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WWF Smackdown 7/13/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, July 13th, 2000

Taped (7/11) from the Oakland Colliseum in Oakland, CA

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (7/06/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (6/29/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air and goes right to the intro with Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcoming us. Cole says Commissioner Mick Foley is still out on his PR tour in Asia but has booked several matches for tonight.

  • Too Cool & Rikishi vs. Val Venis, Test & Albert (w/Trish Stratus)

All six men go at it to start with Rikishi going right after Val while his buds take on Test and Albert. T&A set Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay up for powerbombs but Rikishi cuts them off with a double clothesline. Scotty and Sexay clothesline Test and Albert over the ropes while Rikishi clears out Val. Val trips Sexay from the floor then comes in and works him over while everyone else heads out to the corners. Val tags Test in to take over on Sexay and Test whips him into a corner then charges at him but eats a superkick. Test charges again but Sexay sidesteps him then hops to the middle rope and connects with a missile dropkick. Sexay tags in Scotty and the Too Cool guys throw Test back to the mat before making a wish with the legs. Scotty goes for a whip, Test reverses him into a corner and Scotty tries lifting himself up with the ropes but Test catches him on his shoulder. Scotty slips out and gets in his shots then goes for another whip which Test reverses but Scotty slides under him and hits a dropkick. Scotty comes off the ropes with a forearm but Test powers out of the cover. Scotty goes for a whip but this time Test counters it with the Full Nelson slam. Test hammers Scotty then he and Albert then whips Scotty into a corner. Test whips Albert into a splash on Scotty and Albert rams Scotty into a boot from Test then covers him but Sexay comes in to makes the save. Albert kicks away at Scotty in a corner when Scotty escapes from it and gets in his shots. Scotty goes for a whip but can’t budge Albert who holds onto the ropes. After some difficulty Scotty gets the whip off but Albert reverses Scotty into the other corner and hits a press slam then draws Sexay in to distract the referee. Val comes in without a tag and takes over on Scotty when Scotty starts fighting back but runs into an elbow. Val hits an elbowdrop and a kneedrop for a two count then tags Albert and whips Scotty into a double elbow. Albert kicks Scotty in the chest repeatedly and caps off with a standing Rocker Dropper. Albert whips Scotty into a corner and goes for the Avalanche when Scotty sidesteps it but Albert comes back and clotheslines him down. Albert hops to the middle rope and goes for a legdrop but misses and Scotty is able to get the hot tag to Rikishi. Val also tags in but Rikishi takes it to all three men then clotheslines both Test and Albert and superkicks Val. Albert then goes for a Sunset Flip but can’t get Rikishi over and Rikishi nails him with the sitdown splash. Rikishi plants Test with a Samoan Drop when Val clotheslines Rikishi but Scotty comes in and bulldogs Val then hits the Worm. Val rolls into a corner where Rikishi nails him with the running butt splash. Trish then hops on the apron when Lita comes out with the Hardy Boys and takes Trish down to the floor. Test and Albert make the save and help Trish to safety in the back. That leaves Val alone in the ring as Rikishi climbs the ropes and hits him with the Banzai Drop for the pin. (6:57) Too Cool and Rikishi then invite the Hardys and Lita to join them as they commence with the post-match dance. Solid enough six-man and Rikishi pinned the IC champ so you know he’ll be wanting a title shot. **

~ Backstage we find Triple H and Stephanie heading somewhere which usually means their talking segment is coming up. Triple H also has the sledgehammer that he supposedly used to brutally assault Chris Jericho with on Raw.

~ Back from break the Helmsleys make their way to the ring to celebrate Mick Foley’s absence with their long promo. Triple H first takes a moment to whack the steps with his sledgehammer to demonstrate what Jericho felt on Monday. Triple H then gets on the mic and talks about how Mick Foley is still trying to screw him even from 10,000 miles away by booking him against the Undertaker tonight in a no-disqualification match. Triple H then talks on how he’s always been one step ahead of Foley and came out on top throughout his career. Triple H says Foley may be the Commissioner now but he’s still smarter than him and last Monday was proof of that. Triple H says Foley tried to protect Chris Jericho but he was out to make sure Jericho still got what was coming to him so he pretended to get upset at Foley’s stipulations and pretended to get so mad at Road Dogg. Triple H adds he next sent Stephanie out to the ring to call Jericho out for an ambush which he claims failed as planned. Triple H says after that he and X-Pac threw out the last piece of cheese to draw the rat out when they had their match and even shows clips of their “acting” on the OvalTron. Triple H does admit X-Pac can whip out an pretty good butt-kicking and says the beating was worth it because Jericho couldn’t resist. Triple H shows “the rat” coming out to get the cheese only to find the cat coming back in the form of Road Dogg and ultimately Jericho got what he he deserved. Triple H says if Jericho can somehow make it to Fully Loaded then he promises to finish what he started on Raw and make him pay the ultimate price for talking trash about him and his wife. Triple H then addresses his opponent tonight, telling Undertaker if he plays the game he’ll end up just like Jericho then says this is no game and as of now he is no longer playing. Fortunatley this segment only took 8 minutes instead of the usual 20.

~ Backstage we find Road Dogg conversing with Lita but he then says something that causes Lita to slap him. X-Pac and the Hardys then come out for a scuffle and as luck would have it these two teams are in the next match.

  • The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. Road Dogg & X-Pac

The DX’ers head out first and Road Dogg gets on the mic warning the Hardys to keep their dog on a leash. Matt and Road Dogg start off but Road Dogg first talks with X-Pac and Matt decides to do the same with Jeff, allowing Road Dogg to nail Matt from behind. Road Dogg stomps away at Matt and decks him but Matt comes back with his own shots. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate already but Road Dogg drives him into a corner to break it. Road Dogg whips Matt into a corner but eats a boot and Matt climbs to the top rope then hits a moonsault. Matt tags Jeff in and the Hardys whip Road Dogg into a double elbow then hit their combo move for a two. Jeff goes for a whip, Road Dogg reverses into a corner but Jeff lifts himself over him with the ropes and dropkicks him from behind. Jeff then climbs to the top rope and goes for a crokscrew moonsault but misses it and Road Dogg tags in X-Pac. X-Pac kicks away at Jeff and gets an armwringer when Jeff goes for a whip. X-Pac reverses Jeff into a corner but Jeff runs up the turnbuckles and backflips over X-Pac then follows it up with a sloppy headscissors. Jeff catches Road Dogg coming in with a right hand then tags Matt and sets X-Pac up for thier combo legdrop. Matt goes for a whip but X-Pac reverses and Road Dogg kicks Matt from behind while X-Pac hits the spinkick. Road Dogg tags in and chokes Matt on the ropes then draws Jeff in to distract the referee for a double-team. Road Dogg applies a front facelock to keep Matt from reaching his corner. Matt manages to fight out of it and comes off the ropes but Road Dogg connects with the juke ‘n’ jive punches followed by the big right. Road Dogg hits the shake, rattle ‘n kneedrop for two. X-Pac tags in and kicks Matt down in a corner then follows up with the Bronco Buster. Road Dogg tags back in and the DX’ers both whip Matt into a corner then Road Dogg whips X-Pac into a splash on Matt but Matt sidesteps and X-Pac ends up straddling the turnbuckles. Matt clotheslines Road Dogg and both DX’ers are down while Matt crawls over and makes the hot tag to Jeff. Jeff dropkicks the DX’ers then whips X-Pac into a corner and Matt drops down while Jeff hits Poetry in Motion. The Hardys hit Poetry in Motion on Road Dogg in the other corner and Matt nails X-Pac with the Twist of Fate. Jeff climbs to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb on X-Pac and covers him but Road Dogg pulls Jeff out to the floor. Matt goes over and attacks Road Dogg while Test, Albert, Val Venis and Trish make their way down the ramp. Trish grabs Lita in a facelock and Matt tries to come over to help her but gets beaten down by Trish’s charges as Trish carries Lita up the ramp in the hold. Jeff is still going at it with X-Pac and climbs to the top rope again but Boad Dogg shoves Jeff off and into an X-Factor from X-Pac and DX wins again! (6:03) So even the Hardys are jobbing to these two guys who should really be putting the newer teams over by this time. **

~ Back from break we find Raiders players Charles Woodson and Tyrone Wheatley sitting in the front row tonight.

~ We then get hightlights of the developing Rock/Chris Benoit feud including highlights of thier match on Raw.

  • Dean Malenko © (w/the ladies) vs. Al SnowNon-Title Match

Malenko comes out with a pair of ladies on his arms while Snow responds with a pair of inflatable ladies. Both men feel each out to start before Malenko grabs Snow with a waistlock then goes into a front facelock. Snow counters out of it into a hammerlock but Malenko counters out of that that and goes into a headlock. Snow shoves Malenko off and leapfrogs over him but Malenko cartwheels away from him and takes Snow down by the leg. Malenko floats over Snow and whips him and Snow slides to stop himself but Malenko hits a heelkick. Snow gets a headlock and Malenko shoves him away but eats a shoulderblock. Snow comes off the ropes and Malenko leapfrogs over him then gets his own whip but Snow blocks a hiptoss and hits a Russian legsweep. Snow lays the boots to Malenko then whips him and hits a clothesline for a two. Snow slams Malenko to the mat and follows up with a running elbowdrop then works him over in a corner. Snow whips Malenko hard into the opposite corner then takes a moment to kiss one of his inflatable ladies. Snow sets Malenko up for a powerbomb when Malenko backdrops him. Snow goes into a Sunset Flip when Malenko rolls out of that and puts Snow in the Texas Cloverleaf but Snow is able to grab the bottom rope for the break. Snow goes for another powerbomb and hits it then goes for his own Texas Cloverleaf but Malenko fights it off. Malenko goes for a whip, Snow reverses but lowers the head and Malenko kicks the face and clotheslines him. At that point some sirens once again hearld the arrival of Steven Richards who confiscates Snow’s blowup dolls then proceeds to herd Malenko’s women to the back as well. Snow rolls Malenko up for a two count then sees what Richards is up to when Malenko comes up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. Snow throws Malenko back to the mat but Malenko responds with a legsweep then gets in his shots in a corner. Snow rakes Malenko’s face and whips him into a corner but Malenko lifts himself over Snow with the ropes and dropkicks him from behind. Malenko goes for a whip and Snow counters but both men end up colliding. Malenko is up first and climbs to the top rope but Snow cuts him off. Snow goes up and hits a superplex but Malenko hooks Snow’s legs and reverses into a rollup for the three! (4:59) Good, solid match but the crowd didn’t seem real interested for some reason until Richards came out. In fact Malenko doesn’t even get to celebrate when Richards reappears and gets on the mic saying whether they be real or inflatable, indecent women are still unacceptable and he will continue to censor unacceptable material because he feels it’s for the fan’s own good. Whatever. **½

~ Chyna and Eddie Guerrero are shown heading to the ring for the next match as well as Chris Benoit. We also get a shot of The Rock watching Benoit on a monitor with great interest as we go to commercial.

  • Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero & ChynaHandicap Match

After suffering those attacks over the past week Eddie and Chyna are finally getting their shot for retribution. Eddie decides to start for his team when Benoit attacks him from behind to start and whips him into an elbow. Benoit suplexes Eddie and hammers him with foreams then whips him but Eddie comes back with a headscissors. Eddie pops Benoit with a European uppercut and lays the boots to him before planting him with a back suplex. Eddie goes to the apron and slings himself over the ropes into a hilo on Benoit then tosses him through the ropes. Eddie distracts referee Earl Hebner while Chyna has a staredown with Benoit before tripping him into the steps. Chyna adds in a forearm and drops Benoit onto the steps then kicks him in the ribs and rolls him back in the ring. Eddie covers Benoit for a two count then goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it and drops Eddie to the mat. Benoit hits a powerbomb followed by a snap suplex that gets a two count then whips Eddie and hits a backdrop. Benoit takes a quick glance at Chyna before he whips Eddie into a corner and works him over with chops. Benoit whips Eddie into the other corner but eats an elbow and Eddie hops to the rope and hits a tornado DDT. Eddie then gets in his own chops and goes for a whip but Benoit reverses it and hits a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Benoit climbs to the top rope but Eddie cuts him off then climbs up and hits a superplex and both men are down. Eddie starts crawling over to his corner when Shane McMahon makes his way out and tries to come in the ring and Hebner tries to keep Shane out. Eddie makes the tag to Chyna who nails Benoit with an elbow to the face but orders Chyna back to the corner having missed the tag due to the distraction. Shane then sweeps Chyna’s leg causing her to fall off to the floor so Eddie dropkicks Shane through the ropes. Eddie then starts fighting back against Benoit but misses a right hand and Benoit slaps on the Crossface. Eddie grabs the bottom rope but Benoit refuses to break the hold before the five count so Hebner calls for the DQ. (5:32) Benoit still refuses to release the hold and Chyna tries to come in and help Eddie but Shane nails her from behind with Eddie’s European belt. Decent match but effective in putting Benoit over as ruthless. Besides they couldn’t job Benoit outright this close to the pay-per-view. **½

Benoit and Shane then get in Hebner’s face about him being DQ’ed before Benoit puts Hebner in the Crossface. Fans chant “Rocky” and sure enough that’s what they get as Rock charges in and goes right to work on Shane, knocking him over the ropes with the Smackdown. Rock goes after Benoit and stomps him out to the floor Edge and Christian come in but Rock plants Edge with a spinebuster and hits Christian with a Rock Bottom. Rock then has words with the retreating Shane and Benoit before giving Edge a Rock Bottom for good measure.

~ Back from break we get an exterior shot of the building as well as a replay of what just happened in the handicap match. Kevin Kelly then grabs an interview with The Rock backstage but Rock just grabs the mic and chases Kevin away. Rock says Chris Benoit isn’t the greatest technical wrestler or a rabid Wolverine but the biggest chicken(*mute*) he ever saw. Rock says Benoit didn’t get the job done on Raw but he’s still giving him his WWF Championship match at Fully Loaded anyway, not because Benoit earned it or deserved it but because Benoit has made this issue personal. Rock says in 10 days he’s going to give Benoit the beating of a lifetime and even tells us where he’s sticking his boot. Rock finishes with “If ya smell…” when Benoit punks Rock out from behind and puts him in the Crossface on the floor! Shane then comes over and taunts Rock by saying he can’t smell what Rock is cooking be he knows that he’s thinking, and that’s Rock can smell Benoit becoming the next WWF Champion as the referees finally appear to break the hold.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Chris Benoit ambushing Rock during his interview and Shane’s words for him as well as extra footage of Shane and Benoit exchanging a high five before leaving the building.

  • WWF World Tag Team Titles: Edge & Christian © vs. The Acolytes

So this is it, the Acolytes are finally getting that title shot and are ready to go when E&C appear on the stage. Christian gets on the mic saying he and Edge were ready to defend their belts tonight when Edge takes the mic while acting hurt, claming he’s suffered a back injury thanks to The Rock’s unprofessionality. Edge says after suffering the spinebuster as well as the Rock Bottom he’s in Golden State Warriors bad shape and can’t wrestle now. Christian says the tag title match is off as well as their 5-second pose but he’s ready to go in a singles match. The Acolytes aren’t beliving this but Faarooq does offer to take this one so we now have…

  • Christian (w/Edge) vs. Faarooq (w/Bradshaw)

Can’t they just make the title bout for the pay-per-view and use these matches to build up to it instead of all this bait-and-switching? Christian comes in and comes off the ropes, floating over Faarooq and rolling him up to get a two count. Christian goes for a whip and Faarooq reverses it but Christian is able to get a crucifix pin that gets a near fall. Christian hits a dropkick and goes for a whip, Faarooq reverses him into a corner and charges but eats a boot. Christian hops to the middle rope and leaps off but Faarooq belts him in the chest. Faarooq tosses Christian through the ropes then goes out and throws Christian into the steps. Faarooq picks the steps up and works Christian over with them before tossing him back in for a two count then. Faarooq whips Christian into a corner and hits a backbreaker for two. Christian rakes Faarooq’s face and goes for a whip but Faarooq revereses and hits a powerslam for a near fall. Faarooq grabs Christian with a bearhug and Christian fights out then comes off the ropes but runs into a kick. Faarooq goes for the Dominator but lets go when Edge hops on the apron and backs away citing his injury. Faarooq sets Christian up for the Dominator again but Christian slips out of it and drills Faarooq with a DDT. Christian then distracts the referee while Edge tries to bring the bell in the ring but Bradshaw pulls him back out causing him to the bell. Christian grabs it but Faarooq ducks a swing and hits a spinebuster that gets the three. (2:35) Okay for what it was. Edge rams Bradsahw into the steps then heads in and attacks Faarooq while forgetting about his “back injury”. Christian clocks Faarooq with the bell and E&C double team him before Edge goes back to acting like he’s hurt.

~ We then find Kane and a nervous Kurt Angle making their way to the ring for the next match as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get clips of the latest XFL press conference with Vince McMahon explaing the league’s mission to provide an interactive experienece which will open up the game of football to the fans like nothing else before it. Or so he says. Also during the press conference two new host cities are announced this time around, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

~ Back in the arena Kane makes his way to the ring while Kurt Angle is backstage fuming about being in this match. Stephanie McMahon walks up to wish Angle luck and the two actually agree than Commissioner Mick Foley is unfair. Angle then asks Stephanie for a hug and she hesitates before Angle embraces her and Stephanie seems to enjoy it. However Triple H suddenly walks by and doesn’t seem too happy with Angle hugging his wife so Angle quickly departs. Triple H then confronts Stephanie on what that was all about and Stephanie claims Angle forced himself upon her. Now this is getting interesting.

  • Kane vs. Kurt Angle

Cole mentions that Mick Foley has made Angle’s match with the Undertaker official for Fully Loaded. Angle comes out looking over his shoulder for Triple H and ends up getting scared by his own fireworks. Angle then rushes the ring but Kane gets in the first shots and works Angle over with knees and elbows in a corner. Kane whips Angle into another corner and charges but eats an elbow and Angle comes out but runs into a boot. Kane hits a delayed vertical suplex followed by a series of elbowdrops and a running elbowdrop for a near fall. Angle begs Kane off and tries to reason with him but Kane answers with an uppercut and continues his assault. Kane whips Angle and Angle comes back with a waistlock then goes for a suplex but can’t get Kane off his feet. Kane fights out and press slams Angle then climbs to the top rope and connects with the flying clothesline. Kane grabs Angle by the throat but Angle kicks at Kane’s knee to break the chokeslam then chopblocks the knee. Kane is still on his feet and Angle tries to take Kane down by the leg but Kane nails him with a clothesline and uppercuts him. Kane chokes Angle against the ropes then scoops him but Angle slips out of it and trips Kane into the ropes with a drop toehold. Kane is back up but Angle dropkicks Kane’s knee and continues kicking at it. Angle then goes out and wraps Kane’s leg around the ringpost but Kane kicks him away and into the barricade. Triple H then makes his way down the ramp and throws Angle into the steps before tossing him back in the ring. Triple H then departs while Kane plants Angle with a chokeslam to put this one away. (4:47) Even without the run-in Angle looked like a total jobber out there which is not helping the build to his pay-per-view meeting with Undertaker. DUD

~ Back from break we get a replay of Triple H getting even with Kurt Angle for hugging his wife earlier. Yea, that’ll show him.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. Crash Holly

I guess this is Crash’s rematch after losing the title to Blackman two weeks ago. Crash brings a leather strap in the ring and whips Blackman with it to start until Blackman hits an armdrag. Blackman grabs the strap and slips it around Crash’s neck then slings him from one corner to the other with it then yanks him to the mat. Blackman brings a trash can lid in the ring and whips Crash then bashes him in the knee and the head with it. Blackman kicks Crash out to the apron when Crash snaps Blackman’s neck on the ropes then gets the strap off his neck and looks for more plunder. Crash brings a broomsick in the ring but Blackman brings in a kendo stick and the two prepare to duel with their weapons. Blackman gets in his shots while blocking Crash’s so Crash decides to hide under the apron. Blackman heads out after him but Crash surprises him with a fire extinguisher. Crash slips the strap around Blackman’s neck and slings him back and foth into the barricade then whacks him with a trash lid. Crash rams Blackman into the steps then leaps off them but Blackman catches him into a powerslam on the floor. Blackman removes the strap from his neck and swings Crash into the steps with a gutwrench before rolling him back in the ring. Blackman DDT’s Crash into a chair then pulls out his bag from under the ring and breaks out his nunchucks. Crash takes a swing with the chair but misses and Blackman nails him in the in the head with the nunchucks. Blackman sets the chair up then brings a trash can in the ring and hits Crash with an Atomic Drop onto the chair. Crash is seated in the chair when Blackman pump kicks him into the trash can behind him for the three count. (4:44) Had its moments but not much different from other hardcore matches, though I believe this is the first time Crash has actually lost a Hardcore title bout.

~ We next get a replay of Chris Benoit ambushing The Rock during his interview earlier with Shane cheering him on. Kevin Kelly then feels Benoit has crossed a line because The Rock has a fire in his eyes that he’s never seen before. Well that’s what he says.

~ The Helmsleys are shown heading to the ring as is the Undertaker because the main event is next as we go to commercial.

  • Triple H (w/Stephanie McMahon) vs. The UndertakerNo-Disqualification Match

Weird how they’re just giving away this match on free TV, consideirng how rarely Triple H and Taker go at it. Cole mentions Commissioner Mick Foley will be back on Monday and have plenty to say about Fully Loaded (especially since Nitro will be prempted and Raw will have the night all to itself). Triple H tries to rush Taker but meets several rights before Taker whips him into a corner and clotheslines him then hits a second clothesline followed by an elbowdrop for a two count. Taker drops Triple H with a right hand then whips Triple H into a corner but eats an elbow. Triple H comes out but runs into a sidewalk slam and Taker whips Triple H but Triple H comes back with a neckbreaker. Triple H stomps away at Taker in a corner then goes for a whip but Taker reverses and connects with a boot. Taker then sets Triple H up for the Last Ride already but Triple H manages to bail out to the floor for a breather. Triple H starts to walk away but Taker goes out and clotheslines him on the ramp then rams him into the steps. Taker rams Triple H into the announce table then chokes him when Stephanie tries to pull him off by the hair. So Taker turns and grabs Stephanie by the neck when Triple H spins him around but eats a right hand in response. Taker then stalks after Stephanie but Triple H comes up with a chair in hand and jabs Taker in the chest before whacking him in the back. Triple H rams Taker into the steps and into the ring bell before throwing him back in the ring. Triple H works Taker over in a corner then follows up with a clothesline when Taker starts to fight back and goes for a whip but Triple H reverses it and hits the high knee for a near fall. Triple H wails away on Taker when Taker starts answering back then whips him and hits a powerslam for two. Taker whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits the facebuster. Triple H sets up for the Pedigree but Taker backdrops out of it and grabs Triple H by the throat as we see Kurt Angle making his way out with a sledgehammer in hand. Angle heads in ring looking for payback at Triple H and swings the hammer but misses and nails Taker instead. Triple H then covers the unconcious Taker for the pin and Angle realizes he once again cost Taker a match. (7:29) Okay brawl for a main event but you feel like it could have been better. Stephanie helps Triple H out of the ring and the two head up the ramp in triumph as the show fades to black. **

Conclusion: Pretty much a middle-of-the-road epsiode. There wasn’t a whole lot other than polishing up the main angles for the pay-per-view and the in-ring action was mostly adequate with no real bad matches, just no memorable ones as well. There are a few cool moments such as Benoit ambushing Rock during his promo and they slightly got the ball rolling on the upcoming Triple H/Angle feud. So let’s call this one thumbs in the middle.


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