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WWF RAW 11/12/2001

WWF Raw Results
November 12, 2001
Live from: Boston, MA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Reported by: Paul Nemer of

Raw starts with highlights of last week’s Smackdown, when Austin stunned Tazz and they showed when Austin stunned Angle.

Opening Segment

Kurt Angle comes out. He said he has a little story he would like to tell and he hopes Austin is listening. There was once a group of talented guys that had a chance to make history and win it all. Backstabbing and lack of leadership ruined that group. He is talking about the 2001 Boston Red Sox. Everyone booed him. He said when Austin stunned him last week, was like Pedro Martinez refusing to play with his so called injuries. He then talks about this Sunday and said they better not screw up. He said this isn’t like the Boston Red Sox losing every year, at Survivor Series, it’s a must win situation. Kurt Angle calls Austin out and tells him to apologize for last week.

Edge’s music hits and he comes out. Edge says he’s not Austin and he’s definitely not here to apologize. He says Kurt is a selfish ****. Edge said that Kurt had the respect of everyone but he threw that away. He might be red, white and blue, but now he’s a yellow coward. Edge challenges Kurt for his U.S. title right now.

WCW referee came in and the match is on.

Match #1

Kurt Angle goes for a couple of pinning combinations, but Edge kicked out. Take down by Edge. Drop toe hold by Edge, followed by a face lock. Angle escapes and Edge takes him back down. Edge sends Angle face first onto the mat, 1,2 but Kurt kicked out. Kurt Angle does a belly to belly over head suplex to the outside. Angle sends him back in the ring and covers, 1,2 but Edge had his foot on the ropes. Kurt stomps on Edge in the corner. Edge fights back with a shoulder take down. Angle applies the sleeper hold on Edge. Belly to belly over head suplex by Kurt Angle. Angle goes on the top rope and does the moonsault, but Edge moved out of the way. Both men are down. They both get up and Edge clotheslines him. Edge has Kurt in the corner and beats on him. Edge takes him down, 1,2 but Angle kicked out. Angle Slam by Kurt, then he goes for the ankle lock. Kane’s music hits, Kurt got up and looks towards the entrance area, no one came out. Kurt turned around and Edge speared him and got the win.

After the match, Kane comes out and beats on Kurt. Kane applies the ankle lock on Kurt Angle and Kurt tapped out. Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards came out and Kane chokeslammed them both.

Winner: New U.S. champion, Edge


Michael Cole interviewed Tazz. He asked him about his challenge to Austin. Tazz said he’s been taking abuse from Austin for the past four months. He did that for the Alliance. He said after Survivor Series he might be out of a job and he wants a piece of Austin before the PPV.

Match #2
WWF Tag Team Titles
Booker T & Test vs Hardy Boyz w/ Lita

The match starts with Test and Booker T taking down the Hardyz. Booker T starts off with Jeff. Suplex by Booker T, followed by a side kick. Test gets the tag. Test puts Jeff in the corner and beats on him. Jeff fights back and delivers a few punches, but it had no affect on Test. Test does a gut rench powerbomb, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Jeff tried to make the tag, but Test held his foot, then jeff kicked him and made the tag. Matt does a tornado DDT on Test. Booker T comes in and Matt knocks him down and does a leg drop from the second rope. Jeff pulls Test to the outside and sends him into the steel steps. Twist of Fate by Matt, Jeff does the Senton bomb, then Test delivered the boot to the face on Jeff. Booker T covered while the referee was distracted by Matt. Booker T gets up and Lita does the Hurricanrana. Booker T gets up and Jeff rolls him up and gets the win.

Winners: New WWF Tag Team champions, The Hardy Boyz


Vince McMahon was backstage. Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero Jr. came in. Chavo asked him, if the WWF wins at Survivor Series, they would like a job in the WWF. Vince put it in a way that they would like to be on Austin’s side when he joins the WWF… Vince gives them a clear answer by saying NO they won’t get a job at the WWF.

Match #3
Tazz vs Steve Austin

Tazz attacked Austin as soon as he entered the ring. Tazz stomps on him in the corner. Clothesline by Tazz. Tazzmission, but Austin low blowed him and delivered the stunner and got the 1,2,3. After the match, Austin kept beating on him, then Shane came out and told him it’s enough. He reminds him that Tazz is a part of the Alliance. Shane tells him that the Alliance is waiting for him backstage right now!

Winner: Steve Austin


A nice Undertaker video was shown. It’s highlights of his career and the music was by Creed.

Stephanie was backstage with the Alliance. She told them it hasn’t been a good night. She wanted to address something. She yells at Hugh Morrus and Chavo, and Regal tells them that they are both fired. Shane and Austin came in, Angle yells at him for stunning him. Shane breaks up the argument. Shane made them realize they shouldn’t be fighting against each other. He reminds them that at Survivor Series, it’s all on the line. The question is, who’s defecting from the Alliance? Shane answers his own question by saying NOBODY! Shane asks Austin if he wants to beg Vince for a job. Shane tells him that if the Alliance lose, will they beg Vince for a job? Austin is like, he will, he will, pointing at a couple of members. Angle pushes Austin, and Shane yells at them and tells them to clean up their acts for this Sunday.


Match #4
WCW Tag Team Titles
Dudley Boyz w/Stacy vs Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty

The match starts with all four men beating on each other. Albert double clotheslines the Dudleyz. Super kick by Scotty on Bubba. Stacy went in the ring and Albert pulled down her skirt. Albert and Scotty were doing the worm but the Dudleyz pull her out of the way and leave.

Winner: No Contest

Vince McMahon and Jericho backstage. Vince asked him why he beat Rock with a chair last week. Jericho said he had enough of the people’s eyebrow, elbow and the people. Vince said he’s sick of selfish individuals. Vince told him he doesn’t mind him beating up the Rock, but he can do it after Survivor Series. He told him to get that through his sick skull. If Jericho and Rock can’t co-operate with one another, then they will be out of jobs.


Regal was shown warming up backstage in his office. Christian comes in. He wishes Regal good luck in his match. Regal said everyone has been calling him and telling him how much Christian is doing a great job as European champion. Regal books Christian in a non-title match against Big Show. Christian was upset, but Regal whispered something in his ear and Christian was happy.

Match #5
Hardcore Title
Undertaker vs Rob Van Dam

The match starts with Undertaker kicking RVD in the mid section. RVD delivers a few kicks on Taker and pressures him in the corner. Undertaker picks him up and throws him in the corner and delivers a few hits of his own. RVD clotheslines Undertaker to the outside. RVD goes on the apron and jumps, but Undertaker catches him and sends him spine first into the ring post. The fight goes on the entrance ramp. Spinning kick by RVD. RVD goes up in front of the Titon tron and does a cross body on the Undertaker. RVD delivers a few kicks, then the Undertaker elbows him and takes control. Headbut by Taker. Undertaker had RVD in the last ride on the entrance ramp, but Booker T came out and hit the Undertaker. Booker T beat on the Undertaker until they got to ring side. Then RVD caught up to Booker T and teamed up with him and they beat on Undertaker. In the ring, Undertaker double clotheslines them. Undertaker drops RVD head first in the turnbuckle. Booker T out of nowhere kicks the Undertaker. Booker T goes up on the top rope, then Undertaker pushes the referee on the ropes and Booker T loses balance. Undertaker goes up and does a super plex. RVD does the frog splash right away and got the 1,2,3.

Winner: Still Hardcore champion, Rob Van Dam

The Rock walks into Vince’s locker room. Vince mentions how important it is for him and Jericho to be on the same side. Vince told him he spoke with Jericho. Rock asked Vince about what Jericho said. Vince tells him Jericho is sick of the people’s eyebrow. Anything else? Vince tells him he was sick of the people’s elbow and the people. Vince goes again and explains to the Rock how important this is. The Rock tells him “You think Rock will let you down?” “You think the Rock will walk in and let his WWF teammates down?”. Rock says he will whip the Alliance’s candy asses. Rock calls Jericho a punk ass bitch.7 Rock tells Vince about how he feels about Chris Jericho. Sick of the people’s eyebrow? No problem. Sick of the people’s elbow? No problem. Sick of the people? PROBLEM! Rock said that Jericho bought himself a fresh, fresh Brahama Bull ass kicking.


Mick Foley Segment

Commissioner Mick Foley comes out. Foley says he has a lot to say. He knows full well that if WCW wins, he’s out of a job. If the WWF wins, he’s out of job. Foley says he has a big list of stuff to do in his life, and following Vince’s order is not on that list. If the WWF wins, Vince can take Foley’s job. Foley points out that there are too many belts. He says he has a belt in his closet and when he opens it, he smells, hard work, tears and beer because he fought hard for it. Foley said, as his last act, he will let those belts have a meaning. Foley said he showed up last week on Raw in his home town, but they told him they don’t need him on the program. Foley says that at Survivor Series the Intercontinental champion, Test will face the U.S. champion, Edge in a unification match. Also, the WCW tag team champions, the Dudley Boyz will face the WWF tag team champions, the Hardy Boyz in a title unification match. Foley also adds that the tag match will be in a 15 foot high steel cage. He said Regal and him are sick and tired of seeing belts that were held by great legends, become second rate jokes.


Match #6
Non-Title Match
Christian vs Big Show

Christian attempts a baseball slide, but Show catches him and tosses him in the ring. Christian tried to fight back, but Show picked him up and dropped him. DDP comes out and Show knocks him of the apron. Christian got a chair and Big Show turned around and punched the chair in Christian’s face and got the win.

After the match, The Dudleyz came out and Show took them down, then Christian low blowed him and the Dudleyz broke a table on the Big Show. The APA then came to the rescue.

Winner: Big Show


Rob Zombie in concert two weeks ago in Albuquerque, NM. He introduces Edge on the stage. Edge says his new theme music is done by the super beast. The song is called “Never Gonna Stop”. They show the concert that took place two weeks ago. The Sinister Urge is the CD coming out tomorrow and Edge’s song will be in it.

Rock and Jericho meet backstage and exchange a few words. Undertaker comes in and yells at them for not being there for him when he was getting his ass kicked by Booker T and RVD. Undertaker tells them not to worry about being fired after the PPV, they need to worry about Taker kicking their ass. Undertaker also talks some sense into them. Jericho wishes Rock luck in his match and tells him maybe after the match between Rock and Regal, he might go out and show his support to the Rock.


Match #7
William Regal vs The Rock

Regal knocks the Rock down to the outside. Regal goes out and throws him in. The match officially starts. Regal chockes the Rock on the rope. Rock fights back, but Regal knocks him down. Regal applied a choke hold and the referee broke it up. Sleeper hold by Regal. Rock manages to get out. DDT by Rock, 1,2 but Regal kicked out. Regal throws The Rock to the outside and throws him back in. Tajiri comes out and spits the green myst in Regal’s face. Rock applies the Sharpshooter and gets the win. (Is it just me, or does the Rock really suck at doing the sharpshooter. He is making that move look bad.)

Winner: The Rock

After the match, The Rock tells them to cut his music. The Rock says he knows there is someone that hates him backstage. Rock calls out Steve Austin.


Steve Austin comes out and gets in Rock’s face. Rock says “We go back to WrestleMania.” He tells Austin that he did not forget WM nor forgotten the following night on Raw. He also didn’t forget about Austin saying that he can whip the Rock’s ass. If Austin joins the WWF, Rock will whip his ass (that’s what Rock told him). Not only will he whip his ass, but he will beat him for the WWF title. Another thing the Rock didn’t forget, “Finally, The Rock has come back”. Then Austin took the microphone away and told him he will not stay there and watch him run his mouth. “Finally Stone Cold has” Then Rock took away the microphone from him. “Finally, The Rock has come.” Austin again grabs the microphone. “Finally Stone Cold has” Rock grabs the microphone from him. Rock told him not to cut him off. He says Rock doesn’t come out and steal his lines by saying “WHAT! WHAT!”. Austin then says “WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!”. That’s how may times he said it. Austin tells the Rock if he doesn’t like it, “That’s the bottom line cause” Then Rock cut him off and said “WWWWWHAT!” Austin takes the microphone back and tells him he’s got one thing to say to him. Rock grabs the microphone again and tells Austin his breath smells like strudel. Actually it’s not like strudel, it’s a stinky piece of dog crap. Austin says does it make the Rock feel special? the fans say WHAT! every word Austin said, the fans would answer with WHAT! It was funny! Austin said it would be easy for them to fight, but a little song might ease the tension. Austin decided to sing a song. Austin starts singing the song and asks Rock if it makes him feel better. Rock appreciates Austin trying to ease the tension. Rock offers to sing a song to Austin. He sings some Texan song. Austin says he feels like crap. Rock proposes to sing a song with Austin. Austin asks a duet? Rock asks the fans if they want to hear them sing and the fans answer yea. Austin asks the fans if they want to listen to them singing a song to give him a hell yea, and they did. Austin starts singing and Rock joins in with the song. They shake hands at the end and hug, then Rock does the Rock bottom. Kurt Angle comes out and hits Rock. Then Jericho sends Kurt to the outside. Rock threw Austin out. Jericho was standing in the ring with a chair and looked at Rock. Then they turn and look at Kurt and Austin who were on the ramp. Show is over.

Thanks for reading,
Paul Nemer


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