WWF Smackdown 7/20/2000

Written by: Adam King

Thursday, July 20th, 2000

Taped (7/18) from the Nassau Colliseum in Uniondale, NY

List of WWF Champions at the time:
●  WWF World Heavyweight Champion: The Rock (6/25/2000)
●  WWF Intercontinental Champion: Val Venis (7/06/2000)
●  WWF World Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian (6/25/2000)
●  WWF European Champion: Eddie Guerrero (4/03/2000)
●  WWF Hardcore Champion: Steve Blackman (6/29/2000)
●  WWF Women’s Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (3/30/2000)
●  WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko (4/27/2000)

~ Smackdown comes on the air with highlights of the lastest in the Rock/Chris Benoit battle on Raw. After the intro Michael Cole welcomes us to the show along with Jerry “The King” Lawler and naturally reminds us we’re just 3 days away from Fully Loaded.

~ Things kick off with Mick Foley making his way to the ring and getting a good reaction from his hometown crowd. Foley gets on the mic and talks about being back in the U.S. before saying it’s especially great to be in Long Island. Foley says he was having the time of his life on Raw only to see it become one of the most violent shows in history, and while he likes having fun with the boys backstage, he also understands he was brought back to be the commissioner. Foley says when The Rock split Chris Benoit open he something different in Rock which scared him just a little bit. Foley feels Rock was justified yet his unbridled hatred still has him concerned about the Fully Loaded main event, that once Rock steps in the ring he’ll be more concerned with beating Benoit up than getting the victory. Foley feels the fans deserve more than a two-minute main event with a DQ ending because Rock won’t follow the rules so he’s decided to allow the WWF Title to change hands by disqualification in a effort to end the burtality. Foley then switches to tonight’s show when Chris Jericho makes his way out, sporting medical tape around his waist. Jericho gets on the mic and tells Foley that he doesn’t want to brutality to end after what Triple H did to him last week and that the sledgehammer shot to the head knocked something loose because he now feels like a bloodthirsty predator. Jericho tells Foley that he wants to join his very pretigious club of people who beat Triple H within an inch of his life and knows it may be an exclusive club so he wants his Last Man Standing match on Sunday to be his inaguration. Jericho then decides that he doesn’t want to wait until the pay-per-vew and wants to punch his ticket into Foley’s club tonight.

At that point Chris Benoit (sporting a bandage on his head) and Shane McMahon come out to join the discussion. Benoit talks about Rock attacking him from behind, smashing him with a chair and Rock Bottoming him on the limo. Benoit feels Rock has to resort to using gutless tactics and weapons against the greatest technical wrestler in the WWF while all he himself needs is the crossface and even reminds Jericho of the last time he was in that very hold. Nice touch of continuity there. Shane takes the mic and does give Foley props for making a fair decision with the DQ stipulation for the title match, feeling he’s now taken away Rock’s one avenue of escape because everyone knows Rock can’t beat Benoit on his own. Shane then suggests Rock and Benoit battle for the title tonight with that same DQ stipulation for that match as well. Before Foley can respond to that, The Helmsleys make their way out because this segment just isn’t long enough. Jericho looks out at his pay-per-view opponent but turns his back to Benoit who then slaps him in the Crossface. Foley pulls Benoit off but gets held at bay by him and Shane while Triple H comes in and stomps away at Jericho. Triple H nails Jericho with the Pedigree and continues his assault when Rock runs in and quickly clears out the heels. Foley then decides to book a tag team main even pitting Triple H and Benoit against Rock and Jericho for tonight. Yep, 15 minutes of gabbin’ just to set up the main event for tonight.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Rock, Jericho, Triple H and Benoit going at it to get tonight’s main event booked and Cole proclaims it as perhaps the greatest main event in Smackdown history. What, is he Tony Schiavhone now?

  • WWF European Title: Eddie Guerrero © (w/Chyna) vs. Dean Malenko (w/the ladies) vs. Perry Saturn (w/Terri Runnels)

Saturn attacked Eddie during Chyna’s match with Malenko on Raw so here we are, a rematch from Judgment Day. After Eddie and Chyna are out, Saturn enters but Terri seem hesitant to accompany him with Chyna glaring at her and has to be lead down the ramp. Once Saturn climbs in the ring Eddie goes right to work on him without even waiting for Malenko to join them. Eddie whips Saturn and hits a clothesline but Saturn starts fighitng back as Malenko finally makes his way out. Saturn hits a headbutt and Eddie gets in his shots before they both turn and greet Malenko with a right hand. Eddie whips Saturn into a corner and goes for a monkeyflip but ends up taking himself and Saturn over the ropes. Malenko heads back out to get some inspiration from his ladies but doesn’t see Chyna replacing one of them and Chyna surprises Malenko with a forearm. Chyna tosses Malenko in the ring while Eddie throws Saturn into the steps. Malenko nails Eddie with a baseball slide then brings him back in and nails him with a backbreaker. Malenko whips Eddie and hits a modified suplex but Saturn saves it and plants Malenko with an exploder suplex. Saturn forearms Eddie in the back and whips him into a powerbomb then slaps on a modified submission hold. Malenko breaks it up and goes for a whip, Saturn counters it but Malenko floats over him and hits a back suplex. Malenko whips Saturn and connects with a heelkick then covers him but Eddie breaks it up with a dropkick. Malenko tees off on Saturn then goes after Eddie who goes for a suplex but Malenko floats over him and whips him hard into a corner. Saturn comes up and whips Malenko into the opposite corner and Malenko lifts himself up with the ropes when Saturn catches him. Malenko slips out and shoves Saturn into a corner but Saturn knocks Malenko back into a rollup from Eddie that gets him the three to retain. (3:31) Yea, definitely not as good as the match back in May. **

Saturn decides he’s not done and attacks Eddie from behind before drilling him with a jackhammer. Saturn then holds Eddie for a slap from Terri. Chyna comes in but Saturn clotheslines her down and hits her with the jackhammer as well. Saturn climbs to the top rope as Eddie tries to move Chyna out of the way and he ends up taking the flying elbowdrop. Chyna reaches for Terri but Saturn stops that and the couple are left laying.

~ We then cut over to somplace called J.B’s Pub and find Edge & Christian in there agreeing that sodas do rule. Christian feels there’s no better way to celebrate their big win on Monday than hunkerding down at the watering hole. Edge suggests they invite the Acolytes to partake in a goodwill drink before they beat them Sunday at Fully Loaded and Christian agrees, feeling they’re much bigger drinkers than the Acolytes. E&C then order drinks with little umbrellas and you can sense a barfight is near.

~ Back from break we find the Acolytes playing cards in their office when in walks Just Joe, who was wrestler Joe E. Legend playing the part of a backstage pot-stirrer. Anyway Joe doesn’t use the door and Bradshaw lets him know about it. Joe tries to come back in through the door but now Bradshaw yells at him for not knocking. Joe knocks on the door then tries to deliver Edge & Christian’s invitation but the Acolytes kick him back out.

~ Out in the arena Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring for a rematch with Kane but first decides to talk on the mic and admits he’s been a nervous wreck over the past weeks. Angle then claims to have had a revelation involving his gold medals lately and talks on how he trained and sacrificed to be an Olympic Gold medalist while overcoming impossible odds. Angle says he’s also beaten men of all shapes and sizes before proclaiming that he longer fears a man who rides a bicycle. Angle claims he requested this rematch because he also no longer fears a man wearing a mask and big red jammies. Angle tells The Undertaker that after his little brother goes down tonight, he will be next this Sunday.

  • Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Angle heads out to meet Kane on the ramp but Kane quickly takes the advantage with a hard right hand. Kane beats Angle down the ramp and rams him into the steps before tossing him in the ring to start the match. Angle hammers away on Kane while he’s on the apron but Kane comes back with a neckbreaker on the ropes. We get a shot of Undertaker watching from the back while Angle forces Kane into a corner with a waistlock. Kane pounds on Angle to break the hold and sets him up for a powerbomb when Angle is able to fight out of it. Angle then comes off the ropes but runs into a tilt-o-whirl powerslam. Kane grabs Angle by the throat but Angle kicks at Kane’s knee to break the chokeslam. Angle comes off the ropes again but Kane connects with a boot. Angle then tries to take Kane down by the leg but Kane fights him off then works him over in a corner. Kane whips Angle but Angle chopblocks Kane’s knee then goes for the leg again and this time takes Kane down. Angle attacks Kane’s knee with elbowdrops while slapping on on a leglock when Kane starts fighting out of it. Angle cmoes back with a Dragon legwhip then goes for a spinning toehold but Kane kicks him into the ropes. Kane clothesliones Angle repeatedly then whips him into a corner and goes for a big boot but Angle dodges it and Kane gets his leg caught on the top rope. Angle kicks away at Kane’s hurt knee to bring him down to the mat. Angle brings a chair in the ring and knocks down the referee then jabs Kane’s knee with it and that’s a DQ. (3:50) Angle doesn’t care and continues working over Kane’s hurt knee with the chair before departing the ring. Now why couldn’t they do this last week and give Angle some actual heat going into his showdown with the Undertaker?

~ Backstage the Helmsleys are walking when a security guy stops them and asks Triple H for his autograph. Triple H chastises the guy for interupting his conversation with Stephanie but does agree to sign his slip of paper. The guy then asks Triple H if he can get The Rock’s autograph as well but that request doesn’t go over well with him. Triple H gets in the guy’s face yelling about not wanting to be his errand boy then dismisses him and walks off.

~ Back from break we get clips form several newscasts announcing Chicago as the latest addition to the XFL as well as Bears legend Dick Butkus signning on the be the Chicago team’s head coach.

  • WWF Hardcore Title: Steve Blackman © vs. Al Snow (w/Head)

So these two former tag team partners finally collide after six months of their on-again off-again partnership. Snow offers a hand of friendship but Blackman responds with a roundhouse kick followed by a back suplex. Blackman heads out for weapons and grabs a trash lid when Snow kicks it into his face with a baseball slide. Blackman recovers and waffles Snow with the lid then works him over on the floor with stinging right hands. Blackman hits an Atomic Drop on the steps then whacks Snow in the head with the trash lid for a two count. Blackman grabs a kendo stick but Snow grabs a fire extinguisher and surprises him with a CO2 blast to the face. Blackman grabs Lawler’s water bottle to rinse out his eyes when Snow nails him with a cooler tray of soda. Snow rams Blackman into the steps and suplexes him onto the barricade then nails Blackman with the trash lid before rolling him back in the ring along with a selection of weapons. Snow readies a trash can but Blackman avoids it then drives Snow into the can. Blackman dropkicks the can into Snow’s knees but that causes Snow to fall forward and headbutt Blackman below the belt. Blackman grabs the trash lid but misses a swing and Snow is able to DDT him onto the lid to get a near fall. Snow whips Blackman into a corner then readies his bowling ball first takes a few moments to slip on his shirt. That allows Blackman to recover and grab the kendo stick then nails Snow with a shot to his chest. Blackman breaks the stick over Snow’s back then whips him and hits a clothesline before laying to boots to him. Snow suddenly grabs the broken kendo stick and nails Blackman below the belt then tosses him out to the floor. Snow clotheslines Blackman over the barricade and the two brawl through the crowd ending up at the tech area. Blackman grabs a monitor and bashes Snow in the head with it. Suddenly Crash Holly comes out to the stage and leaps off, taking out both men with a crossbody. Crash brings Blackman over the barricade to ringside and tosses him in the ring. However Blackman’s gotten ahold of his nunchucks and cracks Crash with them. Blackman works Crash over on the floor when Snow reappears and nails Blackman in the head with a monitor. Now Tazz runs out and chokes Snow out with the Tazzmission to remind him of their match at the pay-per-view. Tazz then departs while Blackman covers the unconcious Snow on the floor and grabs the three to retain. (6:16) As usual, not much but had its moments. *

~ Backstage Triple H meets up with the security guy from earlier and apologizes for being so rough with him then offers to get that autograph from The Rock he wanted. The guy says it’s for his son who idolizes Rock. Once the guy mentions his son is in the arena Triple H asks him to bring the kid backstage and he’ll see what he can do. The guy gets excited and heads out while the rest of us are wondering if Triple H has something up his sleeve.

  • The Hardy Boyz & Rikishi vs. Test, Albert & Val Venis (w/Trish Stratus)

Lita isn’t in the Hardy’s corner tonight after being tossed off a ladder and through a table on Raw. Cole also announces the Hardys and Lita will once again do battle with Test, Albert and Trish at Fully Loaded while Rikishi has his cage match with Val. The faces meet Trish’s men at ringside and duke it out before Val tosses Jeff in the ring to officially start us off. Jeff stomps Val down in a corner and chokes him with his boot then goes for a whip, Val reverses it but Jeff comes back with a snapmare. Jeff tees off on Val then springs off the ropes and connects with an elbow. Val hot shots Jeff on the top rope then comes off the ropes with an elbow and follows it up with an elbowdrop. Albert tages in but Jeff dropkicks him into a right hand from Matt and rolls him up for a two count. Albert charges at Jeff but eats a boot and Jeff tags Matt then the Hardys hit Albert with their combo legdrop. The Hardys whip Albert into a corner and Matt drops to the mat while Jeff connects with the Poetry in Motion. Test comes in but the Hardys whip him into the other corner then hit the Poetry in Motion on him. Matt then goes to whip Albert but Albert reverses him into a corner and splashes him with the Avalanche. Albert rams Matt into a boot from Test then tags Val in to take over and Val works Matt over with right hands. Val whips Matt looking for a dropkick but Matt fakes him out then starts fighting back with his own shots. Matt goes for a whip, Val reverses him into a corner and clotheslines him then does the same in the other corner. Val follows up with a Blue Thunderbomb and Albert takes over while the referee keeps Rikishi from coming in. Albert pummels away on Matt in a corner and stomps him down then hits him with some stiff kicks to the chest. Albert then goes for a powerbomb but Matt flips out of it and manages to nail Albert with the Twist of Fate. Matt covers Albert but Val breaks it up prompting Rikishi to go right after Val and toss him over the ropes. Rikishi goes out and brawls with Val while Jeff climbs to the top rope and nails Test with a corkscrew moonsault. Val and Rikishi continue brawling their way up the ramp to the back so I guess that’s it for them in this match. Matt works over Test and Jeff does the same to Albert in another corner when Albert tosses him over the ropes. Matt sets Test up for the Twist of Fate and Test shoves him off but that knocks Albert over the ropes as well. Test plants Matt with the pump-handle slam and covers but the referee is too busy trying to keep Trish out. Jeff climbs to the top rope and nails Test with the Swanton Bomb and Matt is able to grab the pin, finally getting a win over T & A in this feud. (4:32) What you’d expect. **

However T & A aren’t finished and Albert attacks both Hardys. Test tells the referee to give him his belt and chokes Matt out with it and slings him down to the mat by it. Test does the same thing to Jeff then climbs to the top rope and nails Matt with the flying elbowdrop while Albert hits Jeff with the chokebomb. Test climbs to the top again when Lita limps out holding her side and shoves Test off and onto the top rope. Lita climbs to the top rope and goes for a crossbody but Albert catches her and Trish whips her with the belt. Trish then gets in a few more licks with the belt before she and her men leave the Hardys and Lita laying.

~ Backstage Triple H brings Howard Finkel with him as he meets back up with the backstage guy and his son and tells them he’s willing to get The Rock’s autograph for the kid. However Triple H mentions Rock doesn’t like him and wouldn’t do it if he asked. Triple H points out Rock doesn’t have any such issues with Finkel so he would be able to help get them that autograph. Triple H tells Finkel to take them over to the production office and have them meet The Rock there to get this done. The guy and his son thank Triple H and head out with Finkel but you can almost sense where this is going.

~ Back from break we check in with Edge & Christian at JB’s pub and find them enjoying the atmosphere while acting surprised the Acolytes didn’t show up. Edge suggests they knew they were going to get beaten down while Christian figures they got stopped at the door before they reached the bar. Edge seems to agree with him so they decide to ask around if anyone has seen the Acolytes. The duo inqure with a patron if he’s seen the two of them but he and his companions tell E&C they rule and the champs order a round of drinks for their newfound friends.

~ Back at the building Howard Finkel is conversing with the backstage guy and his son when The Rock comes in and greets them. Rock signs the kid’s program but doesn’t see Chris Benoit and Shane McMahon creep up behind him and the two run away. Rock realizes too late what’s happening when Benoit attacks him and slaps on the Crossface! Rock tries to fight it while Shane gives him a talking-to when Triple H comes in and watches their plan come to pass. Triple H slaps hands with Shane and departs the scene before a swarm of officials come in to break up the hold.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Rock falling into Triple H and Shane’s trap, suffering another crossface to boot. Lawler figures Triple H is telling Shane and Benoit that he has their back as long as they have his.

~ Out in the arena Steven Richards makes his way out to the ring with his new follower Bull Buchanan in tow. Richards gets on the mic and delights in finding another man who regards morality and wants to fight the good fight. Richards says Buchanan knows the consequences of running around half-naked and putting people through tables then goes into how we would live in utter chaos if there were no rules and no boundaries, feeling that is wrong. Richards says people may not like him censoring such grotesque displays but claims he’s doing this for their own good. Richards then says with Buchanan’s help this country will be raised from depravity and everyone will thank them for it. At that point The Godfather makes his way down the ramp with some of his ladies to offer a counterpoint on the mic. Godfather says he enjoys his freedom, cherises all his individulaity and loves this country as well as what it stands for. Godfather adds he wants to look at beautiful women wearing whatever they want and say anything he wants to say. Godfather then tells Richards that he want to cram his fist down his throat then charges in the ring to do just that. However Buchanan intercepts him and works him over as a referee comes in and I guess we have an impromtu match.

  • The Godfather (w/the ladies) vs. Bull Buchanan (w/Steven Richards)

Buchanan goes for a whip but Godfather reverses him into a corner and clotheslines him down from behind. Godfather kicks away at Buchahan in a corner then whips him into the opposite corner but eats an elbow. Buchanan comes out with a clothesline and pounds Godfather down then whips him and connects with a boot. Buchanan works Godfather over some more and chokes him then goes for a whip. Godfather reverses it and Buchanan runs to the top rope then springs off for his flying clothesline but misses it. Godfather hits a boot then comes off the ropes with a clothesline. Godfather goes for the ropes again when Richards grabs his foot and Godfather takes a swing at Richards. Buchanan charges at him but Godfather sidesteps it and rolls him up for two. Godfather whips Buchanan into a powerslam for two while his ladies start surrounding Richards on the floor and Richards slips in the ring to escape the ladies. Godfather has Richards in his sights and happily readies a right hand when Buchanan interupts it. Godfather fights him off but Richards nails Godfather with the Steviekick. Buchanan follows that up with the Axe kick and that gets the three to take this match. (2:32) Richards and Buchanan walk off with the victory in hand while the ladies try to console Godfather. DUD

~ Backstage Just Joe tries again to deliver his message to the Acolytes and Bradshaw tells him to go away but Faarooq decides to hear what Joe has to say. Joe tells about Edge & Christian haging out in a nearby bar and the Acolytes just laugh at what E&C said about them until Joe mentions E&C saying they could take them in a barfight. That gets Faarooq riled up briefly but then he just chuckles at their claims while Bradshaw kicks Joe out of their office. Faarooq notices their beer is getting low so Bradshaw suggests they visit that nearby bar hoping to run into someone they know.

  • The Undertaker vs. The Big Bossman

Don’t know how this match got made, but whatever. Taker gets the early advantage and works Bossman over when we see Kurt Angle coming out to the stage. Taker whips Bossman into a corner and clohteslines him then comes off the ropes and connects with a big boot. Taker looks to end this one early and sets up for the Last Ride but then sees Angle and tosses Bossman aside. Angle runs off but that allows Bossman to nail Taker form behind and Bossman wails away at him in a corner. Taker reverses positions and hammers away at Bossman then nails him with a boot. Angle then comes back out with some sort of bucket and pours some sort of white caustic liquid all over Taker’s motorcycle. Once Taker sees what Angle did to his ride, Angle takes off for the back while Taker surveys the damage before deciding to head off after Angle in the back and I guess that’s the end of this “match”.

We cut backstage and find Undertaker on the hunt when Angle comes up and nails Taker from behind with a wrench and hammers away at Taker’s knee with it. Angle then looks and sees Kane limping his way into the scene so he takes off having accomplished his mission. Taker is still down as we go to commercial.

~ Back from break we get a replay of Angle’s ambush on Undertaker as Cole mentions Angle has fled the building.

~ We then find the Acolytes visiting JB’s pub and asknig Edge & Christian’s new friends if they’ve seen them around. One of the guys says E&C left five minutes ago and delivers a message from them while jabbing Faarooq with his finger. Naturally Faarooq and Bradsahw don’t take kindly to that and as expected a bar fight breaks out between them and the patrons. Once the Acolytes dispense with their opposition the they turn to the bartender demanding to know where E&C are. The bartender confirms E&C did honestly leave five minutes ago and even points out the door they went out through. Bradshaw and Faarooq then head out after them while we cut outside and find Edge & Christian hiding behind a fence. The Acolytes find no sign of their pay-per-view foes and figure they got away so they’ll just get them Sunday in Texas. Bradshaw and Farrooq then start walking when Edge and Christian surprise them and break 2x4s over their backs. E&C get in some stomping before jumping into the car and drive off leaving the Acolytes laying on the sidewalk. This segment would have worked better had they not spoiled E&C’s plan by showing their hiding place.

~ Back at the building Triple H, Benoit and the McMahon siblings are heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

  • The Rock & Chris Jericho vs. Triple H (w/Stephanie) & Chris Benoit (w/Shane)

Rock and Jericho rush the ring together and quickly pair off with their respective Fully Loaded opponents. The fight spills out to the floor and Rock fights Benoit on the ramp then punches him below the belt. Jericho tosses Triple H into the post but Triple H counters a slam and slams Jericho on the announce table. Rock rams Benoit into the steps and tosses him in the ring when Shane comes up and attack Rock from behind before rolling him in. Benoit chops away at Rock in a corner when Rock comes back with his own shots then looks for the Smackedown but Triple H comes in and interupts it. Rock drops Triple H with a right hand but Benoit comes out with a clothesline on Rock and lays the boots while Jericho is recovering on the floor. Benoit hits Rock with more chops then tags Triple H in to take over and Triple H drops Rock with a right hand. Jericho is on the apron as Triple H whips Rock but lowers the head and Rock comes back with a neckbreaker. Jericho tags in and wails on Triple H in a corner then goes for a whip but Triple H reverses into another corner. Triple H charges at him but eats a boot and Jericho comes out with a clothesline. Jericho goes for another whip when Triple H reverses it and Jericho knocks Benoit off the apron but Triple H belts him right in his injured ribs. Triple H kicks away at Jericho’s ribs and kneedrops the chest then tags in Benoit who also goes after the ribs. Benoit hits a forearm to the face and whips Jericho into a knee to the chest then suplexes him onto the top rope. Benoit draws Rock in to distract Earl Hebner while Triple H flips Jericho over the ropes and back in the ring. Triple H tags in and hammers Jericho in a corner with shoulderblocks when Hebner demands he put a stop to it. Triple H has words with Hebner then whips Jericho and connects with a knee to the chest that gets a two count. Benoit tags in and whips Jericho when Jericho nails him with an elbow but is bothered by the abuse his ribs have taken. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Benoit gets the knees up to block it and Benoit stomps him out to the floor. Benoit draws Rock in to once again distract Hebner while Triple H goes out and drops Jericho onto the steps. Triple H tosses Jericho back in the ring and Benoit covers him for a two count then works him over with chops. Triple H tags in and continues the assault in a corner when Hebner tries to pull Triple H off him for the break. Triple H shoves Hebner who shoves back and argues with him but doesn’t see Benoit choking away at Jericho. Rock tries to come in but Hebner orders him back out while Jericho starts to fight back. Jerico whips Triple H but lowers the head and Triple H hits a knee to the chest then turns and pops Rock off the apron. Triple H sets Jericho up for the Pedigree but Rock decides to forgo the tag and breaks it up with a clothesline. Rock takes it to Triple H and Benoit with right hands then DDT’s Triple H and plants Benoit with a spinebuster. Hebner tries to get Rock back to his corner but Rock drops Hebner with a right hand and that draws a DQ. (7:44) Cole says if Rock does that in his match at Fully Loaded and gets DQ’ed then the title will change hands. Solid main event until the abrupt ending. **½

Rock stomps away at Benoit while Jericho nails Triple H who’s on the apron with the springboard dropkick. Shane hops on the apron but Rock brings him in the hard way then knocks him back out with the Smackdown. Rock turns back to Benoit and plants him with a Rock Bottom then continues wailing away on him with rights. Triple H brings a chair in the ring and readies a swing but Jericho cuts him off and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Benoit then tries to make the save but Rock stops him and slaps his own Crossface on Benoit! Benoit is tapping out as is Triple H and a number of referees try in vain to get both men to release their holds. Finally Rock and Jericho are pulled off their opponents and are standing tall as the show goes off the air.

Conclusion: This show was mostly there for the Fully Loaded hard-sell and it definintely showed. The first hour had some decent in-ring action for the most part once you got past the talking in the first quarter-hour. However in-between the six man tag and the main event we had one bad match, one match go to a non-finish and a ton of non-wrestling segments. Also most of the segments had the heels coming out on top until Rock and Jericho bucked the trend at the end. Plus they tried to give Angle an edge against Taker but it was a little late for that. So overall an unmemorable show to take us into the pay-per-view.

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