatening to hunt down Angle in the back if it’s not done. Foley admits Taker has intimidated him when Kane comes out to join the discussion, talking about causing anarchy and chaos unless Taker gets Angle tonight. Foley starts to offer a rebuttal when Angle appears on the TitanTron again trying to apologize to Taker for his actions, claiming he was going for Triple H last Thrusday. Angle says the fans didn’t want to see that happen just like they don’t want to see their match at the pay-per-view. Foley tells Angle no one can understand wanting to hit Triple H like he can and decides to have Angle team up with Triple H against Taker and Kane tonight. Triple H then cuts into the TitanTron via a split-screen to offer his thoughts, claiming Foley has always had it in for him especially after he bloodied and retired him. Triple H accepts the Last Man Standing match but begs Foley not to team him with “the Olympic twerp”. Angle takes offense to Triple H’s comments and says Stephanie doesn’t think he’s a twerp and Triple H warns Angle to hold his end of the match up of he’ll end up like Jericho on Sunday.

Unfortunatley just when this segment looks ready to end, the Rock suddenly comes out to prolong it. Rock gets on the mic and talks about how Foley is in the mood to give the fans what they want then demands a match with Chris Benoit tonight, even willing to put his WWF Championship on the line. Now Chris Benoit is coming out to the stage with Shane McMahon and Edge & Chrisitan in tow. Benoit gets on the mic and says it doesn’t matter to him when Rock puts his title up; he just loves hearing Rock squeal every time he puts the Crossface on him. Benoit says no matter when their match happens, he will make Rock tap out and win the title. Shane takes the mic and puts over Benoit as the next WWF Champion then tries to rip of Rock’s “If ya smell” line when Foley cuts Shane off, saying only he can rip off Rock’s catchphrases while reminding him that he calls the shots. Foley then asks Edge & Christian how they’re doing and E&C say they’re feeling better but aren’t ready to defend their tag titles. Foley claims E&C don’t have any guts and announces they will defend the titles against the Acolytes at Fully Loaded. Foley then books a six-man match for tonight pitting Edge, Christian and Benoit against The Acolytes and The Rock. Rock decides to go up the ramp and get a piece of Benoit but E&C and Shane swarm all over him. Rock and Benoit continue to go at it at ringside when several referees come out to break it up. Rock then paces in the ring as we go to commercial, FINALLY ending this segment after 22 minutes. I thought Foley said we wasn’t going to get 20-minute interview segments anymore.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Rock trying to take on Shane McMahon’s crew single-handedly.

  • The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Hardys rush the ring and go right to work on the Dudleys but Bubba Ray Dudley throws Jeff under the ropes while Matt works over D’Von. D’Von whips Matt into a corner and charges but eats a boot. Matt hops to the middle rope and D’Von climbs up but Matt shoves him down to the mat and connects with the guillotine legdrop. Matt tags Jeff and whips D’Von into a corner then drops to the mat and Jeff launches off him into the Poetry in Motion for a two count. Jeff goes for a whip but D’Von reverses it and hits an elbow. Bubba tags in and rips Jeff’s shirt before choipping him in a corner. Bubba whips Jeff into a backdrop then pops Matt off the apron, drawing him in to distract the referee. Jeff leaps onto Bubba’s shoulders but D’von climbs to the top rope and hits the Dudleyville Device. Bubba slams Jeff and sets him up while D’Von climbs to the top again and hits the headbutt to the groin. The Dudleys then go out and each grab a table from under the ring and Bubba sets up his table on the outside while D’Von slides his in the ring. The Dudleys go to set up the table in the ring when the sirens blare again and sure enough Steven Richards comes out and grabs the table on the floor before running to the back. D’Von chases after Richards and Bubba calls for him to come back and finish the match while the Hardys to slide a ladder in the ring. Matt climbs to the top rope and takes out Bubba with a flying crossbody on the floor then tees off on Bubba. D’Von finally comes back out and attacks Matt but Jeff climbs the ladder and leaps off the top, taking out everyone on the floor! Lita tries to help the Hardys when Trish Stratus attacks her from behind while Test and Albert stomp away at the Hardys and I guess this match is getting thrown out. (3:15) So much for that.

Trish throws Lita in the ring and Test sets her up for a powerbomb but Albert stops him and suggests something else. So T & A move the ladder and table into position then place Lita onto the table while Trish climbs up to the top of the ladder looking for a splash. The Hardys pull Test and Albert off the apron and duke it out with them on the floor while Lita recovers and climbs up the ladder. Lita sets Trish up for a superplex but Trish shoves her off and Lita crashes through the table below! Trish happily walks off with her men while Matt and Jeff tend to the fallen Lita.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Trish putting Lita through the table and footage of Lita getting stretchered out of the arena. When cut to live action and find Lita refusing the neck brace and getting off the stretcher promising revenge against Trish as Matt helps her to her feet.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. The Godfather (w/the ladies)

Godfather comes out first and does his usual thing on the mic but instead of Blackman, Steven Richards comes back out to the stage instead. Richards gets on the mic and chastises the fans for not knowing right from wrong since they cheer violence, indecency and especially the Godfather. Richards claims the producers and the Godfather are corrupting the youth of America then tells Godfather that having scantily-clad woemn accompanying him is unacceptable. Richards promises the censor his women because the fans don’t know any better. Godfather offers a rebuttal by saying Richards’ censorship is costing him the Hardcore Title then dares him to come to the ring to see what he thinks about his censorship. Richards starts down but stops and tells Godfather violence never solves anything while refusing to soil his hands with Godfather unless it’s self defense. Godfather decides to go out after him and chases Richards up the ramp when he’s attacked on the stage by Bull Buchanan, who’s dressed just like Richards. Buchanan and Godfather brawl down to ringside and Buchanan whips Godfather into the apron. Buchanan throws Godfather in the ring and goes for a whip which Godfather reverses but Buchanan runs up the turnbuckles and connects with a flying clothesline. Buchanan follows up with an axe kick while Richards chases the Godfather’s women to the back. So it appears that Buchanan is Richards’ flunky now and Blackman never did come out so no match.

~ Backstage Michael Cole interviews Kurt Angle on teaming with Triple H tonight especially after Triple H cost him his match with Kane on Smackdown. Angle says he’s seen many bad apples in his travels around the world and Triple H is definitely a bad apple. Cole mentions Triple H caught him hugging Stephanie which provoked him to get involved in his match and Angle says he and Stephanie are just friends. Angle also claims the hug meant nothing then illustrates his point by hugging Cole before walking off.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Bull Buchanan attacking the Godfather to show his loyalty to Steve Richards’ cause. Backstage Michael Cole interviews the distraght Godfather about the attack and Godfather lashes out at Richards for trying to tell the fans how to think and act. Godfather promises to show both Richards and Buchanan that pimpin’ really isn’t easy.

  • Road Dogg & X-Pac vs. Too Cool

Road Dogg does his usual speil on the mic and makes a mention of Tori, who’s still MIA. Road Dogg attacks Grandmaster Sexay from behind and and whips him into a corner then charges but eats a boot. Sexay hops to the middle rope and hits a missile dropkick followed by a suplex. Sexay tags in Scotty 2 Hotty and the two bust a move against Road Dogg’s will then hit a double clothesline and a double elbowdrop. X-Pac comes in but both men trip him, causing him to headbutt Road Dogg below the belt. Scotty goes for a whip but Road Dogg reverses and X-Pac nails him from behind and Scotty staggers into a boot. Road Dogg applies a front facelock when Scotty fights out of it and whips Road Dogg but Road Dogg hits the juke ‘n’ jive punches. Road Dogg follows up with the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop and covers but Sexay breaks up the pin. X-Pac comes in and applies a front facelock but Scotty fights out of that then comes off the ropes but runs into a spinkick. X-Pac draws Sexay in to distract the referee while he hepls Road Dogg witn a double-team. The DX’ers whip Scotty but Scotty ducks a double clothesline and clotheslines both men then makes the tag to Sexay. Sexay takes it to both men with right hands when X-Pac goes for a whip but Sexay reverses and hits a powerslam. Sexay goes for the cover when Road Dogg tries to make the save with an elbowdrop but misses Sexay and nails X-Pac. All four men are going at it as a Too Cool member tees off on a DX’er in a corner. X-Pac dumps Sexay over the ropes but Scotty comes over and drills him with the bulldog. Scotty then readies for the Worm but Road Dogg interups him and plants him with the pump-handle slam. Road Dogg covers Scotty but the referee is too busy getting X-Pac out of the ring while Sexay climbs to the top rope and nails Road Dogg with the Hip Hop Drop. Sexay rolls Scotty on top of Road Dogg and the referee counts but X-Pac pulls Scotty out of the ring and throws him into the ringsteps. Sexay goes for a whip and Road Dogg reverses but Sexay rolls Road Dogg in an O’Connor roll. However X-Pac comes in and nails Sexay with the X-Factor and that gets the three. (3:52) Match was okay but once again the wrong team goes over. **

~ Backstage Shane McMahon is conversing with his troops about the six-man match but Edge shows some concern with the match reeking of uncoolness. Shane tells E&C that the Acolytes are so revved up they can capitalize on any mistakes they make. Shane then tells Benoit he has the Rock’s number and can put the Crossface on him at any time.

~ The Rock and the Acolytes are then shown making their way to the ring for that very match as we go to commercial.

  • The Rock & The Acolytes vs. Chris Benoit, Edge & Christian (w/Shane McMahon)

Shane’s men come out first and Christian gets on the mic and talks about being respected in Albany. Edge then takes the and announces he and Christian are going to give their 5-second pose to Benoit, the next WWF Champion, and Benoit flashes a winning smile. Rock and The Acolytes come out next and Rock goes right after Benoit on the floor then throws him in the ring where the Aoclytes lay the boots to him. Edge tries to come to Benoit’s aid but Rock cuts him off with a series of rights. Christian comes in and helps Edge double-team Rock while the Acolytes work over Benoit and the referee manages get some order as Christian goes at it with Rock. Christian goes for a whip, Rock reverses it but lowers the head and Christian kicks the face. Christian comes off the ropes but runs into a tilt-o-whirl powerslam for a two count. Rock pops Edge and Benoit off the apron then tags in Faarooq who covers Christian for a two count. Faarooq whips Christian into a powerslam for a near fall then rams him into Bradshaw’s boot before tagging Bradshaw in. The Acolytes whip Christina into a double-chokebomb and Bradshaw covers him but Edge breaks up the pin. Bradshaw clubs Christian in the back then whips him and Christian goes for a crossbody but Bradshaw catches him then boots Edge down before hitting the fallaway slam. Bradshaw powerbombs Edge and sets Christian up for one but Benoit nails him from behind and the two double-team Bradshaw and stomp him out to the floor. All three Canadians work Bradshaw over on the floor before Benoit throws him back in the ring. Edge lays the boots Bradshaw and holds him for Benoit to hit a chop. Benoit pounds on Bradshaw then tags in Chrisitian who gets in his own shots. Edge comes in whips Bradshaw but lowers the head and Bradshaw clubs him in the back. Bradshaw goes for a whip, Edge reverses him into a corner but Bradshaw comes out with a shoulderblock. Bradshaw crawls over to his corner and manages to tag in Faarooq despite Edge’s efforts and Faarooq takes it to Edge and Christian then whips Edge into a spinebuster. Farooq covers when Benoit breaks up the pin but Rock comes in and wails on Benoit in a corner then knocks him over the ropes with the Smackdown. Rock goes out and rams Benoit into the announce table but Shane nails Rock from behind while Benoit grabs a chair and whacks Rock with it. In the ring Faarooq goes for the ropes but Benoit nails him with the chair as well and Faarooq stumbles into the Impaler from Edge that gets the pin. (5:07) Match was going fine until it suddenly broke down and ended. Shane and his crew quickly depart leaving Rock laying on the floor. **½

~ Back from break we get a replay of Benoit laying Rock out with a chair during the previous match. We then see Rock prowling the backstage area looking for Benoit with a chair in hand. Rock comes across a dressing room door then barges in and sure enough finds Benoit with Shane, Edge and Christian and whacks Benoit with the chair. E&C and Shane swarm all over Rock but Rock manages to fight off the tag team champs then notices Shane and Benoit have fled the scene. Out in the hallway Shane tries carry the bloodied Benoit away but Rock cuts off their escape and tees off on Benoit then throws him into a set of lockers. Rock rams Benoit into a soda machine when a swarm of referees try to hold Rock back as Shane and Benoit continue to try and get away. Rock goes back in the room and reclaims his chair after he decks Edge again then holds the referees at bay while he continues to chase after Benoit. Outside Shane and Benoit have almost reached their limo but Rock whacks Benoit with the chair and plants him with a Rock Bottom on the hood of the limo! Rock grabs the chair but Shane is able to get Benoit in the limo and drive off with Rock throwing the chair at it.

~ Back from break the announcer buzz about The Rock’s assault on Chris Benoit as they show numerous replays of the previous segment.

~ Out in the arena Dean Malenko comes out to the ring with a pair of ladies and gets on the mic saying he can’t live with women but he can wrestle them. Malenko adds the only thing he likes better then wrestling women is wrestling two women then challenges Jacqueline and Ivory to a match, even offering to put his Light Heavyweight Title on the line. However Eddie Guerrero and Chyna come out to the stage instead and Chyna gets on the mic saying Ivory and Jackie aren’t here but she’s able to accept his challenge. Chyna then offers to give the fans what they want and that’s someone to shut Malenko up.

  • WWF Light Heavyweight Title: Dean Malenko © (w/the ladies) vs. Chyna (w/Eddie Guerrero)

Malenko attacks Chyna as she comes in and goes for a whip but Chyna counters with a short-arm clothesline. Chyna connects with several forearms then whips Malenko and hits a backdrop. Malenko fights back and whips Chyna but lowers the head and Chyna kicks him in the face then accidentally stumbles over Malenko’s body before covering him for a two count. Chyna kicks Malenko down in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner and goes for the handspring elbow but Malenko sidesteps it. Malenko whips Chyna and looks for a dropkick but Chyna fakes him out then puts Malenko in his own Texas Cloverleaf. Malenko manages to inch over and grab the bottom rope the pulls Chyna through the ropes. Perry Saturn then makes his way out for whaever reason and attacks Eddie from behind then press slams him onto the barricade. Eddie manages to fight back but Saturn stops that and hits a powerslam onto the ramp. Terri Runnels then comes out onto the stage and Saturn starts gloating with her, having just began their association. Chyna heads out to check on Eddie but ends up getting counted out, giving Malenko the win. (2:35) Don’t know what that all was about other than setting up Eddie’s next challenger or something. DUD

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Triple H about teaming with Kurt Angle tonight. Triple H says he and Angle will never do anything together, much less work together because he doesn’t like Angle and claims Stephanie can’t stand him. Triple H says he may be stuck with Angle as a tag team partner but feels Angle will do the smart thing by standing in his corner, keeping his mouth shut and doing as he says. Triple H adds once they win the match then Angle will thank him for allowing him to survive in the ring with him. Triple H warns Angle not to mess with him or Stephanie or else he’ll take him apart.

~ We then see Tazz making his way to the ring for some reason as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break Tazz comes out to the ring and gets on the mic as Lawler feels he’s finally about to explain his recents actions. Tazz gloats about attacking Kane, Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty over the past few weeks and says when he first came to the WWF he promised the mood was about to change. Tazz adds once it did the fans want answers but he’s not giving them and promises his rampage will continue until the WWF can come up with someone man enough to beat him. Mick Foley comes out to the ring and tells Tazz he’s not happy with his constant run-ins and that he will have a match at Fully Loaded against a suitable opponent when almost on cue Al Snow comes out to the ring with Head. Snow gets on the mic and tells Tazz his problems don’t compare to his misery of being Steve Blackman’s tag team partner, that he’s been training, driving, eating and conversing with Blackman for six months. Snow begs Foley to let him be Tazz’s suitable opponent at the pay-per-view and Foley is hesitant, telling Snow in every big match he’s had he’s choked. Snow tries to reply when Tazz comes up from behind and slaps Snow in the Tazzmission. Foley orders Tazz to let go of the hold and goes ahead with the match at Fully Loaded.

~ Backstage Michael Cole catches up with Stephanie McMahon and asks about her relationship with Kurt Angle. Stephanie denies there’s any type of relationship with Angle and that she’s faithful to Triple H.

~ Rikishi is shown preparing for the next match as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the arena as well as clips of Mick Foley’s recent PR tour of Southeast Asia.

  • Test (w/Trish Stratus) vs. Rikishi

JR mentions Rikishi will get one more shot at the Intercontinential Title when he faces Val Venis in a cage match at Fully Loaded. Rikishi gets in the first shots and pops Test with a right hand then whips him but lowers the head and Test kicks the face. Test connects with a boot then pounds Rikishi down in a corner and comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Test tries to scoop Rikishi up but can’t get him up and ends up hurting his back while Rikishi easily gets his slam off. Rikishi clotheslines Test then hits the running butt charge in a corner and follows up with the Stinkface. Trish hops on the apron and gets Rikishi’s attention when Test charges at him but Rikishi sidesteps and Test knocks Trish off the apron. Rikishi plants Test with a Samoan Drop and gets the three just like that. (1:47) Either they were crunched for time or Test must have done something wrong to get squashed like that. NR

Albert and Val Venis run in and help Test beat down Rikishi then bring him out to the floor and T&A holds Rikishi while Val bashes Rikishi with the ringsteps. Too Cool come out to try and make the save but they suffer a 3-on-2 beating. Rikishi and his pals start to fight back and brawl with Trish’s stable to the back while Scotty 2 Hotty goes at it with Ablert on the stage. Scotty grabs the TitanTron screen to do a dropkick then manages to bulldog Albert onto the stage and hits the Worm! However Val comes up and throws Scotty off the stage to the floor below (or rather the padding covered with a black cloth). Rikishi and Sexay tend to their friend while Val looks at them from above.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Val Venis throwing Scotty off the stage as well as footage of Scotty being stretchered out of the arena.

~ Backstage Kevin Kelly interviews Val Venis asking what his beef with Rikishi is. Val says Rikishi represents the guy he used to be, always playing up to the fans with his dancing and stinkfaces. Val mentions he used to gyrate his hips and come up with innuendos for the cheers but did nothing for himself. Val says the days of saying “Hello Ladies” are gone and as a result gold has come around his waist. Val promises to beat Rikishi within an inch of his life in the cage at Fully Loaded and do it for himself.

~ We cut to WWF New York and find Kaientai in there whooping it up and getting drunk.

~ Backstage Triple H is getting ready for the main event when Kurt Angle comes in offering a few ideas for the match. Triple H says nothing good can come from it then tells Angle he doesn’t like or trust him but is stuck with him as his partner. Triple H tells Angle to stay out of his way and maybe they can settle their differences and get through this. Angle agrees to a truce but then asks Triple H if he wants a handshake or a hug and Triple H stares daggers at Angle, warning him not to mess this up before he walks off.

~ The Undertaker and Kane are shown walking to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial.

  • Kurt Angle & Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The Undertaker & Kane

Taker goes right after Angle and chases him into a right hand from Kane. Kane whips Angle into a backdrop and pops him with an uppercut then whips him into a corner and hits a clothesline. Kane scoops Angle onto his shoulder but Angle slips out when Kane tags in Taker. Angle tags in Triple H and bails out to the floor while Taker hammers away on Triple H and whips him into a corner then hits a clothesline. Taker plants Triple H with a sidewalk slam and covers him but Angle pulls Taker off him then rolls back out to the floor. Taker whips Triple H into a corner and charges but eats an elbow and Triple H comes out with a clothesline Angle tags in and gets in one shot on Taker then tags Triple H back in before he can get out to the apron. Triple H asks Angle what’s the deal when Taker throws him into a corner and works him over. Taker moves toward Angle but Angle backs away while Kane decks Triple H with a right hand. Taker tags in Kane and whips Triple H into a chokebomb from Kane. Kane pummels Triple H in a corner then whips him but lowers the head. Triple H kicks the face and Kane no-sells it but misses a clothesline and Triple H hits a neckbreaker. Angle tags in and pounds on Kane in a corner when Kane fights out of it but Triple H snaps Kane’s neck on the top rope. Angle chopblocks Kane’s knee before Triple H tags in and hammers Kane in his corner with shoulderblocks. Triple H goes for a suplex but Kane blocks it when Angle comes in to help Triple H with a double suplex but Kane counters by suplexing both guys. Kane whips Triple H into a boot and follows up with a powerslam then climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying clothesline. Angle breaks up the pin so Taker comes in and throws Angle through the ropes. Taker goes out after Angle and the two brawl their way to the back leaving Triple H and Kane in the ring. Triple H jabs Kane’s eyes and sets him up for a Pedigree but then looks over and sees Chris Jericho coming down the ramp being held back by referees. This distraction allows Kane to counter the move with a backdrop then Kane finishes Triple H with a chokeslam and gets the semi-clean pin! (5:15) Kane departs as Jericho charges in the ring and tees off on Triple H. The referees try to pull Jericho off Triple H who rolls out to the floor but Jericho leaps over the ropes and hits a plancha on him. Jericho continues to get in his shots on Triple H as the show fades to black. **

Conclusion: I guess with Nitro being pre-empted the WWF figured they didn’t have to work as hard this week. Thus we got this okay but not great episode that was totally centered on the pay-per-view and not much else. The in-ring action was mostly just there to advance the different angles and we got some other matches made for the supercard, though a few just seemed tacked on at the last minute. Still most of the segments did their job and other than the Chyna/Malenko match and DX going over yet again there isn’t really anything bad. So let’s call this another middle-of-the-road show.


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